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These notes are a supplementary resource to the lectures and lab sessions. All Computer Graphics demands a working knowledge of linear algebra (matrix. Engineering Class handwritten notes, exam notes, previous year questions, PDF free download. These lecture notes are drawn from material from a variety of sources Lecture Topic 02 -- Development of Computer Graphics: History pdf pdf one up; Lecture.

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Computer Graphics Lecture Notes. CSC / CSCD18 / CSC Computer Science Department. University of Toronto. Version: November 24, Lecture Notes 10/2 - Lecture 7: Geometric Image Transformations (pdf) 10/4 - Lecture 8: 3D Transforms; Part I - Principles (pdf) 10/11 - Lecture 9: 3D. Introduction to Computer Graphics. Version This is a PDF version of a free on- line book that is available at Note that some Web browsers won't use images.

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Setting Up A Perspective Projection cont… We need one more thing to specify a perspective projections using the filed of view angle The aspect ratio gives the ratio between the width sand height of the view plane.

Clipping Objects Objects that are partially within the viewing volume need to be clipped — just like the 2D case. Normalisation The transformed volume is then normalised around position 0.

Dividing Up The World Similar to the case in two dimensions. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Figures by. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Computer Graphics 7: Remember The Big Idea. Parallel Projection. Perspective Projection. Types Of Projections cont… For anyone who did engineering or technical drawing.

Computer Graphics Lecture Notes

Perspective Projections Remember the whole point of perspective projections. Region Codes. Anil Kumar. Vignesh Varatharajan. Renuka Sharma. Joe Acone.

Computer Graphics I (Generative Computer Graphics) – WiSe 2012/13

Admec Multimedia. Sam Coza. Marcos Antonio Silva. Fernando Ferigo. Hari Haran. Luis Fernando. Sankalp Sharma. Simon Marsh. Jaime Herrera. Khaled Chaib.

We also welcome advanced undergraduates, who are interested in pursuing research or industry careers in the field. Students who are interested but concerned about the level and prerequisites should contact the instructors.

Relationship to Other Courses We offer a full plate of computer graphics courses. I hope you will be enthusiastic about, and enrol in these offerings. Besides the undergraduate CS , there are a host of graduate classes in geometry, visualization, rendering and so on.

More classes will be added in future years, initially as CS , then transitioning to permanent numbers. We intend this course CS, eventually to be renumbered CS to be the entry-level class for the other special topics courses.

Course Format and Requirements CS is intended to be a regular lecture course, but adapted for advanced undergraduates and incoming PhD students. Grading will be based on 4 mainly programming projects, some of which can be done in groups of two you are responsible in that case for finding partners, and also to ensure each person does their fair share; you can also choose to work individually if you decide.

You are also welcome to propose your own research or implementation project in lieu of one or more of the assignments, subject to instructor approval. In this way self-directed students may pursue topics of special interest to them.


This may be a good option for more advanced PhD students seeking to learn topics outside their immediate research area. The first class will be on Wednesday, Aug There is no TA for this class, so you are welcome to directly e-mail the instructors re issues. Unless questions are specific, it may be helpful to e-mail both instructors, so they have a record.

We may also try to set up a newsgroup for the class. Please feel free to also contact one of the instructors regarding talking about the class material. Since this is an advanced course, we intend these discussions to be more informal, and not need the formal scope of office hours.

Office Hours Prof.

Ramamoorthi will be available after class on Wed, from pm. You are encouraged to speak to him then, or after class on Monday.

Computer Graphics - CG Study Materials

You may also e-mail him for an appointment or drop in at other times. Assignments The course will be graded on the basis of four assignments, that primarily involve programming systems for rendering and simulation.

These assignments can be done individually or in groups of two. If in a group, both partners will receive the same grade. You may have different partners for different assignments.

The assignments are due on the dates listed, and will usually be submitted by creating a web site and sending the link to the instructors. The website should not be modified after the due date.This is a PDF version of an on-line book that is available at.

To someone new, they are hard to understand, find, and control. This textbook represents author's attempt to develop a modern first course in computer graphics, which would typically be taken by a computer science student in the third or fourth year of college.

Marcos Antonio Silva.

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This choice of file format is hidden in the software that you may be using. Shadow Mask Method Shadow-mask methods are commonly used in raster-scan systems including color TV because they produce a much wider range of colors than the beam-penetration method. Thus we can say that point C x, y is represented by an integer part of X and integer part of Y.

In fact, the power and easy availability of computer graphics have increased the use of pictures to replace and augment words to describe, educate, or inform a wide variety of audiences, on a wide variety of subjects. Help Center Find new research papers in: Five Instructional Applications of Graphics

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