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These pole dancing books will inspire you to be a better dancer, teach you how to improve your technique and provide you with motivation. Forget the stereotypical image of a pole dancer performing her sexy routine up on a pole for a minute and imagine her reading a book. Pole Dance Fitness is a guide to performing the best pole dance exercises to create one intense workout. The book contains specific information, practical.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Irina Kartaly was born in Venezuela. She works as an I take pole fitness classes and this book is the best. It has everything. These inexpensive, illustrated pole dancing manuals and books will teach you beginner to advanced pole tricks quickly. Save hundreds over the cost of DVDs or. Pole Dance Fitness is a guide to performing the best pole dance exercises to create one intense workout. The book contains comprehensive information.

The author has real enthusiasm for her subject that shows in the writing. I liked the two leads, Caitlin was determined and hardworking. She certainly isn't interested in Jake for his money. Jake has been a bit of a man whore in his day, but he recognises that he could have something precious with Caitlin.

With plenty of passionate loves scenes this is a hot read. There are a full supporting cast as well.

Have a look inside

With a killer on the loose, killing the dancers at the club. There's plenty happening in this. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series. Jan 28, Lillie rated it did not like it Shelves: This book went from bad to almost decent then back to bad.

The first couple of chapters are really rough.

Caitlin is not very likable. Once it finally kicks over to Jake's POV, things improve a little and he was able to keep my attention for short periods of time but the sloppy writing detracted from even that small bit of enjoyment. The repetition was beyond ridiculous. The sentences were long drawn out bits of awkwardness. I felt older som This book went from bad to almost decent then back to bad. I felt older somehow, maybe wiser, after my foray into the darker part of society although my mind screamed, 'You tried to be a Stripper!

There is a lack of understanding for the very basics of grammar in this one, like knowing the difference between your and you're or who's and whose.

Jake had just become very particular of who's creamy thighs were doing the cradling and if the cradler's mind and personality were enough to keep his interest after they had done the horizontal bump. Then there are sentences like this Her hips stilled reaching, straining upwards on a low, keening cry.

Stilled reaching? And why are her hips crying? View 1 comment. Jan 22, Heller rated it liked it Shelves: I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this story. It was an enjoyable read but ultimately a bit forgettable.

Oddly enough I kind of wanted to go and reread Knight after I finished this because of similar stories and characters. I felt that Ashley took a stronger stance so this was almost an appetizer for that one. We have a young downtrodden but feisty woman who catches the eye of an older edgier man. There's mutual smittenness and hijinks ensue. There were a few loose ends here that had me sc I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this story. There were a few loose ends here that had me scratching my head: What the hell?

Why was Dale being such a dick to everyone? Why did Caitlin give up her cat? Who does that? Why would Marianne ignore the hot chief of police and give her number to some other cop? It had some sweet moments and some hot moments but I found the thriller aspect a bit thin and unbelievable.

Still I'll probably check out the second in the series to see if Marianne gets with the hot chief of police. Not sure if she deserves him though.

Yes, there were some editing issues, but not enough to distract from the story. I enjoyed both lead characters. Caitlin was a bit naive, but not at all in a TSTL way. Just in a way that fit her character. Jake was adorable in a definite alpha way and it was wonderful to watch how he expressed his love for Caitlin.

He wanted to be better for her. I also loved his "Jake speak", yeah. I did find the murder mystery plot a bit extraneous, but it does set up for more stories about the secondary charact Yes, there were some editing issues, but not enough to distract from the story. I did find the murder mystery plot a bit extraneous, but it does set up for more stories about the secondary characters and I am looking forward to those.

Feb 07, Mo rated it really liked it. Yep, the author says she is KA fan and I can definitely see an influence. But she has her own style and it was an enjoyable read. And they do say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Off to read the next in the series now. I read the reviews before starting this one. I was prepared for Babe as a verb, darlin', shit sorting, lotta cake, not a fan of repeating myself, I fucked up, owe you big I could link any of these phrases to more than one of KA's books.

I wouldn't call the plot similar, more the hero's voice.

Jake is a badass alpha male. He uses badass alpha male terminology. Th I read the reviews before starting this one. I could go on. For those of us who know and love KA, it's easy to pick out her hero's voice. That being said, this was not a bad book.

Not at all. There was a PLOT Chilling concept, huh? It was more than badass meets sweetheart, drags her to bed, ties her up, spanks her bottom red and pages of hot monkey sex ensue. Not that there wasn't hot monkey sex Just so we're clear, vanilla is my favorite flavor. I get sick of kinky fuckery There was an emotional connection between Jake and Caitlin that started outside of the bedroom and became stronger once it got there, a natural progression I can appreciate.

