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English version of the Urdu novel “Khuda aur Mohabbat”. God and love is a tremendous novel contains an awesome and real love story, dedicated to the all . Gardab Novel Complete 6 Volumes by Asma Qadri Pdf Free Download an interesting social romantic and moral reforming love story in Urdu language. Urdu. Teri Meri Love Story By Sumhan Ahmad Download free online Urdu books, Jeeton Tou Tujhe Paon Novel By Sadia Abid Love Story in Urdu PDF Love Story.

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Mushaf Urdu Romantic Novel by Nimra Ahmed for Online reading and PDF by Nimra Ahmed is a story of journey through suspense, excitement, love, trust. Free download or read online another beautiful Urdu short romantic Novel "Dil Se Dil Mile Jab" and enjoy another short love story in your own. Urdu Love Story "Marvi" written by famous writer "Rabia Gul" Read online Urdu Novels, Urdu Magazine, Urdu Digest, Urdu Poetry Books, Cooking recipe Books, .

The story is very beautiful and many people in Pakistan liked appreciated the effort of Mr.

Hashim Nadeem. The story is like a middle class Islamic scholar teaches the Holy Qur'aan to the children of a higher class family at their home and at the completion of the Holy Qur'aan, the higher class family agonizes a celebration ceremony because their children have read the complete Qur'aan, Now the driver of the family invites the family of Islamic scholar to the ceremony but the Islamic Scholar refuses to send his family in such a higher class family but the driver insists and the scholar agrees to send his two young daughters to the home of the children where the young uncle of the children sees the elder daughter of the scholar and fall in love with her.

The young girl of the scholar is religious and starts prayer at the home of the children and people around there wonders at her.

Now the young man talk about his love and wants to marry her but his family does not allow him and become angry with the Islamic scholar and taunts him. They get the scholar out of their house and blame him for all of the situation and taunt him that it was his own plan to marry her daughter in such a great and rich family.

Myths of the Kamasutra

Now the young man faces difficulties from his own family as well as from the family of his beloved. The young boy goes to the scholar and begs for his beloved one but the scholar refuses and tells him that people will taunt him because people will talk that the scholar has chosen a family for his daughter where he taught the Holy Qur'aan.

Now the young boy starts protest in his home against the behavior of his family with the Islamic scholar. On the other side the young girl is very religious and strictly obeys her father e. The young boy starts meeting and begging the scholar but the scholar tells the young boy that their is a huge difference between his family and the young man's one.

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Free download or read online another beautiful Urdu short romantic Novel "Dil Se Dil Mile Jab" and enjoy another short love story in your own Urdu language. This Urdu novel is authored by a female Pakistani Urdu novelist Ms.

Huma Jahangir who is also a female digest writer, Urdu fiction, short and long stories writer, script writer and a famous Urdu author from Pakistan. Huma Jahangir is best known for her attractive romantic Urdu novels. She has a made a large fan club in very short span of time.

Pakistani youth love her novel because all of her novels are full of romance and love. You will also find a social touch in her novels. The story of this romantic novel is short containing just on 23 pages but with double column.

This story is also published in an Urdu digest or magazine which is finally transcribed into an Urdu novel because of its appreciation by the Urdu readers. If you want to download or read online Dil Se Dil Mile Jab Pdf Urdu novel then please scroll down to the blinking buttons below after the sample pages.

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