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I had read a couple books based on the Smallville television series before, and i had really enjoyed them. They stuck closely enough to the story to allow me to. Extensive reading improves fluency and there is a real need in the ELT classroom for motivating, contemporary graded material that instantly appeals to students. Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster ; [adapted by: Jane Revell ; based on the novelization by Michael. Arrival book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On the night of its premiere, Smallville broke the record for the most-watch.

Smallville Arrival Book

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Clark is transported to the North Pole after he unites the Stones of Power in the Kawatche Caves and uses the Crystal of Knowledge to form the Fortress of. Books & Authors Smallville Arrival. By. Jacquie Bloese. Print Share. in hundreds of meteors hit the quiet town of Smallville. Jonathan and Martha Kent. Twelve years back, the sleepy town of Smallville was hit by a freak meteor shower. It left the survivors with scars and secrets. And it signalled the arrival of an.

Enjoyment wise, it's just okay.

Clearly I already know this story, and it was told straight forward and simple. You can write for the young with a talented hand, but it was a bare bones effort in this case. Shame, that, for more could have been done, but I guess it served it's basic purpose here. While not greatly written, I enjoyed it since I'm a Smallville geek.

Smallville Arrival book + CD

I read a book, City, in the older series, which I think I'll enjoy more overall - but want to read both series for completion's dork sake. Weird things I noticed: I know you can be 14 or 15 as a freshman, but I thought the show started with him at The book says In the cemetary, when Lana goes to talk to her dead parents, and does a fake conversation with Clark weird sounding, I know , in the TV show she tells him, "Mom wants to know if you're upset about a girl?

In the book, however, they omitted the guy part and say instead, "Dad wants to know if it's about school. Changed to avoid gay humor?

I really don't know, doesn't make sense or seem offensive to leave it in there, but I guess they over-sanitized. In the first season, Lana and Clark's friendship is just beginning, as she is dating Whitney Fordman during this time.

Editor of the school newspaper, her journalistic curiosity—always wanting to "expose falsehoods" and "know the truth" [24] —causes tension with her friends, especially when she is digging in Clark's past.

He hates the Luthors for what he sees as their thievery of his family's creamed corn business, [15] and is the first person Clark voluntarily informs of his secret. When Pete refuses to throw a race, his life is put in jeopardy, and he forces Clark to abuse his powers in order to help Pete win a race.

This leads to a falling out between the two friends.

Smallville arrival

It is revealed that Pete initially blames Clark for his life not turning out the way he intended. Lex learns about Pete's powers and blackmails him into abusing his powers for Lex's personal gain.

Clark steps in and saves Pete, and the pair mend their relationship before Pete leaves Smallville again, setting out to get his life in order. Jones has stated that he would have understood if the producers had simply created a black character for him to portray, but the fact that they chose to go with him, even though the character has always been white, gave him more honor to be a part of the show. During the first season, Jones felt like he should have more screen time, but later conceded that the show was about Clark's journey and that the other characters are there to help his story move along.

But I lied. I walk around every day afraid that I'm going to slip up. This idea became the ultimate story arc for the character in season three, which led to him leaving Smallville.

The creative team hoped that knowing Clark's secret would allow the character to be written into more scenes, and become involved on a daily basis with the Kent family. There was dissension between the cast and crew over Jones's departure. According to Annette O'Toole Martha Kent , Clark needs a guy friend in his life, and she feels that the Kents would have taken Pete in when his parents left Smallville.

According to Gough, Pete's departure felt rushed, and seemed to lack the importance that it should have had. He goes to great lengths to protect his son's secret, which includes: almost killing a reporter, in the season two premiere, who was going to expose Clark's secret to the world, [37] and making a deal to allow Clark's biological father, Jor-El, to take Clark to fulfill his destiny if Jor-El gave Jonathan the power to bring Clark home—Clark had run away after believing his parents blamed him for Martha's miscarriage.

In the season five episode " Reckoning ", Jonathan wins the senatorial seat, but after a physical altercation with Lionel Luthor, who he believed was trying to exploit Clark's abilities, Jonathan suffers a fatal heart attack.

