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Revolution Home · Revolution DOWNLOAD PDF I didn't realise my AIEEE rank could directly translate into money, "Can I get a discount?' I said. Get FREE COPY of hindi book at your home delivered!.. Download REVOLUTION BY CHETAN. BHAGAT PDF documents from DIRECT LINK. This research study deals with the in-depth meanings of reification and their relevancy with the text of the novel Revolution written by Chetan Bhagat. Reification is a common perception and a specific ideology of people living in a capitalist society. Along with the further.

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Revolution love - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read I didn't realise my AIEEE rank could directly translate into money. Revolution pdf link: Revolution by Chetan Bhagat - PDF Drive the book series one by one below and gain access to also download them directly. relationships in the last two novels of Chetan Bhagat i.e. Revolution and Half. Girlfriend. nothing to do with politics directly or indirectly. According to the .

The story mirrors those aspirations in a comical narrative and records change of vicissitudes of fortune that the protagonists find themselves in and stands tribute to the infinite possibilities that the common people of India is now faced with in their lives. Chetan has clothed him in flesh and blood adding more teeth to his character than any other in the book. It is primarily around him that the story evolves and stirringly revolves. Aarti is the soul of this story and the prime motivating reasons for Gopal to embark on a lifelong quest for her love that had started in his childhood.

The character mirrors the majority of people in India and can therefore be readily identified by anybody as to be his own. Further down the narrative, we behold the epic failure of Gopal and when the magnitude of his failure sinks in,he decides to somehow fulfill the dream of his father.

The labyrinthine laws which are malleable enough with the right amount of cash and persuasion never ceases to amaze the reader and one finds Gopal again swept off into the maelstrom of hyperactivity of setting up a college , slowly making inroads into the life of his beloved and making cat footed efforts of tearing her away from the object of her affections.

Somehow Gopal's college gets inaugurated and he settles down to run it all the same time trying ways to get closer to Aarti. Love can make people do silly things and try harder when the odds are stacked against you. We see Gopal incessantly making the effort and are treated to some very good conversations which shows the deep insecurities that women in India live in with all the time.

Now that he has won back some respect for himself , he tries to face his own guilt , rather the guilt which he owns to his father. But the encounter with Raghav changes psychologically and emotionally and the sense of grudge and feelings of revenge gives way to respect.

This change of outlook in life and the sense that he should do something to change the tide of corruption , as his bitter experience while setting up the college, Gopal decides that the right course that needs to be followed is to take a step back from the life of his beloved , whom he chased for his entire life, and let the affections of his once estranged friend grow back into her.

Here I wish Mr Chetan Bhagat should have contrived a better alibi rather than sticking and glorifying a cliche. The premise to make his plan work is ordinary which we still so often see in Bollywood masala films , of sacrificing the most cherished of one's values for the greater good thereby making a show of one's altruistic side of one's pathetic selves.

I feel the shoddy plan of Gopal to drive away Aarti into the life of Raghav could have been more innovative and original and therefore consider it to be the low point of the entire book. In the end Gopal is back to square one emotionally trying to find solace in alcohol for his self inflicted wound which is seconded as good by the author.

The story is narrated by Gopal, the protagonist of the story, and is chiefly concerned with Gopal's love for Aarti. Gopal's mother died when he was very young, and he was raised by his father, who was poor due to a long running property dispute with his brother. Gopal and Raghav are school friends.

Aarti and Gopal are very close intimate friends, and are very affectionate towards each other. While Gopal wants Aarti to become his girlfriend, she repeatedly refuses him saying she doesn't want to enter a relationship. In order to pay for the entrance coaching, Gopal's father spends all his savings and takes on many loans. Raghav however had scored very well in his exams and joins the prestigious IIT-BHU to study engineering, though his real ambition is to become a journalist and affect social change.

While Gopal is away at Kota, Aarti and Raghav become close and then started going out, which causes much strain to Gopal and 24 Aarti's friendship. Gopal is distraught, and the novel explores the strains of unrequited love between intimate friends, which is a major component in the novel. Partly due to the emotional difficulties brought on by his friends' relationship, Gopal again fails to pass the AIEEE.

Gopal's father cannot bear his son's repeated failure and dies, leaving Gopal an orphan. Debt loaded; through friends he meets a powerful MLA, Shukla, who agrees to help start an engineering college on his father's disputed land.

