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A Memory Of Light Ebook

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Memory of. Light. THE WHEEL OF TIME® by Robert Jordan. The Eye of the World The Great Hunt The Gathering Storm Towers of Midnight A Memory of Light. A Memory of Light (eBook): Jordan, Robert: Final volume of the Wheel of time, completed by Brandon Sanderson. The final battle. Editorial Reviews. Review. “The battle scenes have the breathless urgency of firsthand A Memory of Light: Book Fourteen of The Wheel of Time (Wheel of Time Other 14) eBook: Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson: Kindle.

He matches his skills as a general against those of Demandred, the greatest general that the Shadow has ever had to offer. Outnumbered four to one, Mat's only hope lies in his luck, and in the timely arrival of the Horn of Valere.

Demandred rants and raves, shouting for Rand to show himself and fight, and many champions of the Light throw themselves against him, seeking to behead the beast, the seeming only chance of victory, only to fall to his blade.

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Characters begin dropping left and right, some of them I expected, but others came as a complete shock to me. Close to the Dark One, time changes, and mere hours stretch into weeks on the outside, as the forces of the Light are pounded nearly to submission. He and the Dark One struggle against one another, a mere mortal standing up to a universal force, and finally coming to the realization of what his purpose in the grand scheme of things has always been.

In the end, triumph over the Shadow can only be bought at the price of hundreds of thousands of brave, heroic lives. For even if Rand succeeds, the armies of the enemy still threaten the world.

The Good? This book is all battles, characters dying heroic deaths, doing things that are ridiculously awesome, and generally blowing up just about everything. Normally, a book that was all action, and not much else, would be a bad thing. But, the thing is, "The Wheel of Time" has earned this ending. It has earned the right to give us nothing but action for an entire book through thirteen previous books building up to this point. One could say that the entire book is in, and of itself, just one gigantic, explosive climax, though it does still have a narrative, and build to a glorious climax all of its own.

Even now, at the end, characters still show that they can learn, grow and develop as people. Rand, Egwene, Perrin, Mat, Pevara, Logain, and even Olver all have very satisfying character growth throughout the fight. This book is exquisitely written. Brandon Sanderson did an excellent job of filling in for Robert Jordan.

A Memory of Light

I cannot thank him enough for working so hard to complete these final three volumes as well as he did. It is true that Sanderson's grasp of military tactics is not as keen as Jordan's were, and so he did something brilliant. He didn't focus on the tactics as Jordan likely would have. He focused on the characters instead, and that more than fills in his lack of experience with arraying armies and the like.

I found myself cheering out loud in many places, and getting choked up at others. It was hard to see characters that I have grown up with dying by the handfuls, but the things that they did, and the feats that they accomplished were such a fitting end to them.

This entire book was pure, unadulterated, fan service from page one to the end. It was the payoff for all of our faithful reading and waiting. Everything you ever wanted to see happen in a "Wheel of Time" book does and more. Almost every single character that has played more than a bit role in the series, and is still alive at this point, did something heroic.

No one was left out. Everyone was the hero, even nameless, faceless farmers who took up weapons to fight. And I really liked that. The Bad? There is only one teeny, tiny nitpick I have about this book. A few of the early battles in the book, before Mat's last stand, do get a little repetitive and some people may find them to be a little boring because of it. But once the true last battle begins, I promise you, you will be riveted and completely unable to force yourself to put it down.

I feel that the epilogue left me with more questions than answers.

Rand leaving everyone makes his sacrifice pointless and while some readers may see this as Rand finally getting an opportunity for a normal life, it seriously contradicts his goals and dreams from earlier in the book and throughout the series.

Anyways, A Memory of Light was a really good book besides a few issues here and there and the ending. I really liked that all the characters finally got to interact again and I particularly enjoyed reading scenes with the original Two Rivers party. I do wish there had been a scene with Rand, Perrin and Mat. I know Sanderson said that he wanted write one but I think that it really should have been included. Readers were told throughout the whole series that Perrin and Mat needed to be with Rand at The Last Battle and fight alongside each other.

While they were sort of there, the trio were never together, and I was left a little disappointed. But I really liked that Egwene and Rand finally got to mend their relationship.

Darkness exists only when Light fails, when it flees. I will not fail. I will not flee.

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You cannot win so long as I bar your path, Shai'tan. Take a deep breath, a last pull on the brandy, or burn your final pinch of tabac. Have a good look at the ground before you, as it's soon to be covered in blood.

In an hour, we'll be in the thick of it. The light watch over us all. Yes you have my permission. So long as you do it soon. That darkness grows. The hand? You've grown soft.

Besides, I cleansed saidin. I win.

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Search the Catalogue Website. Enter search query Clear Text. Saved Searches Advanced Search. Search Catalogue Website. A Memory of Light Jordan, Robert, Average Rating: Rate this: Final volume of the Wheel of time, completed by Brandon Sanderson.

'A Memory Of Light' By Robert Jordan And Brandon Sanderson Leads To eBook Controversy

The final battle. Tom Doherty Associates, Branch Call Number: Additional Contributors: From the critics. Comment Add a Comment. BookReviewer Jan 08, The awesome and epic conclusion to Jordan's Wheel of Time series! If you enjoy apocalyptic fantasy battles you will enjoy this book!

Amandaans Jul 02, Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

I know Sanderson said that he wanted write one but I think that it really should have been included. That darkness grows. Elaine won't be able to just follow him since she's a Queen. I think things we can take away from A Memory of Light are that it is good to have compassion and friendship. Book 4.

Robin Hobb. The Crimson Campaign. Sanderson does justice to Jordan's creations.

It really picks up the pace but only when it has the last pages left.

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