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Teach Yourself Chinese (Mandarin).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. We provide this guide of learning Chinese language for beginners (PDF), which contains all the DigMandarin is an expert and specialist at the best ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, with a large amount of How can I teach myself Chinese?. Mandarin. Chinese audio Course in ten days elizabeth scurfield and song Lianyi. Elizabeth Scurfield is a founder member of the Chinese Department at the.

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Complete Mandarin Chinese: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: Level 4) By Elizabeth. Scurfield. Welcome to the very best web site that supply hundreds. without a teacher. Yet the promise "Teach Yourself Chinese" has a much longer years after the Teach Yourself Chinese (i.e. Mandarin Chinese) by Williamson online at: Learning Chinese comes with an extensive set of audio clips that serve as . This is a course in Standard Chinese, a language that is often colloquially referred.

An important part is to get the tones right at the beginning and to not forget that if you want to reach fluency, then learning Chinese characters is obligatory. DID YOU KNOW — Chinese grammar is actually relatively simple at least at the beginner level and pronunciation — except the tones — quite manageable when compared to many other languages.

The main difficulties are mastering the tones, learning characters and remembering vocabulary which can be challenging as Chinese words do not sound in any way similar to their English counterparts. We also provide courses for full time workers who want to study Chinese part time. We offer part time Chinese courses in Shanghai and Beijing. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the learning materials on this page or our Chinese courses, please email us using the contact button above.

Learn Mandarin — Animal Names Sometimes translating Chinese works back into English makes for some pretty funny and memorable results.

Chinese animal names in particular can be fun to work out. Here are some of our best examples: Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to instagram Share to linkedin Share to pinterest Share to youtube Learn Chinese Infographics Learning Chinese isn't as difficult as you'd think. We are Mandarin language experts and to help you further we are creating a whole bunch of hugely useful infographics relating to learning Chinese Learning Chinese Tones Learn those tones in Chinese with our useful Tones Infographic.

Take it from us! Get speaking and use our excellent graphic! It has many different uses and is very easy to use incorrectly. Never fear, this is why we created this great infographic. Our comprehensive, easy-to-follow graphic explains all. Get ahead and learn our key phrases and learn how to survive at the airport.

There is no national cuisine in China, nor is there a representative dish or recipe, mainly because the country is so large! Instead, different regions have their own styles of cooking.

Perhaps the most commonly known cuisine outside of China is Cantonese cuisine. Famous for its abundance of seafood and rice, as well as strong, sweet flavours, it is the native cuisine of Hong Kong and Guangdong province in southern China.

Another popular style of Chinese cuisine is Sichuan, originating from the Sichuan province in southwest China. This cuisine can be identified by its hot and spicy tastes and the use of peppercorn that is found throughout the region. If you have a favourite Chinese restaurant, knowing Chinese can help you understand and appreciate what you are eating a little more. Believe it or not, some famous dishes have poetic-sounding Chinese names, which lose their meaning when translated into English.

This name incorporates classic Chinese idioms which make the dish sound highly appetizing to Chinese speakers. Like many cultures with a long history, the Chinese have their own unique calendar which dates back many thousands of years. The calendar itself is based on phases of the moon, and each year is represented by a different animal of the Chinese zodiac.

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In fact, in China, the first day of the Gregorian calendar January 1st is not celebrated as much as the first day of the Chinese calendar.

The date of the Chinese new year can fall anywhere from January 22 to February 19 on our Gregorian calendar depending on the year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated over a two-week period where everyone travels back to their hometowns to be with their families. Some common traditions include reunion dinners, visits to family and friends, and the giving out of red envelopes to the children of the family.

These envelopes normally contain a small amount of money. The red colour of the envelope represents good luck and is a symbol to ward off evil spirits. Knowing Chinese will help you appreciate the meaning and ritual of these Chinese holidays, as well as what they mean for the people who celebrate them. As with the names of famous Chinese dishes, this beauty often gets lost in translation. Reading translated texts will never be the same as reading a work in its original language.

This is because when you read translated texts, you are no longer getting a first-hand version of the story from the author. Instead, you are reading the story through the lens of the translator. These literary classics, beloved throughout China, are works of historical fiction which are not only entertaining but will give you an interesting glimpse into different periods of Chinese history:.

However, thanks to modern technology and simplification of the characters, learning Chinese is not as hard as you might think. A lot of what makes Chinese intimidating for learners is that it uses a different writing system and has less common vocabulary than most European languages.

In fact, you only need to learn around characters for basic fluency. And when you do, there are much more effective and enjoyable memory techniques you can use than the rote memorization method you used in school. Because Chinese has so many different characters, mastering written Chinese can seem like an impossible task.

This is a common occurrence in Chinese and it means that learning new vocabulary is not quite as difficult as it may seem at the outset.

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All of this is going require a computer, or at least a smartphone. Because there are so many characters in Chinese, there are simply not enough keys on the keyboard to fit all of them. Instead, Chinese is typed using the standard Qwerty keyboard via a romanization system called pinyin. Today, pinyin is favoured in China over other romanization systems due to its simplicity. Then, you can choose the correct characters from a drop down list of homonyms that will appear on your screen.

Often, this is because you have to relearn the entire keyboard layout which is different from the standard QWERTY that you are used to.

