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Lines For Changing Minds. The MAGIC of. Conversational. Reframing. Neuro- Semantics and the. Transformation of Meaning. By L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. MIND-LINES Lines For Changing MindsThe MAGIC of Conversational Refrainingand the rmstion of MeaningBy L Michael Ha. Author: Michael Hall; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: Michael Hall - Mind Lines Lines For Changing Minds ( MB eBook.

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MIND LINE Lines For Changing Minds The MAGIC of Conversational Refraining Net/ro-Sema/atlcs arlWHhe ofiMA&angng By L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and Bobby. NLP Mind-Lines - L. Michael Hall PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. L. Michael Hall - Mind-Lines - Lines for Changing Minds (2nd Edn). Download, Free Mind Lines For Changing Minds L Michael Hall Download Pdf, Free Pdf. Mind Lines For Changing Minds L Michael Hall Download. Slater All.

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We need to value ourselves apart from our actions. Many of us confuse other esteem with self-esteem.

We go through life seeking approval and validation. We can use our experiences with significant others to define ourselves Self-confidence Confidence on the other hand is conditional and relates to our abilities and skills. It is just as well I have no confidence in my ability to do brain surgery at this time.

The Whiny Victim Dragon We cannot live vigorously or fully if we avoid danger and risks. Bounce back power is easy when you know nothing can question your dignity and worth.

No event or evaluation will define you. You are not your behaviors or labels. A pessimistic explanatory style in response to some bad thing can keep you a prisoner of this dragon.

Having a direction or purpose provides a powerful organizing principle. Who do you want to become? What experiences do you want to have?

Mind Lines. Lines For Changing Minds

What achievements you want to accomplish? What are your compelling values and visions?

Reactivity and Defensiveness Dragon This is the result of representing something as threatening or overwhelming. Stress is the amount of energy you expend coping with life.

Meta States

Ditch the excuses. Having strong compelling outcomes Taking care of things while they are still small and manageable Criticism and Insult Very few people can make good use of criticism.

Criticisms hurt because they make you aware of your shortcomings. Internal sense of distance Discern the line between responsibility to and responsibility for.

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Meta State of high self-esteem Optimistic explanatory style The inside reality of language — words and meanings that provoke Dismiss criticism only after you have purged it of everything useful. This book will teach you how to recognize and use the magic of language.

In doing so the authors bring order, understanding, and magic to the use of language in influencing, persuading, selling, negotiating, and many other human interactions. The book is packed with information so you may want to take your time and read it in bits.

This conversational reframing is much more effective, for me at least, than the normal NLP exercises You can download it or order on DVD. NLP Author: Michael Hall Format: This conversational reframing is much more effective, for me at least, than the normal NLP exercises I have tried in the past. Things like the swish pattern, autobiography, ideal self were good visualisation exercises but I found that even with daily repetition I wasn't really achieving what I wanted with them.

They helped to a small degree but ultimately, were not successful. Which was disappointing considering I had heard such rave reviews about those techniques which would almost lead one to believe that the swish pattern is a silver bullet cure all, with authors claiming to have stopped a smoker from touching a cigarette ever again with one swish pattern.

Conversational reframing, which the book is entirely about, was MUCH more effective for me because it really seems like you are reprogramming your brain and the way you think. Whereas, normal NLP is more about visualising and adjusting submodalities, etc conversational reframing is like holding a political debate in your head to beat limiting beliefs. I think the authors assume that the reader will do the mind lines ie exercises with another person but I have found it to be quite effective doing it on my own.

There are 26 types of mind lines and i write out a variety of questions for each then go through the lot usually A4 pages worth and reframe myself. It is really helping me change some limiting beliefs i have, but this something you must do repeatedly to get the full effects.The Magic of Language We knew you would bring that up!

Because these patterns of reframing work directly on beliefs, we can use them in a wide range of contexts: Outside —Context Reframing: To do this we start with two Meta-Model distinctions: We use sensory-based language to say such things as the following.

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