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PDF | On Jan 1, , Dragi Antonijevic and others published In book: Lexikon Motorentechnik, Chapter: Wärmeübertrager, Publisher. Notes: Title from PDF title page (SAE Web site, 08/15/). Description: 1 electronic text (xix, Other Titles: Lexikon Motorentechnik. Responsibility: [edited by]. Get Free Access To | Lexikon Motorentechnik PDF Now. Lexikon Motorentechnik. Download: Lexikon Motorentechnik. LEXIKON MOTORENTECHNIK - This site.

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Download Ewerben Rbeiten Undigen free pdf, Download Ewerben Rbeiten basshuysen und f. scher lexikon motorentechnik herausgegeben von r. van. States And Canada Download Pdf, Free Pdf Regional Geography Of The United States . der lebendigen erde, grundlagen fahrzeug- und motorentechnik (bosch immunology, klinische infektiologie, taschenbuch der riechstoffe: ein lexikon. Ministro E Secretario Destado Dos Negocios Estrangeiros As Iliias Ilawaiiannas Portuguese Edition · Lexikon Motorentechnik Der Verbrennungsmotor Von A Z.

For efficient replication of sulphurisation of the catalyst system in the real driving a dynamic load profile by the use of diesel fuel is being driven with high sulfur content. Andererseits bleibt die Abgastemperatur deutlich unter der katalysatorspezifischen Entschwefelungstemperatur hier beginnt diese bei ca. In this way equivalent can be simulated on a driving distance of about 1, km in 1 h of sulfur deposition.

In this procedure, there is inevitably also for storing a small amount of soot from the engine combustion.

At this temperature, before the the engine and during regeneration emitted hydrocarbons almost completely converted. The objective of this procedure is to desorb the stored in the DOC-DPF system sulfur compounds thermally completely, so that in the following regeneration can be no formation of sulfuric acid. In general, it may also lead to the formation of a sulfuric acid aerosol according to the principle described during desorption.

To avoid this, the gradient of the exhaust gas temperature must be set so that the desorption rate is limited to a level at which the SOx concentration in the exhaust gas is low. This is done by selectively changing suitable parameters in the electronic engine control.

The active regeneration can be triggered by the engine control unit. As in real driving conditions while the exhaust gas temperature at the cylinder outlet through targeted adaptation of motor parameters see above.

In addition, a portion of the fuel leaves the cylinder unburned. The exhaust gas temperature is controlled by using an air cooled heat exchanger according to the counterflow principle to a level which is below the dew point of sulfuric acid, but above the dew point of water at the given pressure conditions.


The text for keywords that do not appear in the List of Subjects and Authors was written by the publishers. The explosion of engineering insights and detailed knowledge engendered by more than one hundred years of development of the combustion engine reflects the wide variety of engineering demands met, the many structural components involved, and the intricacies of their interactions.

The technological essentials of the combustion engine and its peripheral modules are covered in the approximately pages and illustrations of this volume. This positions each keyword within its relevant context, reflecting the reality that the keywords are by no means isolated terms, but rather derive much of their significance from their relevance within the whole picture. In addition to accepting the challenge of presenting the current state of the art of engine development, the publishers took particular pains to present theory and practice in a balanced ratio.

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This was made possible mainly by contributions from so many top-grade experts from industry and science. With their help, a reference work has been created that we hope will be as useful in the contexts of theory and research as in everyday practice. This book is intended, above all, for specialists in the automotive, engine, petroleum, and supporting industries, be they scientists or practitioners, and to serve as a study guide and reference for students.

It also can provide useful advice and information to patent lawyers, automotive salespeople, official bodies, journalists, and interested laypersons.

Despite the efforts of everyone involved, it is unavoidable in a volume of this scope that keywords may have been left out entirely or may have been given insufficient coverage. We are therefore well aware that the book could be improved and would appreciate any ideas and information that serve this purpose. In , he earned his university degree of engineering.

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In , van Basshuysen joined NSU AG, where he directed the experimental unit working on engine and transmission development, including development of the Wankel engine, and rose to the position of vice director of experimental automotive engineering.

In , NSU was taken over by what is now Audi AG, at which he assumed the post of director of development for luxury vehicles and director of engine and transmission development; he also was elected by the managerial employees to a seat on the supervisory board of Audi AG.

His most significant development was the first passenger-car diesel engine with detoxified emissions, direct injection, and turbocharging, which van Basshuysen established in the face of considerable opposition in his own company within the VW Group.

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Watanabe Toyota: Resch , O. Knaus , T.

Der Porsche 6-Zylinder-Boxermotor erklärt

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Gaul , M. Koegl , M. Zieher , F. Langmayr , A. Ennemoser , A. Jelatancev , G. Hager , K. Lee , D. Hage , S. Ohta , Y. Irie , K. Yamamoto , H. Teodorescu , D.The lexicon was thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded to reach its present form. Find a copy online Links to this item SAE.

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