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The Kemetic Diet, Food for Body, Mind and Spirit (Kemetic-Ancient Egyptian) based Integral Lifestyle Enhancement Program (ABILEP). PDF OF MUATA ASHBY'S "KEMETIC DIET: ANCIENT AFRICAN WISDOM FOR HEALTH OF MIND BODY AND SPIRIT". Originally I wrote Bhagavad-gétä As It Is in the form in which it is presented now. When this book Bhagavad-Git The Kemetic Tree Of Life.

Kemetic Diet Pdf

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The Kemetic Diet Program Answers for Cancer – AIDS – Diabetes – High Blood Pressure – Arthritis – Depression – Spiritual Frustration and. The Kemetic Diet refers to an eating plan adhered to by modern followers of Kemet, an ancient Egyptian set of religious rules that governed every aspect of its . FASTING Health issues have always been important to human beings since the beginning of time. The earliest records of history show that the art of healing was .

These practices include detailed dietary rules known as the Kemetic Diet. According to Ashby, one of the basic concepts that guided the ancient Egyptians was their belief that good health was more than an absence of disease symptoms, but rather something that could be promoted by treating food as a sacred spiritual connection to the gods and to their ancestors.

To keep this connection intact and to prevent the development of diseases, followers of Kemet focus on eating staple foods in a set manner and avoiding other foods and eating habits. Staple Foods The Kemetic Diet dictates that an individual's staple foods -- the ones they eat on a daily basis -- should be vegetables and starches.

The ideal starches are grains such as millet, corn, wheat or rice; beans or legumes such as lentils; and root vegetables like potatoes or yams. One of these starches, plainly cooked, should be part of every single meal, and should be accompanied by vegetables.

According to Kemetic beliefs, vegetables must be eaten with starches in order for the starches to be digested properly. Fresh spices can be used as a seasoning. A typical staple food meal on the Kemetic Diet would include a vegetable-based sauce or broth flavored with spices and served on a cooked starch. Occasional Foods In the Kemetic Diet tradition, foods considered acceptable for occasional consumption are items that followers believe are beneficial in very small amounts but that strain the digestive system if eaten in large quantities.

These foods include meat and any form of animal product such as dairy products and eggs; nuts; and fruit. Fish may be eaten more often than meat, but should still be kept as an occasional meal item. However, they are not to be understood in the context of Western magic, witchs spells or chicanery, nonsense, etc. To do so would be a grievous error of either ignorance, in the case of the uneducated masses, or intellectualism and conceit, in the case of highly educated but uninitiated scholars.

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These faulty interpretations would yield the conclusion that Ancient Egyptian spirituality as well as other myths from around the world are a conglomerate of a myriad of conflicting stories and baseless ritualism devoted to idol worshipping, imagination and primitive occult nonsense. In reality, the Shetaut Neter is an extremely sophisticated philosophy and educational process for understanding and realizing the transcendental reality of life which is the basis of all existence.

The following scriptures represent the foundational scriptures of Kemetic culture. They may be divided into three categories: Wisdom Texts c. These are recorded in the Medu Neter script. A section from the pyramid of Teti in Sakkara Egypt, known as the Pyramid Texts Early Dynastic Period showing the cross, a symbol that was later adopted by the practitioners of Christianity The Medtu Neter was used through all periods by Priests and priestesses mostly used in monumental inscriptions such as the Pyramid texts, Obelisks, temple inscriptions, etc.

It is the earliest form of writing in known history. The concept of the divine word or Hekau, is an extremely important part of Ancient Egyptian religion and is instructive in the study of all African religion. The main difference between Ancient Egyptian religion and other African religions in this area was the extensive development of the written word.

Shetitu This Shetaut mysteries- rituals, wisdom, philosophy about the Neter Supreme Being are related in the Shetitu or writings related to the hidden teaching. And those writings are referred to as Medtu Neter or Divine Speech, the writings of the god Djehuti Ancient Egyptian god of the divine word also refers to any hieroglyphic texts or inscriptions generally.

Egypt is located in the north-eastern corner of the African Continent. The cities wherein the theology of the Trinity of Amun-Ra-Ptah was developed were: Neter Neteru Nebertcher - Amun unseen, hidden, ever present, Supreme Being, beyond duality and description. It tells of how Ra emerged from a primeval ocean and how human beings were created from his The gods and goddesses, who are his children, go to form the elements of nature and the cosmic forces that maintain nature.

Figure 9: Gods and Goddesses of Anunian Theurgy. The teachings of the Tree of Life have been laid out in this volume in such a way to disseminate the philosophical teaching related to the principles of the Tree of Life system of spiritual evolution from the bottom up, that is to say, from the existence on earth, as an earthly conscious being to becoming a being of higher consciousness.

It should be treated as a manual for a journey and the map is the Anunian Theurgy Tree of Life Cosmiconomythograph. The reader should go through the entire text once and then spend extended time working with each lesson separately, keeping a journal of their reflections and meditations. The time frame is indeterminate; some individuals may require more time than others to assimilate, process and integrate the teaching and apply it in life.

In Lesson 14 the main parameters for the disciplinary practice related to the T. That discipline is to be applied to the principles learned in each lesson.

The best way to progress effectively with the T. Lesson 1: Anunian Theurgy is the earliest extensively developed and codified religious teaching of ancient Kemet, which makes it the oldest developed religion of the world, and of Africa. It entails a system of Neteru gods and goddesses who are related to the teaching of the city of Anu; therefore, from the word Anu we get the term Anunian.

