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Books shelved as charmed-series: Mystic Knoll by Diana G. Gallagher, Whispers from the Past by Rosalind Noonan, The Power of Three by Eliza Willard, Vood. The Charmed book series by multiple authors includes books The Power of Three, Kiss of Darkness, The Crimson Spell, and several more. See the complete . The Charmed literary franchise is a series of novels and short stories based on the eponymous television show, which aired from to The franchise consists of forty-three novels and eleven short stories released in two anthologies , with ten guide books. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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This Pin was discovered by Pdf Album. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Charmed Book of Shadows - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free. Read reviews of all the Charmed books and how to read Charmed in order. Book 1 in the series is Charmed: The Power Of Three.

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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Whispers from the Past Charmed, 4 by Rosalind Noonan. Garden of Evil Charmed, 13 by Emma Harrison.

The Crimson Spell Charmed, 3 by F. Charmed Again Charmed, 11 by Elizabeth Lenhard. Kiss of Darkness Charmed, 2 by Brandon Alexander. Survival of the Fittest Charmed, 26 by Jeffrey J. Mariotte Goodreads Author. Paige has difficulty consoling a young child who has gone through several caretakers and is angry at authority. Phoebe has a premonition involving the boy, but it is completely shrouded by fog. Leo reveals that the mist in the vision is because Todd's fate is not being set in stone, and the sisters attempt to reverse his destiny.

Jeff Mariotte. Simon Spotlight Entertainment. Phoebe has a premonition that Paige is an imposter who wants to disband the Power of Three.

Piper and Phoebe disagree over the best way to handle the situation, and Paige notices and feels more isolated from them. When she decides to keep her new friendship with a young male witch, the sisters begin to distrust one another. Bobbi J.

Weiss and Jackyln Wilson. The sisters discover that buildings around the city are melting due to a plot to destroy the divide between the worlds of the living and the dead.

They track the occurrences to an untrained witch named Claire Katherine "C. Cole becomes angry with Phoebe after discovering that she has gone on a date with another man. As the couple fight over their relationship, they find themselves caught in a demon's scheme to destroy the Power of Three. Scott Ciencin. While trying to protect the sisters from a demon's plot, Cole accidentally sends everyone back in time to World War II -era Hollywood. Paige poses as an upcoming actress to uncover clues on demonic businesses, Piper tries to find the past version of Leo, and Phoebe attempts to convince Cole to send them back to their proper time.

Laura J.

The sisters are approached by a young witch named Juliana O'Farrell to help her daughter Lily find her powers. In Juliana's clan, they bind their children's powers until they are mature enough to control them. However, when Lily cannot access her magic, the sisters are tasked to find out who has stolen her powers. After Piper becomes increasingly stressed about balancing her personal and professional lives, she splits into two bodies. When Leo is kidnapped by a group of darklighters , Phoebe and Piper are dismayed to discover that one of the Pipers is apathetic about his capture and both Pipers are losing control over their powers.

Paul Ruditis. When the city is struck by a series of freak weather patterns, the sisters discover they are omens indicating mass destruction.

In order to stop the natural disasters, they must help a young witch who has trouble controlling his pyrokinesis. A large number of people are reported missing in the city, and mysteriously reappear with no memories regarding their absences.

for Invoking the Power of Three

A woman sends a letter to Phoebe's advice column, writing that her sister was taken, and that she has become obsessed with an exercise video since her return. The sisters investigate the work-out program and its creator to see if there is something supernatural involved. Debbie Viguie. After Piper and Leo start to discuss having more children, they notice that infants have been appearing on their front porch and coming into their house. While Piper attempts to find answers about the babies, Phoebe discovers that there have been several disappearances in the city, and they all were candidates to conduct a youth symphony.

The sisters plan to take a vacation in Salem and the beaches of Massachusetts, but find themselves in an unknown location following a series of traveling incidents. While staying at a bed and breakfast run by a witch practitioner and her daughter, they discover there have been supernatural events occurring in the small town. Micol Ostow. When Piper starts leaving her son Wyatt at a day care center, she notices that he is beginning to act strangely, and other babies in the facility are exhibiting the same behavior.

On further investigation, the sisters discover that someone has been switching babies all across the city, and they attempt to discover the culprit. Paige believes that she has met the perfect man, and is excited when he proposes to her. She discovers that he is a prince of a magical kingdom and is already engaged to another woman.

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He tells her that he must marry another magical being by his 25th birthday, or else his kingdom will be destroyed. When a mural created by Lancaster is restored and unveiled to the public, Isabella's daughter warns that an evil has been released.

After multiple murders occur in the city, the sisters attempt to find out the truth behind the mural. Greg Elliot.

