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Paul Lesack's great papercraft military structures for Heavy Gear. Type: Heavy Gear RPG Character Sheet. PDF icon Type: Character. Heavy Gear Assault Computer Game Update. The team over at Heavy Gear RPG Character Sheet. PDF icon Type: Character Sheet. Heavy Gear RPG 3rd Edition Player's Handbook - A Hunter races past you, its rapid-fire 20mm Watermarked PDF + Softcover B&W Book.

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Items 1 - 50 of 80 DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG Heavy Gear RPG 3rd Edition Player's Hand $ PDF Thread In return, here's my not-so-small Heavy Gear trove because as a Canadian I want to see more of my country in RPGs. SILCORE RPG RULES DP & SOON AFTER THE HEAVY GEAR THIRD EDITION PLAYERS HANDBOOK DP ARE RELEASED • SEPTEMBER.

Dream Pod 9 has been focused on the development of Heavy Gear Blitz, a dedicated tabletop miniatures wargame, and currently has a new edition in development. Heavy Gear has always had a strong roleplaying component that we and the fans have always wanted to bring it back with the attention to detail that it deserves.

Arkrite Press LLC has the vision and experience to bring back the roleplaying game in a way that it deserves. Nothing seems to have come of it.

The Heavy Gear Universe link on their page leads to a If there is any information or work being done, it's hidden behind a paywall: Dream Pod 9 is clearly focused on their miniatures line, rather than the RPG line. They provide regular updates, but have not shipped any product as of April In an interview at Robot Viking , Robert Dubois stated:. They have a lot of good information in that review; if you're interested in Dream Pod 9, it's a good read.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you agree to our terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Maximillian Maximillian 5, 9 50 They opened up a forum for people who had bought in to playtest, but there's been no activity since around October ' SevenSidedDie k 33 There's a beta draft of the basic rules, but progress has been very slow.

Red Cliffs. Battles that the 08th had paid for in blood against the CEF over thirty cycles ago and now the enemy had returned. Corporal Vandenbosche gripped the control sticks on either side of him in the dark cockpit of his Koala. Anger welled up inside of him as he thought of the loss of his family in the orbital bombardments dropped so casually on his home town. Lion's Wrath includes everything you need to make a Northern army, with new vehicles, datacards, updated combat groups and threat values.

Choose one of the Confederated As you watch in horror, your commanding officer's Black Mamba erupts into a ball of raging flame, composite armor and fuel ablaze in a bright fireball. Fall back!

Your cadre pulls back behind a rocky outcropping and regroups. Tracers streak by your temporary Vehicle Companion 3rd Edition Vehicles have always formed an important part of the Heavy Gear universe. This page sourcebook features more than vehicles ranging from classic Gear chassis to striders, tanks, aircraft and specialty transports. The Vehicle Companion compiles the best known vehicle designs from the vast number of Heavy Gear manuals into a single convenient game reference.

All vehicles have been revised and The Art of Heavy Gear Volume 3 is pages long with pieces of artwork and descriptions. The artwork has been saved at dpi with the high quality setting used for compression.

To ensure the highest quality product for our customers. Technical Manual 2nd Edition Soldat Beringer winced as the heat from the melted circuits penetrated his insulated gloves. The cooling shroud of the Long Fang Naga's surviving field gun had been damaged and excess heat had poured into the weapon's articulation circuitry when it had last fired.

They're almost here! Heavy Gear Rulebook 2nd Edition A Hunter races past you, its rapid-fire 20mm autocannon spitting metal death. Tracers streak by your Northern Vehicle Compendium "Oohh, look at this pretty toy. The brand new Kodiak Destroyer, its paint glinting in the late afternoon sun, seemed indifferent to the attention lavished on it by the technicians and soldiers gathered on the parade ground.

Heavy tarps and packing Visit the homeworld of Humanity and see how it has been altered by evolution, ice ages and violent regime changes. Southern Vehicle Compendium "All right rebels, you asked for it! The hulking military police model, its massive Piston Punch already retracting, backed up a few paces to make room From the corrosive white sand of the Great White Desert to the snow-capped peaks of the polar mountains, the people of Terra Nova have always faced challenges head-on and persevered.

Are you ready to meet the challenges of Terra Nova? Sand billowed around her as autocannon fire ripped into the fine silicate. Darting through smaller dunes, she watched in horror as Bart's Elan took a direct hit from a Northern rocket. The buggy exploded in an orange ball of death. She was next. Spinning on the Gear's foot-mounted wheels, she emptied her pack-gun Equipment Catalog Pablo looked at the book that Hitoshi was studying so intently and asked, "What do they have you doing? Spaceship Compendium Swinging his high-intensity spotlight to illuminate the smooth section of wall they'd been sent to investigate, Marten opened a channel.

Looks like some vacuum welding See the marks on the plate? Fused particulates. She raised her eyebrows when she saw the faint marks Marten gestured Equipped with advanced technology and vat-grown gene-engineered warriors, they are intent on subjugating the entire interstellar network of human-colonized worlds for the greater glory and profit of the Commonwealth! This sourcebook details the Life on Terra Nova 2nd Edition "Wha'ch'u want, littl' man?