From a mythical perspective the teaching of the Anunian Theurgy is based upon the Anunian Creation Myth. The myth is recorded in parts in different Ancient Egyptian writings, inscriptions and steles and papyri, including the Creation Papyrus. The Kemetic word for a company of gods and goddesses is Paut or Pautti. Ra can be considered as the head of the family of gods and goddesses, for example, as the patriarch or king of the gods and goddesses.

All the other gods and goddesses emanate from him. However, remember what we had discussed in the Anunian Theurgy lectures12, that Ra is merely the image of the Supreme and Transcendental Being in time and space.

Series dates: Therefore, from that one Supreme and Absolute comes the one divinity in time and space, Ra, and from that one divinity comes all the multiplicity that you see in the world of time and space. And Anunian Theurgy explains that this multiplicity arises because Ra gives rise to nine other gods and goddesses Neteru ; they emanate from him a hierarchal manner and manifest as the different principles of creation.

The higher divinities are the more subtle ones, whereas the lower divinities are grosser. So, for all the elements and the principles that govern the elements, there is a cosmic force that emanates from Ra that controls all of these physical aspects of creation. Shu is Ras firstborn son. He controls the principle of space, ether and air. Tefnut, his firstborn daughter, controls the principle of water.

According to the teaching, these divinities emanate from the Ra, who is the highest and subtlest being in time and space. Next comes the divinity Shu, follwed by the divinity Tefnut. They are a little grosser than Ra. Shu and Tefnut come together, and they produce Geb and Nut earth and heaven, respectively, and they are even grosser. Geb is the physical earth and Nut is the sky with the stars and planets; thus, they form the physical world solar systems, galaxy, and universe.

Then Geb and Nut come together and they produce five more divinities: These lower divinities are the grossest ones; they compose human existence, and are the ones that make up the aggregate of the human psyche. Thus, you have these main aspects of your personality that are composed of these five divinities, and the cosmos, the physical gross and subtle universe, is composed of the other five Ra, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut.

In a broad sense, actually, your personality is composed of all of these because you are a microcosm of the entire creation. You have Shu in you, space, air, ether, and you have the waters, the power of moisture. Within you, you have a little bit of you that is up in the sky, and a little of you that is down on the earth.

In this lesson we will start to focus on the lower divinities, and how to understand this conception of Anunian Theurgy as a tree which has its roots in the sky, in Ra, and its branches coming down to the earth. The obelisk see Plate 13 is one of the main symbols of Anunian Theurgy; others include the sundisk, the divine eye, and the serpent, etc. And as you can see on the Anunian Cosmiconomythograph of the Tree of Life Plate 2 , the obelisk is the central image. The image is a 2-D representation of a 3-D object.

At the top of the pyramid, you have the uppermost point of the obelisk. It is called the Ben Ben point. This is the point where it all begins. This is the point where the Transcendental Being, Nun, touches a special spot on the waters [which is also a part of Himself]. The Ben Ben point is the first place where coagulation occurs, and from that coagulation comes all the rest of the physical creation, the physical universe, like a stone falling into a vast ocean and its ripples cause waves expanding throughout the ocean, changing it from flat to wavy shapes.

That beginning point of Creation began at Anu, and Anu is also the place where Ra established his court and from where he directed the Creation. In the introduction we started to discuss the interconnection of these divinities, which are to be understood as pathwaysif you will, to understanding the spiritual journey expressed as psycho-spiritual cosmic forces. In order to understand the philosophy of the Kemetic Tree of Life and practice it properly, it is important to understand the two forms of worship.

One form of worship is for the divinities that are in Time and Space, and the other for the Divinity that transcends time and space. In the Anunian Cosmiconomythograph, time and space is everything from the physical universe up into the heavens, up until the Ben Ben pointeverything at all levels of creation, the netherworld, the physical world, the transcendental Duat these are still in the realm of time and space.

So we have three aspects of Creation: Ta, Pet, and Duat. Thus, the beginning point of Creation began at Anu, and Anu is also the place where Ra established his royal court, composed of the gods and goddesses of the Creation, and from where he directed the Creation.

Diagram 3: Beyond the Duat is the Transcendental, Neberdjer, the all-encompassing Divinity. In order to climb the ladder of The Tree of Life, you must master various principles. Climbing the ladder means learning about these divinities and cultivating the cosmic energies they manifest, in order to master the principles and levels of existence they preside over, within yourself.

If you do not master the principle, the opposite egoistic force of the principle will master you. It will control you, and will lead you into worldly existence, into a generative existence. It is also important to understand that this realm of time and space is a realm of generation, while the realm that transcends time and space, the realm of the Nun or Primeval Waters also called Nunu , is formless, nameless, and undifferentiated; it is also called the realm of Yanrutef.

Yanrutef is described in the Pert em Heru Book of the Dead, Book of Coming Forth By Day as the place where nothing grows, meaning, where nothing is generated, where nothing is changed, nothing is desired, nothing is wanted, nothing is created and nothing is missing. And in reality, even though they may not realize it, this is the level of consciousness, of divine experience of fulfillment and contentment, that all human beings are trying to reach through all the religions of the world and actions in daily life.

However, most people end up searching for fulfillment in the world of time and space. This searching can manifest as looking for a spouse, looking to have children, looking to have a car, looking to go to the mall to buy something, going to a party to be with others and have fun together, etc.

In doing those things, people are really trying to find completeness, fulfillment, and truth. Since the realm of time and space is limited and changeable, there can never be abiding contentment there. Anything that is not abiding is only a relative reality and not a truth. So in the realm of generation, the realm of time and space, you can never find that abading contentment because everything changes and nothing is abiding.