Shukla agreed to provide financial backing and political support to construct the new college, named GangaTech, with Gopal who will be its director. In order to build the new college Gopal had to handle corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and regulators, all of whom had to be bribed during various stages of planning and construction of the college.

Meanwhile, Raghav finishes his engineering studies and becomes a trainee reporter for a popular newspaper, "Dainik". He published a critical article regarding Gopal's college on the day of its inauguration in which he accuses Shukla of corruption. Gopal took this as a betrayal after agreeing to being interviewed by Raghav for the article. Shukla gets Raghav sacked but Raghav starts his own newsletter called Revolution He later published an article about a Ganga Treatment Scam and this time with sufficient evidence to prove that Shukla is a corrupt man.

Shukla was forced to resign. The most ironical matter is that all of them make tall claims to bring about the sea change in the lives of the students by imparting value education to them.

The helpless lot of students has no other option except to surrender their future in the hands of these businessmen. For them, education is a safe investment which brings rich dividend.

What happens to the rest? Where do these students go? Do they have a shot at a good life? Many of these students end up in private colleges. These private colleges have played the role of providing students with a chance to earn a degree of their choice. There is nothing wrong in this. It fact, it is even good that the private sector is playing a role in educating our students. But the quality of these institutions is an issue.

Thousands have opened up in the last decade.

With such proliferation, quality standards vary widely across these institutes. While there is demand for them given our large student pool, what they are teaching and what students are learning is another matter. To ensure 26 quality, the government has put in place procedures like elaborate approval processes and regular inspections.

He puts his thoughts in an easy manner. He believes that the field of education should provide a proportionate profit to the industry players, and the mindset that education should be non-profitable has to be changed. Bhagat said: The government policy is that the private institutes should be run by non-profit trusts. As a result, credible corporates don't venture into the education sector because the shareholders want profit. The government believes that you should not make money from education.

This has led to a situation where a lot of people who have black money have ventured into the sector. They take out the money illegally in cash and on paper maintain the no-profit status. He implores the good quality players to take keen interest in the field of education to provide value education. He says, The private participation is a must but it should be done in a way that the right kind of people comes forward. If a professor wants to open a college, he should be able to do it but today he can't because he has to be corrupt at every level.

The non-profitability clause should go away. It costs hundreds of cores to establish a university. People are not going to establish educational institutes for the goodness of their heart. Each paying one lakh a year. We already have a sixteen crore turn over. And you inaugurated the MBA coaching today.

Gopal, comes across horrifying incidents when he reaches Kota to get coaching for his IIT entrance exam preparations. Here he feels that he is going to submit his future in the hands of not trainers but salesmen who queue up to attract the customers cum students.

When Gopal fails to pay the debt incurred by his father for his education, he determines to sell his disputed land. He takes aid of Mr Shukla, a shrewd politician who takes upon this opportunity to earn millions.

He suggests Gopal to open a college on the disputed land for which he would get all the consents required from the authority. Mark his words: Well, you take a profit. The trustees can take out cash from the trust, showing it as an expense. Or take some fee in cash, and not accounting for it. Or ask a contractor to pay you back a portion of what you pay them. There are many more ways… p 28 Here we come across how the manipulators of the private institutes of higher education make handsome profit while showing their balance sheet non profitable.

At the same time, the novel throws light on how by greasing the palms or with the help of acquaintances of the high profile leaders, one can easily get the university affiliations for running institutes which are not liable to provide value education to the future generation.

To substantiate our arguments, we would like to quote the speech of Mr Bedi, one of the characters of the novel, when he teaches Gopal how to get the university affiliation: No, any government work, especially in education, requires a fee.

They clear the engineering colleges. Also, every private college requires a government university affiliation. For that, we had to get approvals from the vice chancellor of a state university. The writer makes us to feel it by narrating a shocking incident in which Gopal gets his land rezoned by greasing the palm.

It is also humorous how Gopal bargains with the deputy collector, Sinha, by requesting him to be reasonable as it is for opening a new college. But ten is too less.

I said. I was bargaining with him as if I was buying a tea-shirt. The educational sector which was considered pious once, has now become the muddy place and all the people involved in this whether he may be the dean or the director or the principal or the teacher have nothing to do with the quality of education to some extent.

