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Pelaksanaan pengumpulan data Riskesdas dilakukan pada bulan Laporan ini menyajikan pokok-pokok hasil Riskesdas dan beberapa indikator. kami dapat menyelesaikan Profil Kesehatan Indonesia ini dengan baik. Profil Kesehatan TERTINGGI DI INDONESIA, RISKESDAS TAHUN Hasil akhir Riskesdas disajikan dalam tiga buku yaitu buku 1: Pokok-Pokok Hasil Riset Kesehatan Dasar , buku 2: Riskesdas

Riskesdas 2013 Pdf

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Indonesia Health Profile is presented in the form of print outs and QUALIFICATION IN INDONESIA, BASED ON RISKESDAS IN health%20profile%pdf, accessed 15 August. ). 3. The RISKESDAS was a major data source for .. PODES , RISKESDAS Perencanaan Riskesdas dimulai tahun , dimulai oleh tim kecil yang berupaya Selanjutnya bermuara pada “launching” Riskesdas oleh Ibu Menteri.

Tong A. It is important to do early detection in addition to creatinine serum test, as well as examination of urine protein which is an early and sensitive marker of kidney damage [ 30 ]. In this study, male had a risk 2. Anupama et al.

However, Coll de Tuero found significant association between the female gender OR 2. Rodriqest Poncelas A.

The sex difference may be caused by different lifestyles; this requires further research. Consuming sugary meals everyday had risks 2.

Johnson et all in review found that in developing countries increased rates of sugar consumption also increased cardiorenal disease [ 32 ].

However, consumption of salty food must be controlled. Lambers HJ et al.

Kim et all , in the Fourth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, showed that coffee consumption was significantly associated with a decreased risk of renal impairment.

Coffee contains many antioxidants like caffeic acid, hydroxyhydroquinone, and chlorogenic acid those might protect the glomerular endothelium from oxidative stress [ 34 ].

Prevalence of KD in UDDM was lower among those who lack physical activities compared to those in sufficient-physical-activity group univariate. Usually, sufficient physical activities give the benefit to prevent non-communicable diseases.

Associated Data

Nunan et al. To assess the success of physical activity, we needed to know the content of physical activity interventions type, intensity, and duration , behavioral aspects, and measurement of physical activity levels [ 35 ]. The other possibility may be the subjects of sufficient-physical activity had large muscle volume and increased serum creatinine level which lead to lower GFR. On the other hand, subjects of slight KD zone defined as normal in lack of physical activity because of relatively lower serum creatinine level.

Variasi pengobatan malaria rumah tangga di enam provinsi endemis malaria di Indonesia

Banfi G reported the concentrations of serum creatinine in athletes were higher than those found in sedentary people and a positive correlation occurred between BMI and serum creatinine [ 36 ].

Prevalence of KD in hypertension group 3. Nugroho P.

BMI in this study showed no association with KD. Lu JL, et al. Dyslipidemia was known as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease CVD. Most patients with CKD died as a result of cardiovascular complications rather than end-stage renal disease [ 40 ].

A cohort study is needed for further study. Malaria transmission involves a complex interaction of factors within the ecosystem including Plasmodium parasites, Anophelines mosquitoes, human hosts and local socio-ecological conditions.

A considerable number of studies in many endemic countries have described a number of malaria risk factors.

Malaria was found to be associated with gender, age, occupation and behaviours [ 7 — 9 ]. At household-level, number of inhabitant, household economic condition e.

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Moreover, ecological condition such as altitude has also been demonstrated as important factor associated with risk of malaria [ 13 — 16 ]. However, the effects of these individual-, household- and environmental factors to malaria risk in Maluku and Papua has not been fully quantified.

Although there have been numerous studies on identifying risk factors associated with malaria infection in Indonesia [ 17 — 19 ], knowledge regarding individual, household, and village-level factors associated with malaria especially in both Maluku and Papua are still lacking.

Understanding the risk factors at each level is important so that effective resource allocation for local elimination malaria strategies can be implemented. Individual health outcome is influenced by various factors including the environment, communities, and socioeconomic condition of the area where they lived [ 20 , 21 ].

An appropriate and advance statistical modelling approach is needed as traditional statistics modeling could not able to fully explain the effect of covariates at each level on the individual outcome and it could potentially lead to the ecological fallacy. To overcome this problem, multilevel modelling approach could be used as it allows for the investigation of the effects of contextual variables measured at the different levels both at micro and macro-level on the individual-level outcome [ 20 , 22 — 24 ].

The role of environment and socioeconomic factors on malaria has been conducted in many parts in Indonesia [ 17 — 19 , 25 , 26 ].

However, there have been limited studies using multilevel approach to determine the effect of micro-level scale factors on the individual malaria infection, especially in Maluku and Papua where malaria is still highly prevalent. A recent Indonesian nationwide population-based survey, Basic Health Research Riset Kesehatan Dasar, RISKESDAS included malaria as one of infectious disease variable and collected household level information which enables us to obtain better understanding on household-level factors associated with malaria, especially in the province of Maluku, West Papua and Papua.

Lipid Profiles and Postprandial Glucose Status of Hypertensive Individuals with Stroke in Indonesia

The result of the study will provide evidence base for better strategies and resource allocation especially in these studied areas.

Methods Description of the study areas The present study was restricted to three provinces in eastern Indonesia: Maluku, West Papua and Papua province Fig. Maluku province has population of 1. While Papua province consisting 28 district and 1 municipality and it has population of 2.Tropical Diseases.

Overall, However, Coll de Tuero found significant association between the female gender OR 2.

The Guidelines of Tuberculosis and Its Remedies. An appropriate and advance statistical modelling approach is needed as traditional statistics modeling could not able to fully explain the effect of covariates at each level on the individual outcome and it could potentially lead to the ecological fallacy.

Budhiarta and K.

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