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new definitions, 5, revised or updated definitions, a new Chemical Abstract Number index, and an update of all trademarks. Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary. First published: 15 March Print ISBN: | Online ISBN: | DOI: /. BOOK REVIEWS. "FILE CONDENSED CHEMICAL DICTIONARY, by The Editorial Staff of the Chemical Engineering Catalog. Third Edition, completely revised.

Condensed Chemical Dictionary Pdf

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PDF | 5+ minutes read | On Jul 10, , Jawahar Sharma and others published A condensed Chemical Dictionary. Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary. Request Full-text Paper PDF Discover more publications, questions and projects in Chemical. Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 15th ed By Richard J. Lewis, Sr. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Hoboken, NJ. View: PDF | PDF w/ Links | Full Text HTML.

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The Condensed Chemical Dictionary

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Gessner G. Hawley Ed. A chemical dictionary. Quantum chemical studies on the condensed polynitroazoles.

Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Dictionary of chemistry and chemical technology. On the 31P chemical shift anisotropy in condensed phosphates. Third Edition, completely revised and enlarged under supervision of Thomas C.


Gregory, Editor. New York, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, The many users of the Condensed Chemical Dictionary will be interested to learn that the third edition has now been published.

The general arrangement remains in the same handy fashion as the previous editions but over 6ooo new items have been added. They comprise chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemical specialties, metals, minerals, clay products, petroleum products, essential oils, perfumery chemicals, leather processing agents, mothproofing agents, insecticides, fungicides, hydrogenated products, flavoring materials and others.

Acknowledgments I extend thanks to Bob Esposito for his management and encouragement of this effort and to Shirley Thomas for her attention to all phases of the production of this book. I also thank Rita Perez for her editing. Her comments and corrections were to the point and very helpful. The urgent need for such a reference book became apparent to Francis M.

Under his supervision a succession of editors developed and expanded the Condensed Chemical Dictionary to meet the growing needs of the chemical industry. Since his death this development has continued, with the result that the work has achieved worldwide recognition in its field. The Condensed Chemical Dictionary is a unique publication.

It is not a dictionary in the usual sense of an assemblage of brief definitions, but rather a compendium of technical data and descriptive information covering many thousands of chemicals and chemical phenomena, organized in such a way as to meet the needs of those who have only minutes to devote to any given substance or topic.

Three distinct types of information are presented: 1 descriptions of chemicals, raw materials, processes, and equipment; 2 expanded definitions of chemical entities, phenomena, and terminology; and 3 descriptions or identifications of a wide range of trademarked products used in the chemical industries. Supplementing these are listings of accepted chemical abbreviations used in the literature, short biographies of chemists of historic importance, and winners of the Nobel prize in chemistry.

Also included are descriptions or notations of the nature and location of many U. In special cases editorial notes have been supplied where it was felt necessary to clarify or amplify a definition or description.

In a work of this nature, selection of topics for inclusion can hardly fail to be influenced by current interests and developing concerns within the topic area.

The growing importance to chemists, and to the general public as well, of environmental and health hazards, which came to the forefront so quickly in the s, was reflected in the eighth edition, which greatly increased its coverage of this aspect of chemistry.

Since then, the magnitude of the energy problem has been uppermost in the thinking of a broad spectrum of engineers, chemists, and physicists because it is certainly the most important technical problem confronting this country.

Both the Ninth and Tenth Editions, while retaining emphasis on environmental considerations, were expanded in the area of energy and its sources, as far as permitted by available information. The goal of the editors was to provide condensed, authoritative, factually oriented statements and descriptions, and to resist prognostications as to the future potential of any particular energy source.

At the same time, continuing attention has been devoted to common hazards, such as flammable and explosive materials, poisons, pesticides, carcinogens, corrosive agents, and radioactive wastes, in line with the practice followed in earlier editions, and with the increasing public concern over these matters.

The Eleventh Edition added new chemicals, revised the format for chemical entries, and added new trademarked products and definitions.

Chemical Abstract Services CAS numbers were included for many chemical entries to facilitate recourse to computerized databases. In the Twelfth Edition all trademarked entries were revised. The method of referencing was changed from superscripted numbers to the company names, facilitating access to the addresses of the manufacturers of trademarked products. Many additional definitions and cross-references were added to make the work current with the constantly growing field of chemistry.

Many additional chemical entries, definitions, and cross- references were added to make the work current with the constantly growing field of chemistry. In the Fourteenth Edition links to the internet were added. Worldwide web page addresses were added for manufacturers and associations in the appropriate entries and in Appendix III. Trademarked entries and their associated manufacturers were updated to reflect the constant flux in the modern chemical industry.

Many additional chemical entries, definitions, and cross-references were added to make the work current with the constantly growing field of chemistry.

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This Fifteenth Edition contains over 4, new or updated entries. Special effort was directed to add definitions and terms of art for biochemistry. Over entries reflecting the great interest in biochemistry are now included.

Over 90 terms relating to nano technology were added. Almost 3, new chemicals were added, including trade named products. Links to worldwide web page addresses for manufacturers and associations in the appropriate entries and in Appendix III were verified or added.

The Condensed Chemical Dictionary

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