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Author of Safari adventure, Amazon Adventure, Adventure Double, Arctic Adventure, Diving adventure, Cannibal adventure, South Sea. Gorilla Adventure (Willard Price for Kids) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Gorilla Adventure. VOLCANO ADVENTURE by Willard Price WHALE ADVENTURE AFRICAN ADVENTURE ILLUSTRATED BY PAT MARRIOTT ELEPHANT ADVENTURE.

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Amazon Adventure, South Sea Adventure, Underwater Adventure, Volcano Adventure, Whale Adventure, African Adventure, Elephant Adventure, Safari. Common KnowledgeSeriesWillard Price's Adventure books Adventure Double: South Sea & Volcano Adventures by Willard Price, Omnibus 2, 4. Adventure. Amazon and South Sea Adventures (The Adventure Series) - Kindle edition by Willard Price. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

Did you know there were 14 in all, published from to ? Not only did I know that he wrote 14 of them, but I have two complete sets, one set from when I read them as a kid and a new set that I bought about 10 years ago because the old ones are falling apart I don't know why I got the time of his death confused, I must have just had a brain fart I have a great fondness for these books.

They seem rather old fashioned and not politically correct, but they got me interested in natural history. Would they then become public domain?

Maybe they could avoid such a catastrophe by scanning the books themselves and releasing them as ebooks? I know I'd buy a set in a heartbeat, and I bet I'm not the only person that grew up on them and would love to see them released in electronic form. I found this place while doing a search on "Willard Price. I didn't know there is 14 book in the series. My son is ten years old now and I want him to read these too. I just won "South Sea Adventure" on Ebay. It seems most of these books come from England and Austrailia.

I want to get some hard cover books of this Series. Are these books on audio? Did you guys ever scan them? No luck I'm afraid, I can't find ebook versions of these books anywhere. I guess we just have to wait and see what happens with the new copyright holders.

I have two full sets of these books, the ones I read as a kid, and a set I bought to replace them because they were falling to pieces from overuse. Unfortunately both sets are around 34, miles away at my parents house in England, so I won't be scanning them in the immediate future.

I did consider buying a third set to scan, but the prices on ebay are ridiculous, and as you pointed out, they seem to be mostly in the UK, which defeats the purpose somewhat Six of the Willard Price stories are now available as ebooks!

They come in three omnibus editions: Oh wow! How timely Well, looks like I can save myself all the hard work, that's awesome! Thanks for the links, are you involved in the publishing of these books? I hope they are as successful as they deserve to be and this leads to all 14 being released.

I'll be buying them just as soon as I can figure out all the crap I have to install on my computer to download and read them On principal, I have never purchased a DRMed book or indeed any other DRM "protected" material but I have to have these books.

Gorilla Adventure ( Willard Price for Kids )

Last edited by jamesbeat; at Glad that you're intersted in buying them - FourteenFiftyFour Ltd have published them, and we own the rights to the Willard Price literary estate see www. Will do! Do you happen to know the release schedule for the rest of the books? Also, do the books have the original illustrations in them?

I can't download them yet because I have to install windows just to get the adobe software. I'm afraid we don't have a schedule for releasing the rest of the books digitally as yet. I will post on here when we do! You would need to contact Random House about the original illustrations, as they published the latest paperback editions before we were involved in the Estate.

Well here's hoping that all of them are released eventually, this is something I've been wanting ever since I got my first ! I'm still having trouble buying them at the moment because I'm having to assemble a computer that I can use with my ancient copy of Windows XP. The Waterstones DRM means that I can't use the book with Linux, so I'm having to cobble a machine together just to download the darn things.

The only other option is for me to install the Kindle app on my iphone and buy the books from Amazon, but I want to read them on my reader, not my phone. I've even had to buy a network card, and now I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail before I can continue.

I swear that this is both the first and the last time I buy books with DRM.

All times are GMT The time now is Mark Forums Read. Willard Price Adventure Series. Shelve South Sea Adventure.

Book 3. Underwater Adventure by Willard Price. Shelve Underwater Adventure. Book 4.

Whale Adventure Willard Price

Volcano Adventure by Willard Price. One of a series of adventure stories featuring Ha… More. Shelve Volcano Adventure. Book 5.

Whale Adventure by Willard Price. On the high seas, hardships and horrors fill old-… More.

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Shelve Whale Adventure. Book 6. African Adventure by Willard Price.

Hal and Roger, on safari in Africa, find the bogu… More. Shelve African Adventure. Book 7.

Elephant Adventure by Willard Price. Hal and Roger Hunt are on an awesome African adve… More. Shelve Elephant Adventure. Book 8. Safari Adventure by Willard Price.

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Hal 19 and Roger Hunt 13 bring 30 natives to join… More. Shelve Safari Adventure. Book 9. Lion Adventure by Willard Price. Hal and Roger Hunt have been sent out on a terrif… More.The people of this village? You mean six? He stooped again. Th; tick-bird performs a similar service for the buffalo, picking out the ticks that have brirrowed into the animal's hide.

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