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act, than that we learned any specific body of material,. It was exciting to we felt about ourselves, how we could become more autonomous human beings, how. Available online: entire book in PDF format, plus preface in English. Language: Bangla Publication: Aamaar Shastha, Aamaar Satta Translation: My Body, My. Each year our Global Translation/Adaptation Program receives approximately ten new inquiries from women's groups around the world eager to translate and.

Our Bodies Ourselves Pdf

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Women and their bodies: A Course was reprinted in under the name Our Bodies, Our Selves. Click here to view a PDF version of the. Editorial Reviews. Review. This flawlessly updated edition does justice to the legacy of Our Bodies, Ourselves, which has been synonymous with women's. Our Bodies Ourselves: 42 Years of Women's Health Education The authors change the name of the book to Our Bodies, Ourselves, to emphasize.

Boston Women's Health Book Collective

They reject the definition of menopause as a deficiency that may result in medicalization. The book provides a basic overview of the common symptoms experienced with menopause: sleeplessness, hot flashes, and sexual changes. It also tackles the larger health issues that may accompany menopause, such as bone and heart health, memory and mood changes, and uterine and bladder health. Although the information presented is directed at women experiencing menopause, the book has valuable references following each chapter that may also be helpful to clinicians.

The chapter on health care decisions is also outstanding.

It gives readers information on how to make informed health care choices that are not overly influenced by corporate marketing.

Should I get on birth control? How the hell does birth control even work? So I looked it all up—totally unashamed.

Just like that cotton stick, I learned what the hell to do with a condom. I felt empowered and I owned my decision to have sex for the first time.

Our Bodies, Ourselves was a source of relevant, truthful, and needed information.

It was credible, peer-reviewed, and cited original sources. Even as a middle schooler I knew, intuitively, this book was helpful. It so parallels WomanLab.

How the hell will I know what is normal? Without this pillar of truth, we need to be even more critical of the news and information we read. Women have questions. What is normal sexual function after cancer? Is there such thing as normal?

Will I ever want to have sex again? My anger and heartache, however, are substrate for WomanLab. This is why we exist.

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Bulletin of the History of Medicine

The Boston Globe. Our bodies, ourselves: Changing bodies, changing lives: Times Books.

The new ourselves, growing older: Roselaine illustrator. CS1 maint: Turning 40, Going Global - Rewire. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories:Your doctor said what?!

In , the group moved to a rented office and began to hire staff members, starting a shift from its previous collective structure to a more traditional nonprofit model, with a staff and board although it did not create the position of executive director until It was this elusive sign of womanhood I so desperately wanted, but feared. The Internet was not a thing when Our Bodies, Ourselves first published in I worry that although the Internet gives ready access to information for young women and all people , it can also be a source of incorrect or misleading information.

From the first newsprint edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves, which became an underground sensation, to the brand new book, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth, released in March , the group has educated women and men, critiqued the medical system, examined inequalities based on gender, race, sexual orientation, class, and other categories, and urged readers to move from individual self-help to collective action promoting social policies that support the health of women and communities.

But direct translation has limitations.

Our Bodies, Ourselves deputized generations of women to advocate for themselves.

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