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Injeel Barnabas Urdu Translation Pdf Free Download. Injeel Barnabas Urdu Translation by Maulana Muhammad Saleem Ansari Read online Free Download in. The Holy Bible in Urdu known as the Holy Injil or Kitab-i Muqaddas. The Gospel of Barnabas is an apocryphal gospel. That is, it is a life of Jesus purportedly written by a first-hand observer that is at variance with the picture(s).

Nazareth was not a fishing village, in fact it was about 14 km from the sea of Galilee and situated in the hills of a mountain range!

However the author of this book does not! This casts doubt over the claim that he was a disciple of Jesus.

Injeel Barnabaas Urdu.pdf

It also make us doubt that he ever lived in that region. Conclusion: the Gospel of Barnabas makes basic mistakes about the language, history and geography of the Jewish world in the 1st century A. These types of mistakes cast doubt over the claim that it was written by Barnabas in the 1st century. However, there are a few rare occasions when it does not.

The Qur'an teaches that Jesus is the Messiah, and it never teaches that Muhammad is the Messiah: Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a word from him, whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary Qur'an , Pickthall. Then said the priest: "How shall the Messiah be called? Jesus answered "Muhammed is his blessed name" chap. Both these ideas contradict the Qur'an. Marriage in the Qur'an binds a woman to one man but it does not bind a man to one woman.

Muslim men are free to have several wives Qur'an and an unlimited number of female servants Qur'an However, the Gospel of Barnabas teaches the Biblical idea of marriage, that marriage binds a man and a woman equally together: Let a man content himself therefore with the wife whom his creator has given him, and let him forget every other woman chap.

The Qur'an clearly teaches that Mary had pain when she gave birth to Jesus: A nd she withdrew with him to a far place.

And the pangs of childbirth drove her unto the trunk of the palm tree. Qur'an , Pickthall However, the Gospel of Barnabas teaches the opposite: The virgin was surrounded by a light exceeding bright, and brought forth her son without pain chap. The Qur'an teaches that there are seven heavens: The seven heavens and the earth praise Him Qur'an , Pickthall.

However the Gospel of Barnabas teaches that there are nine heavens: Verily I say unto thee that the heavens are nine, among which are set the planets, that are distant one from another five hundred years journey for a man chap. The Gospel of Barnabas and the 14th Century A. There is good evidence that links this Gospel of Barnabas to the 14th century A.

The Jubilee year is a celebration commanded by God in the Torah. It was to be observed every fifty years: Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each one of you is to return to his family property and each to his own clan. The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you Leviticus , NIV.

In the year A.

Introduction to Injeel-e-Barnabas URDU

However the next Pope, Clement VI, changed it back to every 50 years, and so it was celebrated in A. The author of the Gospel of Barnabas has unknowingly accepted the Pope's false decree as true and included it in his book. For in the Gospel of Barnabas these words are put on Jesus' lips: I nsomuch that the year of Jubilee, which now comes every years, shall by the Messiah be reduced to every year in every place chap.

Is there any other evidence that could date this book to the 14th century? There is. Dante was a famous and popular poet of the 14th and later centuries. Among Dante's work is a book of poetry called, The Divine Comedy. Dante describes ascending through nine heavens, with paradise being the 10th.

The author of the Gospel of Barnabas describes, in the same way as Dante, nine heavens before paradise: Paradise is so great that no man can measure it. Verily I say unto thee that the heavens are nine, among which are set the planets, that are distant one from another five hundred years journey for a man It appears that the author of the Gospel of Barnabas could have taken the idea of the nine heavens from reading Dante.

The manuscript evidence for this book is from after the 14th century. The oldest copies are written in Italian and Spanish and these are dated from the 15th century A.

So far we have seen that the author of the Gospel of Barnabas was not familiar with the language, history or geography of the time of Jesus. He also has several 14th century ideas in his book and the manuscript evidence dates from the 15th century onwards. It therefore is reasonable to conclude that the Gospel of Barnabas was composed in the 14th century A. Is this a reasonable conclusion? It seems so because even some Islamic scholars agree with this dating: As regards the "Gospel of Barnabas" itself, there is no question that it is a medieval forgery It contains anachronisms which can date only from the Middle Ages and not before, and shows a garbled comprehension of Islamic doctrines, calling the Prophet the "Messiah", which Islam does not claim for him.

The contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been public knowledge for many years and you can learn for yourself what scrolls were discovered by going to any major library and reading a book on the subject. What is common knowledge is that no part of the Gospel of Barnabas has been found among these scrolls.

This is an important fact to know because some Muslims have put pictures of the Dead Sea Scrolls on the cover of their editions of the Gospel of Barnabas. This is an attempt to deceive people into thinking that the Gospel of Barnabas in an ancient document. The book shown to the right is an example of this deceitful behaviour. In many modern editions of the Gospel of Barnabas there is an introduction or appendix entitled, "How the Gospel of Barnabas Survived".

For many people what Rahim has written has convinced them of the antiquity of the Gospel of Barnabas.

For this reason I will now examine in detail the evidence he gives. Rahim, p. I am not aware of any evidence, and until some evidence is provided this claim is baseless. Rahim continues: It is known that it the Gospel of Barnabas was being circulated in the first and second centuries after the birth of Jesus from the writings of Iranaeus A.

He opposed Paul whom he accused of being responsible for the assilation of the pagan Roman religion and Platonic philosophy into the original teaching of Jesus. He quoted extensively from the Gospel of Barnabas in support of his views. He claims that the early church theologian, Irenaeus, quoted the gospel of Barnabas as he opposed the Apostle Paul.

