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Intermediate Algebra. Anne Gloag. Andrew Gloag. Mara Landers. Remixed by. James Sousa. Say Thanks to the Authors. Click Study algebra online free by downloading OpenStax's Intermediate Algebra book and Intermediate Algebra. View online · Download a PDF. Beginning and Intermediate Algebra by Tyler Wallace is licensed under a http://

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Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, by Tyler Wallace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported License. The course was originally. Welcome to Intermediate Algebra, an OpenStax resource. You can access this textbook for free in web view or PDF through Chapter 4: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. This allows the relationship to act as a magic Chapter 7: Blah Anatomy & Physiology.

And to do that. Each of the following is a rational number: The set of all numbers x such that x is an odd natural number less than 9. In order to fill in the remaining numbers on the number line. We can easily write another name for this set using roster notation. Do Exercises 5 and 6.

Roster notation: Answers 4. Set-builder notation is used to specify conditions under which a number is in a set. Name the set consisting of the first seven odd whole numbers using both roster notation and set-builder notation. These points correspond to what are called irrational numbers. They cannot be represented as the quotient of two integers.

The real-number line has a point for every rational number. No rational number can be multiplied by itself to get 2. Recall that decimal notation for rational numbers either terminates or has a repeating block of digits. The decimal notation for an irrational number neither terminates nor repeats. It is also the number that. We say that 1. Real numbers: The set of all rational numbers. Negative integers: Whole numbers: Given the numbers Irrational numbers: Every point on the number line represents some real number and every real number is represented by some point on the number line.

Note that. The answer is. For any two numbers on the line. Every true inequality yields another true inequality if we interchange the numbers or variables and reverse the direction of the inequality sign. If x is a negative real number. Answers 8. Insert 6 or 7 for sentence.

These are inequalities. If x is a positive real number. The graph consists of 2 as well as the numbers less than 2. We shade all numbers to the left of 2 and use a bracket at 2 to indicate that it is also a solution. Numbers in this set include. True The solutions consist of all real numbers greater than. A graph of an inequality is a drawing that represents its solution set.

Write true or false. Graph each inequality. The set of all solutions is called the solution set. Exercises 25—28 are on the following page. Write a different inequality with the same meaning. We indicate this by using a parenthesis at. False A replacement that makes it true is called a solution. Answers Match each inequality with one of the graphs shown below.

Since distance is always a nonnegative number.

If a number is negative. The distance from 6 to 0 is 6. We call the distance of a number from 0 on the number line the absolute value of the number. Find the absolute value. If a number is positive or zero. The absolute value of 6 is 6.

The set of all rational numbers The set of all real numbers greater than. Name the rational numbers. Name the real numbers. The set of all negative integers greater than. Name the natural numbers. Use set-builder notation to name each set.

Name the whole numbers. Name the integers. Name the irrational numbers.


The set of all real numbers less than or equal to 21 R. The set of all positive integers less than 13 The set of all odd whole numbers less than 13 The set of all even natural numbers The set of all real numbers The Synthesis exercises found at the end of every exercise set challenge students to combine concepts or skills studied in that section or in preceding parts of the text. List the following numbers in order from least to greatest. Then we move 7 units right since 7 is positive.

The answer is 4. We begin at 0 and move 2 units left since -2 is negative. We begin at 0 and move 3 units left since. The answer is Add using the number line. Then we move 5 units further left since. Operations with Real Numbers We now review addition.

Then we move 8 units left since -8 is negative. We begin at 0 and move 6 units right since 6 is positive. Answers 5. You may have noticed some patterns in the preceding examples. A positive and a negative number: It says that for any real number a. The result is positive. The sum is. Negative numbers: Add absolute values.

Intermediate Algebra - 11th Edition.pdf

Subtract the smaller absolute value from the larger: Add the absolute values: These lead us to rules for adding without using the number line.

The sum is 0. One number is zero: The sum is the other number. Find the absolute values: Make the answer negative.

The negative number. Positive numbers: Add the numbers. The numbers have the same absolute value. Make the answer negative: The positive number. Rule 4 is known as the identity property of 0. Symbolism like. The result is 0.

A symbol such as. Do Exercises 18— Every real number has an opposite. Evaluate The opposite of the opposite of 23 is Such numbers are also called additive inverses.. Note in Example 14 b that an extra set of parentheses is used to show that we are substituting the negative number.

When a variable is involved. To name the opposite. When opposites are added..

We can use the symbolism. Suppose we add two numbers that are opposites. The absolute value of a is the opposite of a if a is negative. Find the opposite.

