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前端相关. Contribute to twang/frontEnd development by creating an account on GitHub. About Web Development with and MongoDB. Duration: 3 hours 54 minutes. Web development technology moves at a very fast pace with new tools and. Build an interactive and full-featured web application from scratch using and MongoDB.

Web Development With Mongodb And Node.js Pdf

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Welcome to, MongoDB and Angular Web Development. This book is designed to catapult you into the world of using JavaScript—from the server and . Developer's Library books are designed to provide practicing programmers with unique, high-quality references and tutorials on the programming languages. Media, Inc. Web Development with Node and Express, the picture of a black .. Chapter 13is about persistence, with a focus on MongoDB (one of the .. The Express website describes Express as “a minimal and flexible web applica‐.

Sign in or create a new account. Enter the ISBN: Answer the questions as proof of purchase. Click the Launch link to access the product. This page intentionally left blank Introduction Welcome to Node.

The book covers the implementation and integration of Node. Who Should Read This Book This book is aimed at readers who already have an understanding of the basics of HTML and have done some programming in a modern programming language.

Having an understanding of JavaScript will make this book easier to digest but is not required because the book does cover the basics of JavaScript. Why You Should Read This Book This book will teach you how to create powerful, interactive websites and web applications— from the webserver and services on the server to the browser-based interactive web applications.

The technologies covered here are all open source, and you will be able to use JavaScript for both the server-side and browser-side components. Typical readers of this book want to master Node.

Overall, Node. What You Will Learn from This Book Reading this book will enable you to build real-world, dynamic websites and web applications.

Using Angular technology allows you to build into your webpage logic that can communicate back to the Node.

The combination of Node. You write Node. You can write most—or maybe even all—of your server-side code in Node.

The fact that the webserver and the supporting web application scripts are running together in the same server-side application allows for much tighter integration between the webserver and the scripts. What Is MongoDB? There have always been difficulties in deciding whether to put logic in client-side scripts or server-side scripts. With Node.

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We will be connecting to a MongoDB database. I am assuming that you already have MongoDB installed and running on your computer. To connect to the MongoDB database we are going to use a module called Mongoose. We will need to install mongoose module just like we did with express.

Go to your terminal and enter the following command. MongoDB, by default, runs on port You connect to the database by telling it the location of the database and the name of the database.

In our app. In order to know the format of the data in the database, we need to have a Schema.

Using Node.js & Express.js to save data to MongoDB Database

For this tutorial, we will need a very simple Schema that has only two fields. I am going to call the field firstName and lastName. The data stored in both fields will be a String.

After connecting to the database in our app. Here are the lines you need to add to the app. Here is the line you will add next to create our mode.

We will need to create an endpoint that will be used to send data to our server. Once the server receives this data then it will store the data in the database.

Visit for a complete list of available publications.

An endpoint is a route that our server will be listening to to get data from the browser. The following table explains what each HTTP verb does. As you can see from these verbs, they form the basis of CRUD operations that I talked about previously. We will now create this endpoint.

To get started this is what the framework of our endpoint will look like. The values for firstName and lastName are in the body of the request that we send to the server. We want to capture that data, convert it to JSON and store it into the database. To parse the data in the body we will need to add middleware into our application to provide this functionality.He is a JavaScript enthusiast and loves working with open source communities.

Web Development with MongoDB and NodeJS - Second Edition

There are couple of tools that we can use besides this. Rather than having multiple threads waiting to process web requests, with Node. My Account. This booklet will provide help to leverage the major positive factors of either MongoDB and Node. In this case we want to send text back the user to let them know the data was saved to the database.

Features of Node.

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