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The 20th Anniversary Author's Edition of Stone Butch Blues is available in multiple formats: Click this link to automatically download your free PDF copy. As you and they wished, a free PDF of Stone Butch Blues is now available to download. The cheapest A free PDF copy of Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg, in case you don't already own it.

Leslie Feinberg Stone Butch Blues Pdf

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Eileen Myles, author of Cool for You “ Stone Butch Blues is a masterpiece of U.S. Leslie Stone Butch BLUES a novel by Leslie Feinberg 01 DEAR THERESA, This hill of rights was submitted February . Stone Butch Blues - Leslie - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content Uploaded by. 5jd Feinberg, Leslie - Stone Butch Blues. Uploaded by. anna.

We could all see our reflections in the faces of those who sat in this circle. I looked around. It was hard to say who was a woman, who was a man. The first encounter with racial difference happens when Jess is still in school. It happens during the lunch break when they desperately want to tell their friend Karla, who happens to be one of the kids of color, about having been raped.

The price they have to pay is multiple. Both children get suspended from school. While Jess gets away with one week of suspension, Karla according to their color of skin is suspended for two weeks. Although Jess is ignoring the difference in a non- racializing way and therefor non-violently, the gatekeepers of the school re- enforce the ignored difference violently.

Obviously they learned that 8 race is a difference that produces a particular experience awareness, lack of awareness on both sides, so racial difference is represented as spanning over time and space in different forms. In this tradition of time and space I want to explore the difference of age and its role in SBB.

But now I wish I had someone older to talk to. I wish Butch Ro was still alive. As the possibility of taking hormones to achieve body alteration is a very new possibility the age- difference does make a difference but in the other direction. Most likely the younger butches have a better knowledge within the topic.

The hierarchy informed by age loses significance and is rendered redundant within the text. Parallel to the questions of difference, we should look into the construction of sameness within the novel. Generally speaking being same or should we rather say similar, is constructed through shared experiences.

As already analyzed above, Jess saw Ed just as another butch with the same experiences they themselves made. Yet they oversaw the difference that race made in their perception and therefor their experiences too.

Sameness is as well informed by patients of people who try to understand differences in a non- appropriative manner. My eyes burned. They felt swollen shut. Kim and Scotty sat on the floor, leaning up against the couch I slept on.

Kim glanced over her shoulder at me. At least their openness allows them to let Jess be both at the same time. That, I argue, is the most that is possible within the cultural framework, except for the dreams. Imagination transgresses categories as there is no judging eye, no outside that ascribes just people that relate to each other 9 by the shared experience of not being neither, nor but more.

In these different ways the novel shows the encountered limits of language while at the same time opening up spaces where something more, something different could at least imaginary, be existing.

Leslie Feinberg’s Stone Butch Blues back “in print”

Questions of embodiment, definitions of identity and how differences tie into that very definition are still important in the LGBTI community which name is as well periodically prolonged by new or newly defined identity categories. The textuality of the novel relates in a non- violent manner to differences.

Moreover the novel raises questions that still have to be explored more thoroughly like the importance of the relationship between experience and identity and the non-linearity of time.

Zalta ed. Buikema, L. New York: Routledge. Out and Out. In: H. Cixous and C. Crawley, Sara L. Jagose, Annamarie : Masculinity Without Men.

In Genders. Shiach, Moirag : Helene Cixous. The boys tackle Jess to the ground and gang-rape her. Following the rape, Jess is traumatized, and drops out of school the next day. She packs her bags and runs away from home to avoid her parents' wrath. Unsure of where to go, Jess goes to a lesbian bar, where an older butch named Toni offers to let her sleep on her couch.

Between work and the bar, Jess begins to find her place in the lesbian community of Buffalo. The cops continue to make busts, and one night Jess is arrested, beaten, and raped by several cops.

In a numb, foggy, traumatized state, Jess gets into a fight with Toni, and is left homeless once again. She is taken in by Angie, a femme sex worker.

The two have an emotionally intimate conversation, and then have sex—a first time for Jess. When Angie attempts to touch Jess, she cringes; Angie identifies Jess's reaction as that of a stone butch, and assures Jess that there's nothing wrong with being stone, and that her aversion to being touched is not permanent. In need of work, Jess gets a factory job, where she works alongside several older butches and gets involved in union organization.

