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Computer Hardware: Hardware Components and Internal PC Connections. . 2 In a laptop the conversion is done by the AC adapter in the power cable. / dam/www/public/us/en/documents/product-briefs/zzexpress-chipset-brief. pdf. What is a Laptop? ○ A personal computer that can be easily carried around. ○ Some laptops sacrifice functionality in order to be more portable. Hardware Guide. HP Notebook Series. Document Part Number: November This guide explains how to identify and use notebook hardware.

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life: Hardware upgrades. Spare parts are available after end of production for 5 years. Prolonging useful life: Hardware upgrades. Upgrading of components can . Examples and type of computer. 6. Computer Hardware Repairs and. Maintenance. Smartphone. Notebook. Desktop. PDA. Tablet. Mainframe. Computer and Laptop Hardware Standards. Desktop Computer. Manufacturer/ Model. Dell OptiPlex, Inspiron, Precision. Processor minimum 6th Generation Intel.

Sorry cannot help here. You can try this method for troubleshooting dead laptops. This is a very weird problem.

Does it say that all ports are disabled in the BIOS setup menu? Is it an error message in Windows? Didnt install it but now windows is not booting…. It looks like error could be hard drive related. After some research I found this thread on Dell support website.

Okay the LCD screen on my laptop was broken, cracked in the corner after someone closed it with a pen on the keyboard.. I decided to replace the screen myself..

I took it apart got the serial number and ordered the replacement screen. Installed the new screen and nothing shows up except colored portions and lines. Figured it was a defective screen and sent it back for a replacement.

I dont have a problem with my screen and keyboard.. Maybe your new screens are not compatible. What happens if you install the cracked screen back into the laptop? Can you get image on the cracked screen? If your old screen shows image but new screens have only vertical lines, this is some kind of compatibility issue. Make sure your new screen has same resolution as the original one.

Sounds like broken hinges. The only way to fix it is replacing the hinges I guess. What is your laptop model? Did you mean Toshiba Satellite A laptop?

There should be two pads on the motherboard under the memory module. Could be similar to Satellite A Just use a small flathead screwdriver. The pads might look like that: In some Satellite A laptops the pads could be located under the keyboard. Take a look at this guide: Remove as many parts as you can. Battery, hard drive, memory. Disconnect the keyboard if you can.

Now plug in the AC adapter again. If the problem still there and power button lights up by itself, probably this is motherboard failure. You can try this troubleshooting technique: My toshiba satellite laptop crashed when connected to ac outlet and used at the same time.

Have to charge the battery and unplug it so that I may use it normally. Could you please help. Thank you. So I dropped my Asus laptop and now when I turn it on it tells me to Reboot our put in a media reboot and there is a clicking sound. All files turned to adobe while working on net. What do l do? I cannot understand your question. What figures and numbers? Please provide a better description. Hi I have replaced the keyboard in my Sony Vaio laptop but i am still getting the same problems as before.

Thanks Sid. But now its stat hanging for long periods of time. I installed a wifi card internally, then my Dell laptop would not power on??? What did I do wrong, do you think I fried it?

Just to be sure about it, you can access the bios normally F2 or f10 key while restarting by hitting the bios key during Power on Self Test.

If the hard drive is not showing in the list of drives, you probably have either connected the wires wrong or may be your HD is dead. Besides, you can also look for the green light near the keyboard that has the pic of a HD. If that is not lit or not flickering, there is something wrong either with Hd or the way it is connected.

I have a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop, I know that the battery has died in it. My issue is this. I sent it in for repair as it has a warranty on it, and they sent it back saying the dead battery was the cause. Is this true, can a dead battery cause your wifi to do this even though you are plugged into the outlet?

My problems is similar to what is shown above. The back light of my laptop screen goes off after few seconds while booting. Even though I can see the screen and give login password. I can see the desktop icons and work but have to have a closer look at screen or use other light like flash or torch. In two cases light comes back also.