When this claim is investigated it is found to be false. The writings of Irenaeus are readily available[12] and I have examined them and he never quotes the Gospel of Barnabas.

This is why Rahim cannot refer to where in Irenaeus' work he quotes the Gospel of Barnabas. Nor is Irenaeus opposed to the Apostle Paul as Rahim claims. In fact he endorsed the Apostle Paul and quotes Paul's writings as authoritative scripture. Consider what Irenaeus writes: God at first narrated the formation of the world in these words: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" Genesis and all other things in succession; but neither gods nor angels [had any share in the work].

Now, that this God is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Paul the apostle also has declared, [saying,] "There is one God, the Father, who is above all, and through all things, and in us all" Ephesian I have indeed proved already that there is only one God; but I shall further demonstrate this from the apostles themselves, and from the discourses of the Lord Jesus. The doctrine of the Trinity was declared to be the official doctrine of the Pauline Church, and one of the consequences of this decision was that out of the three hundred or so Gospels exant at the time, four were chosen as the official Gospels of the Church.

The remaining Gospels, including the Gospel of Barnabas, were ordered to be destroyed completely. It was also decided that all Gospels written in Hebrew should be destroyed. An edict was issued stating that anyone found in possession of an unauthorised Gospel would be put to death. None of them were about selecting or rejecting any Gospels. Nor were there any edicts about executing a person for being "in possession of an unauthorised Gospel".

Rahim's scholarship is very poor indeed; he seems to be inventing his own evidence. Rahim continues: In fact, it is known that the Pope secured a copy of the Gospel of Barnabas in A. It is very poor scholarship to make such claims and provide no evidence.

I am not aware of any evidence, and until some is provided this claim is baseless.

Rahim continues: In the fourth year of the Emperor Zeno's rule in A. The Acta Sanctorum Acts of the Saints is available in major libraries and the internet. What the Acta Sanctorum actually says is: The relics of Barnabas the Apostle were found in Cyprus under a cherry tree, having upon his breast the Gospel of St. Matthew copied by Barnabas own hand. The book is said to be revealed to him as chants. Even though the original texts of the book is said to be lost, most of the Muslims read and follow it.

Injil Injil is one of the four holy books of Muslims that was revealed to Jesus by god. It is believed by many that Injil points towards the new testament, but it has been stated as per many scholars that the Injil points towards Gospel — not the translated one, but the original one that was truly revealed to Jesus.

According to Muslims, Jesus was a prophet, not the god himself.

Read more about The Injil These are the books that must be read by all the Muslims at least once in their lifetime. These holy books of Islam not only teaches them about the foundation of their faith, but also describes their behaviour in the contemporary world. Evil is a constant temptation that we must do our best to resist. God seeks the salvation of all people, individually and collectively, from the power of sin and evil.

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God has intervened directly in human affairs and has also sent the prophets and, finally, His Son Jesus, the Messiah or Christ, to help us with that salvation.

Bible Interpretation The Bible never tells the details of exactly how God inspired the human authors of the Bible, and this has led to much debate and differences of opinion about interpretation.

Traditional Interpretation Throughout most of the Christian era, Bible reading and Bible interpretation were confined to religious professionals. Until the fifteenth century, the Bible was available only in Latin. Even when the Bible was translated into other languages, the scarcity and high cost of Bibles kept them out of the hands of ordinary people. During this era, the Bible was interpreted according to church beliefs and traditions.

There was little or no attempt made to determine the original meanings of the Scripture. At the same time, the Bible was often being studied and critiqued as ordinary literature rather than as the Word of God. Some Christians felt their faith was threatened by these apparent challenges to the authority of the Bible.

In reaction, the fundamentalist movement asserted the inerrancy of Scripture: Everything in the Bible must be absolutely, literally, scientifically and historically true. Anything less would be unworthy of God.

Any apparent conflict between the Bible and another source science, history, etc. Modern Interpretation The mainstream of Bible interpretation today is based on hermeneutics [her meh NEWT icks], the science and art of Bible interpretation. Hermeneutics attempts to determine what message the author intended to convey and how it would have been understood in its original historical and cultural setting. This involves a lot of specialized knowledge of the original Bible languages, literary styles and figures of speech, as well as the history, culture, and current events and issues of the time and place where it was written.

Rather than forcing Bible interpretation to fit into a particular theological framework, such as church doctrine or strict literalism, hermeneutics attempts to draw out the true meaning as it was originally intended. Once we know what a Bible passage originally meant, we can prayerfully apply that knowledge to our lives in the modern world. Bible Translations During the first centuries A. In a Latin translation of the Old and New Testaments was completed.

This version, known as the Vulgate, became the standard Bible of Christianity for many centuries. Several other English versions followed, and the beloved King James Version was published in None of the original manuscripts of the Old Testament or New Testament are known to exist; the best available sources are hand-made copies of copies.

However, developments in archaeology and Biblical scholarship have made possible a number of modern, more accurate English translations of the scriptures.

These newer versions are translated from the best available ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, rather than from the King James Version or the Latin Vulgate. For more details: Bible Translations, Which Bible version is best? Books of the Old Testament The Pentateuch.It took around 23 years for the complete book to be revealed.

Acta Sanctorum, Jun II, p. Acts 4: The Gospel of Barnabas and the 1st Century A. This is historically wrong for Herod and Pilate never ruled Judea at the same time.

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