A Major Bukharin. My name is Naed Stamens.

He had only taken three steps when the blow caught him in Storyline Book 1: Alliances were made and revolutions broke out, but no one saw the larger events, already in motion.

We were so concerned with our own petty, local problems that we had closed our eyes to the emmensity of what faced us Southern Republic Leaguebook "This is a serious problem.

The digitally enhanced photographs on her desk clearly showed her friend and assistant Jeremy Tessier in a romantic interlude with a local girl identified as Reyna Kross. Black Talon Field Guide "Move it!

Within seconds after reaching it, they had the generator off-line and the lights surrounding the base went dark. As they ran away into the night, the generator relay blew in a mighty shower of sparks.

Like a trap-door spider released Western Frontier Protectorate Leaguebook The orange glow of out of control fires continued to illuminate the night sky.

Until this morning -- yesterday morning now -- the war had been almost an abstract concept, held far to the south and having little impact at home. The cruise missiles and bombing runs changed all that, striking at military and civilian targets alike. The Christobal Hospital was one of the worst hit sites, throwing the Jayne Pawn smiled at the word, keeping her Eagle straight and steady toward the Norlight border.

The johar grass a thousand meters below her was blooming, giving the Northern Plain a wild kaleidoscopic tinge. Rolling hills broke the flatness of the fields and Jayne could see how railways and interstates linked the various Life on Utopia Hera stood on the roof of the crawler's armored cab, watching the ruins on the horizon that did not even hint at the presence of a colossal Deep City far below their feet.

To study Utopian culture so that when the Cabinet starts its network, the Black Talons have hard data and good cover.

Heavy Gear Blitz!

Last night I started reading this book Life on Atlantis Beatrice Masant looked the young man up and down. His dress and posture marked him out as an Outsider, a Nov, and one who was, to use the old but relevant cliche a fish out of water. He was clearly nervous, fidgeting and eyes darting back and forth.

Not pressure sickness, she thought, but it was the depth that worried him. How strange to think that, having traveled millions of kilometers through Northern Guard Army List Autocannon fire sprayed across the massive Grizzly Gear, doing little more than chipping the paint.

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Rocket fire was more effective at slowing them down, but it was only putting off the inevitable advance across the Southern position. One unlucky pilot in the Northern squadron United Mercantile Federation Leaguebook Natalya Korolov spun the pen round her fingers as she thought.

Opportunities like this were few and far between. It was too late to stop the chaos her erstwhile ally had already wrought when he chose to strike off on his own, including this Mamoud-forsaken war, but she could limit future damage.

He was a fool if he thought his newfound friends in Valeria could protect him. It was a delicious irony Storyline Book 2: We knew that the last embers of the detente built during and after the War of the Alliance had finally burnt out. Soldiers adjusted their uniforms and arms merchants looked with glee toward a swelling bottom line. Some of us thought of the whole Paxton Gambit "Peace Officer! Don't move!

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His back was to Officer Donnely and he was wearing a baggy trench coat. Donnely's P9 pistol was pointed squarely at him.

Turn around slowly. Request pickup at my position. Battle Before The Storm "Sir! They've made it into the bays! He strode up to the security console and assessed the situation. The Northern infantry had made it into the Eagle Star's vehicle hangars.

The red blips marking the enemy on the monitors were moving out and spreading like viruses. Sabourin knew the situation was hopeless. All that was left to do now was Operation Jungle Drums Redux!

Jungle Drums was one of the very first supplements published for Heavy Gear , and it has had a marked influence on the game's development. The original version of this book has been out Humanist Alliance Leaguebook "This is for your own good. The two Inquisitors, clad in starched black uniforms and flanked by armored protectors, seemed anything but helpful.

She looked left and right, hoping for an escape route. It was no use, of course. They had cornered her on the observation deck of Perth's great Bast Tower. Her only way out was an eighty-meter drop to the main canal Northern Vehicle Compendium 2 Ber Yanna gritted her teeth as her Klemm tank lurched forward over the dune.

The lead tank in her squadron, it was the first to clear the sand and see the forces laid out ahead of her. Intelligence had told them what to expect, but there was nothing like seeing a group of Visigoths in person to get the blood flowing. Mekong Dominion Leaguebook Taipan Aaron Logan inserted the datachip into the reader slot that had silently opened on his previously featureless desk.

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He turned to face the large holoprojector set into a corner of his spacious office.Dennis S. It is not a collectible card game ; everything needed to play is contained in the box.

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The most powerful crime lord of the city, Saddik "the Spider" Jahmeon, has built his fortune on gambling recei pts and broadcast rights for the duels, He has refurbished the center of Khayr ad-Dininto a vaguely livable section called the Core, featuring an endless variety of bars, brothels and ,gambling dens.

Maena watched him and he watched back. Profits are high and the quality of life of Riverans isimprovij ng. SorrentoRevisionism is the glue that holds the Norlignt Confederacy together, but it is now starting to break it apart..

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