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Tags: Drug Inspector vacancy, GPAT Answer key, GPAT PAPER, Jobs alerts in pharma, Lecturer vacancy, Pharma Jobs, Pharmacist vacancy. UPSC Drug Inspector study notes are available here to download in pdf. Candidates can check the details about the UPSC Drug Inspector Notes Drug Inspector Exam- Subjects Syllabus Books & Practice Papers through the UPSC Drug Inspector Notification released every year.

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Check out now new Drug Inspector Exam Books Syllabus drug-inspector- previous-exam-paper-with-answers-pdf-appsc. as quick reference material for drug inspectors to use in the course of their inspection work. pdf >. PLAN OF DRUG INSPECTOR EXAM 1. The written examination will consist of two papers with marks.

Communicable disease caused by Rickettsiae is 1. Scrub typhus 2. Chancroid 3.

Mumps 4. One of the first aid in poisoning is by administering 1. Universal antidote 2. Table spoonful of mustered 3. Egg white 4. All the above. Unconjugated bilirubin level increases 2. Anemia is common 3. Serum alkaline phosphatase level increases 4. Liver function test normal. The mechanism of action of penicillin is 1. By inhibition of protein synthesis 2. By interference with ribosome function 3. By antimetabolite action 4. By interference with cell wall synthesis.

Cotrimoxazole is more effective than individual administration of sulphame-thoxazole or trimethoprim since 1. Both set sequentially in nucleotide synthesis 2. Sulphamethoxazole is antimetabolite and trimethoprin interfere with cell wall synthesis 3. Both binds to enzyme required for DNA replication 4. Sulphamethoxazole interfere with folic acid synthesis and trimethoprin interfere with cell wall synthesis. Which of the following is fluoroquinolone derivative?

Nitrofurantoin 2. Lomifloxacin 3. Prontocil 4. Penicillin G The old question papers can be downloaded for free from the internet. Share this: Clinical Pathology. Drug Store Management.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence. Indian Constitution.

Budget and Five Year Plans. Scientific Research.


India and its neighbouring countries. Knowledge of Current Events. General Politics. Economy, Banking, and Finance. Your answers should focus on how well you can review relevant facts, consider various options and select the most appropriate option.

Discuss how you factor in variables such as constraints and resources. When delegating a recent duty, plz describe how you showed your confidence in the person's ability to do the job.

Food and Drug Inspectors

Discuss your method of assigning responsibility to the best candidates. How you communicate with employees to make them understand what is expected of them and how you make sure that the employees have the resources needed to carry out specific tasks. You should also chip in your follow-up procedures. Food and drug inspector interview question: Why do you want to work for us. Here, they just want to know how motivated you are about the position or if you are just there for the pay.

They want to ascertain that you would form an important part of the company. You have to show them that you are willing to be part of the company and would do all you can to ensure you and the company grows together.

You can also try to show them the alignment between their needs and yours. Talk about the things you like about the firm. This can only be possible if you have done your homework before the interview. Be complimentary; people enjoy compliments but just do not overdo it c.

Emphasize your strengths and how they align with the position and company culture. Do not give the impression that you are there because you need money b.

UPSC Drug Inspector Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2018 | Lecturer Previous Year Papers

Do not give the impression that you may be gone in a couple of months. Food and drug inspector interview question: would you describe a typical day in your current job. As much as you want to sell your self in a good light, do not make the mistake of exaggerating your current position. Add some of your routine tasks to make it realistic and do not neglect things like paperwork. Try to be in the interviewers shoes as you answer this question.

A job you have been doing for years should be part of you already and as such; you must know all the tasks you undertake. Try to show them that you plan well before you begin work and after you attain your goals, you review the process to see how you could be more efficient.

Food and drug inspector interview question: what is your greatest accomplishment. This is just like the what is your greatest strength. You should pick accomplishments that show that you have the qualities the company is looking for and this adds value to you as a candidate for the position you are interviewing for.

You may have achieved a lot over the years but for the sake of the interview, pick only the relevant ones DO: a. Highlight the accomplishments that show what makes you the perfect candidate for the position b.

Do not ever think your accomplishments are too small. Remember that an accomplishment, no matter how little can be more relevant if it is line with the position than a massive breakthrough that is not related.

Food and drug inspector interview question: how do you respond to working under pressure. The essence of this question is to test your composure, ability to solve problems and staying true to the task, even in unfavorable conditions. Give an example of a time where you were faced with a challenge and what you did to remedy the situation.

In the process, highlight how you were calm and in control till everything was okay.

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Food and drug inspector interview question: why do you wish to leave your present job. No matter what you say, do not mention negative things about your employer, neither should you mention anything about more money being the reason.

The reason is simple; if you are leaving a company because of money to come to theirs, you will definitely leave them to move on to another if it promises a better paycheck.

Your best bet is to ay it on responsibility and challenge and how your previous position want challenging you enough. Indicate that you yearn for more responsibility and how what you have to offer outweighs the responsibility and challenge posed by your former position.Cotrimoxazole is more effective than individual administration of sulphame-thoxazole or trimethoprim since 1.

You just have to talk about the strengths that you know would be of value to the company. Our team have taken up the challenge to bring each and every IAS study material over one single page.

Pick any toppers like Soumya Pandey who is the topper in Geography Optional also suggest to read only NCERTs of geography from Class 6 to 12 the if you are not having any base of geography. I also feel I would be skilled and experienced enough to handle whatever responsibilities might come my way.

Therefore, read them according to the GS-1 mains syllabus and its society part. After successfully submitting the online application, the candidate is required to print the application format which will have the unique Acknowledgement No.

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