All you are going to find is something that is going to appease you temporarily, until another desire arises. Then you are going to have to go on pursuing thatand you will never be happy in that way, for there will be renewing stress about searching and then securing happiness, which, again, can never happen. The only way you will be truly happy and fulfilled is when you attain transcendental consciousnessthe Nunu level.

Heru Ur is the lower most divinity on the cosmiconomythograph, but Heru Ur represents the perfection of enlightened consciousness. He is human and knowledgeable about the physical creation, but he also knows Ra and the higher realms of existence, even while living as a human being on earth, the grossest realm Ta.

He is not the lowest neteru on the diagram of the Kemetic Tree because he is the lowliest being; he is the lowest because he is the master of the lower, master of the earth realm, the Ta. Heru represents the potential of every human being, who, living on earth, can also attain the heights of spiritual evolution and self-discovery.

And that is what you are supposed to be striving for. All those who are not enlightened beings are ordinary human beings, slaves to the world of time and space, and desires, which is symbolized by Heru, the child, before he becomes Heru Ur. Heru Ur, from the perspective of human existence, is the goal of a spiritual aspirant. But how does Heru Ur come about? As we proceed further on in our discussion, we will discuss about the different aspects of Heru: Heru as the blind one, Heru as the child, Heru as the fighter, etc.

We will talk about the struggle that has to go on for Heru Ur to be developed within you from Heru.

Heru symbolizes spiritual aspirationthe kind of aspiration that allows you to have the determination and fighting character to forge ahead despite the formidable obstacles in the way of attaining higher consciousness. And what does attaining enlightenment meanfrom a nuts and bolts aspect? It means that you must control the lower forces that are operating through you, that are generating through you, that are leading you astray, that are controlling your life, and then you are to come into the knowledge of the Higher Self, the transcendental aspect of you.

And here, now after our brief recap, we begin with todays lecture. In order to take your first steps in transforming yourself into Heru Ur, your Heru Ur Self, your master of the earth Self, you must make the journey to discover Ra within yourself.

But you have all of this layering between you and Ra, you on the lower end, walking around on the earth, and all these layers of cosmic forces, which are symbolized by the divinities, the Neteru.

What are you to do? How are you to begin the journey? How long will the journey last, and how will you know when you have reached the destination? Let us firstly discuss the purpose of the Anunian Theurgy and the Tree of Life. Then you will also have insight into the purpose of life and the proper course that life should be directed towards.

It is the essence which contains the desires, feelings and unconscious thoughts which emanate from the soul Ba of a person. Thus to know ones heart is the great injunction of spirituality, for to know this heart is indeed synonymous with knowing the innermost Self.

Do not Lie instead of I have not lied and likewise Know thyself instead of I know myself.

In the text of Chapter 26 of the Pert em Heru, the initiate Ani says he has gained control of his body and his soul will not be imprisoned.

This clearly means that he has gained knowledge of his true, deeper, powerful Self. He no longer knows himself as Ani, but as the Higher Self. This gives him the power over his ego personality in the physical world as well as the Netherworld. There are other passages in Chapter 17, Chapter 64 and elsewhere in the Pert em Heru as well as temple inscriptions with the same teaching know thyself that later was popularized by the Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

The Ancient Egyptian word Sheta means something which is hidden, secret, unknown, or cannot be seen or understood, a secret, a mystery. Sheti spiritual discipline is to go deeply into the mysteries, to study the mystery teachings and literature profoundly, to penetrate the mysteries. Thus, Sheti is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution, which was used in Ancient Egypt.

Now we can begin to expand on the teachings of that spiritual program.

These all fall under the broad term Smai Tawi or Egyptian Yoga. The hieroglyphic texts related to the terms that explain the mysteries provide insight into the vast philosophy of Kemitic Ancient Egyptian Spirituality. The essential aspects of the teaching of Ancient Egyptian religion outlined in the Kemitic Mystery System hieroglyphs are explained below.

The first term is us to. This term relates specifically to the mystery teaching and its secret nature, implying that it is difficult to understand and assimilate the mystery teachings, and for this reason a guide is needed.

Sheta is derived from the term. The Divine is also hidden of forms as well as. Therefore, the Divine is also Shetau Akhet the hidden essence behind the properties which sustain matter. The Divine Self is not only hidden in the present and future forms but also Sheta Ba Neter - The Divinity of the hidden souls, meaning that the Divine manifests as the souls of human beings.

Just as the land of Kemit Egypt is. The aspirant may wear a. Heru is the Divine king incarnate and as such he is the mysteries are contained in the. Shetau Aset - Divinity in the hidden abode, the throne. These Shetit - writings related to the hidden teaching, a philosophical treatise. Medtu Neter- Divine Speech, the writings of the god Djehuti And those writings are referred to as also refers to any hieroglyphic texts or inscriptions.

The term Medtu Neter makes use of a special hieroglyph,. Thus, the hieroglyphic writing is a prop which sustains the Divine in time and space. That is, the. The body or Shet-t mummy is where a human being focuses attention to practice spiritual disciplines. When spiritual discipline is perfected, the true Self or Shti he who is hidden in the coffin is revealed.

Religion has three levels of practice. The first is the myth, which includes the traditions, stories and everything related to it. The next stage is the ritualization of the myth. The final stage is the metaphysical philosophy behind the teachings given in the myth. The Book of Coming Forth By Day represents stage two, the ritualization of the myth of Asar, Aset and Heru, and through the practice of the rituals contained in the book it is possible to feel, think, act and ultimately experience the same fate as did Heru, spiritual enlightenment, stage three.

