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About the Tutorial. SAP Production Planning is one of the key modules in ERP and deals with planning processes, such as capacity planning, material planning, . SAP PP module tutorials, tables, transaction codes, sub components, process flow and PDF training stands for Production Planning and is one the . Business Add-In for Document Links in the Production Order. (New). Printing with PDF-Based Forms (New). PP-SFC-IS Information.

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SAP PP About the Tutorial SAP Production Planning is one of the key modules in ERP and deals with planning processes, such as capacity planning, material. SAP ERP Production Planning (referred to as PP throughout the book) plex chain of interdependent activities in logistics in the SAP ERP system, the PP. ning, production order creation, production order execution, and capacity requirements planning. 3. Production Planning and Control in mySAP ERP. SAP.

Following are the key steps involved in Production Order confirmation. Till a production order is not released, the execution of production process does not start. Click the tick mark in the above screenshot. In the next window, input the order quantity. Under Scheduling, select the option current date as shown in the following screenshot: Click the tick mark at the top of the screen to confirm and the system will then copy BOM and Routing data in the order.

To release the order, click the Release flag at the top and you will get a message Release carried out. Click the Material button to check material availability. Click the save icon at the top and you will get an Order number saved in the system.

Select MRP controller from the list and click the tick mark.

SAP PP Tutorials – Production Planning Functional Module Training

Select Planned orders that you want to convert into Production Order. This will create Production Orders in the system. By default, it selects the Display overview radio button.

You can also select the Production Order by searching it in the system. Click the tick mark. In the new window, enter the yield quantity that shows produce quantity to be declared. In the next window, you will see goods receipt and goods issue of the components. Auto Goods Receipt GR , production of material carried out with movement type in the entry. Auto Goods Issue GI , consumption of components carried out using movement type in the entry. Click the save button at the top of the screen and you will get a confirmation message.

It will show a number of successful goods movement and failed count.

Enter the order number and click the tick mark at the top of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm the action. You can calculate the production capacity based on the requirement of the product as per the available capacity. Capacity leveling takes place for detailed production planning purpose. This is done through a planning table used for detailed planning of capacity requirements over time in future.

You need to check the capacity load on the work center.

If any work center is overloaded, we need to move orders to different work centers. You can select a particular week and click the Cap. You can see the detailed load elements at an individual level.

Orders are processed as defined in the work center to meet the Production process. In the next window, you will see Order details at the top and the work center details at the bottom of the screen.

Select an order from the order pool. Click Dispatch to assign that order to the work center. The stock quantity is increased and the movement type is entered. Select the Goods Receipt, Order and Production order number. Enter the movement type If the material is subject to quality inspection, you can see the stock type as quality inspection.

SAP PP Tutorials – Production Planning Functional Module Training

Now, enter the batch number. Click the Check button at the top of the screen.

To save the document, click the save button at the top of the screen. You will get a confirmation material document posted message. When goods are issued, the system decreases the inventory of components at the storage location in the Production Planning system. Movement type is used for goods issue.


You will see the following details. Click the save icon to save the details. You will get a confirmation that the document has been posted. Goods issued can be cancelled before the order status is confirmed CNF in the system.

Movement type is in Goods issue reversal. Enter the Material codes, reversal quantities, unit of measure, even the same batch no. Click the tick button at the top left of the screen. In the next screen, click the save button to make a reversal. This allows organizations to smoothen the production process in a repetitive or discrete manufacturing environment.

Technical details of the component: Using this business function, material requirement planning gets a better idea on cross- material overviews of available inventory and requirement in the production process. This new function enhances the flexibility option in production, provides more transparency, optimizes the production process and makes efficient use of stock in production planning and control.

Displaying Order Information Systems This report is used to view the order list, order status, quantity, and goods movement w.

You can also check the order priority and it allows you to process the order which are high on priority and actual quantity generated for an order. You can also include various other parameters like goods movement. Select the checkbox Production Order. Then, enter the manufacturing plant code. You can select the order type for which you want to pull the report.

In case it is left blank, the report will be generated for all the orders. You can also select various other parameters to pull the report. Use T-Code: MB Enter manufacturing plant code. Movement type is to see Production data. To display production, enter the posting period. You will get the material document list: You can also see the material document list for input movement type for Goods issue , goods receipt, etc. At the time of goods movement, you can use this report to view real-time stock information.

You can enter single material or a range of material. Enter the Plant code and then enter the Storage location and other details. Usually at the month end before doing order settlement, production order needs to be set to technically completed status in order to calculate production variances by the controlling personnel.

Demand Management The function of Demand Management is to estimate requirement quantities and delivery dates for finished products and important assemblies. Demand Management uses PIR planned independent requirements and customer requirements.

Planning strategies must be defined for a product. It represents the methods of production for planning and manufacturing.

There are two methods by which we can do this.

Make to Stock: Production of goods without having sales orders, i. Make to Order: This strategy applies to the production of material for a specific individual sales order or line item. It does net requirement calculation and generate planned orders for in-house produced materials and purchase requisition for raw materials. It does lead time scheduling and calculate production dates in planned orders. Capacity requirements are generated via MRP on Work Center and since MRP works with infinite capacity and plans everything on work center without considering any capacity constraints.

It is required to level the capacity at the work center. Capacity can be leveled at each work center through planning table in order to create constraint production plan. Production Orders The output of MRP will be "Planned Orders", which needs to be converted to production orders for further execution of the process.

Production Order is a document which specifies what material needs to be produced and in what quantity. It also contains the BOM components and routing operation data to be performed at the work center.

Production Order is released for execution, and material availability checks can be carried out which determines if there are any missing components. Production Order Confirmation When goods are produced physically at the shop floor, then production order must be confirmed. During confirmation, components materials can be consumed automatically via back flush mechanism and Goods receipt of material can be performed automatically via operation Control key in Routing.

However, instead of auto goods movement, manual Goods Issue and receipt can be performed separately from confirmation. Cancel anytime. Users need to register first in order to download or read the SAP pdf Introduction to Materials Crans Introduction to Materials Management covers all the basics of supply chain man- agement, manufacturing planning and control systems, purchasing, and physical dis- tribution.

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Production, Capacity and Material Planning. These solutions improve flexibility, deploy applications faster, boost security, and simplify management. SAP QM vs.Also, goods movements from the conversion of raw material to semi-finished goods.

Basic data, Defaults, Scheduling, Capacities, and Costing or you can click the tick mark at the top of the screen. As mentioned you can create super BOM for different variants of a product. Convert Planned Order to Production Order The first step is to convert a planned order to production order. You can also include or exclude planned receipts or current stock from the planning run.

A Production Order also defines which components and sequence of operations are to be used and how the order costs are to be settled.

E-book in full color. You can make any changes related to scheduling, capacities, or costing. You can enter single material or a range of material. Beside technical and didactic prerequisites, the lecturer notes list SAP transactions for testing and system.

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