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The Birth of BOFH - Striped Irregular Bucket #5. .. The PFY takes the ' how to be a Bastard Operator From Hell' test. The Original Bastard Menu From Hell. The electronic rights of the original BOFH are owned by DATAMATION magazine. All other rights are retained by Simon. I'm the author of Bastard Operator from Hell, amongst other lesser known things. To the left you'll find the annotated semi-complete Bastard Operator from Hell.

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The Bastard Operator From Hell (BOFH) is a fictional rogue computer operator who takes out . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Bastard Operator From Hell. 2 [email protected] Page 2 of It's backup day today so I'm pissed off. Being the BOFH, however, does have it's advantages. BOFH Index. This is a collection of links to most of the BOFH stories from to (For BOFH episodes from before , please see the.

The mouse escaped. The new frame relay network hasn't bedded down the software loop transmitter yet.

The POP server is out of Coke the printer thinks its a router. The recent proliferation of Nuclear Testing The ring needs another token The rolling stones concert down the road caused a brown out the router thinks its a printer.

The rubber band broke The salesman drove over the CPU board. The static electricity routing is acting up The Token fell out of the ring.

Call us when you find it. The UPS doesn't have a battery backup. The UPS is on strike. The Usenet news is out of date The vendor put the bug there.

The vulcan-death-grip ping has been applied. Too much radiation coming from the soil. Traceroute says that there is a routing problem in the backbone. It's not our problem. Traffic jam on the Information Superhighway.

Don't worry, the next supply will be coming next week. Unoptimized hard drive UPS interrupted the server's power user to computer ratio too high.

User was distributing pornography on server; system seized by FBI. Virus transmitted from computer to sysadmins. We've run out of licenses We already sent around a notice about that.

We are currently trying a new concept of using a live mouse. Unfortunately, one has yet to survive being hooked up to the computer We are Microsoft. What you are experiencing is not a problem; it is an undocumented feature.

We didn't pay the Internet bill and it's been cut off. We had to turn off that service to comply with the CDA Bill. We need a licensed electrician to replace the light bulbs in the computer room. We only support a bps connection. We ran out of dial tone and we're waiting for the phone company to deliver another bottle. Webmasters kidnapped by evil cult. Well fix that in the next upgrade, update, patch release, service pack. What office are you in?

Oh, that one.

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The Bastard Operator From Hell Appendix

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Bastard Operator From Hell

Download Cultural Forests of the Amazon: Depending on the Stack Implementation, this can be a really bad thing. User was distributing pornography on server; system seized by FBI. Scaricare il libro Odontotecnica pratica: Scaricare il libro Non arrenderti mai.

If you've done classical computing, you'll have learnt about Stacks. Supplying False information might land you in trouble, can void warranties and registrations, and make you suffer anything else the Company with the dud information may want to do to you to punish you.

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