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Get this from a library! Gaddafi's harem. [Annick Cojean; Marjolijn De Jager] -- Soraya was just fifteen, a schoolgirl in the coastal town of Sirte, when she was. The shocking true story of a schoolgirl's abduction into Colonel Gaddafi's secret harem of sex slaves. there she joined dozens of young women who were systematically abused, raped and degraded by Gaddafi. In this shocking book, Annick Cojean gives these women a voice. This is a relied on area to have Gaddafis Harem The Story Of A Young Woman cost-free downloading and complimentary reading online in rar, word, pdf, txt.

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GADDAFI S HAREM: THE STORY OF A YOUNG WOMAN AND THE ABUSES OF POWER IN LIBYA- To download Gaddafi s Harem: The Story. Gaddafi s. To download Gaddafi's Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and the Abuses of Power in Libya. PDF, please follow the web link listed below and save the file or. Get Free Read & Download Files Gaddafis Harem The Story Of A Young Woman And The Abuses Of Power In Libya PDF. GADDAFIS HAREM THE STORY OF.

This one meeting--a presentation of flowers, a pat on the head from Gaddafi--changed Soraya's life forever.

Soon afterwards, she was summoned to Bab al-Azizia, Gaddafi's palatial compound near Tripoli, where she joined a number of young women who were violently abused, raped and degraded by Gaddafi. Heartwrenchingly tragic but ultimately redemptive, Soraya's story is the first one of many that are just now beginning to be heard.

Gaddafi’s Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and the Abuses of Power in Libya

But sex and rape remain the highest taboo in Libya, and women like Soraya whose identity is protected by a pseudonym here risk being disowned or even killed by their dishonored family members. In "Gaddafi's Harem," an instant bestseller on publication in France, where it has already sold more than , copies in hardcover, "Le Monde" special correspondent Annick Cojean gives a voice to Soraya's story, and supplements her investigation into Gaddafi's abuses of power through interviews with people who knew Soraya, as well as with other women who were abused by Gaddafi.

Cojean's dogged reporting leads us to the same sad path the world has trudged down before. It is the weakest--the poor, the women, the children--who suffer the most. The details are shockingly graphic and the stories horrifying, made even more so by the victim-shaming that has silenced the women in the aftermath.

Gaddafi’s Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and the Abuses of Power in Libya

An important book for anyone interested in women's rights, social justice and international news. It's hard not to weep at the cruelty one man inflicted on so many. The fact that Cojean's book has been translated into Arabic and is now freely available in Libya offers a small ray of hope for the future safeguarding of women's rights in that troubled nation. A journalistic expos that can not be denied and that readers will not be able to put down.

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This is because there was and is a wall of fearful silence in Libyan society, which bolsters Soraya's isolation and helplessness to this day. She also told Cojean about the women who worked for Gaddafi, tormenting his prey on his behalf. Many of them had previously been raped by the "great leader", or "Papa Muammar", as he liked to be known.

After this, they were unable to return to their families — a single woman still has no place in Libyan society. Some women saw collaboration as the only way out — a cruel way for the victim to become the perpetrator. Soraya did not choose this path. But her case also intermeshes personal trauma and social repression: The experiences of Soraya, initially childlike and completely overwhelmed, then deeply traumatized, are retold by Cojean so sensitively and with such attention to detail that one perceives them in a way that extracts them from Soraya's experience — and registers them as pure horror.

Gaddafi's war against women The second part of the book collates the results of Annick Cojean's research. She documents the fate of other Libyan women who have had experiences similar to those of Soraya. Repression not liberation: Pumped up with lust for power, a drive later boosted by Viagra, the Libyan dictator abused numerous women and men every day.

Gaddafi waged war against the very women he pretended to liberate She summarises a report by someone employed within the dictator's inner circle, which like numerous other testimonials reveals to what unimaginable extent Gaddafi was obsessed with power and sexuality and, in view of his poor Bedouin background, how he channelled his hatred of all those born into privilege into a system that subjugated their wives; with gifts, and if necessary also with force.

The rapes were also often a way of exerting power over his partners at the negotiating table by appropriating their wives. Pumped up with lust for power, a drive later boosted by Viagra, Gaddafi abused numerous women and men every day; sometimes for a quarter of an hour — during political negotiations that he interrupted — and sometimes for days, weeks and — just as in the case of Soraya and many other women — for years.

The full horror of his brutality has been slow to emerge, with many Libyans still fearing retaliation by those who continue to be loyal to their late leader.

A Monstrous Nexus of Power, Sexuality and Violence

But it can now be revealed that the most heartbreaking of Gaddafi's victims include hundreds, possibly thousands of teenage girls who, throughout his year reign, were beaten, raped and forced to become his sex slaves. Many were virgins kidnapped from schools and universities and kept prisoner for years in a specially designed secret sex lair hidden within Tripoli University or his many palaces. In the 26 months since he was deposed, Gaddafi's den - where he regularly raped girls as young as 14 - has remained locked.

But today its gaudy interior, where the colonel brutalised his victims, can be seen for the first time in photographs from a hard-hitting BBC4 documentary.

TobyCutner January 25, Inside the small, nondescript single-storey complex, the girls were forced to watch pornography to 'educate' them for their degrading treatment at the hands of Gaddafi.

And even those who did manage to escape were often shunned by their deeply religious Muslim families who believed their family honour had been tainted. When the dictator's body was dragged through the streets by a baying mob, just hours after he was beaten and shot in the head, the hastily convened transitional government moved swiftly to seal off the sex dungeon. They feared the full extent of Gaddafi's debased and lewd lifestyle would horrify the Western world and cause deep embarrassment to Libya.

One of the rooms holds little more than a double bed, lit by an orange lamp. Its s decor and grimy jacuzzi - all left exactly as they were when Gaddafi last used it - give it a seedy and gloomy air. But even more chilling is the clinical gynaecological suite in an adjoining room.

It was here, on two beds fitted with stirrups behind a table laden with surgical instruments, that Gaddafi's young victims were examined to ensure they had no sexually transmittable diseases.

My Years As Gaddafi's Nurse

And here they were forced to undergo abortions if they became pregnant. They, however, were the lucky ones.

Other young victims were so badly abused that they were dumped in car parks and on waste ground, and left to die. Degrading: This is the fully-fitted gynaecological suite where young girls would be placed in one of the two beds and checked Source:Supplied Gaddafi's modus operandi was to tour schools and universities where female students were invited to his lectures.

As he spoke before his hushed audience, he would silently scan the room seeking out attractive girls. Before leaving he would pat those he had 'selected' on the head. Within hours his private bodyguards would round up those chosen and kidnap them. If their families tried to keep them from Gaddafi's clutches, they were gunned down.

One teacher at a Tripoli school recalled how the girls were all very young.But sex and rape remain the highest taboo in Libya, and women like Soraya whose identity is protected by a pseudonym here risk being disowned or even killed by their dishonored family members.

He just liked to be surrounded by beautiful things and people.

It was beyond all comprehension. When I walk into a barracks, people tremble with fear. But although a rally such as this is a display of determination and guts, Soraya and many women who have suffered a similar fate must still deal with the consequences: He had first picked me from a line of candidates after shaking my hand and looking me in the eye.

User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. I was so revolted by her that I refused to shake her hand on three separate occasions. We traveled in great style. She also elucidates the astounding challenges still faced by women who have been abused and enslaved under his regime, shedding light on an aspect of the dictatorship often hidden or dismissed, even within Libya.

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