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Alfred Kinsey's reports on human sexual behavior have been revolutionizing the ways in which individuals think about sexuality and sexual. cover and report. I say "may be studies the findings of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey and · his associates at Indiana Dr. Kinsey has studied sex phenomena of human. CHARLES DARWIN. The Kinsey Reports. To the Editor, Eugenics Review. SIR,- The review of Kinsey's Sexual Behavior of the Human Female* in your last issue .

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year survey of the sex habits of the Ameri The Kinsey group has had the THE Kinsey report deals a shattering Contrary to the traditional idea that the. By Robert H. Knight. Indiana University zoologist Alfred C. Kinsey shocked the nation in with the Here are some ways the Kinsey reports distorted reality: . though the 50th anniversary. ) of the IUnsey Reports. KRs) received modest atten- tion from the news media, I assure you that the folks at the Kinsey.

The root of the problem was sexual: Kinsey's Reception in Europe 41 "From earliest childhood on he had not only learned to be the wooing one, but also to seek something that was only granted with hesitation and reluctance. There were at least two strands of argumentation in the overwhelming consensus that petting was a dysfunctional practice. Europeans were convinced that petting could not possibly offer any kind of true sexual satisfaction.

They were also sure that a woman who had engaged in premarital petting would not achieve orgasm in marital coitus because she would never be able to give completely of herself. Additionally, the American tendency to pet with many partners before marriage, while seemingly offeting "pleasure without regret" actually rendered men and women incapable of lasting l o v e. Indeed, a contributor to the influential German magazine Merkur was convinced that the Kinsey Report, "despite its impressive qualities," was itself yet another symptom of a wider American Puritanism and unhappiness.

Kinsey Reports

The prevalence in the United States of petting was part of a more generally sex-negative climate. Impossible for instance that the majority of men would not want to see the body of their wife or that these would 'take their propriety into bed with them' as someone concisely summarized his experiences with American women.

U While the straight and mainstream reception in Europe was incoherent about female sexual response and yet simultaneously also not without insight about American peculiarities and inhibitions in the ways described, the homophile reception especially in France and West Germany--was thoroughly enthusiastic.

West German homosexual men who had survived Nazism in trauma and terror wrote poignant letters to Alfred Kinsey requesting his assistance in helping to decriminalize male homosexuality. Kinsey had offered a "message of deliverance" from the "ravages" produced by "Church-Family-School," the anarchist and homosexual rights activist Daniel Gurrin declared.

One of the most notable was the prominent West Kinsey's Reception in Europe 43 German sociologist Helmut Schelsky, who wrote extended essays against Kinsey's methods and the substance of his arguments.

While Kinsey, along with Kinsey-inspired West German homosexual rights activists emphasized the harm done to homosexual men by homophobia, Schelsky presented homosexual men as suffering from narcissism and a deficit of heterosexual vitality and maturity. Homophobic attitudes and ongoing criminalization of homosexuality were based on accurate assessments of the incapacity for citizenship evinced by homosexual men.

Significantly, however, there were also some conservative critiques of Kinsey that were strikingly perceptive and especially prescient about problems that would emerge in the course of the sexual revolution for which Kinsey was such an important precursor.

French commentators in particular worried over the deromanticization of sex that was implied by Kinsey's narrowminded fixation on the strictly quantitative--and not even qualit a t i v e - m e a s u r e m e n t of orgasms. European commentators, whatever their own ideological perspective on sex, were uniformly alert to the fact that despite Kinsey's many announcements that he was purely value-neutral, scrupulously scientific, and empiricist, he was actually an urgent ethicist with a strongly sex-affirmative a n t i - g u i l t agenda.

But while some c o n s e r v a t i v e commentators attacked him for his implicit endorsement of nonnormative behaviors-his endorsement of marital infidelity was most often singled out as upsetting--there were also critics who thought there was something sad as opposed to threatening in the world Kinsey envisioned.

These were the factors that would lead to "fertile inventiveness" in lovemaking, o r - - i f those factors were absent--to "leaden boredom. In the late s and early s, when Alfred Kinsey was first publishing his research results, and when Americans and Europeans alike were first declaring that his discovery that actual human behavior was profoundly at odds with social expectations would lead inevitably to more relaxed laws and mores, the assumption was that liberating human sexuality from external constraint would lead to greater social happiness in the liberal or radical view or greater social anarchy in the conservative view.

However, while laws on both sides of the Atlantic have been liberalized although the long-delayed dismanfling of antisodomy laws in the U. Bush , the confusion among liberals and radicals over how best to defend the gains of the sexual revolution is palpable. And there is an even more shattering loss of eloquence in defending the value of sexual freedom itself.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

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Robinson, P. The Modernization of Sex. Shelp, E.Yet commentators in the United States who praised Kinsey tended to emphasize how important it was that the silence covering sexual matters was being broken, and that the gap between norms and behavior was finally being closed, as ordinary people discovered that they were not alone in their deviation from the codes of propriety. Early overviews of U.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female , p. An additional category, X, was mentioned to describe those who had "no socio-sexual contacts or reactions," [24] which has been cited by scholars to mean asexuality.

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

Preview Unable to display preview. Tukey was perhaps the most vocal critic, saying, "A random selection of three people would have been better than a group of chosen by Mr. By supplementary data, Kinsey meant correspondences in which participants shared day-to-day records of their activities along with their thinking on the various aspects of sex.

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