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Bodybuilding pioneer John Little smashes through conventional training approaches with his revolutionary workout program supported by science and based on 15 years of empirical research. The Max Contraction Training program maximizes muscle fiber stimulation in the shortest amount. Advanced Max Contraction Training by John Little The book is related to genre of health-fitness-dieting format of book is 5 Mb and size of books is PDF. Special to the Southern List: Total Body Transformation: Lose Weight Fast-and Keep It Off Forever! Muscle Building Diet. Max Contraction Training: The Scientifically Proven Program for Time by John Little is a much better book than Static Contraction Training.

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Advanced Max Contraction. Training breaks new ground in bodybuilding training and represents the final (omega) word in high-intensity training. xii PREFACE. Caution And Warning. The workout in this report involves a systematic progression of muscular overload that can lead to the lifting of extremely heavy weights. The Final Problem with Static Contraction Training. In the first article in this series I introduced Static Contraction and explained how and why it may be used.

Bringing me neatly to my second point - the weight you lift in SCT is never the maximal weight you can lift - it's again very, very close, and perhaps so close as to make no difference, but it's not maximal - it can't be. Maximal stimulation is a momentary thing about 1 second, and in order to move it into position even those few centimetres you are sacrificing weight.

Furthermore you cannot precisely get the weight you need - you may be 2 lbs or 0.

There are also issues with the time you are kept under tension. There are specific time's that MUST be adhered to in order to correctly target and stimulate the correct muscle fibres.

Hence while you may have a higher bench reading on day 3 of your training program, you've actually engaged a different series of contractions and the target muscle has had less actual stimulation. Like on the bench press. The problem's most people had aside from not getting results were: injury, poor exercise selection and an inability to correctly contract a target muscle. So how did I fix this? Learn Isometrics. Static Contraction?

Hannibal Lechter ate it up. It works. It is fantastic. It's revolutionary It's a fantastic way and I discovered it a few months ago. Actor, Anthony Hopkins talking about using static contraction on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien Super Performance Coach Tony Robbins says, The cutting edge in bodybuilding [and] strength training that can show you - no matter what age you are - how you can produce the greatest result you ever thought possible in the shortest time.

Anthony Robbins, from his "Get the Edge" program. Fitness Magazines Said This: A thorough, productive weight workout in less than three minutes? You better believe it. Larger muscles.

Stronger techniques. Fewer injuries.

What more do you want? Martial Arts Training Magazine This is truly an incredible discovery that could cause physiology books to be rewritten.

Ironman Magazine At last. A weight lifting program that builds muscle fast Martial Arts Training Don't be surprised if you see substantial results in only 3 workouts.

That's how good this system is. I've gotten a lot stronger in every area. Most notably, my thighs have grown two inches in circumference while the muscles in my quadriceps developed ripped separation for the first time--and it only took two leg workouts. Adam F. My strength has gone through the roof and I have lost over 24 lbs of body weight.

Max Contraction and Pro-Style Workouts

I only wish I had found this years ago. To top it all of I will soon be 44 years old and I am so much stronger than I was at 20 years old. Thank you again. Albert O. Added 2 Inches to Biceps, Increased Flexibility — Bless You, Pete Thanks to static contraction training I have packed on a couple of inches of extra muscle on my biceps which actually makes my biceps look a lot fuller, longer and peaked and have a lot of energy left to burn.

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And after being harassed about flexibility, that I would have the flexibility of a pumpkin, I did a flexibility test and was better off than when I was Bless you, Pete, for Power Factor and static contraction training it has changed my life from wasting time working out for hours trying to build an impressive physique, now my workouts are only 30 minutes and my body is more muscular than ever before.

Jaye T. I have had constant aches in my joints most of that time. I now can push kgs [ lbs. I used to struggle to do 80kgs [ lbs. I have very little joint pain now, if any. I am not doing stupid, boring reps which is a real bonus. I thought joint pain was something I was going to have for ever. Pete and team, I am positive this almost instant relief from joint pain is due to the strength training you describe.

Robert M. Biggest Arms Ever My arms are now 19 inches cold. They have never been this big. I performed a lb incline on my power rack for six reps.

I'd go heavier but that's all the weight I have right now. I never thought that I would ever run out of weight. Go figure.

I would like to express my gratitude for the tremendous work and research you did in uncovering these fundamental truths. John S. Your program really works. I have been a life long bodybuilder. I lift once a month.

I now use full stacks on most machines None of them do heavy legs like me, especially leg curls. I have gotten so damned strong that I am undefeated in ultimate fighting even with pounders.

They all freak out, especially since I stay in the ring for hours and take all comers until they drop. My grip, leg strength and endurance is maximized. Jimmy F.

The Final Problem with Static Contraction Training

I am up to 1, lbs calf raise using static contraction. So today after doing my calf raise, I lowered the weight to lbs. I did a full range calf raise like it was a feather.

Before starting static contraction my calf raise max was lbs. Joseph G. By Far the Most Effective Form of Training I have used many forms of training over the past 7 or 8 years but this is by far the most effective form of training I've done. Ever time I go into the gym I am stronger than last time, and that's an incredible feeling. Haydn O. One of my women-friends quickly commented about me "looking pretty buffed".

My response was, "Thanks, not bad for 20 minutes a week, eh? Jim I.

This works out to an Dave B. Up 5 lbs of Muscle in 3 Workouts [In 3 workouts] I've gained 5 pounds, not bodyfat I tested with bodyfat calipers. My full range bench max is , in my second workout I used I can't wait to use in a workout for the first time.

Muscle Training by Static, Concentric and Eccentric Contractions

Matt S. I generally worked out with lbs 3 sets of 8. I pretty much stayed at that weight for several years.With that ability you can then begin to test your development with more advanced techniques like Static Contraction.

For more information on that plan read: The Final Problem with Static Contraction Training In the first article in this series I introduced Static Contraction and explained how and why it may be used along with the first problem with the method - Structural weakness.

Jaye T. So…could not ine do a heavy static day on monday…fatiguing everything.

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