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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

You already know about making money by selling things on eBay, but what if you could enhance your bank account by not selling things?. I'm going to show you how you can make a lot of money by undertaking. JV' (Joint If you've ever seen my best selling Ebook 'Ebay Auction Income Streams'. I make money. I spend almost nothing to acquire items to sell. I usually get them as payment for cleaning basements and attics or helping folks move. I get stuff.

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How we made over $ from selling things on eBay. Plus, insider tips on how to make money on eBay from Jim Griffith, a senior executive at eBay. This a great way to make up to $ per day online using a very simple method using eBay without selling anything yourself. Nothing new for those of us who have been around a while and it have the start up cash to start an seo project or something similar so for them this would be the way I would go. making money eBay without selling Update: Some parts of this post are no longer valid since eBay's affiliate program – now called eBay.

I shipped out two, then now she's saying she only received one even though USPS says it was delivered. Always get tracking by the way. It's part of the job.

How to start selling on eBay and Amazon with zero money

You HAVE to be polite. Just know that you are protected in cases like that, and it's just a matter of time before eBay makes a decision in your favor, but if you're rude and mean, customers CAN slap you with a harassment case.

If you're found guilty, you can be kicked off. Even the little snarky remarks are considered harassment, so always practice fantastic customer service skills.

This is exactly opposite if you sell on Amazon. With eBay, the rarer the items are, the more money you'll get, the faster it'll sell, and the more bidders will bid. Speaking of bidding, I never hold bidding auctions. I do buy-it-now with payment required now. Just save yourself the hassle of all the thousands of non-paying bidders out there wasting your time and set your items for buy-it-now.

You can do best offer, but in my opinion, it's a waste of time. You'll start to know what people want to buy, what they like, what you're selling well and just sell that. What do you like?

What are you most knowledgeable in? You want to sell those types of things. For me, it's Littlest Pet Shops. They make over 3, different pets and they are considered collectors items, since you can't just go and buy what you want in the stores. Kids and parents alike go crazy over them and there's an entire underground world of LPS. Another great thing to sell on eBay that is highly sought after and profitable is Lalaloopsy.

Lalaloopsy's are fairly new, so they could fade out in time, but the LPS have been selling since the 's, and well I might add. You can check out my complete guide on Littlest Pet Shops here. I hope that I have inspired you to get started selling on eBay and see the huge potential in making a fantastic living on eBay.

It'll take some time for you to get established to the point that you are steadily selling. You'll want a large selection if you want continual sales, enough to make a great living from eBay, but most people don't need THAT much. I have been fortunate to be able to be a single stay-at-home-mom, and I wish all the best to you as well in your endeavor to work from home.

In our economy and the way things are going, this will become more and more possible as the years go on. There are so many things you can do to work from home and earn legitimate money to help your family.

Are you ready to get serious about flipping? Check out this free webinar. While some things are expected to stay in your inventory for a lengthy time, such as a rare, uncommon, or specialty items waiting for the right customer, some others just need to be taken down and donated or sold in a yard sale.

The eBay Community

Donations can be used as tax credits. Optimize your listing for search: Make sure you title your listing so that potential buyers can find what they are looking for.

Do not use superfluous adjectives such as beautiful , commas, dashes or other punctuation that is not going to be searched for. Try to use all spaces allowed by eBay in your title using only relevant search terms to maximize your chances of being found by anyone searching for your particular item.

Item descriptions should look professional and enticing —— so watch for misspellings within your listing as well. Fill in as many Item Specifics as you can: Potential customers looking for specific items will be routed to your listings with those fields completed.

Think of these like long-tail keywords on Google. Listings must include good photos: If you want your listings to stand out from the rest, great pictures are essential. Having good lighting will show off your item, but another important aspect is capturing the subject matter without background distractions such as the bathroom toilet or table clutter.

Take the time to crop your photos if you must. If feasible, take all 12 photos that eBay offers free.

Disclose any flaws or issues with an item within the Condition portion of your listing as well as in the Item Description. Failing to do so most likely will result in a return and negative feedback. Give great customer service: Keep emotions in check when dealing with disgruntled buyers or sarcastic messages from potential buyers. Successful business owners offer excellent customer service, and you, as an eBay business owner, should adopt the same high standards. When a customer is dissatisfied, be courteous and as helpful as you can be to resolve any issues.

There will always be the occasional disgruntled, angry, unhappy person out there who will cross your path. Communicate with your buyer to resolve any issues in a professional manner and do your best to rectify any problems.

Be professional and to the point with eBay, offering the pertinent information, and not whining and complaining about an unreasonable buyer. More than likely you will come out a winner.

And if not, just chalk it up a battle lost in the greater war and move on. Get acquainted with shipping methods and pricing: The weight and size of an item will determine the correct shipping method. You do not want to miscalculate the shipping costs, which can hurt your buyer or you.

How to Make Money with eBay in 2019

Keep an updated chart of USPS as well as FedEx shipping rates handy and stay abreast of rate changes, as they inevitably will change. Ship on time: This is crucial to maintain good standing with eBay and with your buyers. My personal favourite eBay niche is vintage computing and gaming items.

I love playing around with the retro kit, so cleaning it up, photographing it, writing about it and making sure it works is all part of the fun.

I also keep some of the best bits for my personal collection! Several years back ago I used to buy several copies of certain printed UK Nintendo magazines, because I knew the bundled giveaway gifts would be collectable in other countries.

It allows you to see what items typically sell for, how rare they are and most importantly how much you can expect to make.

How to make money on eBay in 37 minutes

Make use of Gumtree Gumtree and other classified ad sites can sometimes prove a rich source of items to resell. As a specific example, I have some saved searches for specific items that I collect and resell, and receive an email notification is anyone lists one. Hit the yard sales Similarly, another option is to buy things at yard sales and car boot sales and resell them on eBay.

We need to be honest here, however: People have been doing this for years, so really profitable items are more of a once a year lucky find than a regular occurrence. If you stick to searching for items you genuinely know about as per point four , you can cash in here. We never have much luck with books, as an example. The combination of low selling prices plus high postage costs makes selling them there rather thankless and not very lucrative.

Amazon tends to be a better bet for books, and Discogs is good for records — in our experience at least.Make sure that your item was delivered as described and arrives quickly to ensure good feedback from your buyer.

'I made £2.5m selling other people's junk on eBay'

Your products are always changing because your consumers change. Like any business, you need to research, plan and then implement and evaluate your plan.

Sorry to bring back Oz's curtain And, yeah, I know you're going to look at my stuff and make a comment about how it's not worth your time, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. You'll want a large selection if you want continual sales, enough to make a great living from eBay, but most people don't need THAT much.

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