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PDF | Sixth Sense is a wearable gesture interface that augment the physical world with digital world around us it comprise of hardware. Get More Information about Sixth Sense Technology PDF Free Download by visiting this link. Sixth Sense Technology integrates digital. This paper explains the working of Sixth Sense Technology, component, history. This paper also focuses on . Reports// .

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storage device. Sixth sense technology helps to bridge this gap between tangible and non-tangible world. The sixth sense technology was developed by Pranav. Sixth Sense is a wearable gestural interface device developed by Pranav Mistry, The Sixth Sense prototype comprises a pocket projector, a mirror and a. Keywords. Sixth Sense Technology, Sixth Sense Device, Wear Ur World, Augmented Reality .

Information is confined traditionally on paper or digitally on a screen. SixthSense bridges this gap, bringing intangible, digital information out into the tangible world, and allowing us to interact with this information via natural hand gestures.

Sixth Sense technology is the science of tomorrow with the aim of connecting the digital world with the physical world seamlessly, eliminating hardware devices. What the researchers have done is combine a number of standard gadgets including a webcam, projector, and mobile phone, to form a brand new interaction experience. In its current form the battery-powered projector is attached to a hat, the webcam is hung around the neck or also positioned on a hat , and the mobile phone provides the connection to the Internet.

The wearer uses hand gestures combined with the gadgets to perform actions. So, for example, they could make a circle over their wrist with the fingers of one hand.

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WUW would recognize this action and project a clock face on to their wrist. Make a picture frame with both your hands and WUW will take a picture as if it was a camera. With the invention of intuitive computer interfaces, the digital and physical worlds came together closer than ever. One just has to place an object anything from a flight boarding pass to a key on a Tangible Public Map TaPuMa on its horizontal smart screen to get inside-out information about it.

All you have to do to get seamlessly connected with the digital world is wear a simple pendant-like equipment consisting of a camera and a portable battery-powered projection system with a mirror a more modish version is just round the corner.

The device now known as the Sixth Sense Device when connected to a cell phone acts as a computation and communication tool. Wearing marker caps on ones fingers a more stylish option is to paint the said fingernails in a different colour each and making gestures with them, one can use any interface Yes!

Any interface! No longer is the human race tied to the bulky world of computer screens to access and modify data. Clicking a picture is as easy as conjuring up a rectangle in the air aimed at the object of visual desire with the thumb and index fingers.

A few finger motions help edit and resize pictures and another set of gestures later, the pictures find themselves E-mailed to recipients. Born in Palanpur, Gujarat he received his Bachelors of technology in computer science and engineering from India and later received masters in design from MIT Boston.

The hardware components are coupled in a pendant like mobile wearable device. Software: Software program processes the video stream data captured by the camera Pranav Mistry says the SixthSense software will be open source. As far as this seems to be a little set of items, there will not be user interfaces or much advanced programs for the users. There will be much harder and secured coding inside the device to make sure the security of the software. It will be interesting to know the new language for coding for a SixthSense device.

Hardware: In order to control the SixthSense, it requires some advance hardware as it appears to be. In some of the public presentations, the presenter was wearing some controlling devices including color markers, Camera and projector.

They has to be compact and easily controllable. However the hardware integration of SixthSense technology is quite innovative since they have manage to develop camera and pen like day to day objects. Projector projects visual information enabling surfaces, walls and physical objects around us to be used as interfaces Camera recognizes and tracks user's hand gestures and physical objects using computer-vision based techniques.

The movements and arrangements of these fiducials are interpreted into gestures that act as interaction instructions for the projected application interfaces Mobile device may be a laptop, PDA, smart phones etc. This methodology can aid in synthesis of bots that will be able to interact with humans.

Working How does sixth sense works? The sixth sense technology uses different technologies like gesture recognition, image processing, etc. The sixth sense prototype is made using very common and easily available equipments like pocket projector, a mirror, mobile components, color markers and a camera.

This surface can be wall, table, book or even your hand. Thus, the entire world is available on your screen now. When user moves their hands to form different movements with colored markers on the finger tips, the camera captures these movements. Recognition is made using computer vision technique. These markers act as visual tracking fiducials.

The software program processes this video stream data and interprets the movements into gestures. The gestures are different from one another and are assigned some commands.

Sixth Sense Technology

These gestures can act as input to application which is projected by the projector. The mirror reflects the image formed by the projector to front. The entire hardware is fabricated in the form of a pendent. It works very similar like a touch screen phone with entire world as the screen. Evolution of Sixth Sense Technology Steve Mann is considered as the father of Sixth Sense technology who made a wearable computer in He implemented the Sixth Sense technology as the neck worn projector with a camera system.

He was a media lab student at that time. He came up with exciting new applications from this technology. Why not? I will give them instructions how to make it. And also provide them key software…give them basic key software layers…they will be able to build their own applications. So it can be expected that the software will be open source and there will be a wide market of apps too. Application Applications Fingers as brush: The user can draw anything on paint with the help of his fingers.

Sixth Sense Technology. Six th Sense is a wearable gesture interface that augment the physical wo rld with digital world around us it comprise of. Thus making entire world your computer integrating information into our daily. But also help us to take right d ecision and improve our power of knowledge. Goal is to bring part of the physical wor ld to digital world. In this paper we expla ined about Sixth sense device its working, component,. Augmented, Gesture, Sixth sense mobile. Bluetooth smart pho ne that can slip comfortably in your.

History o f Sixth Sense.

Sixth Sense Technology Seminar and PPT with pdf report

Idea behind this marvelous technology was started late in. First proposed head worn projector and. We can. The first archetype of the sixth sense. In the first article by Arj un KR says that th ey started. T he archetype was built from an. Fig ure 1: Finger - pointing gesture. Fig ure 2: Front - view s hows cameras attached to head -.

Fig ure 3: Finger - pointing gesture to o utline and select a. Paper ID: Fig ure 4: Steve Mann wearing a camera projector dome in. Related Work. The methodology used is based on the. Sixth Sense Technology where the user will be able to move. Gen eral idea about. In [4] description about the history of sixth. Initial Idea of WuW.

WuW Wear your World was the name fir st proposed for. M istry. Four rollers gave him t he idea that he. Component Require d For Sixth Sense.

It is a digital eye of the syste m. It captures the scene the u ser is. Take the.

It augments the physical object, wa ll. The user is. The mirror reverts the pr ojection. And thus we can project anywhere in. The user can.

It is the optional com ponent in sixth. It uses mobile computing device as a. Microphone, Projector, Camera all are. The soft ware program validate all the.

This computing. Fig ure 9: Detail Working of Sixt h Sense. Idea Behind Sixth Sens e. Fig ure Addition of one more sense. Five natural se nses required to take information fr om the.

But five sense s is not. There is no. Inf ormation. Thus gap is bridg ed by sixth sense by bringing intangible. Why Sixth Sense? Human makes decision after sensing eve rything but.

But infor mation which could help.

Information can be collected by mobile, computer etc. G ive freedom to interact with physical wor ld by mere. Most used in artificial intellige nce this. Some of the Recognized Gesture.Hardware: In order to control the SixthSense, it requires some advance hardware as it appears to be. The user can also shuffle through various pictures and drawing by using the hand gesture movements. The software of the technology uses the video stream, which is captured by the camera, and also tracks the location of the tips of the fingers to recognize the gestures.

And also provide them key software…give them basic key software layers…they will be able to build their own applications.

Prototypes of the sixth sense device have demonstrated viability, usefulness and flexibility of this new technology. Then the photos can be taken to any interface for editing, managing the galleries and sharing.

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