However, by gaining an understanding of the hidden mysteries, it is possible to reach a state of reintegration, beatitude and resurrection, just as Heru. This spiritual rebirth is accomplished by the practices of listening to the teachings, practicing them and meditating upon them. With the understanding of the hidden knowledge, you can see that all of nature around you is Divine. This includes plants, animals, planets and stars, food, other people, etc.

So, through your understanding of the myth and how it relates to your life, and by living your life according to this understanding ritual , you can lead yourself to discover and realize mystical experience the deeper truth behind your own being. This is the true practice of religion. If you only understand the superficial teachings of a religious myth, and you practice its rituals blindly without understanding the deeper implications, you will not obtain the higher realization.

Your practice will be at the level of dogma. This is why there is so much religious conflict in the world today. Most orthodox religions practice only the first two levels of religion, myth and ritualthe level of dogma. At the level of dogma, each religion has different myths and rituals and therefore, little if any common ground upon which to come together. And even when there are common principles, those principles are founded upon, couched in and transmitted through parochial ideas based on local folklore, histories and geographical variations.

Yet, at the mystical or metaphysical level, all religions are actually pointing towards the same goal, that of spiritual realization. If Medtu Neter is mastered then the spiritual aspirant becomes.

The symbol medtu , is static, relating to support to help prop up, while the symbol of kheru is dynamic, relating to constant movement. This term Maakheru uses the glyph kheru, which is an oar rowing , and is also a symbol of voice, meaning that purification occurs through the righteous movement rowing-movement of the word, that is, when it is used to promote virtue, order, peace, harmony and truth. So Medtu Neter is the potential word and Maakheru is the word in action, moving towards perfected word.

The hieroglyphic texts Medtu Neter become Maakheru , useful in the process of religion, when they are used as. Shmai- sung, and thereby one performs Dua or worship of the Divine. This concept is really based on the idea that human beings are higher order beings if they learn about the nature of the universe and elevate themselves through virtue and wisdom.

Shedt suckling process whereby as a child, the aspirant receives nourishment unconscious mind. Thus the process of train - rear a child occurs. So the path to. Shedy involves the disciplines of Smai Tawi or Egyptian Yoga. After having dispelled the ignorance, one develops iPK,"Saa insight and understanding. And self-knowledge leads to Nehast or resurrection spiritual awakening, in other words, Spiritual Enlightenment.

Of all the duties of the clergy in the Shetaut Neter religion, one stands out because it is the foundation and goal of life. The end and aim of all these toils and labors is the attainment of the knowledge of the First and Chief Being, who alone is the object of the understanding of the mind; and this knowledge the goddess invites us to seek after, as being near and dwelling continually with her.

Thus, the goal of life is to always dwell with the Divine.

In the Temple of Aset, a special discipline is enjoined for true devotees. It is to continually remain concentrated on the Divine, to listen, reflect upon and meditate on that.

That practice is to be done in the abode of peace, in silence. The term silence is phonetically related to the term gereh-darkness. So to dwell remain in peace and silence in proximity to the Divine is the practice of this discipline. It is this discipline that Sba illumines and teaches.

That discipline is incomparable because it allows one to discover the source of spirit within. No pleasure can match it. No worldly attainment surpasses it. When the personality finds peace in silence and contemplation, there is a special peace that emerges, a peace that transcends problems, faults and misgivings.

It is a peace wherein the opposites are cancelled out.

Kemetic Diet: Food for Body, Mind and Spirit

That is what. Hetep means, the appeasement of the gods and goddesses. From this perspective, those gods and goddesses are the opposing energies, the desires, the ideas, imaginations and delusions of the mind. To appease them there must be understanding of the teaching of life and death. Then there must be constant reflection upon it, Even while working, talking, sleeping, studying, eating, bathing, breathing, and doing anything, dwelling always in the glory of Self is indescribable, and yet all encompassing, wholistic and most satisfying.

It is a different way of relating to the world in which there is a realization that silence is the only answer to everything because everything is in reality no-thing. The sense of the mind that relates to the world gives way to the mind of thoughtless form and that world of the thinking mind falls apart and the rationale of the things that must be done or should have been done or are hated or loved or imagined show their true nature as demons and tricksters of senseless grief.

And that mind that dwells with that wisdom of timeless nature that is sought after by all who pursue the aim of all toils discovers the first and the chief being, and there is a realization of that is I. And this is why the priests and priestesses say: Nehast means to wake up, to Awaken to the higher existence. This is a mystical movement of self-discovery and union with the Supreme Divine framed as a hidden deeper existence of life discussed in various sections of the Prt em Hru Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead text, for example, where it is said: The goal of all the Neterian disciplines is to discover the meaning of Who am I?

This is the task of all human beings and it is to be accomplished in this very lifetime. This can be done by learning the ways of the Neteru, emulating them and finally becoming like them, Akhus, enlightened beings , walking the earth as giants and accomplishing great deeds such as the creation of the universe! What does it mean to follow something? Why should some things be followed and others not? What should be followed in life and why?

These are certainly some of the most important questions in life because if serious thought is put to them, they involve the crucial questions of life, who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? This treatise on Anunian Theurgy suggests some answers. In ancient times that path was known as Shetaut Neter. Lord Djehuti B codified those into the hieroglyphic texts and these teachings were passed on to goddess Hetheru C , the god Asar D and goddess Aset E , who What does it mean to be a follower of the Shetaut Neter spiritual teaching?

So what needs to be done? Being awake implies wakefulness towards the teaching, that is, attentiveness, spending time, desire, etc. This means being mature enough to have grown beyond childish pursuits and interests, the worldly ideals of life.

Many people think that following the teaching is easy on hearing the Ancient Egyptian Proverb: They intrinsically know the truth of this statement, however, many of those same people who have heard and agree continue to shems pursue worldly illusions instead of applying themselves fully to the teaching and living in accordance with its philosophy.

