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The Web server - Apache - Complete Guide is one of the many topics covered in .. of the most important tasks for a (Linux) system administrator. Almost every. Linux System Administration Table of Contents Linux System Administration, Second Edition. Linux Apache Web Server Administration. Pages UNIX and Linux System Administration and Shell Programming Linux Servers (pdf) -

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When properly installed on a Linux server, Apache is completely configured and Nearly every Apache administrator will make at least a few of the changes dis. What Does a Web Server Do? What's Behind an Apache Web Site? As the local administrator or webmaster, you can decide to attach any service to any .. Linux supports Apache, and most of the standard distributions include it. server transparently send the most appropriate content type (PDF files to suitable. Contribute to sanjayabc/Books development by creating an account on GitHub.

The index. The MultiViews Option can be used for the same purpose, but it is much slower. DirectoryIndex index.

Linux Apache Web Server Administration

How to disable Directory listing when an index file is missing? Answer : If, the main index file is missing in the website root directory, then the Apache will lists all the contents like files and folder of the website on the browser instead of Main website pages. To stop Apache directory listing, you can set the following rule in the main configuration file globally or in.

What are different log files of Apache Web Server? What is Virtual Host in Apache? You are free to add as many directives you require for your domain, but the two minimal entries for a working website is the ServerName and DocumentRoot.

We usually define our Virtual Host section at the bottom of httpd.

DocumentRoot : location where the web files are located in the server Necessary. ServerName : Its the domain name which you want to access from your web browser Necessary. ErrorLog : Its the location of the log file where all the domain related logs are being recorded.

What is Apache Virtual Hosting? Answer : Apache Virtual hosting is the concept of hosting multiple website on a single web server. What do you understand by MPM in Apache? It totally depends on you that in which mode you want to start your Apache. Basic difference between Worker and MPM is in their process of spawning the child process. In the Prefork MPM, a master httpd process is started and this master process starts manages all other child processes to serve client requests. Whereas, In the worker MPM one httpd process is active, and it uses different threads to serve client requests.

Prefork MPM uses multiple child processes with one thread each, where worker MPM uses multiple child processes with many threads each. Connection handling in the Prefork MPM, each process handles one connection at a time, whereas in the Worker mpm each thread handles one connection at a time.

Answer : LimitRequestBody directive is used to put a limit on the upload size. So, you need to add following directive in Apache configuration file.

Its forces Apache child process to use more memory and works with Apache only but still very popular. Answer : Its a third-party module which helps us to prevent your web server from the web attacks like DDOS because it performs only one task at a time and performs it very well.

What is Loglevel debug in httpd.

With the help of SSL certificates, all the Login details and other important secret details get transferred in an encrypted manner over the Internet, which prevents our data from Eavesdropping and IP spoofing. How SSL works with Apache Whenever an https requests comes, these three steps Apache follows: Apache generates its private key and converts that private key to. Chapter 1: An Overview of the World Wide Web.

Chapter 2: Apache and Other Web Servers. Part 2: Essential Configuration. Chapter 3: Installing Apache. Chapter 4: A Basic Apache Server. Chapter 5: Apache Modules.

Chapter 6: Virtual Hosting Part 3: Advanced Configuration Options. Chapter 7: Server-Side Includes. Chapter 8: Chapter 9: Aliasing and Redirection.

Chapter Controlling Apache. Part 4: Maintaining a Healthy Server.

Apache Logging. Proxying and Performance Tuning. Basic Security for Your Web Server.

What Types of Problems are Typical?

Secure Sockets Layer. Metainformation and Content Negotiation.

Appendix A: Apache Directives. Appendix B: Online References.

[PDF Download] Linux Apache Web Server Administration (Linux Library) [Download] Full Ebook

Appendix C: Transferring Files to Apache. Appendix D: Using Apache Documentation Effectively.

Author Information Charles Aulds is a Linux professional and software developer. Department of Defense. Craig Hunt is a Linux expert who lectures regularly at major networking trade shows. He serves as author and series editor for the Craig Hunt Linux Library.

Macintosh users can simply double-click the downloaded file to extract using the built-in archive utility.Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? With these changes, businesses are gaining increased scalability, realizing reduced costs, and are becoming more agile in This chapter covers the management of user accounts. Despite its changing nature, certain tasks confront all system administrators on all Linux systems.

A production web server needs a firewall to block unwanted traffic that could cause high load on your server. It provides you, easy to use interface for managing your domain and a mechanism to avoid complexity of managing core Web Server.

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