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Essential Words For CAT/SAT/GMAT/GRE/XAT/SNAP/UPSC And Other Exams. Word List for CAT: Comprehensive, point-wise and updated study material and exam notes. Show More. Word List A (Download PDF) · Word. CAT Vocabulary word List PDF consists of Important Words for CAT explained with the help of examples form the previous papers of CAT.

Cat Word List Pdf

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Vocabulary Words for CAT Word List – Word. Primary Meaning. Usage Example. Level convalesce regain health, recuperate. These patients have already. The Preliminary and Preliminary for Schools Vocabulary List was originally Multi-word verbs are not included in the list if they have a literal meaning and are .. castle (n) casual (adj). • casual clothes cat (n) catch (v) cathedral (n) cattle (n). The KET Vocabulary List was originally developed by Cambridge ESOL in .. cat (n) catch (v) cathedral (n). CD (n). CD player (n) ceiling (n) cell phone (n).

We suggest that when language comprehension section is concerned, the best strategy to brush up your skills would be to review the Wordlist. It would help you keep a check on important vocabulary words. It will grease up your comprehension skills as you would be aware of high-level vocab.

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It is easy to read vocabulary words on the go even when you have less time in hand and more to prepare for the exam.

Here are most used vocabulary words asked in the MBA entrance exams.

Take a look and solve the RCs in the exam speedily: 1. Factotum Meaning: An employee or official who has various different responsibilities to handle Synonyms: Retainer, Servant, workaholic, odd-job person Usage: She might appear as the perfect factotum; and indeed she was.

1853 Most Difficult Words (for GRE, CAT, GMAT)

Synonyms: catholicon, elixir, medicine, remedy, treatment, cure, drug Usage: Riyah gave her sister a nostrum to allay her allergy towards the pollen grains 3. Brook Meaning: A natural stream of water smaller than a river Synonyms: beck, creek, streamlet, branch, river, watercourse, spring Usage: This brook dried up every year in the summer 4.

Liturgy Meaning: A form of public worship; ritual. Tranquilize Pronunciation: To soothe.

A buffalo that ran amok near Medical College here on Monday was shot dead as the authorities concerned failed to tranquilize it. Times of India. Sybarite Pronunciation: A luxurious person. At the top of the list: New Times Broward-Palm Beach. Swarthy Pronunciation: Having a dark hue, especially a dark or sunburned complexion Synonyms: Terrorist was year-old Islamic radical," shrieked TMZ's headline, accompanied by a photo of the swarthy killer.

Surreptitious Pronunciation: Clandestine Synonyms: The CEO of First in Dallas offered up a large conference room and some office space to our bank for a surreptitious conduct of the examination Source: Banking Exchange. Subterfuge Pronunciation: Evasion Synonyms: But the court rightly dismissed those arguments, finding them to be mere subterfuge in an effort to block women from getting abortions. Norwich Bulletin.

Subservience Pronunciation: The quality, character, or condition of being servilely following another's behests Synonyms: Ordinary people can defeat the Right, but doing so will require ending our subservience to the Democratic Party Source: Jacobin magazine.

Suave Pronunciation: Smooth and pleasant in manner. The Portuguese coach looked suave in a suit as he headed out to his car before being driven away Source: Stratagem Pronunciation: Any clever trick or device for obtaining an advantage.

There is also one other gaping flaw in Smith's grand stratagem. Daily Mail. Stolid Pronunciation: Expressing no power of feeling or perceiving. No matter how freewheeling the music, though, Gunn kept a stolid, even stern expression and generally low profile while he played. The Quietus. Somniferous Pronunciation: Tending to produce sleep.

New York Times. Sluggard Pronunciation: A person habitually lazy or idle Synonyms: Does it really make players, particularly your sluggard, moping millennial, go out and get some sunshine and exercise? Long Beach Press Telegram. Geniality Pronunciation: Warmth and kindliness of disposition Synonyms: But while his geniality and ability both seem nearly endless, the Met and Mr. Gibe Pronunciation: To utter taunts or reproaches Synonyms: Sarcasm, Swipe, derision, taunt, sneer Antonyms: Admire, applause, laud, approve, endorse Usage: Trump's campaign did not respond to questions about its social media director's gibe at Mr.

Ryan Source: Glutinous Pronunciation: Sticky Synonyms: The pulut udang is made from only two ingredients; glutinous rice with a filling of spicy dried shrimps. Malay Mail Online. Gourmand Pronunciation: A connoisseur in the delicacies of the table.

People who had psychosomatic complaints were probably malingering. Grotesque Pronunciation: Incongruously composed or ill-proportioned Synonyms: During the pro-life event, a local Satanist group arrived and conducted a disturbingly grotesque counter-protest. Harangue Pronunciation: A tirade Synonyms: In the digital age, what would matter was crudeness of the harangue.

Miami Herald. Fanatical Pronunciation: Thunder evens series with more physical, fanatical approach. Audiences were spellbound by mellifluous singing of Bhajans presented at the Katha source: Free Press Journal. Symphony in C is a delectable degustation of a ballet, with each rich course immensely satisfying in itself source: Sumptuous Pronunciation: Young certainly made the most of the music's variety, whether it was diaphanously light or rich and sumptuous Source: The Guardian.