Needing to have a job to support oneself and ones family is a practical reality, but should not be an impediment to intensive spiritual practice. However, it will become an obstacle if that job or career is the main objective in life. The teaching should be the main objective and the job should be a means to finance the intensification of the practice of the teachings.

We must conclude that until the action follows the thought, the thought is not being held as a reality or a priority. So there is insufficient maturity in such a person to pursue the teaching in an intensive and advanced way.

A person who is immature cannot adopt the teaching properly and will thus not be able to follow it rightly. What is needed is wakefulness nehas towards higher perspectives in life and slothfulness nem towards what is degraded. This means an aspirant should be awake to an authentic spiritual tradition that can lead to the achievement of transcendental higher consciousness as opposed to ordinary worldly people who are asleep towards the higher perspective and wakeful towards what is base, degraded and illusory in life.

There are many who follow spiritual teachings of all traditions who at times appear to have grown and at others seem to have fallen back to their old habits and degraded passions and desires aba. In order to truly follow an ideal one must be steady on the path and watchful so that negative behaviors and patterns do not draw one back into earlier, lower states of consciousness. This is a special association, unlike the worldly kinds of groups that have worldly goals and objectives or religious goals and objectives.

Shems is the coming together of followers of the Divine for the purpose of promoting righteousness and order in society and also spiritual awakening and enlightenment for those who are ready to tread the path to rech-m-ab self-knowledge, higher consciousness and. Plate 2: On next two pagesenlarged top and bottom. Plate In Anunian Theurgy they relate to the concept of a primeval hill and the union of Spirit and Matter where the harmony is discovered at the point where earth and heaven meet, the pinnacle of the pyramid, or at the confluence between the physical and the spiritual, the deeper meaning of the Sphinx.

The Anunian Theurgy Tree of Life picture should be treated as all other Kamitan iconographies in Temples pictographs, reliefs, glyphs, and the images of divinities ; it should be understood as a visual meditation. This is something that the Buddhists and the Hindus have been very big on but the Ancient Egyptians did it in grand and magnanimous style. The Hindus developed images called Yantras and the Buddhists developed images called Mandalas. You are supposed to sit in front of them, concentrate on them, and meditate on the deeper meaning.

The Ancient Egyptian temples, icons and even the hieroglyphic texts themselves are meditative icons. The temples are giant visual aids to understanding, concentrating and meditating upon the teachings of Shetaut Neter. An icon presented in a graphic form may be termed iconograph.

The Tree of Life form of spiritual iconography may be termed as iconomythograph, since it conveys mythic information about a spiritual system, in this case, Anunian Theurgy in a graphic format. Our image specifically includes cosmological20 information. So, a cosmiconomyth, in our context, is a visually schematized representation of the cosmos, characterized by a hierarchic and geometric configuration of divinities in different levels of existence.

In Jungian psychology, such images might be thought of as symbols representing the effort to reunify the self. The Anunian Theurgy cosmiconomyth is in graphic form, so may more fully be described as, cosmiconomythograph, as it includes macrocosmic information about the outer Creation and microcosmic information about the nature of inner human existence. So, one of the purposes of this lecture series is so you may gain a deep insight into the meaning of this Tree of Life, which opens up other iconographies as well, of course, so that you can be able to delve into their meanings deeply and make use of it on a personal level to promote your own mystic evolution.

This image, of the Kemetic Tree of Life, is like a concentrated chemical formula. If you understand the meaning of its elements, then you can open up its mysticism, and thereby transcend in your meditation.

This is the whole idea behind the yantra and mandala concepts in Hinduism and Buddhism respectively. If you go to a temple, it is one big mandala, one big architectural meditative image.

Let us proceed here with a brief general introduction to the Anunian Theurgy cosmiconomythograph, and then we will proceed into the specific aspects of the principles of the Tree of Life of Anunian Theurgy. We will go into the deeper aspect or personality of the tree, so that we may understand the deeper mysteries of it, because as you can see, the tree is actually a pathway, a vertical ladder from the earth to the heavens.

If you were to understand the secrets of the tree, you would be able to elevate yourself through transcending the principles, the psychospiritual metaphysical aspects that are given in the tree. You would rise to the top of the tree, and of course the top of the tree is the source of creation. American Heritage Dictionary. Therefore, The Tree of Life of Anunian Theurgy is a journey of self-discovery whereby an aspirant learns to discover and embody the principles represented by the divinities in the iconograph.

It is a movement of increasing focus as one moves towards the top; the bottom being more spread out, more diffuse and the top being focused as it reaches a single point at the top of the obelisk.

It is a philosophical, meditative discipline that is also to be applied in practice in the world of human activity.

Let us proceed with the description of the images contained in the Anunian Theurgy Tree of Life Cosmiconomythograph. The Anunian Theurgy Cosmiconomythograph top section The top section has divisions of creation. The top is the subtlest, and the lower section is grossest. The top is the NuNu or the Primeval Waters, the Primeval Waters which contain within them, the essential innermost Divine Self, the consciousness that sustains Creation and the human personality as well.

In the center of the picture you see the God himself, Nun, the personified Primeval Waters, pushing up the boat of Ra and Khepri is in the boat, and he is holding up the sundisk. The hieroglyphs to the left side of the Nun picture with the boat, which means Shetaut, and the ones on the right side means Anu, so Anunian Theurgy, or Mysteries of Anu. Now all of these other forms are either male or female aspects of the supreme Divinity that are integral to Anunian Theurgy.