They consider students as money minting machines. Gopal also misses a heart beat when he comes to know how the institutes can run without the active participation of the dean. Mark the conversation between Gopal and the director. When can you start? How can the college work without you? Who will ensure that classes are held on time and the students are taught properly? I said, my heart beating fast. We will manage. But there are many surprises in store for him.

He gets to know that he has to pay bribes even to the school principals to recommend his college. Mr Bedi enlightens Gopal with the hard learned knowledge. He says, The schools have a big influence on where the child goes next. Where do they go?

The problem is, there are so many private colleges now. How does the student choose? Who else can they trust? But never say that word, especially to school principals. Anyways, it is a straightforward calculation.

We give them ten percent of the fee we take fee every admission p All these words like discount, schemes are deceptive and are meant to serve their own purposes. The story becomes more gripping, when Raghav ,once a friend of Gopal who instead of accepting high profile jobs, prefers to join the field of journalism, makes up his mind to expose MLA Shukla and shows the people his corrupt face.

Shukla devours the government money which should have been used to clean the Ganga River. Raghav scoops the complete matter and brings the Ganga Tech Engineering College under his scanner as it is funded by the black money as Mr. Shukla is the sleeping partner of the institute. Raghav has to suffer a heavy backlash for making it public. He wants to bring about the revolution in society.

But this poor fellow finds himself a tiny tot against these educational giants. These educational goons forced the editor to sack Raghav from their job. They threaten the editor of not providing the advertisements to their newspaper, if the management is not willing to sack Raghav. What is ironical is that they are the same people who boast of providing moral and ethical education to the students.

If they lack sensitivity in their hearts, how can they sensitize the students? The educational field is also not an exception from this bitter truth. However, policymakers are doing little about it. Perhaps, much like the bootlegging industry, so many regulators and inspectors are making money that nobody wants to fix it. However, corruption in the education sector is not to be taken lightly. When you have corruption in infrastructure, you have pot-holed roads.

When you have corruption in education, you have pot-holed minds. We are destroying an entire generation by not giving it access to the world-class education it deserves.


He also expresses his serious concern over the fact that education, now a day, has become the domain of those people who have nothing to do with education. Any liquor baron, Sadiwala, Mithaiwala can open a college and we are compelled to hand over the future of our young generation in their hands.

He says. The sari shop owners, the Mithaiwalas, the liquor barons…they don't have any commitment towards education. I am not against. Commercialization is going to make it sustainable, so it is fine. Striving to form a society in which neither the students nor the teachers are being exploited.

The scenario in the educational fields is very depressing. Where the teacher has to work for the measly salary, how can he keep himself away from the worldly cares? When most of the government teachers enjoy the benefits of sixth pay commission, it is a big question mark how many private colleges even offer the fifth pay commission to their employees. Ms unnsmcd achievements. Between you and Aarii!

Something about the young director intrigued me. I had along day ahead. A sleepless nighuwouM he a bud idea. J said md sat down. T meant tea! He laughed.

He pointed to the chair next to him. T wm drtnk less? I dipped. After that class 5 C would be back.

Revolution 2020- love corrupt.pdf

I grabbed-the. We had to find. My eyes darted from one bag to another. Wed bit the jackpot. JLazy parents. The class will be back any time' Raghav said. IF I eat only a bit. She must be getting good food Come' We xoslied to the target's seat.

We had tea more minutes till the. I battled a small. Raghav said. I f a pickle and parathas. Take one. Soobcaui Sehoolf. Dt sk k. I had not had aiiy breakfast at. JiwHr'th thefmiolfaneous go. Secaui C e. I hi ought back a infer and made a clean cut. Students shraiiklii their seats as she passed them. Hie whole: She opened her tiffin and. Ihe teacher walked.

She wore a white skirt. She wore golden 1 my fists.. She picked up a chocolate-. Aarti continued to sniffle. We had left behind evidence. The teechei walked up io my desk. Gopal Mlshra. She smacked the back of my neck.

Aarti go clean up in the bathroom. L didn't do it. GUI madam said. Both my cheeks were' stinglog. I hung my head. Pratap Pradhao. She looked at me as if 1. He stood up without provocation.

Diron' We had two GMs in the class. One Girtsh Maibui. I leased against the wall outside the class. Aartrwiped her eyes and walked past me towards the toilet "Drama queen! It was only half a slice of chocolate eakef I thought Anyway thife how I.. Admit it. She look out a tissue from. Are you a thief? Neither did the teacher Map. I had a pencil in my pocket. I used it to scribble C on the wail It helped me pass the time.

