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Quran Majeed - 15 Lines - Pakistani Print. byISLAMIC-BOOKS- Identifier QuranMajeedLines-PakistaniPrint. Identifier-arkark://. Current study was conducted to investigate the effects of memorizing Quran (Hifz) in relation to academic achievement and socio-cultural life of Huffaz. For the. PDF | The main objective of the tahfiz curriculum is to create a Keywords: Tahfiz, curriculum, memorise, al-Quran, method I c anat al-Murid li Hifz al-Qur' an al-Majid. c Amman: Jam c iyyah al-Muhafazah c Ala al-Qur.

Hifz Quran Pdf

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HIFZ – MEMORIZATION OF THE QUR'AN. Dr. Safwat M. Halilovic. Consulting Editors. Hafiz Halil Mehtic, Hon. BA,. MA. Hafiz Fadil Bektas. Translation from. need. and wrote on the subject in detail primarily for the benefit of every muslim beginner who want to do Hifz-e-Quran independently, quickly and smoothly and. features are consist of male and female respondents who have memorized the Quran and have sat for Syahadah. Hifz al-Quran. The development of this.

Its teachings must be applied in all matters pertaining to life. Therefore its studies, including the art of hifz al Quran, are the ideal ways of life. This guide should not be restricted to hifz al Quran only; rather, mumineen can benefit from its principles in other areas of life study, work, ibaadat, everyday tasks etc.

I humbly request the reader, once reading this guide, to re-visit and read it after a few months. A new reading with a fresh mind might help you check and realise how you can further improvise. Parents whose children are currently doing hifz can benefit from this guide by understanding the necessary steps and advise them accordingly. If you have any comments, feedback or ideas, please email them to HifzGuide gmail.

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Ignore the naysayers. Motivation is a driving force that makes you do unimaginable and unthinkable things. Be motivated and stay motivated! Fatigue is caused due to doing one thing monotonously. The moment you change your style of work or the activity itself, fatigue vanishes. If you are tired of reading a book, the moment you go out to play, you become fresh again. In the same way, keep short time periods for doing your tasks, and do not over stretch one particular task for too long 25 mins is the approximate attention span of the brain on one particular task.

For it will help it remembering pages and its image photographic memory. This edition of the Misri Quran has been meticulously planned to aid a student, and the ahkaam have also been mentioned. Just in case you are not able to carry this Quran with you, the Misri Quran can be downloaded and viewed on many smart phone mobiles. It is not advisable to stay in a closed room as the building up of Carbon dioxide makes one sleepy.

You must also be able to recite with confidence and aloud. An open area or garden maybe considered ideal.

You may also take 15 min gaps of replenishing yourself with fluids to keep you fresh. Some like to hold the Quran in their hand, while some prefer it on a stand. Some like to move and walk while reciting to keep them alert, while some prefer staying still. Experiment with the way that suits you best. It will make me extremely happy.

May Allah grant us strength. Observe the structure, positioning of the ayats, admire the font, colours, designs, borders, the ayat circles, the rhymes, even a particular word that helps you to remember the whole ayat or the page.

Absorb the entire section. If possible, understand the text. Though, it should be restricted to certain difficult parts instead of the entire Quran.

It is extremely important to be able to achieve photographic memory.

Juz ‘Amma Hifz Tracker (DOWNLOADABLE PDF)

You must be able to recall an image of any page you have memorized and be able to point out a specific ayat on the page. For example, is it on the right page or left? Is it on the top, middle or bottom of the page? Is it the beginning ayat of the page, or does the page end on that ayat.

Can you picture where the TV, sofa and clock are placed? This is photographic memory. Then move on to part 2. Move onto 3. Move onto 4. This is incorrect.

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If you give a gap of about hours, you will notice that you have forgotten parts of it. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Revise it again. Then revise again after 1- 2 hours. By repeatedly revising the section with 3 to 4 intervals, the section is gradually being permanently inscribed into the mind.

As an analogy, if you see a stranger on the road, 1 minute later, you would be able to recall his image, but 1 hour later you would have completely forgotten what he looked like. But if you met him regularly you would recognize him and get to know him much better. This will aid in exercising your mind to think in different ways previously unknown to you.

He must hifz in the best, quietest and most convenient area. The art of memorizing is like doing push-ups. At the beginning, you must start small, with pushups a day and discipline yourself by exercising every day.

After a few days, you will be accustomed to 5 push-ups and will soon realize you can do more in the same amount of time. Slowly increase to push-ups a day.

The more you practice regularly, the more you will enjoy it and your physical strength will increase. One day you would be able to achieve push-ups a day! With frequent training, you will realize you can now memorize 1 page in mins instead of 45mins.

With practice you will discover the hidden potential of your mental strengths. You must never do more than your ability, for it will cause more harm.

Understand your strengths and potential and gradually increase.

It will take approximately about a month or two of determined hifz to understand the technique and discover your potential. Like any difficult task, you cannot expect immediate results, and must never give up too soon. It is largely a gift, he says, though he has developed it further by a regular system of observation, trying to retain what is valuable and eschew the rest. Discrimination and earnest concentration on essentials is the secret of a good memory, he adds.


When you receive letters in the mail, some are thrown away instantly and some are kept for storage. In the same way, according to your mindset, the brain automatically decides what to remember and what to forget. If not for this, we would be overwhelmed and confused with multiple thoughts and memories. Can you remember what you ate for dinner 3 days ago?

It was important at the time of dinner, but not for the long term, so the brain removes it from its long term memory. The huffaz were also highly appreciated as reciters, whose intoned words were accessible even to the illiterate. Memorization required no expensive materials; at the time there was no paper in the Muslim world , only vellum. Muslims believe that even after Caliph Uthman ibn Affan collected and organized the Qur'an circa — CE, recitation from memory of the Qur'an was still honored and encouraged.

There are numerous traditions of recitation.

Quran Majeed - 15 Lines - Pakistani Print

Most huffaz know only one version, but some experts can recite in several traditions. However this does not change the meaning of the content.

Study[ edit ] The Qur'an is divided into Surahs chapters , containing 6, verses comprising some 80, words or , individual characters. If you memorize 20 ayah verses a day, it can be completed in 1 year. Most huffaz have studied as children in special Islamic schools or madrasahs , being instructed in tajwid rules of recitation and vocalisation as well as committing the Qur'an to memory.

Huffaz are highly respected within the Islamic community. They are privileged to use the title "Hafiz" before their names. They are tested on their knowledge. For example, in one test they are asked to continue the recitation of a passage taken randomly from the Qur'an.

As they do not know which passage will be chosen, they must know the whole text in order to be sure of passing.

In another test, a would-be hafiz might be asked to recite verses containing a specific word or phrase. His Spiritual wisdom of having one member in each family to be a Hufaz is highly practiced and followed by the small Muslim community are notably a world leader in Quran knowledge and memorization.You can get hold of mini whiteboards to larger boards to keep for memorization purposes in a specific room or place.

Sometimes, if you are not able to complete the task, discipline yourself by taking out extra time. Over time this excitement and happiness decreases. The Arabs preserved their histories, genealogies, and poetry by memory alone.

In like fashion, if you get a second copy or print off pages you take carry this page with you, you can highlight it, make marks, diagrams or charts on the blank side. You can keep buffer days for exceptional times that can disrupt your schedule, as some events will surely arise. This is incorrect. It is extremely important to be able to achieve photographic memory. If you think you are, you will likely have the following characteristics: You remember what you see rather than what you hear.

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