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Your First Try, Fourth Edition (): Andy Crowe PMP PgMP: Books. (I purchased the book in March and it was the 4th printing of the 5th. All-in-One PMP Exam Prep Kit (Test Prep series) 4th Edition . Andy Crowe is the founder of Velociteach, a company that provides project management I've only glanced through the book to the references identified in the audio instruction . That's where this book comes in! A complete study guide for the PMP certification exam, Andy Crowe's The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, 6th edition.

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Best PMP study guide - Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep book 9th edition, Head First 4th edition, Andy Crowe's 6th Edition book and Kim. Read slowly and carefully the entire Andy Crowe. (I purchased the book in March and it was the 4th printing of the 5th edition. Probably a total of two or. Andy Crowe on February 18, Share With Others. Although it seems like the ink just dried on the 4th edition PMBOK® Guide, the 5th edition is and rest assured that the PMP® exam book will undergo numerous revisions between.

Any benefits on becoming a PMI Member. I have 5 managers currently scheduled to take the PMP and was wondering if the resources available to active PMI members are really necessary and useful to justify the membership fee.

I have already reccommended your Exam Prep materials and courses. After that, you can evaluate. Do you have any idea what will be changes in 5th Edition? Lot of people are waiting for Edition 5 rather than deciding to sitting for exam now.

I think even if it is released first exam will be in PMBOK can not come close to ipad. Two things for you, Ronnie: January, If you choose to wait for the 5th edition, I would give it a couple of months after the exam changes before sitting for the exam. The first few are always the Guinea Pigs, and PMI has started holding results for a month or so in order to standardize the results and set the curve.

Hi Andy, Thanks for the information on 5th edition, so now i can go ahead book the exam in Q1 Thanks, Veeresh. Andy, I am hoping to sit for the exam in May or June and looking to get your Exam prep book. Could you tell me the exact ISBN for the latest reprint of the 4th edition?

Thank you! I am a Civil Engr with 12 years of experience in the market. Please advise further for test preparation. I ought to appear for the test this year August.

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Hello, Phayz. Your question was slightly confusing to me. Can you please call me at so I can give you a complete answer? Chris Goethe — Velociteach. How much emphasis do they place on PMp certification in their consultancy endevour.

Reading what You have posted gets me relaxed knowing its still very ok to learn with the 4th ed. Yes, that is the way to go. You have 6 months before the 5th edition is published and then 6 more months before the exam switches over.

What Are the Best PMP Exam Preparation Books?

Encourage people to get it done before the June cutover. Good luck! I will complete 3 years of leading projects in Feb , when i ll be eligble. Plan to study for 6 months a minimum. Read more: PMStudycircle on Twitter. Dear Mr. Andy, I bought your book of 4th edition last month and was preparing well.

And we are advice to take the exam after 31st July Just want to know when will your book of 5th edition be available in the market. Clad to hear from you. The 5th Edition book is out.

I failed my PMP on the first attempt. Now I started preparing again with your 4th Edition. I am not sure I can take up the exam before end of July. If so, any tendative date of your 5th Edition release?

The 5th edition is out now.

I want to take exam end of Sept. If for instance, there are 5 team members excluding Project Manager, when calculating channel of communication will Project Manager be included making six? Will they be counted as part of communications channel when calculating? Your email address will not be published.

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Create New Account. The authors of this book have written a few other books also. All their books follow the same easy-to-understand theme. Unlike many other books on the same subject, you can read this book without much boredom or exhaustion.

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As you read the book, you get instant understanding of the PMP Exam topics. Every chapter of the book starts with a small story. The authors use this story as the center point for explaining the PMP topics. They explain the topics through a series of small examples and anecdotes that are based on the initial story. In every chapter, there are small exercises, crosswords and fill-in-the-blanks, that are very useful in remembering the PMP concepts. At the end of every chapter there are sample PMP questions that gives the reader a thorough revision of the chapter.

The biggest strength of this book is also its weakness. The language of the book is simple and easy, but it is written casually. The casualness helps in understanding the topics quickly. However, at the same time, it gives a false sense of confidence to the PMP aspirant. Many aspirants start feeling that the PMP exam is easy.

Here's what I did: I purchased the book in March and it was the 4th printing of the 5th edition. Probably a total of two or three editorial errors vs early printings noted by early fifth edition reviewers. In all, I did a little over practice questions Crowe and Scordo. I did my preparation over a period of about three weeks. The rational and explanations of the linkages are a key to understanding. Rote memorization expect for page 46 and page are not enough to pass as there are too many subjective decisional questions on the exam e.

Scordo simply has a lot more practice questions. Crowe's tips about the exam and how to take the exam were every much spot on. He only missed one point: Because the computers in the computer based testing room generate a lot of heat, the room is kept very cool.

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Sitting in that cooled room for about 4 hours and 20 minutes total time of the test introduction and the test became a test of human endurance. I was so cold I was shivering. Glad I wore a thick, long sleeved shirt. You must have both the knowledge and understanding to pass this test. You can't succeed solely on testing skills.

Andy Crowe - The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, Fourth Edition vs 5th Edition

You can fail, however, if you are not testing savvy. Crowe provided a source to gain that knowledge, understanding, and testing skills. I've found a couple of places with references to a process that no longer exists in the 5th edition. These are just some examples I was able to go back and find again:Every chapter is explained with a story mixing with lot of fun into the subject.

I looked up some of the typos mentioned by others and they have been fixed. See and discover other items: As I mentioned earlier, there are many PMP study guides available in the market. Hi Andy, Thanks for the information on 5th edition, so now i can go ahead book the exam in Q1 July 5, at 6:

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