First, when I close and open the lid again and secondly, when the mouse pad is touched after the display of off as per time set thus the lids is not moved in this case. In every case the light remains for not more that seconds. I check the ac adapter and that is working fine on my other dell but this one is dead.

I have most of my design work on my pc as im a graphic designer and i created my portfolio on this pc 2 years ago and now what do i do? Please help. Any other ideas. In order to backup data from the laptop you can do the following. Remove the hard drive from the laptop and install it into an external USB enclosure. Connect the enclosure to any other working PC and get your files. Most laptop SATA hard drives has same type of connector ad desktop hard drives.

It repeatedly gives me the same incorrect one. Any ideas about what I may have accidentally touched? I would run the hard drive and memory test first. Enter the BIOS setup menu. I have a Toshiba Satellite MS with 3. Recenetly I had to purchase a new AC adapter W with 6. I wanna know if this big difference in AC amperage will hurt my laptop or not.

Thanks for any advice. I replaced this, but now when powered up the power light comes on aswell as the fan. I just read above to try an external monitor. Other than that is it curtains for the laptop?

I have a hp laptop. Same thing happens every time I push the power botton on. I would test the AC adapter. Test the laptop with another AC adapter. Did you check the memory modules? Maybe one of the modules not seated correctly. Try reseating memory modules. Also, test the laptop with only one module installed. Did you try turning it on with the hard drive removed?

It will not damage the laptop. Thanks for reply of my previous mail No. Yes I had tested my laptop with another AC adaptor. But it did not solve my problem. DC jack failed. You can try replacing it with a new one. Probably in this case the laptop not worth fixing depends on the model. I had problem 5 happen at first with my toshiba laptop where it randomly froze. Some times it turns back on, but it will just crash again.

What do I do? Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer. This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing.

Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer. Also, on using the AC adapter, the laptop becomes slow.

I have recently replaced my battery so guess there is no issue with that. Should I be replacing my AC adapter? Please advise. Hi when I turn on laptop just power lid on. Try reconnecting the hard drive. Enter the BIOS setup menu and check if the hard drive is detected. Connect hard drive to another working PC and check out if it spins. This could be hard drive failure.

Possible memory failure. Access memory modules and remove them one by one. Test the laptop with only one module installed. Yes, there is a chance of bad AC adapter.

I would test the laptop with another AC adapter. If the problem still there, probably this is motherboard related failure. This could be memory failure. Try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. My inspiron about 2. Only charger shows green light. Now i Dont know whether only the battery is the problem or the charger or the motherboard or something else. My Toshiba Satellite AS laptop turns off frequently in normal mode but it works fine in safe mode.

Hey have a problem with videos on my laptop. It use to be able to play p and up now it wont. I know its not a hardware problem but could use the help. My laptop is not starting when I starting it on!!! Can you tell me where can I fix it??? Especially in NY and NJ??

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And suggetions would definitely help!!! Any help? Make sure to login as an administrator. Thanks for exhausting list of advices, it helped to locate and fix the issue with our office HP laptop. Good job! I know the battery is bad so i only use external power, its fine until when i turn it on its not working.. I connect it to an external monitor and the entire screen is fine. So what can be the problem? I have a Sony Viao Laptop that was dropped and now it boots to a black screen that says Operating System not found.

Most common hardware problems

MY question is how do I know that is all that is wrong? I was thinking of using a HDD from another laptop and putting it in the laptop that was dropped but I guess I want to know how to diagnose other components. Sounds like failing keyboard. You can try reseating the keyboard cable on the motherboard. After that boot your laptop from this disc and test in the Ubuntu environment. If everything works fine in Ubuntu OS, probably only the hard drive is bad.

Most likely the OS from another computer will not run properly in your laptop. It depends on the hard drive failure. Does the laptop still work after the display turns off? Take a very close look on the screen. Do you see a very faint image on the screen?

If the laptop still works and you can see a very faint image on the screen this could be failed inverter board or failed LCD screen actually failed backlight lamp inside the screen. I would try replacing the inverter board first. When I plug the AC adaptor a faint click noise sounds but no light is turned on.