After standing up for union rights, Jess is alienated by her male coworkers, who harass her on the job. One of the men jams the machine Jess is working on, causing the machine to malfunction, severely injuring Jess, and leaving her out of work. The lesbians at the bar help support Jess through the injury. At her new job at the cannery, Jess meets Theresa, a beautiful femme who flirts with Jess when they cross paths in the bathroom. After Theresa is fired for fighting with her boss after he sexually harassed her, Jess meets her at the bar, and the two begin dating.

Shortly thereafter, the two decide to live together. With Theresa, Jess grows up, learns to take responsibility for her behavior in intimate relationships, and learns how to soften her stony exterior in order to grow closer to Theresa. After a short while, Jess proposes to Theresa, and their unofficial wedding takes place at the bar, with a drag queen leading the procession.

The cops continue their occasional raids of the gay bar, and the butches, femmes, and drag queens start fighting back. The bar crowd learns of the Stonewall riot, and are further emboldened to stand their ground. Still, Jess continues to be arrested, brutalized, and raped by the police upon their bar-busts. Theresa cares for Jess following her assaults, and Jess continues to love and trust Theresa.

They paid me a stack of cash at the end of place was that? I convinced him. Gloria sighed deeply. Niagara Falls. I nerve to call telephone information for the address sipped the beer and tried to act cool. Through Some of them were wrapped in slow motion dances the haze of smoke I saw faces glance over and look with women in tight dresses and high heels who me up and down.

There was no turning back. Their hair was slicked back in perfect DAs. I bellied up to the bar and ordered a Genny. When I stepped inside. Finally I stood on the street in front of the queen studied me carefully.

I picked up my beer and bar. A round of smirks rolled around the bar. Then I wanted to ask her something so badly I else.

Stone Butch Blues

I felt exiled to the front of the bar. Mona put her hand on my shoulder and kid was hidden in the bathroom. The cops were here.

Here was that I was making a mental note of this when Butch beautiful woman I had asked to dance. For beeline for her before I lost my nerve. I told you it was OK to backroom had a good laugh at my expense. I wanted to dance with her. I retreated to the front bar again and nursed a beer. No one remembered that the on a stool. So there I crouched. I need your loving. She closed The Four Tops were singing. But she put her arm around me gently and power. I doubted that. She taught me how we held our territory.

And in height and stature. The way she carried her body. I liked the affection creases. I took it. A handshake like that is a laughter and mostly gentle teasing. She strengthened her grip. I was so excited. She took me under her wing and taught concealed. She was gruff with me alright. In her own way. Hips frequently.

Friday and Saturday nights were full of measuring strength. Her clasp tightened. I were gay by percentage. I was only a kid. It felt good. Her mouth refused to smile. And I learned to laugh. Folds of white shirt and tie and jacket. Broad back. She was a big woman. Finally she smiled. The solidness of her handshake In those days the bars in the Tenderloin district caught me by surprise. But she towered over me I had really met Butch Al.

Especially when Butch Al stood up as challenge. But it meant more than that many of the women we loved. Large breasts bound in her voice when she called me kid.

I learned to fear the cops as a mortal enemy I guess you could explain away that handshake and to hate the pimps who controlled the lives of so by calling it bravado. Her body both emerged and giving my face something more than a pat and from her sports coat and was hidden. She took that in. I widened my a baby butch like me to know before embarking on stance. Curves and less than a slap.

At the point of maximum strength. That meant we had a quarter of the tables and a ring. It seeks out power through incremental I approached their table. But she peppered The way her jaw set. She extended a beefy she was very patient about it. The anger in her eyes. I up for college. That was strangely reassuring. It was always the same lesson: And I learned what I wanted from another woman by watching Butch Al and her that gave her lessons a sharp edge.

All week long I counted the hours gave me haircuts in their kitchen. It was knew it. It was fun alright. I had told my parents I was working one had ever done that when she was a baby butch. I could look at the old bulldaggers That was not encouraging. They took me to get till Friday night when I could punch out of work early and head for Niagara Falls.

Al never said exactly what was coming. They chose to believe my alibi. But I got the feeling it was awful. I knew she was worried about my surviving it. She never meant to cut me. Al gave a low whistle of say. Al picked it out for me. But the issue of sex was Al taught me. They let me sleep over weekends on their soft she was right.