Change the sign. That is. The absolute value of a is a if a is nonnegative. Although this illustrates the formal definition of subtraction. We can subtract by adding the opposite additive inverse of the number being subtracted.

Then make the answer negative. Do Exercises 32— Using this definition and the rules for multiplying. Look for a pattern and complete. What happens when we multiply a positive number and a negative number? Do Exercise What happens when we multiply two negative numbers? The answer is positive. The reciprocal of a negative number is negative. The reciprocal of a positive number is positive.

Multiply or divide the absolute values. Do Exercises 43— But when any number is multiplied by 0. Find the reciprocal of each number. If the signs are the same. Thus the only possibility for n would be 0. By the definition of division.

Not defined In fact. Division by 0 is not defined and is not possible.

Beginning/ Intermediate Algebra: Tyler Wallace (Pdf Text)

Division by 0. Excluding Division by Zero We cannot divide a nonzero number n by zero. Not defined 1 8 5 To multiply or divide two real numbers: If the signs are different. The following properties can be used to make sign changes. On the other hand. Complete the following table. Do not change the sign when taking the reciprocal of a number. Exercises 47—51 are on the preceding page. You can expect such exercises in every exercise set.

What number can be added to Review of Basic Algebra Given the numbers The reciprocal of an electric resistance is called conductance. Use either 6 or 7 for Answers to all skill maintenance exercises are found at the back of the book. If you miss an exercise.

What number can be multiplied by When two resistors are connected in parallel. Write exponential notation. Exponential notation an. Do Exercises 4— In the exponential notation This leads to the following agreement. We will agree that exponents of 1 and 0 have that meaning. What happens when the exponent is 1 or 0? We cannot have the base occurring as a factor 1 time or 0 times because there are no products. On this side.

For any nonzero number a. In order for the pattern to continue. Rewrite without exponents.

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Think of dividing by 10 on the right. To avoid this confusion. Look for a pattern below.

When an exponent is an integer greater than 1. To avoid such difficulties. Evaluate all exponential expressions. Do all multiplications and divisions in order from left to right. Do all the calculations within grouping symbols. Both results cannot be correct. If we multiply 2 times and add 8. If we add 8 and 2 and multiply by Most computers and calculators are programmed using these rules. Do Exercises 21 and Do Exercises 16— A negative exponent does not necessarily indicate that an answer is negative!

Do all additions and subtractions in order from left to right. Simplify and compare: When parentheses occur within parentheses. Do Exercises 23— There are no parentheses or powers so we start with the third rule. The result is What this shows. To calculate. Rewrite using a negative exponent.

The symbol Place parentheses in this statement to make it true: Then look for a pattern and find 36 without the use of a calculator. Determine which is larger: Find each of the following. Find Algebraic Expressions and Their Use In arithmetic. Then d is a constant.

When an equals sign. Which of the following are equations? All the expressions above are examples of algebraic expressions. To illustrate this. If a letter represents one particular number. The study of algebra involves the use of equations to solve problems. Department of Agriculture Answer 1. The purpose of Part 2 of this chapter is to provide a review of the types of expressions encountered in algebra and ways in which we can manipulate them.

Do Exercise 1. Equations are constructed from algebraic expressions. Then t is a variable. We compare algebraic expressions with equations in the table at left.

Equations can be used to solve applied problems. An algebraic expression consists of variables. Since we are using a variable for the number. The multipliers r and s are also called factors. Suppose we want to determine how much higher farm income was in than in If we knew the number to be We can use any variable we wish. Here we let t represent the number. Eight less than some number.

To find the number that x represents. A quotient m m. Refer to the graph on the preceding page. Answer 2. We can translate this problem to an equation. Do Exercise 2. Translate to an equation and solve: How much higher was farm income in than in ? One-fourth of some number Seventy-six percent of some number 7. We let r and s represent the two numbers. Answers 3. Carrying out the resulting calculation is called evaluating the expression.

Six more than eight times some number 8. Since we are using a variable. This time we let y represent the number. We substitute 83 for x and 49 for y and carry out the subtraction: Twenty-two more than some number. The number 34 is called the value of the expression. Sixteen minus some number 6. Sixteen less than some number Five more than some number 4. Forty-seven more than some number Half of a number Five more than three times some number The difference of two numbers Six less than the product of two numbers 5.

Five less than forty-three percent of the quotient of two numbers. Find the area of a triangle when h is 24 ft and b is 8 ft. The base of a triangular sail is 6. Evaluate 8. We substitute. In the next example. We substitute and carry out the calculations according to the rules for order of operations: Answers R. We substitute 6.