When I connect battery and push turn on button similar faint noises sound but no lights either. The laptop actually turned off suddenly while writing an email. I have a Lenovo G which when booted displays a dark blank screen however, when I connect it to an external monitor it will display everything fine on the external monitor. Whenever I unplugged my charger laptop start working slow. Maybe you have some power settings enabled?

On some laptops you can reduce the CPU speed when it runs off the battery. It makes the laptop slower while running from the battery but improves battery life. May I know what is the problem of laptop with blank screen and the hard disk is not running no beep sound during start up? Thanx for the article….. But I had a new problem….. Why do you think it was a power button related problem? What happens when you push on the power button? Any lights on the laptop? If the battery works in another laptop, it must be some kind of motherboard problem.

My Lenovo Thinkpad R61 shows a white screen after I switch the power on. All system lights LEDs are working fine. I cannot hear the hard disk or fan sounds though. Help please, if anything can be dome. Sajid waheed, If you tried replacing memory but the problem still there, most likely the motherboard failing. How I turn to win 7? It it very common problem in every laptop which installed with windows 8.

Windows updates may cause for this issue. None of the desktop shortcuts functioned correctly, so I rebooted the machine. During reboot the machine would display the Dell logo and the progress bar. Once the progress bar would fill up it would then go to the Windows Boot Manager and ask me to choose an operating system only one operating system is installed — Windows 7 it would then quickly start the reboot process over again.

After that it would load windows. I then took out the battery on the motherboard waited a little bit and then put it back in. Once I reset the system date and time in the BIOS and save, windows would then start to act normal again, but after a few minutes it would resume with the same problems. I then got a new battery and placed it in the motherboard. I am all out of Ideas! The laptop also seems to work normal for about an hour if I power it down for at least a half day or longer.

Sound problem in my HP pavilion g6. Both external and Headphones sounds audio at the same time. Pls urgent help!! Joshua, To me this sounds like a problem with the audio driver. Did you search for the correct audio driver on HP website?

Try running Dell hardware diagnostics. Turn on the laptop and press F12 when logo appears on the screen. Select diagnostics. I have a Vostro Ii tested the LAN port and it is working, but how i can make sure about the health of the laptop? There is not much you can do unless you want to take it apart and take a closer look inside.

Also the display works sometimes for not more than 10 minutes. Is there a problem with motherboard or any other issue? It is having inbuilt ati radeon graphics. If the laptop video works fine on external monitor, most likely you have a problem with the screen. Also, check RAM modules. This could be memory related failure too. Remove RAM modules one by one. Test the laptop with only one model at a time.

I brought a new battery and it still does the same thing. Please help?? Unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery and let is seat like that for a few minutes. After that plug in the AC adapter and try turning it on again. Could be failed RAM. The blinking code error show problem with memory module. But ram is working fine.

Check the ram on another laptop. How to solve? Laptopscreen displays all overlapped image. Connecting to external monitor display is perfect. Help please. I forget to remove battery from my hp when I replaced the bad screen and since then, anytime I turn on my laptop the motherboard display light for 2 seconds have off again and video chip is too hot but the cooling fan and other components not working.

My laptop all audio,video players are not working sometimes results no voice outcome and my lappy working slowly compare to past. Kindly give suggestions to me. I have Compaq Laptop, today its os corupted, when i go to installing OS it can not happening, i also try to enter in bios but it is going to hang when i press the baton for entering in bios.

Can you help me? The laptop is properly charging. I have an LCD screen that sometimes shows a faded image with horizontal white lines and vertical multi-colored lines that slowly shift around. Once when I torqued the screen around the edge it suddenly snapped back to normal, but a week or so later it started showing the lines again.

Then when I was browsing normally it snapped back to normal again. Do you know what might be causing it?