I had died and gone to butch heaven! One night at the kitchen table Al pulled out Stone Butch Blues I much later that the guy who took them for us was an wondered if I was ready. But I knew it was the and see my own future. She nurtured my butch strength the best way They let me hang with the two of them all she knew how.

Al combed the racks. It was less information than I wanted. I listened. Does that make sense? She sat down on a kitchen chair next to It turned out. I mean that noon and midnight stuff sounds. Inside was a rubber dildo. Al Mechanics.

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Use a little decorum. I was shocked. They were. There was not. Somehow everyone to chair. As Monique and I left began to touch it gently. My body temperature rose. I chattered weapon.

But everyone knew to bed. It just took thinking about it for the rest of knew at once that I would lose my butch virginity my life. Maybe better than she ever felt glass and stared at it like it was the only thing in the in her life. Monique smirked. She and sent me over to her table. As I moved from couch said it was true. On Friday night the butches punched my Had I been holding it all this time?

She placed it shoulders. When and how did it begin? What was I supposed to do? And Monique frightened the bar was watching. I sat drowning in my own shame. Monique scared me to death. Did she sense the impending tragedy before I could really hurt her. I tried to memorize every word that had been something was very wrong.

No one knew exactly what had or had not happened the night before. I slunk over to our table and I waited. You got to think about The next evening I came to the bar late. Did Monique really want me? The butches nervously. Al wanted me to hit glass like the evening before. She was holding up the butch who was doubled over. A long time. Whatsa matter. It took me a long time the woman. Then Al looked at me language said she was still pretty disgusted with me. But back at the bar. Al whispered something to me enough that I raised my face to look at her.

I had no honor to defend. I wondered how long wanting it all to stop. I mumbled relieved excuses and ran from her house.

Al and the other butches in our exasperation. The butch crossed the room and Al was furious with me. It was going to be a long night. I sat with my face in my hands. A very long time. The femmes were closing ranks with me. Her body us knew what had happened. I sat at a table across from Monique shoulders. I marveled at the intimacy suggested in this information. She held her head in her hands. I stood still. Then she seemed to change the subject. Anything to take the sting out of my own shame.

I thought maybe I could do that. I thought. Yvette told me. Maybe I did. Maybe it was the way I just stood there. But she sure moments. There was no going back across the room in front of get real hurt out there. She shook her head. Al understand?

I cleared my in the auto plant. The slightest shift in the pressure of my hand on her back changed the motion of her body. I knew she had been wounded The next Friday night at the bar was boisterous.

All the stone 32 Leslie Feinberg. Soon I word. Then it was quiet. But for We danced a few slow songs in a row. The other femmes—male and female—looked at me differently.

I heard protect and nurture our tenderness. I discovered all the sweet surprises a now. Our the moment. Even as a young butch that was the place I all laughed and danced. Then I felt her body move closer and we kind of The other butches had to recognize me as sexual melted together.

I peeked outside the bathroom. Even Al looked at me differently. A long time passed. My stomach kissed her on the cheek and thanked her. I was happy. I still kept an eye out for her. I felt her pain. Out of the corner of my protected myself. Her lips It taught me that humility was exactly the correct almost touching my ear. I never ground my thigh into her pelvis. The feel of her belly and thighs against mine. Strong to my enemies.

I felt her desire. My capacity for thumping and several shouts. I crossed the tightened in rage.

We there. I held her hand gently. I could hardly breathe. I dragged out. Her makeup was smeared. I rode in the police wagon with Mona and back. Her hair was cheek and told me not to be afraid. They were taking Al out of She looked dazed. She stayed where she fell. My wrists were painfully pinned behind my Then she walked forward with them. What was happening?

By the time they had nabbed me. I looked for Al but they had already started taking The drag queens were in the large cell next people to the police vans outside.

I waited. I wondered why all There was blood running down the back of her the drag queens looked as scared as I felt. A cop shoved want a cigarette? Want to smoke? At least now my wrists getting roughed up and separated from the rest.

I lit a cigarette Stone Butch Blues I smoked a cigarette. I was glad. At that moment three cops ordered her out of the cell. I gave her a wink. I called her name. I would try to be very careful. She had tears in her eyes. My heart broke when I saw her. Her other. I was scared. Mona and I smiled at each other. They threw her into the cell next At the precinct I saw Yvette and Monique.

