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Principles of marketing / Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong. -- 14th ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN ISBN Principles of Marketing This page intentionally left blank Principles of Marketing 17e gLOBaL eDitiOn Philip Kotler Northwestern University Gary Armstrong. PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING. • Marketing is human activity directed at satisffying needs and wants through exchange processes. Philip Kotler

Principles Of Marketing Pdf

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Original eighth edition en titled Principles of Marketing published by Prentice Hall Inc. A Simon & Schuster Company. Upper Saddle River. New Jersey, USA. Page 1. Principles of Marketing. Principles of Marketing. Kotler & Armstrong: Principles of Marketing, 9th edition. 1 / Page 2. Principles of Marketing. Table of. Philip Kotler Principles Of Marketing Pdf previous post Facebook Setting Up Your Organization Public Profile Page EBook Pdf.

The discussion also skipped a commonly known period when emphasis on selling was prevalent, skipping from product concept to marketing concepts, while ignoring the discussion on social responsibility in the 80s. Accuracy rating: 4 Accuracy is not a major issue for this book.

Most contents are explained adequately for concept delivery. Examples used are apparently out of date, e.

Many of the examples are prior to so that examples need to be updated to be relevant to today's students. Most basic content is consistent with other textbooks, just on a shallow side. For marketing, the key strategic decisions are in segmentation, targeting, positioning, and differentiation.

It would be probably more appropriate to place strategic planning close to the chapter on segmentation, targeting, and positioning. With so much content in marketing to cover, a standing-alone chapter on professional selling is uncalled for. It also incorrectly over-inflates the role of sales in marketing curriculum. Most students, business and non-business, do not see professional selling as their career aspiration either, if they have the choice.

There is an obvious omission in international marketing. The author's claim that global coverage is built in throughout the textbook cannot be observed.

Principles in Marketing (7734)

Without having a devoted chapter in international marketing, some basic concepts in international management are not presented. The same is for sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. The author seemed to understand their importance, but not important enough to have their own sections. On the other hand, the author had no issue in having a chapter in professional selling without clear justification for its inclusion.

These are obviously the author's own selection bias and personal preferences, not necessarily what students ought to learn from the course.

Clarity The writing is good for average college students. It is mostly easy to follow.

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Given the importance of measurement, a tendency exists to measure what is easy to quantify rather than what is important. Project managers must guard against this and focus on the key areas. Good control systems often detect and rectify problems before they become significant and managers should remember that prevention is better than cure. Try to be proactive rather than reactive.

The process is broken down into a series of simple steps.

Firstly, a target is set. Ideally, this is integrated into overall strategic planning.

Secondly, a method of measurement has to be determined and implemented. Finally, measured results are compared with the predetermined target s and corrective action, if required, is undertaken. There are two sides to the control equation — inputs and outputs.

If only output is considered then the system is one of inspection as opposed to control. Correctly addressing both sides of the equation allows management to optimize the process and take a strategic view.

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Typical inputs include : Finance :investment, working capital and cash. Operations :capacity, usage, efficiency and application of machines, systems and other assets.

People :numbers, quality and skills of staff. Output is measured in terms of overall system performance.

Performance is derived from a combination of efficiency and effectiveness: Efficiency : How well utilized are the inputs? Do we make maximum use of finance, minimize cost and operate at optimum levels of capacity?

Effectiveness : Are we doing the right things?A product orientation is based on the assumption that, all things being equal, consumers will purchase products of a superior quality. From a function perspective is moving the demand curve to the right, reducing the elasticity of demand. There is an obvious omission in international marketing.

Marketing Research and Market Intelligence. Cultural Relevance.

Firstly, a target is set. As stated above, readers are invited to add their definitions or modifications in the comment section below.

Inter-departmental conflicts may occur, should a firm adhere to the marketing orientation. It is the process through which companies accelerate returns by aligning all communication objectives advertising, marketing, sales, etc , into one department to more efficiently achieve the overall corporate goals.

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