To the left of Nun is the divinity Neberdjer. The literal translation of the name means All-encompassing Divinity. Neberdjer is the aggregation of the attributes of all the gods and goddesses combined into one essence. More will be said on this in the final lesson. Below, Neberdjer is depicted as the divinity Heruakhuti, also called Harakti, which means Heru in the form of the two horizons, meaning that Heru encompasses the opposites, encompasses both horizons, the dawn and the dusk, the beginning and the end.

HERU is also the sun in the form of the great Sphinx. Thus, he is the two in the one, therefore a non-dual Divinity. There is another divinity, Sekhmet- Bas- Ra, which is the same as Neberdjer and the Nun, but she is not present on this particular Anunian Theurgy cosmiconomythograph.

However, she is presented here as an example of the dynamic capacity of Kemetic Spirituality to put forth an all-encompassing divinity concept with either a male or female tendency. Yet, both Neberdjer and Sekhmet- Bas- Ra may be thought of as representations of the idea of all-encompassing Divinity and both are to be considered as androgynous.

She has all the attributes, all the scepters, all of the winds, and means all encompassing Divinity. On the top right, we have Mehturt, the cow goddess aspect of Hetheru and Aset. The name is composed of the word Meht fullness. In Ancient Egyptian the terms Meh means full and urt means great, so we have mighty fullness. And what this fullness relates to,and really, what the creation myth is. What I am trying to bring you to understand is that everything in creation is full of the Divine Self.

Even the space in between objects is also permeated by the Divine Self, and that is the Mehturt. You cant escape. God is everywhere and in all things. No matter how different or separate you think that you are, you can never run awayonly by your own illusion, that is egoism. And the more deluded you are, the more prone you are to complexes, because you feel alone, abandoned, and separate. And you can delude yourself with all your religion, your complexes, your concepts, but all human beings are actually one in the Divine Self, regardless of whatever name they call It, and by ignorance only, can they feel separate from It.

You are together here. You may think you are all different, white people and black people and Chinese people and Hindus and Muslims. It is all ridiculous in the ultimate realization of Mystical awareness.

Looking at the bottom right hand corner of the Nunu section of the Anunian Theurgy Cosmiconomythograph top section we have goddess Nat or Net.

Net means loom, and she is a weaver. Net means matrix, referring to the matrix upon which all creation is created and sustained. She weaves the clothing Garment of Nun, in other words, the apparent creation images of differentiation objects separate from each other and appearing to be composed of different constituent forms of matter which is the visible creation whose underlying essence is Nun or undifferentiated matter. She is also referred to as Mesu Rashe gives birth to the sundisk, Rathe energetic impetus that gives rise to this matrix Creation.

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Children-Scooter in a german amusement park near Schlangenbad in Taunus When you go to a carnival and if you go on some of the safer rides like the bumper carsyou see the metallic mesh on the floor, and then there is a pole that sticks out of the car, and it touches a mesh up above on the ceiling. The mesh has the electricity running through it that allows the car to run. And anywhere on that mesh that the pole touches you can have an electrical connection. And that is like a matrix; there is a mesh with electricity running through it.

Your consciousness operates through your body, your nervous system; your body is the bumper car, bumping against other people, and their other desires, feelings, etc. The reason that you can travel from here and go to, say, NY or Paris or Africa or even the moon or another planet and continue the existence of your life is because you are continually existing within the matrix of The Spirit.

Your body is not alive because just because you eat food and that sustains it; the gross food sustains the gross physical body but what sustains the gross foods? Your body is alive because it exists within the matrix of Creation, sustained by the Life Force of the spirit that sustains every individual soul. If it were to leave the matrix your body could not remain alive because your soul, your spirit would not be there where the body was, sustaining it and being there to be conscious of whatever the bodys senses were perceiving which would be nothing-since it would be outside of Spirit and outside of Spirit there is nothing.

As a physical personality you are like that bumper car.

And you are bumping yourself between other people and objects which all exist within the matrix, the fullness of Spirit. And so wherever you go, there you are; your soul is everywherenot because you are carrying it around with you, mind you. Do you follow the difference? Do you understand the difference? You are not carrying your soul around with you in your body. When you go to a carnival, if you go on the bumper carsyou see the metallic mesh on the floor, and then there is a pole that sticks out of the car, and it touches a mesh up above on the ceiling.

The mesh up above has the electricity running through it that allows the car to run. And anywhere on that mesh that the pole touches, you can have an electrical connection. That is like a matrix. Your consciousness operates through your body, through your nervous system.

In this example, your body is like the bumper car, bumping against other people, and their other desires, feelings, etc. The reason that you can travel from here and go to, say, to New York or Paris or Africa or even the moon or another planet and continue the existence of your life is because you are continually existing within the matrix of The Spirit. So your body is not alive because you eat food and that seemingly sustains it; it is alive because it exists within the matrix of Creation.

If it were to leave the matrix, it could not remain alive, because your soul, your spirit, would not be there where the body was, sustaining it and being there to be conscious of whatever the bodys senses were perceiving which would be nothing-since it would be outside of Spirit and outside of Spirit there is nothing.

You are like that bumper car. And so, wherever you go, there you are; your soul is everywherenot because you are carrying it around with you, mind you. The Soul, the Spirit is everywhere, like the electricity in the mesh and the universe is the mesh, so wherever you go, wherever your body goes, that is, where there is Spirit which is everywhere , you can perceive through the mind and senses of the body if you are dependent on the body to perceive with.

If you go into outer space you are carrying your body with you not so you can exist out there, but so you can perceive with your bodys senses. The existence of your body is predicated upon certain physical laws, the first one being that it must be sustained or enlivened by soul. And since Soul or Spirit is everywhere, you can go But your body cannot go everywhere. Your body needs sunlight. Your body needs green foods to eat, but as long as you have those sustaining items for the physical body you can go anywhere and that is the matrix of Creation weaved by the divinities of Creation.