Evaluate x. Evaluate 1x. Do Exercises 9— Evaluate x 2. Evaluate 7ab. Geometric formulas must often be evaluated in applied problems. Find the area of the sail. How far did Megan travel? The product of -6 and t Exercise Set R.

Three times q The sum of p and q Lance drove his pickup truck at a speed of 65 mph for t hours. Twice z How far did he travel? Megan drove at a speed of 75 mph for t hours on an interstate highway in Arizona. The sum of a and b How much did Joe have after the purchase? How much remains? Use 3. Write an equation for the number of dollars N in the account 1 year from now. Marlana invests P dollars at 2. Area of a Parallelogram. Find the area of a flower garden that is shaped like a parallelogram with a height of 1.

The distance d that a rapid transit train in the Denver airport travels in time t at a speed r is given by speed times time.

Write an equation for d. Find the area and the circumference of the table. Area of a Dining Table. Synthesis Translate to an equation.

In that sense. Then look for expressions that are equivalent. Although 3x and 8x. Then look for expressions that may be equivalent. Two expressions that have the same value for all allowable replacements are called equivalent expressions. When solving equations and performing other operations in algebra. Do Exercises 3 and 4. Use multiplying by 1 to find an expression equivalent to 27 with a denominator of 7y.

In algebra. To find such simplified expressions. Use multiplying by 1 to find an 2 expression equivalent to 11 with a denominator of 44x.

The number 1 is the multiplicative identity. They have the same value for any allowable replacement. Using a commutative law. They illustrate that when we add two numbers. Calculations within grouping symbols are to be done first. Thus the expressions xy and yx are equivalent. These are examples of general patterns or laws. Do Exercises 7 and 8. For any numbers a and b.

We can change the order when multiplying without affecting the answer. Note that these expressions use parentheses as grouping symbols. We substitute 5 for x and 8 for y in both expressions: We can change the order when adding without affecting the answer.

They have the same values no matter what the variables stand for. Thus they are equivalent. We substitute 4 for x and 3 for y in both expressions: Using the commutative law and then the commutative law again Using the commutative law first and then the associative law Numbers can be grouped in any manner for multiplication. Use the commutative and the associative laws to write at least three expressions equivalent to 12 x2 y. Numbers can be grouped in any manner for addition.

For any numbers a. Evaluate a 1b c2 and 1a b2 c Do Exercises 9 and Do Exercises 11 and Since grouping symbols can be placed any way we please when only additions or only multiplications are involved. The first involves multiplication and addition. When only addition is involved. Evaluate p. Do Exercises 15 and This fact is the result of a law called the distributive law of multiplication over addition.

Evaluate 51a. We can subtract and then multiply. We can add and then multiply. Do Exercises 13 and Multiplying Expressions with Variables The distributive laws are the basis of multiplication in algebra as well as in arithmetic.

This fact is the result of a law called the distributive law of multiplication over subtraction. In the following examples. The other distributive law involves multiplication and subtraction.

Using the property a. List the terms of Thus the terms are 3x. Factoring an expression involves factoring its terms. So we factor out the 9. Answers 4 Terms of algebraic expressions are the parts separated by plus signs. In the following example. Whenever the terms of an expression have a factor in common. We proceed as in Examples 17 and Factoring Expressions with Variables The reverse of multiplying is called factoring.

We first find an equivalent expression that uses addition signs: The sum of the squares of two numbers [R. The square of the sum of two numbers Subtract. There are many situations in algebra in which we want to find either an alternative or a simpler expression equivalent to a given one.

We will consider this in Chapter 4. Answers 1. If powers. If two terms have no letters at all but are just numbers. We can simplify by collecting.

Intermediate Algebra Textbook

From the property of. Multiplying In other words. In that way. Negative 1 times a is the opposite of a. In this way. These parentheses can be removed by changing the sign of every term inside. Examples 10—14 show that we can find an equivalent expression for an opposite by multiplying every term by. In some expressions commonly encountered in algebra.

Example 14 illustrates something that you should remember. Thus we can skip some steps. Find an equivalent expression without parentheses. Review of Basic Algebra 1 3 4. If parentheses are preceded by an addition sign. We could also say that we change the sign of every term inside the parentheses.

A common error is to forget to change this sign. When multiplying by a negative number. Do Exercises 29 and We now consider subtracting an expression consisting of several terms preceded by a number other than. Remove parentheses and simplify. Evaluate both expressions in Exercise 23 to find the perimeter. Perimeter of a Football Field. Skill Maintenance Add.