Ibis wouldn't even have noticed. She came out of the toilet. She continued to stare at me as she came closer. Soon alter my death. I don't remember much of her or her death. Ghanshyam prints m settle tne aitt our ot court' Dubey uncle said. What for? I wanted to buy a chocolate cake and slam l However. Dubey-uncle had become a frequent visitor to our house for this reason.

My mothers iilness had wiped out all Ms savings. She died. My grandfather hsd.

V 'lit. Why drag this forever? I did. T am rich. We have a ear! You firang or w hat? She nodded. I opened the box.

Revolution 2020

I turned to leave when Aarti. I want. I shrugged my shoulders. Don t take a lot--though. If you want. And don't take any cake 01 irce tieate' Ihtinh. I looked at her beautiful face. But I didht know how to ask. I ana only holding your hand. Best friends. Aarti said in a child-like voice. Even though I liked It more at seventeen than at twelve.

The evening sky had turned a deep orange. Eaghav for. Batsmen would miss the balk fielders would miss catches and jobless. I broke eye contact quickly. We walked past the noisy shopping streets to the calmer Cantonment area. She held my hand and. Tve not met. Raghav was sure to sulk.

I wanted to tell her not to hold my hand anymore. Our eyes met. I told myaeE Her hair Mew in the-breeze and wisps of black gently stroked her face. Hon f T said firmly T n kteping it long only for you.

I could not refuse Aarti. We reached the bungalow of District Magistrate Pratap Brij. TIT material. M hmt -not-. How can I Sha. Why couldni god make. Did we have to store fat in the silliest places?

I hate people who are naturally -gifted with a fiat stomach. I stood up. The drink came out through his nose. I couldn't hear. He had a pension that lasted us three. Baba' I said. Baba lay down on his hod. The doctors had given up. I understood his drift. XVe made da! You can! Don't light new..

We no money. I'm not. I had a shot aE AlEEh.

What if I had to yo to M f Agartala? Or somewhere far south? He erupted into a coughing fit.

Baha is waiting. Inst felt like chatting. I'm sleepy Aarti' I said. I resumed the massage.

Matigari - Ngugi wa Thiong'o

J said. I kepi ffkri the LoHj! Mends for eight years. Aarti 3 1 said. The kndllne rang at midnight I picked it up. Its no use now.

Dad insists I finish college before I try any of this air hostess business. N Bmagat I kepi. Did you have. How are. Top-are stupid. Mr Grown-up-Man. Go to beet nows sleep and don't think about the entrance exams. I warned to slay mad at hen but could not. Because of the mock-test? You are so stupid' Aarti said. Go to bed. Good night. But yon -can even become one straight after class XII ' 'Go to college.

I am here only she said. After your entrance exams. How "re things at home? I corrected her.


I couldn't come up with a better line. You always avoid 'Well talk. Or nicely stupid? Raghav 'You sleep. Rest before the m m Is a must. Baba told h i s t 'Not today. I read out from the screen. Raghav s lather. I hadn't scored loo badly.

Never in my life had I fell so small 1 felt like a beggar hanging out with kings. Raghav smiled. He didn't mear to hurt me. I did get a-rank A fucked-up rank. Electronics' in Delhi f "There's: MIT Lucknow too. Id be one of those unfortunate eases. I had come to Raghav's house in Shivpur.

Out of ten lakh test-takers. We hmm to get the. I continued to ramble until Ragh. Should I come with yon? Tni line. I kept quiet as 1 stacked the newspapers.

Yeah right. I thought.. The antique gas stove took six. I wanted to tell. IMI today the datef he said. You owe. Peace lor a Jew more days would be nice. I did not mention: When old. I swallowed. Mv lathers expression changed..

He had the look every child dreads. Ms voice too man. I cm sorry Baba. Til finish my graduation. One rtupid exam. I gatheied the courage to enter his bedroom aStoi hah m hour He had kepi a hot water bottte-.

Mj ding the news did not help anyone. Paha got up agitatedly and stai ted to circle the dining table. I cooked lunch for the next hour. Horn u i. I t is not -easy to become rich. You have to work. Yon do. I reminded him. Lab a. Hv ia a.