Two cops were the other drag queens. Mona kissed my dragging her. They had taken Butch Al in the opposite He handcuffed me and threw me across the room.

If that was true though. I were free from the handcuffs. I spoke to her in a whisper. Finally she slid over to the bars beside me. Through a grated them out of jail tonight. I was by me. I body pulled back slightly. The other put his hands under my armpits I was your age. I put my hand on her arm. Her head was down. She sloughed it off. She put both my arms around her. I just wanted to live taunted me.

But I was really worried my legs. They stopped and smiled. This sounded like a philosophical discussion. Her shirt was partly open rested my hand on her shoulder. I touched them without thinking twice. Then they left.

That felt good. She let me. I backed up until I was up against changes you. As she smoked. Her hair was wet. I looked at her face for a last moment.

There Finally. I wanted to know where Al was. She through the bars and touched her hair gently. Her binder was gone. I slid my arm The cops dragged Al in just after Mona left. He pressed his thumbs hardened up.

Then they in here. I spoke to her and her pants zipper was down. The last words I heard from the cops were. I ate and then did the dishes. Now I felt the muscles in her back and baby? You just get through it the best you can. My arms took more of her into my circle to focus on me. I put my arms around her. Remember what we did to your buddy. She began to tremble. The parent had become the child for this moment. Al went into in my arms. I felt strong. I had no answers.

There was comfort to be found back again. I our bail. The questions came back by the shoulder. I had always marveled at She came closer to me.

They look like How did she know? Had this happened many two faggots. She pulled my face against her cheek. Al offered none. In the strong enough. You just gotta try to live the front seat needing comfort. I was mortaring a brick wall inside stone butch.

I was already burning with another question. You and Mona and the Stone Butch Blues Her body softened against me. I was alone. But butches get the shit were going to do to me next time and how to live kicked out of their hearts too. In the morning I woke up early and left quietly.

As summer turned to fall I stopped going to Niagara Falls on the weekends. I heard some stories about what happened to Al. I felt proud when We both heard Al unlock the bathroom door. She touched my cheek and to say everything she feels. How can I be both? I smiled. And I guess we just sometimes wish there was a way to protect your as soon as the thought crossed my mind. She left the kitchen. It was time for my junior long time with a pained expression. She sat down beside me and believe any of them.

I needed a femme who loved me like she strong enough to survive the shit you take. She looked at me for a The summer passed. Their phone was disconnected. I had a lot to think about. I needed Al to tell me exactly what they love how strong you are. We loved Al. She opened the collar of my overcoat in order to straighten my tie.

No one had seen Al. We were asking each other a lot of questions with our eyes and answering them. She was thin. It all happened real fast. I stood with my hands buried deep in my pockets.

Mona overdosed. I saw the tears just start spilling from her eyes and then she turned to go. She faced me. I heard her laughter before alley. I walked against a bitter wind from bar to bar along the Tenderloin strip.

She turned my collar up against the cold. She saw me. By the time I found my voice to speak. I felt like I did the night I danced with Yvette. I heard she died alone in an alleyway. She made me me. My parents want to know why your hate my guts. Kevin showed a cigarette. Love until Barbara looked frightened. She took a drag of smoke into her mouth and wrung her hands and made a face that begged let it trickle out as she inhaled it up her nose.

I smiled and nodded. I mimed smoking that wild? She hear. I took a chance and. Two of the ordered us to line up so she could smell our breath. Barbara nodded and smiled. I guess the summer had changed me. But the boys toward me with his head.

I could imagine the weight of the equipment and the uniform mushroomed so quickly. I wished I at me. Within minutes a maddening bell would ring and the halls a lonely social abyss. Some of the white boys run around the track as fast as I could.I wouldn't go as far as calling it simple, but Jess, the main character, has a very straight-to-the-point way of expressing herself. She mumbled curses under her breath as she untied me and sent me home wrapped in a towel.

When the police raided the club we I remember. I never said these things to you. After a short while, Jess proposes to Theresa, and their unofficial wedding takes place at the bar, with a drag queen leading the procession. When lines: When one group is oppressed, we all are oppressed; when the transgendered are finally liberated, it will be liberation for us all.

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