We do this with several rules or properties regarding exponents. In general. This is true for any integer exponents. In some situations. Consider this division: Properties of Exponents and Scientific Notation R.

When multiplying with exponential notation. We can obtain the result by subtracting exponents. This is always the case. Then write the bottom exponent. Then write a subtraction sign. Then do the subtraction.

Divide and simplify. After writing the base. Subtracting exponents adding an opposite -2x y2 or 2x -y 2 would also be correct here.

We see that 2a 3 and 12a23 are not equivalent. Once again. We also see that we can evaluate the power 12a23 by raising each factor to the power 3.

Note that here we could have multiplied the exponents: Multiply exponents. To raise a power to a power. Consider an expression like This leads us to the following rule for raising a product to a power. In this case. Write the answer using positive exponents. To raise a product to the nth power. Properties of Exponents and Scientific Notation 9x 4 y 16 Now we study another. You are already familiar with fraction notation. American Veterinary Medical Association.

Do Exercises 21—23 on the preceding page. During these visits. The following are examples of scientific notation: M is greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10 11 … M 6 A positive exponent in scientific notation indicates a large number greater than or equal to 10 and a negative exponent indicates a small number between 0 and 1.

We apply the commutative and the associative laws to get You should try to make conversions to scientific notation mentally as much as possible. Do Exercises 24— Multiply and write scientific notation for the answer. Each of the following is not scientific notation. This number is less than 1. Light travels 9. The mass of a grain of sand is 0. To find scientific notation for the result.

The distance from the earth to the sun is 9. Light travels 5. Do Exercises 28 and Here is a handy mental device. We can use the properties of exponents when we multiply and divide in scientific notation. Light from the Sun to Pluto. The distance from the dwarf planet Pluto to the sun is about 3.

We convert to scientific notation and multiply: About how many seconds does it take light from the sun to reach Pluto? Write scientific notation for the answer. Write scientific notation for the mass of the sun. The mass of the sun is about About how many seconds does it take light from the sun to reach Neptune? Light travels 1. About 1. The planet Neptune is about 2. Write scientific notation for the mass of Jupiter. The mass of the planet Jupiter is about times the mass of Earth.

Mass of Jupiter. Do Exercises 32 and See Example The Hondy Science Answer Book The mass of Earth is about 5. The graphing calculator can be used to perform computations using scientific notation. Then we press F o to go to the home screen and enter the computation by pressing 3.

To find the product in Example 26 and express the result in scientific notation. Calculator Corner Scientific Notation To enter a number in scientific notation on a graphing calculator.

EE is the second operation associated with the. The decimal portion of the number appears before a small E and the exponent follows the E. Write the number of cell-phone subscribers in and in in scientific notation. December Coupon Redemptions. Shoppers redeemed 2. In Write scientific notation for the number of coupons redeemed. Cell-Phone Subscribers. This number increased to million in CMS Sources: USA Weekend. The rate of triplet and higher The Dark Knight Opening Weekend.

Insect-Eating Lizard. Find the total amount that the movie earned in its opening weekend. Its feet will adhere to virtually any surface because they contain millions of miniscule hairs. Bureau of Labor Statistics Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Multiply and write the answer in scientific notation.

The wavelength of a certain red light is 6. Multiple-Birth Rate. The mass of an electron is 9. A gecko is an insect-eating lizard. The average distance from the sun to Venus is about 6. National Center for Health Statistics Source: The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Venus has a nearly circular orbit of the sun. Oregon Convert each number to decimal notation. Orbit of Venus. Write billionths in scientific notation. How far does Venus travel in one orbit? The average person knows about Computer Calculations.

American Meat Institute One light-year is 5. What part of the total number of words does the average person know? Americans consume hot dogs per second in the summer.

Seconds in Years. The average discharge at the mouth of the Amazon River is 4. How many light-years is it from Earth to Alpha Centauri? About how many seconds are there in yr? Assume that there are days in one year. Hot Dog Consumption. Its distance from Earth is about 2. How many pounds does a five-dollar bill weigh? The brightest star in the night sky. How many calculations can be performed in one minute? The New York Times. Unlike static PDF Elementary And Intermediate Algebra 4th Edition solution manuals or printed answer keys, our experts show you how to solve each problem step-by-step.

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Why buy extra books when you can get all the homework help you need in one place?We begin at 0 and move 6 units right since 6 is positive. When an equals sign. Do Exercise 7. The sum of a and b We use the roster method to describe three frequently used subsets of real numbers. It is purely for you to link to for information or fun as you go through the study session.

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