Cait was a welcome change from some of the heroines I've read. She never displayed any of the TSTL tendencies that make me want to go all slap-a-ho even Ka's heroines make me want to choke them from time to time. She's independent and smart and the perfect foil for Jake's alpha male tendencies. I am not a grammar Nazi. I do not point out grammatical errors, comma splices, misuse and repetitive use of words or misspellings when reviewing a book, especially one by a self-published author.

I read for enjoyment, not to grade your work. I will point out that this book, though, had very few grammatical errors. It was well-written, well-thought out, descriptive without redundancy and flowed well--especially for the first book of a self-published author.

And--praise the Lord--the cover is both relevant to the story and actually matches the heroine's physical description. There was a nice supporting cast and I look forward to reading their stories. There were a couple of plotlines that were not resolved to my satisfaction. I would have liked to learn how the crazies in this book got that way and what happened to them, especially the bastard Jameson.

Also, uhhmmmm A middle-aged salesman drives a KIA. Just sayin'. Not a badass, alpha male ride. But this All in all--yes, I can see KA's influence in the hero, but the plot was unique.

This is not a Kristen Ashley book Sep 24, Laura rated it really liked it. First read for me by this author. I'm aware she is a Kristen Ashley fan and you can tell because she includes some KA attributes to her hero.

He says 'mouth babe, eyes babe' etc. The heroine also likes to take photos and frame them!! The epilogue is also rather long like a KA one.

However, the writing style is not the same. I enjoyed this story of Caitlin and Jake. Caitlin auditions for Jake at his Club but realises Pole Dancing is not for her. That is the only Pole Dance that takes place through First read for me by this author. That is the only Pole Dance that takes place throughout the whole book! Someone is murdering the dancers from Jake's club, so we have a side story of a murder investigation. I'm not always keen on love stories that happen within a week.

As soon as Caitlin and Jake meet they are spending every waking moment together and declaring their love for one another early on.

Even the epilogue is only two weeks later.

I would have liked the story to have taken place over a longer period, but it's still a good story and I liked Caitlin and Jake. I look forward to reading more from this author. If you are a fan of Kristen Ashley, I would imagine you will like this story.

I found that I got a bit bored with the story and just wanted to get to the end to know what was going to happen. It was a little redundant and tended to drag. Good idea, poor execution. With some editing and character development and growth, this could be a fantastic story. Check us out! Apr 07, Ang Sizzling Pages rated it it was ok Shelves: I wanted to rate it higher, but I just could not do it. There was a potential for a good story, but it fell short.

The story line was "choppy" and I could not connect with the main characters. The serial killer plot line was not fully explained Like why? What was the motive? I figured out quickly who it was, but never explained the reasoning was it jealousy? So many unanswered qu ok So many unanswered questions Felt like there was a lot of loose ends left wide open.

Finally, I can see the KA influence But, what I found most annoying was the "yeahs" at the end of each sentence View all 7 comments. May 14, Brenda Lane rated it did not like it Shelves: OMG I'm crying for reading this shit. I wasted my precious time reading this piece of trash, if you want to read this book DON'T even think about it Jun 25, Kobi rated it liked it Shelves: I liked this book but I wish there was more to it.

The climax needed to be heightened as did the suspense. While Jake and Caitlins relationship was fun, it came off as a bit fake and rushed. Overall I would definitely read more by J. Hornbucjle but this book fell a bit short. Jan 27, Ilze rated it really liked it Shelves: Let me just start by telling that the book was nothing like I expected it to be from its cover So the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" come here quite literally The story is about Caitlin, hard working, starving student, who overheard her friend talking about a job in a strip club, in which she makes a lot of money, much more money in one night than Caitlin does in her other jobs.

So Caitlin decide to go for an interview in a local strip club However after few questions and going through her resume Jake does not want to hire her, but Caitlin really needs the job, so she decides to show him what she can do I heard Jake's bark of laughter. Jake with no expression was hot. Jake with a smile was mega-hot. Jake laughing out loud at something you've said--pulling you close as his head falls back due to the force of the laughter you've caused?

Effing priceless. Well let me just say that I absolutely love love love Jake. He is total alfa-male, he wants to take care of Caitlin and make life better for her. However he is not pushy and he does not have a problem by admitting when he really fucks up.

Yes, I totally love "Jake speak". Jake is definitely your next potential book boyfriend material, the way he talks and how he protects his girl and take care of her, ahhh what a guy I usually get really frustrated with female characters, but I surprisingly did not get frustrated with Caitlin and her decisions.