However, what if you were to discover a higher body that does not need physical food to survive? What if you could stop living a pathetic and empty life like a hysterical child intent on crashing into others before they crash into you; having fun by knocking your car your body into others or being fearful they will crash into you? What if you could extricate yourself from the endless and mindless bumping of the world, banging your head against a brick wall, never being able to find or hold on to the objects you desire or be free from the dullness and nonsense of human culture, competing against others, fighting for resources, engaging in conflict and hurting others as well as yourself, through petty jealousies, greed, and the disappointments and frustrations of life?

Actually you do have such a body, an astral body, and it can live on subtler forms of sustenance; and we will discuss more about such things in subsequent lessons. Khepri is lying on his back; he is actually lying on the Primeval Ocean.

On his feet, lying there, are three symbols of body parts. So from the one he as become three, and those three touch the head of the cosmic serpent, the serpent that is in the Primeval Waters. He Asha Hrau has 5 heads, but these heads represent Asha or manifold, in other words, multiplicity. The obelisk is an important Kemetic artifact that figures prominently in the Tree of Life iconography and spiritual mysteries. From this Ben Ben in the Kemetic philosophy, you can see the similarity to the concept that arose later in India called the Bindu in the Hindu myth and philosophy.

Muata Ashby 23 ibid. Anu means the first place, the original city, the original spot, the beginning place. And from this single point, all of creation comes forth, just like the big bang theory of the modern physicistsfrom one single point all matter comes, all the universe comes into beingit expands out of there.

And the Kemetic tradition being the older brings forth the teaching for the first time in human history. From this Ben Ben point, refer to top section of the obelisk , the golden point at the top of the Technu or obelisk symbol that is in the topcenter of the Anunian Theurgy cosmiconomythograph, everything comes into being, into the physical plane mind you. Note that when we are speaking of the Benben we are referring to the pyramidion small pyramid fitted at the top of obelisks and pyramids, but more specifically to the very top of the pyramidion, the uppermost point where the four corners of the pyramidion meet at one place, where the four corners, which represent the four cardinal directions and time and space reality come into existence when Ra made the first solid place out of the primeval ocean, but also where they dissolve at the end of the creation cycle.

Therefore, the benben symbolizes transition point in a movement downward of creation and a movement upward of dissolution. If a human being were to discover the pathway of the dissolution that person would be able to dissolve the Creation and discover the transcendental nature of being. This is the objective of the Anunian Tree of Life mysteries and its mystical philosophical teaching. But this pathway is not just about philosophy. It is also about a meditative experience, an intuitional discovery of the Gods and Goddesses within oneself.

In archaeological terminology, a pyramidion, plural pyramidia , is a term used to refer to the uppermost piece of an Ancient Egyptian pyramid, also known as a capstone. Then the stone was covered in gold or electrum. Most of the ones that have survived are composed of polished black granite. There are four pyramidia in the Egyptian Museum in Cairos main hall. The top of the Technu of Anu, the obelisk of Anu, which is one of the only surviving objects from the ancient city where Anunian Theurgy was developed, is the Ben Ben.

In earlier times, the temples of Anu themselves were actually different from the temples which were used in the later periods of Ancient Egyptian history. The remnants of the obelisks of the ancient Anunian temples have a huge fat base, and they were shorter, and the offerings were made to this Technu temple. Picture At the bottom of the Anunian Theurgy Tree of Life Cosmiconomythograph are two divinities we have not talked about but that are important to conclude this introductory level of study: Nbthotep and Iusaasety.

These divinities represent other subtle emanations of Ra that he brings into existence. These three Ra, Nbthotep and Iusaasety form a subtle trinity composed of principles that are necessary for the Creation to exist. Nbthotep represents rest or sedentary nature and Iusaasety represents stimulation to motion, so we have stimulation and rest, the opposites of creation which constitute change in time and space and in fact are the cause for the existence of time and space.

Imagine if things were motionless? How would there be any change, or any perception of change? Imagine if things were constantly in motion, how could things be stopped in order to study them?

There would be no way, there must be both motion and rest in order to have proper perception which in turn allows proper cognition about the nature of reality and that we can call sanity.

So they are the two important principles of Anunian Theurgy that are the crucial and essential ingredients that Ra brings to the Nun that allow it to be differentiated clothing of Nun into the forms we call Creation. In Anunian Theurgy and in this Anunian Cosmiconomythograph we are looking at one male divinity and two female divinities which compose an Anunian Creation Trinity.

However, generally, in Kemetic metaphysics, the female divinities represent the movement, and the males represent sedentary-ness. This is why the god Geb, who represents the earth, is often depicted lying on his back and he is not moving around.

Yet, his companion, Nut, is the sky which is always moving and changing. You will also see the divinity Asar often on his back as well. Actually, Khepri, as we saw earlier, is also on his back and doesnt do anything either. He is thinking all this stuff Creation and talking all this Nunu stuff, undifferentiated matter into existence as the apparent objects of Creation, but the actual work of differentiating undifferentiated matter into the forms of creation is done by the sound vibration, charged with life force energy, directed by thought, which engenders the movement exciting the primeval matter and polarizing, coagulating it into the forms of Creation.

In this image the voice of Khepri engenders part of his body to be moved by the primeval serpent. The serpents vibration churns the ocean, making waves of varying shapes and sizes, where there was only a flat and calm ocean previously. The obelisk is Gebs penis, which is erect and copulating with And this concludes this preliminary overview of Anunian Theurgy and its relation to the Anunian Cosmiconomythograph of The Tree of Life.