Petronijevic added that the Serbian government had provided guarantees that Karadzic would not abscond. Balkan Insight.

Complain bitterly Synonyms: Politicians who inveigh against corruption in countries where it's chronic will lose credibility Source: Reuters UK. Without qualification Synonyms: No wonder why Frederick Douglass thought the socialists were speaking arrant nonsense.

Marked by care and persistent effort Synonyms: No wonder, then, that the Maori Party is the most assiduous anti-smoking legislator in Parliament. New Zealand Herald. Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility Synonyms: It's an interesting cross-section of people and situations, mostly presented to the reader in impassive but well-detailed fashion source: Deccan Herald.

Easily managed Synonyms: Mr Obama has sometimes entertained the hope that the deal might strengthen moderates in Tehran and make Iran a more tractable partner. The Economist. An exact copy or reproduction Synonyms: Yet while All For One avoids smoking wreck status, it nonetheless feels like a facsimile of a facsimile.

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Irish Independent. Toronto Star. Inactivity resulting from lethargy and lack of vigor or energy Synonyms: After the torpor of Van Gaal anybody — or any style of football — is likely to be more enjoyable Source: Make appear better or greater in power, wealth, quality, etc.

Not only do we aggrandize entrepreneurs who simply look and act the part and claim moral outrage when they fail to deliver the goods Source: Of or relating to the period before the biblical flood Synonyms: His Antediluvian Tea was basically a laxative dressed up in a teabag.

Boing Boing. Decorate tastelessly Synonyms: Naturally, the whole cabin is bedizen with OLED technology, including a further development of Audi's virtual cockpit Source: Flattery intended to persuade Synonyms: Since these feudal lords soon grew well accustomed to the blandishment that sprouted from their acquaintances.

CAT Vocabulary Word List PDF

Huffington Post. Relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle Synonyms: Your self-professed 'bucolic socialist' style bring to mind the likes of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The Independent.

A deliberately misleading fabrication Synonyms: The canard upon which he based his campaign was that Jews were planning to destroy or take over Muslim holy sites. A concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work Synonyms: That should not occlude the fact the Olympics is a compendium of everything that is awful about sports.

The Big Lead. The outcome of a complex sequence of events Synonyms: Staving off several break points as he served for the title in a denouement he described as "the hardest game of life" Source: The New Indian Express. A formal expression of praise Synonyms: You shouldn't repose your trust on the industrialists who shower encomium on you Source: Business Standard. Having or showing profound knowledge Synonyms: The students found it difficult to follow the erudite lecture.

A legislator who gives long speeches in an effort to delay or obstruct legislation that he or she opposes Synonyms: Noisy quarrel Synonyms: Eleven people arrested during a fracas at Epsom Downs Racecourse after Saturday's Derby have been bailed. Characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy Synonyms: If you don't know the deft and gossamer music of Bryn Harrison, this album would be a beautiful place to start.

Characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards Synonyms: It's not just taxes where Trump betrays his heterodox rhetoric to embrace unpopular, orthodox conservative policy. A slanderous accusation Synonyms: Feelings flow like molten lava.

HSK 2 Vocabulary List

The dialogue overflows with edgy wit and acidulous arias of imprecation Source: Only partly in existence; imperfectly formed Synonyms: An idea, however inchoate, is in the air in Hanoi - and the government would very much like to see the concept grow.

Lacking taste, flavor or tang Synonyms: In one of the most insipid Liberal campaigns since John Hewson's Fightback, a double dissolution election was called over union corruption.

The Australian. Uncertain how to act or proceed Synonyms: But a U. The San Diego Union-Tribune. A massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way Synonyms: Censure severely or angrily Synonyms: West Tisbury residents lambaste film festival land deal. Martha's Vineyard Times. Josh Jeffers is simply terrific as the obsequious and put upon Malvolio. Greenville News. A state of extreme dishonor Synonyms: Social opprobrium is fairly effective at shaming bigots into curtailing or even, in some cases, rethinking their opinions.

George Osborne had many failings, but perhaps his greatest was an overweening self-belief. The Times. A characteristic language of a particular group Synonyms: In local patois, bangla refers to country liquor, a fact that has caused much mirth on social media.

The Quint. Girls walk around with pellucid plastic covering the fresh ink on their reddened skin. Powerful Synonyms: France had suddenly grown to her full stature; like the contemporary England of John Milton, she was become a " noble and puissant nation, rousing herself like a strong man after sleep. Uneasiness about the fitness of an action Synonyms: The poison is killing them but they are willing to swallow it without a slight qualm Source: Eastern Mirror.

If you find this wordlist useful, share it with your friends preparing for the MBA Exams to help them enhance vocabulary.

IIM Amritsar Placement Domestic annual package shot up to 21 LPA. NIRF Ranking: Download your scorecard now. Please specify. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number.The canard upon which he based his campaign was that Jews were planning to destroy or take over Muslim holy sites.

Factotum Meaning: An employee or official who has various different responsibilities to handle Synonyms: Retainer, Servant, workaholic, odd-job person Usage: She might appear as the perfect factotum; and indeed she was. Then search for the digits 10, 11, There are three things that can happen here:I. Add them to Anki. Daily Caller. It would take time to learn the entire list from scratch, but you are probably already familiar with some of these words.

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