Every time I turn the laptop on, it would run fine for a few minutes, then on the ENTIRE screen would appear vertical blue lines, sometimes they flicker, sometimes not. Sometimes the screen just goes black, though I can tell it is still lit up.

When this happens, I have no choice but to unplug it and shut it off without properly shutting it down. When I turn it back on, it says that it was not shut down properly, and gives me the choice to start up in normal mode, or the two safe modes. When I choose normal mode, it barely is functioning before it does the same thing: How can I get these files off, and how can I fix the computer from doing this?

What is wrong with it? But there is a problem with Nvidia graphics. If I understood correctly, you have to restart the laptop a few times in order for the screen to work properly. Try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each one separately.

Let me know how it goes. Can you get external video to work?

The Laptop Repair Workbook

Also, try removing RAM modules one by one. Test the laptop with each module separately. You will have to test the laptop with an external monitor. How can I get these files off? Again, if the external video still works, you can boot the laptop and backup your files. The other way is removing the hard drive and installing it into an external USB enclosure.

After that you should be able to access your files on another computer. Please provide more details about the failure. For some reason I think this is graphics card related failure. To confirm that, test your laptop with an external monitor.

If you see the same problem on the external video output, the graphics card is bad. In order to disconnect the video cable simply pull it up by the black tab. Remove four screws securing display hinges. Lift up and remove the display assembly. In the next guide Ill explain how to remove the LCD screen. Remove all remaining screws from the bottom case. One of the screws green located in the DVD drive bay.

Remove four screws securing the speaker assembly. Disconnect speaker cable from the motherboard.

Most common hardware problems

Lift up and remove the speaker assembly. Remove five screws securing the top cover assembly. Disconnect touchpad cable from the motherboard. Start separating the top cover assembly from the laptop base. Remove the top cover assembly. Disconnect three cables from the motherboard. Provide information on what tools might be provided by the manufacturer for troubleshooting an issue or replaced part, such as PC-Doctor. How to Work Inside a Laptop Computer 1.

List some common tools necessary for disassembly of a laptop computer, such as screwdrivers and torx screwdrivers.

Review steps to take to discharge static electricity prior to working on the internal components of a laptop. Discuss methods of documenting the areas at which screws are removed or components are unattached from the system, either by note pad or digital camera.

Emphasize that the service manual is the best piece of documentation to have for a laptop, and will show where various screws are installed. Note that any applied warranties to laptop equipment could be voided if opened. Remind students not to use force when working with laptop components. Point out that some laptops use ZIF connectors.

Demonstrate how to disconnect a cable from a ZIF connector or use Figure in your discussion. Disassemble the laptop by removing each FRU in the order gen by the service manual for the laptop. Stress the importance of following the steps to remove each component in the right order. Teaching Tip Many popular laptops will have disassembly videos on YouTube.

What can be used to provide detailed instructions for performing work internally on a specific model of laptop computer?

Answer: service manual 1. True or False: Because they are smaller and easier to produce, laptop replacement parts cost less than replacement parts for desktop computers.

Answer: False 2. True or False: Opening the case of a laptop under warranty most likely will void the warranty. What type of connector requires very little force for insertion?

FRU B. ZIF C. PCI D. IDE Answer: B 4. True or False: Because laptop components are installed in unique ways and opening the case for each laptop model is done differently, servicing laptops can be very complicated and time consuming. Answer: True Class Discussion Topics 1. Do students have previous experience with PC Repair and Maintenance? If so, ask them to briefly discuss their experiences. Some may note that specific manufacturers of laptops are not as reliable as others. Additional Projects 1.

Have students review the specifications for their motherboard and determine the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed on the motherboard. Have them list the types and sizes of RAM modules that can be installed.Kara December 24, List some of the common connectors: a.

This article says that some key might be stuck. In certain laptop models there is a possibility to replace an optical drive with a second hard drive, using a caddy that fills the extra space the optical drive would have occupied. But I had a new problem….. A laptop connects and disconnects to a docking station, typically through a single large proprietary connector. Bee February 14,

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