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1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In the summer of , Victoria Leonard's world changes forever when Caitlin Somers chooses her as a. Sheila Tubman sometimes wonders who she really is: the outgoing, witty, and capable Sheila the Great, or the secret Sheila, who's afraid of the dark, spiders. Read Tips to Read Summer Sisters by Judy Blume Online from the story Blade by Read Online or Download Summer Sisters by Judy Blume in PDF EPub.

Summer Sisters Judy Blume Pdf

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Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, , Dell Pub. edition, in English. Read free book excerpt from Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, page 1 of 1. Summer Sisters. Home · Summer Sisters Author: Blume Judy. 4 downloads The Haunted Sisters (Royal Sisters). Read more · Summer · Read more.

Flashback: Now the reader learns of Vix's family and first encounter with Caitlin. Vix's home life consists of her controlling mother, Tawny, an average-joe father, and three younger siblings, Lanie, Lewis, and Vix's favorite: her wheelchair-using brother Nathan.

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Tawny works for a Countess and is always making Vix feel as though she is not good enough. Then Vix meets Caitlin in her sixth grade class, and Caitlin invites Vix to come to Martha's Vineyard with her for the summer. This is when Vix's whole world is turned upside down.

After much debate, Vix convinces Tawny and her father to let her go with Caitlin. Vix flies out East from her New Mexico ranch and meets Caitlin's family: her laid-back father, Lambert "Lamb" Somers, her brother "Sharkey", and Trisha, an ex-girlfriend of Lamb's who is still close with him but has recently been replaced by Abby, a woman who means well but whom Caitlin dislikes.

Abby's son, Daniel, and his friend, Gus, also vacation with Caitlin's family. This section of the book focuses on the mishaps and adventures that the kids go through, including Vix and Caitlin and their crushes on two older boys, Joseph "Bru" Brudegher and his cousin, Von. When the summer ends, Caitlin and Vix remain friends and continue to attend school together.

They make it a tradition for Vix to spend every summer with Caitlin from then on, hence the "Summer Sisters. Then Vix makes out with Von while high.

She thinks that Caitlin set up the whole scenario and they get into a huge argument. Just prior to her senior year of high school, Vix's beloved brother Nathan succumbs to his physical disabilities and dies as a result, leaving Vix devastated. Vix's younger sister, Lanie, becomes pregnant and has her first child, and Lewis joins the military.

Summer Sisters Summary & Study Guide Description

As the girls mature, they encounter their first heterosexual experiences Caitlin with an Italian ski-instructor, then Von, supposedly and Vix's in-depth and long-term relationship with Bru, which continues into her college years when she attends Harvard on a scholarship from The Somers Foundation.

Caitlin is accepted to Wellesley College but chooses not to attend and travels abroad. Vix goes to Harvard while still remaining in a relationship with Bru.

She makes new friends, most notably Maia, her uptight roommate whose worrisome ways begin to grow on Vix, but they become close. However, things turn sour when Vix realizes she doesn't know what she wants in life and she and Bru temporarily break up during her Junior year of college.

A few months later, a passionate meeting leads to their renewed faithfulness, but all's well does not end well. Had Sharkey always been so strange? Because I can't be the only Blume fan who's forgotten some key parts of one of her most famous books over the years, here are 10 things you never noticed about Summer Sisters : How Strange the Names Are Most characters in Blume books have relatively normal names: Margaret, Sally, Peter.

Sure, there are a few exceptions — Fudge comes to mind — but for the most part, the author's chosen names are never the most memorable part of her books. Not Summer Sisters , though. Some of those are nicknames, but even still, Blume was clearly itching to branch out from traditional monikers that year.

Summer sisters

How Similar The Beginning is to Beaches When Vix first meets Caitlin that day in 6th grade, it's eerily reminiscent to the fateful meeting of another female literary duo, Beaches' C.

Vix, of course, is Hillary, the shy daughter of a disapproving parent who found herself wowed by a colorful, exciting peer.

In general, the two books only share a few broad similarities — lifelong friendships, divisive class differences — but in its first few chapters, they're practically one and the same.

In fact, she's not even close; in a large ensemble, she's a small character, only garnering a mention every hundred pages or so. Yet whenever Phoebe does come up, it's never for a good reason. Answer: yes, Phoebe, you should.

Summer Sisters

A little guidance never hurt anyone, especially when that person is Caitlin, your flight risk of a daughter. Much of the novel is actually quite sad, whether it be Nathan's death, Lanie's pregnancy, or Caitlin's gay friends' succumbing to AIDS.

In one scene, Vix listens quietly as a terrified Caitlin begs her to make a suicide pact so she doesn't have to die alone before, as she says, she's "ugly and old and no one wants me. How did we block that out?

And Also How Sexual Blume has never been one to shy away from sexuality in her novels, and Summer Sisters is about as explicit as they come. Vix and Caitlin's use of their "Powers" is the scene most people remember, but there's also Vix's romance with Bru, Caitlin's descriptions of her adventures in Europe, even Aunt Dorset's musings about vibrators and Von. Greeting Vix in the airport, a something Caitlin is "barefoot as usual;" as a pre-teen, Caitlin spends a summer hardly washing her underwear, let alone changing it.

The novel takes place over the course of nearly 20 years, from the late '70s to the mid-'90s. It's the ultimate throwback.Yes, it's a fitting end for the novel, and yes, it's all wonderfully done, but couldn't Blume just slip in a teeny, tiny answer next time she gives an interview?

The night before the wedding both Caitlin and Bru approached Vix with their concerns they were making a bad decision. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Vix had begun dating Von and Bru. Related Articles. Victoria heads toward her, shaking her head because Caitlin is wearing a T-shirt that says simplify, simplify, simplify.

Unfortunately, there wasn't, and there doesn't seem to be any plans to rectify that mistake. I remember the first time that I read Summer Sisters well.

Caitlin is accepted to Wellesley College but chooses not to attend and travels abroad.

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