Paige gets a new job as a museum guide for an ancient Greek exhibit. A mysterious stone egg is added to the display, and a demon hatches from it and takes on the appearance of her co-worker Chase. The sisters attempt to stop the demon while also protecting Chase. When Phoebe is invited to a seminar in Orlando, the sisters go on a vacation to Florida, only to discover that a hurricane has changed course to head right towards them. Paige becomes concerned for her old college friend Sharon Grant after she starts practicing folk magic with her neighbor.

Each of the sisters have odd encounters with service workers on the same day: Piper with a housekeeper, Phoebe with a computer technician, and Paige with a hiking guide. They discover that the trickster Puck is spreading chaos; he tasks them to find an innocent who requires their protection in a crowded circus before time runs out. Phoebe believes she has found true love after meeting Daniel, but Paige has doubts after seeing a demon in his living room.

Meanwhile, Leo is caught up with his work as a whitelighter and begins to forget about his family, and Paige starts to lose her powers. Phoebe and Piper's childhood friend Lyssa announces that she is getting married in an old lighthouse on the coast, and wants them to be her bridesmaids. Micol Ostow Micol Ostow.

The sisters believe that the manor is being transformed into an evil air and attempt to find the cause.

While hiding in the attic protected by the magic from the Book of Shadows, they are forced back in time to witness events that have occurred in the manor in the past. Exhausted from balancing her personal life and responsibilities as an advice columnist and witch, Phoebe accepts help from a new friend Aura to find a more relaxed life.

However, Aura convinces Phoebe to steal protection charms from new witches, and attempts to make her believe that Piper and Paige have turned evil.

The sisters attend a party organized by Paige's ex-boyfriend Kevin Peterson, only to be greeted by the ghost Robert Maxwell, who has died under mysterious circumstances in As people start disappearing from the party, and the doors in the venue become sealed, they must unearth the truth behind Robert's death.

The sisters are captured by the demonic scientist Dr. Gnivik, who wants to steal the Power of Three. Leo, who was recently turned mortal, calls upon future versions of his sons Chris and Wyatt to help rescue them. During a Halloween party, Paige casts a spell as a way to honor the dead. However, she inadvertently opens a portal for leprechauns and spirits to crash the celebrations, and the sisters must stop one ghost before he kills a ghost-hunter.

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Charmed (novels)

Set after the events of both the final episode of the television series , and the final print issue of Charmed: Season 9 , the narrative details the reunion of the younger Charmed Ones, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige, with their oldest sister, Prue, who was killed at the end of the third season.

Creating an alliance with the newly resurrected former-demon Cole Turner, Phoebe's former husband, the four Charmed Ones use the Power of Three to protect witches from a witch hunt in modern-day San Francisco. After undoing a spell that turned a politician, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige ask Prue for help in understanding the power behind the hex. They discover that a horde of Gorgons has been attacking innocents, and that Medusa has been released from her tomb to turn men into stone. Pat Shand.

Phoebe has nightmares of being stalked, and Piper and Paige attempt to decipher the meaning behind her dreams and question if they are really premonitions. Working with Prue and Cole, the sisters collaborate with a witch who can communicate with the dead in order to prevent Phoebe from dying.

Burns and Emma Harrison.

Leo Rising

Simon Pulse. During Halloween, Phoebe tries to communicate with her ancestors, but is interrupted when she is tasked to reunite a pair of star-crossed lovers.

During the winter solstice , Paige goes to a party at a night-club, and must stop a demon's plot to cause permanent midnight. During Imbolc , Piper tries to plan for her future with Leo and a growing family, but she becomes concerned when Paige's powers start to get out of control.

Paige reunites with an old friend named Emmeline Graydon, but their time is cut short when Emmeline reads a spell from the Book of Shadows and disappears. As the incense and candles burn, focus on connecting with the spirit. If the name of the one that contact is desired with is known, modify the spell accordingly. Beloved unknown spirit, We seek your guidance. We ask that you commune with us And move among us. Performed by Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Episode 3. This warlock standing in our midst, Let him now feel what he has missed.

Shake water vigorously for two-hundred heartbeats, and add to the mixture. Potion must be cool and appear blood red before drinking.

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Blanket me with defences. Protect me with the power of good. Not Cast Episode 3.

Cast by Phoebe and Piper Episode 3. No longer will you dwell, Death takes you with this spell. Cast by Phoebe, then by Prue and Piper Episode 3. Cast by Piper Episode 4. Come to us who call you near, Come to us and settle here. Add a drop of your own blood, and chant: Blood to blood, I summon thee.

Blood to blood, return to me. Cast by Piper To Summon a Spirit Materials; a circle of nine, white, lit candles "Hear these words, hear my cry, Spirit from the other side.In the present, Prue and Piper are devastated at their sister's disappearance; they believe she may have died. To multiply your strength recite these words at length: Arca nvenio hospiyto fortis mundus. Ten novels are set between the show's first and third season , and feature the Charmed Ones — Prue , Piper , and Phoebe Halliwell — as the most powerful witches of all time.

Hear these words, hear the rhyme, we send you this burning sign. Cast by Prue and Piper.

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