I also liked that the book gave a little bit insight in Rams life or Dales, however the few stories does not made sense to me, like the bartender, I did not saw a reason for it to be included in the book, maybe only to show how awesome Jake is? Anyway, I love the book, it was hot really hot ,it was funny and it even had its own mystery you want to solve. I really enjoyed it and I definitely enjoyed Jake Mar 28, Erica rated it liked it Recommended to Erica by: This was a good book.

I think I didn't read the description well enough when I started this book, because for some bizarre reason, I was thinking that she was a pole dancer in his club. Not so.

She interviewed. She auditioned. She caught his eye. She changed his life. But ultimately, she did not get the job! Ha ha! However, the pole dance scene was very hot and very sexy J This was a good book. Jake and Caitlin are a great couple.

Parts of this were a little too "I obviously can't handle my life, so take it all away" but she is young and alone, so I'll forgive that. She has an amazingly strong character to go through what she has gone through I can't imagine existing on Ramen noodles 2x a day, working four part-time jobs, and going to school full-time with the requirement of a 3.

Chalk it up to too many Brad Pitt movies, but Jake's habit of punctuating every sentence with "yeah? Not that this is a bad thing I actually find it rather sexy.

I read this for sex in a twin bed as part of a scavenger hunt. Yup, Debb, you were right, I couldn't miss it! The twin bed debacle is a HUGE issue for them So why three stars and not four?

There was too much going on in this book.

Best Pole Dance Books

It was just a little too scattered with all the subplots. First there is the plot with Mr. Jamieson and his vendetta against Cait, the killings of the strippers, the weird dynamics between Jake, Dale and Sara, the staging for book 2 with Marianne, Ram and Paul, etc, etc, etc.

And I really would have liked to have seen maybe a little more conflict or some kind of angst with Jake and Caitlin But I did like it, it had lots of super hot sex in it, and the character development and relationship development was good Jan 28, Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: This story had a ton of potential and it could have reached it with an editor.

There were a lot of problems. For all the massive flaws, I remained engaged in the story and mostly it was due to Jake's character. He was a great hero, but again the author had the potential to polish and develop him even more. It was obvious the author is a Kristen Ashley fan as it felt like that was the vibe she was trying to emulate throughout the dialogue of her characters. If Ms. I would be embarrassed as writer to publish work of this nature given the extensive editing issues.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. New Adult. About J. My heart was beating so freaking fast. I could hear the murmurings of the crowd behind the curtain where I was hiding, that separated me from them. It was time. Time for me to come out and talk with them, those people from Goodreads that had read my books, rated my books and that wanted to know the person behind the words. The Handstanding Yogi is an illustrated travel companion on your journey to a safe and successful inversion practice.

It is fun, frustrating, wildly joyful, unashamedly geeky and a little bit sweary.

What are some really good pole dancing books?

Much like handstands themselves. This book aims to provide you with all you will need to know about ante and postnatal training for pole and aerial fitness. From the anatomy of pregnancy to the benefits and risks of exercise, current guidelines and specific training programmes, it will help guide you through your pregnancy journey.

With over photographs of doubles pole moves and combinations from beginner to advanced level, this is the perfect companion to your doubles pole training. It has broken down. He offers her a ride home.

Well pretty much tells her he is taking her home. He takes in the blanket she has wrapped around her as the car has no heater.

He has the car towed to get fixed. He then takes her to get her pay cheque from her boss. Her boss is a freaking sleaze and luckily Jake walks in first as he finds said sleazy boss with his pants undone and his penis hanging out.

He then takes her home to find Layton Jamison at her house as she is late with the mortgage payment. Jake then makes it his mission to try and win her over. She is so innocent he needs something pure and clean in his life. She pays her own way!

Not if he can help it. His sordid, bad boy- manwhoring lifestyle is always just in the background, but he does everything he can to win her over. He has never had a girlfriend before so it is a learning curve for the big bad Alpha male… But he eventually succeeds with a sweet epilogue.

Pole Bible 2018

There is a back story regarding a few characters. Because of this investigation we do meet a few detectives and the Police Chief who play secondary roles and will have their own books in the series.

You can clearly tell that KA is an influence of J. A Hornbuckle and that Jake does at times remind you of lovable KA characters.Short and sweet, this book contains many pretty pictures which serve as motivation to push you out of your comfort zone. XxMyztikxX Thank you ill check them out. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It should be written in understandable language and simple to follow, using encouraging and motivational words.

Independently published Paperback: Pole Dancing Adventures By: PDC Core Moves: Included are detailed exercise sets to create your own best workout as well as infor Pole Dance Fitness is a guide to performing the best pole dance exercises to create one intense workout.

Irina Kartaly There are over exercises in this book!

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