He placed a hand on my head as if in blessing. It acted as a tipping point. There would be no sleep till I sorted things out with Baba.

Maybe not a lot but enough to survive. If only Baba 'would understand this. Firangs would pay five hundred bucks for the same. I broke down. Japanese tourists" ' I won't take more than half an hour' I promised.

He smirked. I lay down. He was asleep. She knew Id call her when I was good and ready Aarti and I were in sync. I tossed and turned for ages. Yoa-mayforgetthe time' 1 won't. I could make money like this too.. I reached Assi Ghat at four-thirty in the morning.

He had never charged me in all these yearn' I would take his boat for an hour. His paan. Tbooichaod orai f will be 'back: Til get nowhere in life J!

You are disturbed. Fhooichand gave us a smile. We want to ei. Hurt myfeelings? Aarti said sternly.. You have been my best friend for wars. We are nom a simple Indian family. But IVe told you earlier W She went silent..

I jiiLUt. I tamed away from her. As I held her.

She complied. We remained siknt till. I picked up the oars again. My watch said 4: We stepped. The other three had appeared from Kota. I explained. I did not make it in the JEE either.

He did not react to my. Local aapers carried big stories the next day. Among those four. Four students from Varanasi had. University The 12G. Aren't you. I didn't want to discuss entrance exams any more. I need to buy college admission forms! Baba looked like I had stabbed him. After ail. An IIT rank Is a huge event. Ihey had come ro congratulate the Kashyaps. Ragbag father sat on a sofa with visiting relatives. Mr Kashyap smiled at me from.

Raghav and I went-to his room. BHEL-provided apartment. I sat on-a chair and he on. If ley. I don't-know if he cared. I owe you guys a treat' He goi up to leave. When people clear JEE. When people are offered something on a platter. Ragkn omi Xets catch up later.

His father shouted outJ o r him again. Why else? He had published: Journalism is my passion.. I l l also leave' 'See you. BHU heeause I will a belter branch like. When people achieve something they become self-obsessed. I have told him f am lakiog. Raghav stopped. Hon t tell htm anything else! I have contacts In newspapers hereJ Raghav said. Raghav had a thing for writing. J Baba mumbled to himself. It was she who suggested I go to a college here. I thought of Aarti. Tuition is thirty thousand a year.

Kota will help you get those extra marks. You can visit. How-much Is that for twelve months? Thirty plus thirty-six thousand. I had never thought of a second attempt. And how will you do a repeat attempt without better coaching? You just missed a good rank 'because of a. Allahabad is nearby I can. I was confused. Look at Ragfeiv He!

I do most of the housework? Not a day went by without us-talking. Give me the money for that At least. J' 1 can mauage. Baba shouted suddenly 'You are going! I promise I will work harder next lime' 1 said. I thought about the downside. M move with you to Kota. How could I tell her I am going Of course. Reiki to preserve all this for medical! What about the rest?

What about expenses such as travel. III go by myself! We finished dinner and I began to clear the table. I f it makes you happy.

If 1 go. It had a thi. His laughter meant everything to toe! Aarti wasiit too conscious of her looks. She was fuming prettier every week A. She hypnotised me every time. The picture of her cooking in my kitchen flashed in my head. She turned to the shopkeeper. If I came to'Kota with you. Aarti looked at me. We had come to a househHd m-m:.

It made her even more attractive. She went to the utensils section and picked up a large steel bowl md held it up. Why does Aarti make statements like these? What dm I supposed to soy? Id cook for you everyday H e r f i k hands held up the shear vessel. Aarti said. She never checked herself out in mirrors. XJhatsf she said. I am not agulli-whatever person.. She placed a finger on my hps.Emphasizing this point the World Bank has stated: "Today knowledge explosion is dividing the world into fast moving, rich economies that use knowledge 17 effectively and slow moving, poor economies third world that do not.

Dad's giving me dirty looks. What about expenses such as travel. This analysis attempt to shed light to the loopholes of the modern higher educational system. Also, every private college requires a government university affiliation. My chemistry score had improved by twenty points. Also it will explain the effect of privatization in the life of Indian youth and how it has made them to fulfill their ambitions in one way or the other and why most of them lose hope in education.

I also ran five kilometres and will walk back five more, I wanted to say but didn't. You just missed a good rank 'because of a.

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