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Gough felt that Schneider's experience portraying Bo Duke added belief that he could have grown up running a farm. Schneider particularly saw his character as a means to replace the "goof" father-figures that had become prevalent on television. He also saw his character as a means to keep the show grounded in reality, specifically by making sure that Jonathan's life is clearly displayed for the audience, by performing a daily routine on the farm. The actor characterizes Jonathan as fast to lose his temper, which Schneider views as being a development of his protective nature over his family.

Schneider admits that occasionally he and Annette O'Toole have to "police" the creative team when it comes to the relationship between Martha, Jonathan, and Clark. According to Schneider, there are moments where they have to make sure that the characters are not taken to a place they would not normally go, specifically where the parents are useless without the "innate intelligence of [their] teenager". Welling believes that it is the repercussions of that deal that allow Jonathan to give Clark more freedom in the choices that he makes during season three.

Jonathan realizes that he must help Clark find the confidence in his ability to survive on his own, so that he can leave home one day.

Here, Jonathan admits to not trusting his own instincts anymore and allowing Clark to rely on his. This "admission of fallibility", but faith in his son's ability to make the right choices, is what Schneider sees as the growing of the family dynamic.

For Schneider, the "treatments" and "cures" that his character underwent were all for nothing, as the actor believes that Jonathan's heart attack at the end of "Hereafter" was less of a real heart attack and more of Jor-El trying to get Jonathan's attention.

In contrast to those versions, it was Smallville that tied his heart condition to a deal that he makes with Jor-El.

When the moment came for his character to die, Schneider considers the event an "empowering death", which he likens to John Wayne 's character death as Wil Andersen in The Cowboys.

ELT Reader: Smallville: Arrival Sample Chapter

Martha, along with her husband Jonathan, gives Clark sage advice about how to cope with his growing abilities. In season two, Martha becomes pregnant with her first child—in the season two episode "Fever", Clark's spaceship heals her body and allows her to have children, something she physically could not do when she adopted Clark [45] —but in season two's finale she suffers a miscarriage after an automobile accident.

She ultimately leaves Clark with a means to send the season's threat, cloned Kryptonians, to another plane of existence. That's why being a mother is so important to her—and being the 'picture book' kind of mother at that. Around the time the creators were looking to recast the role of Martha Kent The Huntress was canceled, which allowed O'Toole the chance to join the cast of Smallville.

O'Toole characterizes Martha as really intelligent, but believes the character has to hide her intelligence at times "to keep the peace".

The producers agreed, but altered the concept so that Martha went to work for Lionel, and that she would use this new position to spy on Lionel and find out what he knows about Clark. Disappointed when the storyline ended quickly into the second season, O'Toole hoped that the secret her character was holding in "Ryan" was that Martha was going to run for Mayor. In O'Toole's opinion, Martha needs some form of outlet for intelligence. O'Toole wanted to perform as if the pregnancy was fake—something mentally created by Clark's ship—but the producers insisted that she wear the pregnancy pads to indicate that she was indeed pregnant.

Ultimately, that storyline ended with Martha losing the baby to a miscarriage. O'Toole had enjoyed the moments in the show when she was working for Lionel, because it gave her character something more to do, and she wanted to do that again for season four.

The producers took her suggestion and had Martha take a job at the Talon, which was owned by Lex, and which O'Toole felt allowed Martha to interact more with the other characters in Clark's life. Martha taking the senate seat was a chance to explore more adult stories with her character beginning midway through season five, which was important for the actress since Clark was becoming an adult on the show.

It also allowed for O'Toole the chance to depict "strong emotions" over Jonathan's death.

Al Gough feels that Jonathan's passing allowed for them to explore more of Martha's smart and strong side, as well as her relationship with Lionel. The idea was to show that there was some form of attraction between Martha and Lionel, but that Martha would never have any romantic relationship with the billionaire, especially after all that he had done to her family. You know you can't stop watching it, but at the same time you feel, 'Oh my God, he's going to kill me.

When it came time for Martha to leave the show, writer Todd Slavkin contends that they wanted to give the character "more of a send-off" than they achieved on film. Slavkin explains that they could not do anything equivalent to what they gave John Schneider, as there were already so many storylines going on by the season six finale that they could not fit anything else in.

The writers also realized that they could not kill off the character, and so chose to send her to the US Senate, creating a parallel to Clark where Martha fights injustice on the political stage. While initially friendly to Clark, he soon becomes jealous of Clark and Lana's budding friendship, going so far as to haze Clark in the series pilot.April 29, Sort order.

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