However, the fact that Chinese uses the QWERTY keyboard with the pinyin systems means that once you have a good grasp of the language, learning to type it requires very little extra effort. Although this is partially true, there are also many similarities between Chinese and English in terms of the sentence structure and grammar. For example, a simple sentence in Chinese consists of a subject, a verb, and an object one after the other, just like in English as we saw earlier in this example:.

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In fact, the Chinese language has no conjugations, verb tenses, or prefixes at all and very few grammar rules. For native English speakers in a world where everyone is striving for fluency in English, spending time on Chinese may not seem like a wise choice. Combined with the perception of Chinese as a difficult language that takes a long time to learn, this puts many people off learning it. However, this line of thinking greatly underestimates the value Chinese has in both a business and cultural sense in the modern world.

Due to the rise of China as a global marketplace, having even a basic knowledge of Chinese can open the door for amazing opportunities in your career. This is because showing the locals that you have made an effort to learn their language is a sign of respect. Before you start learning the Chinese writing system, you should know the two types of systems that exist. Today, Simplified Chinese is the standard writing system used throughout mainland China.

However, the traditional writing system is still used in regions outside the influence of communist leadership, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The history of Simplified Chinese is closely related to the political climate during the communist revolutions in China.

In fact, it was adapted from the traditional Chinese writing system by communist officials. In the s, as the communism was gaining popularity, the literacy rate in China was a mere 20 percent. This is because only the upper class could afford to invest in education and take the time to learn the difficult Chinese writing system.

To solve this problem, the communist leaders took drastic steps to modernize China through the introduction of sweeping changes across the country.

One of these major changes was the simplification of the traditional writing system into something that is commonly used throughout mainland China today. In fact, this newly simplified writing system helped raise the literacy rate of modern China to an all-time high of 96 percent.

The most common and logical step for foreigners learning the language is to start with the simplified system, although there are pros and cons to each system that should be taken into consideration. Simplified Chinese is easier to learn and remember, as it uses fewer strokes compared to its traditional counterpart. Critics of the simplified Chinese writing system argue that it is not aesthetically pleasing compared to the traditional writing system.

Although this is true to some degree, new learners of the Chinese characters will find the simplified system less time consuming to write and a lot easier to learn. In this article, I have used the simplified writing system in all of the examples as it is the standard form used in China nowadays.

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You can look up the traditional counterparts of any of the examples by copying and pasting the characters into google translate, and changing the setting from Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese. It is also worth noting that not all characters have a simplified version. Keep in mind that by choosing to learn the simplified system, you are not learning the traditional Chinese characters that have been passed down over thousands of years. However, the benefit of learning the simplified system is that it makes the learning process a lot simpler and allows you to start reading and writing in Chinese much more quickly.

No matter which system you choose to learn, traditional or simplified, the essence of written Chinese is still the same. This is because both the traditional and simplified Chinese writing systems are composed of a set of radical characters that can be combined with one or more phonetic portions to make compound characters. From these examples, you can see that complicated Chinese characters are actually made up of combinations of simpler characters. If you master these simple characters at the beginning, they become the foundation for learning more characters, which makes your journey into written Chinese a lot smoother.

There is a kind of a snowball effect with each new character you learn making other new characters easier to pick up.

Besides learning the radicals from the beginning, there are also a few other things that can help you master written Chinese a lot more quickly and easily.

For a start, using flashcards is a great way to learn new characters. Repetition is an essential part of the memorization process and I am a big believer in having a reliable repetition system to help me practice. Flashcards are ideal for this since they allow you to learn and review words anytime, anywhere. You may find that reviewing your flashcards regularly is enough to get the characters to stick in your mind. You can master the stroke orders by looking the characters up online or following the exact orders given in your textbooks.

Most importantly, start by learning the basic characters that are commonly used to form more complicated characters. Some examples of these include.


For a deeper look at the Chinese writing system, read this post. If your goal is to learn Chinese and quickly and efficiently as possible, these tips will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that many new language learners make:. Without them, the Chinese language becomes meaningless. Ta zhen piaoliang. Ta jfnnian ershf'er. Ta jie hOn Ie rna? Mei you.


Keshl you nan pengyou Ie. Language notes 1 Sentences ending in Ie If you put the little word Ie at the end of a sentence, it shows that something has happened or has already taken place: WO jie hun Ie.

I'm married. WO qrng ta Ie. I invited him. WO wen ta Ie. I asked her. If you want to make a question, simply add rna or mei you to the end of a sentence. You is unstressed. Are you married? Nl jie hun Ie ma? Nl jie hun Ie mei you? If you want to say something has not happened, you use mei you not have plus the verb: I'm not married. WO mei you jie hun.Topical Grammar Practice 1. Saves Minutes on Your Data Plan.

Meeting - What's Your Name in Chinese? Complete Babylonian: Bookmark our free Japanese lessons section.

In fact, in China, the first day of the Gregorian calendar January 1st is not celebrated as much as the first day of the Chinese calendar. With Chinese, as with any other skill, you have to be committed to your end goal and be diligent every day in your practice. Add a new path? The great thing about PDF lessons, tools or files is that they can be quickly printed and taken anywhere after you download them.

Not only do I save money this way, I can also research what types of books are out there and choose which style best suits my needs.

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