More Detailed Description of the Anunian Theurgy Tree of Life Cosmiconomythograph Firstly, you should begin to notice that Kemetic Iconography is very balanced, very structured and very orderly in its depictions of males and females. The Anunian Cosmiconomythograph has a certain balance between the male divinities and female divinities which reflect and complement each other. This is due to the recognition that there must be a balance between the male and female elements in order to have a proper equilibrium and stability not only in the creation of the Universe but also in the promotion of beneficial culture and positive spiritual evolution.

This balance was also reflected in the secular affairs of Ancient Egyptian life, in government, business, etc. Anunian Theurgy is one of the main theurgys of Kemetic religion, of Neterianism.

Neterianism is the theurgy of Neter. All of the Kemetic divinities are called Neteru plural. They are aspects of Divinity, of the one Divine Self: Neter singular. The one Divine Self differentiates Itself out of the primeval, undifferentiated matter, the Nun. It creates aspects or forms of itself that carry out several different tasks or functions in order to sustain creation.

These aspects manifest through cosmic natures and within realms or dimensions of existence. Here we will continue the discourse on the TOL with the Duat realm and move forward through the cosmiconomythograph of the Tree of Life. Duat means netherworld. Remember that all of the following divinities arise from the original, the nondual Self that emerges from the homogenous, non-dual primeval ocean.

The most important Duat divinities are the god Djehuti, and the goddesses Maat and Hetheru. Djehuti represents intellect; Maat represents order and balance, but in this context primarily order, specifically the ordering of the disordered undifferentiated primeval matter.

Disorder is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that it does not have a particular form. That is all it means. You should not give it a negative connotation when we are engaging in a philosophical study of this teaching, though from an egoistic perspective disorder or chaos can be troubling in some cases. So in our context it refers to unformed matter.

Maat gives it form. Hetheru is the energy that sustains or that holds that form. Maat is the order itself. Now we will look at the Pet realm. The realms may be likened to the concept of causality. Astral Plane Subtle plane of Creation where the mind operates with ideas, thoughts, imagination and dreams with the subtle senses.

Physical Plane Most dense plane of Creation where living beings experience physical existence with the physical senses. Pet means heavenly. In the Pet realm we have: Space, Air, Ether which is Shu. We have Geb which is earth. We have Tefnut which is water. Nut is the heavens.

Notice that we are moving gradually from the subtlest essence of the substratum, coming down to the more gross principles elements of the creation.

This is what the sages have broken down creation into. This is what creation is made up ofthese principles. Now we will look at the Ta realm. Ta means earthly, worldly, in other words, physical. In the Ta realm, we have the divinities that go to compose the personalities of human beings and animals. Most importantly, Asar is the eternal soul. Aset is wisdom and intuition. Set is ego. Nebthet is mortality, and Heru Ur is king of the earth, master of the earth. And encompassing these male and female principles are Nbthotep and Iusaasety which are the most primeval opposites, if you will.

They arise out of Ra directly also, and they are the principles of rest and movement, respectively. Nbthotep and Iusaasety may be thought of as foundational divinities that together with Ra orchestrate a triangle, a pyramid encompassing the matrix of Creation. So they seem to appear at the bottom of the cosmiconomythograph instead of in the Dua realm along with Djehuti, Maat and Hetheru but in reality they are not at the bottom, they including Ra are surrounding the Creation as if the world is inside a sphere and in a sphere there is no top or bottom; they encompass Creation but we must also keep in mind that outside of this sphere of Creation the universe there is also spirit.

Thus, spirit is within and without. However, in this three dimensional model, when lines are connected between them their trinity encompasses the obelisk and the creative principles contained in it; meaning that it governs them. The goddesses Nebthotep and Iusaasety are important aspects of Anunian Theurgy and are closely associated with Ra.

Together with Ra they form an important Trinity which circumscribes the nature of Creation. Time and space are actually relative aspects that come to exist through the motion of objects in space. Essentially, therefore, Creation consists of the ever-dynamic fire of the spirit which operates through energy, Sekhem, which sustains Ankh life , the elements and the relative motion of objects within the matrix of Creation.

However, the Spirit underlies all and therefore it can move nowhere since it is everywhere. Objects in Creation move in and through Spirit and are rooted dependent on Spirit for their existence. If objects were to be completely motionless in space there would be no existence. For example, all hearts would be still and no stars would burn, no heat would be produced and no life could exist because no metabolic functions could occur.Since he has researched Ancient Egyptian musical theory and created a series of musical compositions which explore this unique area of music from ancient Africa and its connection to world music.

It is no wonder that in modern times medical doctors are failing to cope with the alarming rates of disease in modern society since they do not take into account the higher wisdom of the mind and soul when trying to heal the body only. So along with the ten spheres or realms there is another, a transcendental realm that may be referred to with the number infinity. Your body is alive because it exists within the matrix of Creation, sustained by the Life Force of the spirit that sustains every individual soul.

If you were to understand the secrets of the tree, you would be able to elevate yourself through transcending the principles, the psychospiritual metaphysical aspects that are given in the tree. Vegetarianism-Veganism Greening is the aspect of maintaining physical health as it is the proper diet for the human body as opposed to meat eating inc.

Your body needs green foods to eat, but as long as you have those sustaining items for the physical body you can go anywhere and that is the matrix of Creation weaved by the divinities of Creation. In Ancient Egyptian the terms Meh means full and urt means great, so we have mighty fullness. In Hasidism, worship is a part of all the ordinary activities of a person's daily life.

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