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Weird Wars Rome: Nox Germanica (PDF) Weird Wars Rome Game Master's Screen Inserts (PDF) Weird Wars Rome Maps: Standing Stones (PDF). This short PDF contains information on class and religion in ancient Roman society, as well as optional rules for Auguries and their effects on Mass Battles. Savage Worlds - Weird Wars - Rome - Half Set, , KB. file, Savage Worlds - Weird Wars - Rome - Nox

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Weird Wars Rome - Stride forth with the legions of Rome to the distant Pinnacle Entertainment. ADD TO WISHLIST >. PDF. $ $ Items 1 - 47 of 47 Weird Wars Rome. $ $ War Two D Blood on the Rhine You can find the Village combat map in print and in PDF. This PDF contains two sets of Legionary Archetypes for your Weird Wars Rome game. The first is a more heroic set of characters while the.

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Weird Wars Rome

Call this the "how" of a Roman campaign. Execution: So how would a Weird Wars Rome campaign play? Now I haven't run this yet but here's how it looks to me: It's a militarized Call of Cthulu where you don't always lose. This is where the magical powers can enter the campaign as these groups can teach the characters some new tricks.

There is also some discussion around a campaign that spans the range of Roman history, playing a series of mini-campaigns with descendants of earlier characters fighting the secret war across the centuries which is a cool idea.

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Now is this a campaign you run for ten years and everyone has characters retired to keeps and temples? Maybe not. It is certainly conducive to an intermittent and episodic mission-style campaign with no set end point. I think you could run it with a gradual progression up the ranks approach and end up with the characters in positions of power where they can take on a bigger role in both the nation and the ongoing war.

I have a vague concept in my head right now where over time the weirdness becomes more known and the emperor creates "Legio XIII" to deal with the problem on a larger scale - it's still a secret, but this 13th legion's leaders know what's going on and the unit is sent in to deal with problems that are on the verge of getting out of hand.

This would add the fun of keeping the secret a secret on a bigger scale, potential rivalries with other legions who resent this other unit joining in, and some political fun as nobles and others scheme around the fringes. They're easy to learn and easy to read.

There are dice numbered this way and that adds more to the game's flavor than you might think.

Weird Wars Rome RPG, Maps, Soundtrack, and More Unlocked

Throw in a little latin, at least for titles and the names of the cities and provinces which are easily found in this book and a ton of other references as well. There are plenty of Roman and other ancient miniatures available. There are supposed to be figure flats coming out for this specific game as well. Ground it in history - pick an era, pick a region, and set your adventure in that specific time and place.

Use historical figures associated with your chosen setting. Even if your players aren't history buffs this makes the world feel more real just like it does for Faerun or Glorantha, and it has the advantage of being actual history - it might come in handy sometime other than at the game table. Comparisons: This is unlikely to be a sandbox campaign, at least right out of the box. I can see ways to maybe run it that way but the game as presented is more like a superhero campaign: You are defenders of the status quo and when a threat to humanity or Rome arises you must deal with it.

The PC's may be accompanied by other legionnaires, auxilia, or helpless villagers caught in a bad situation. This can really enhance the feel of being in a larger scale military operation and should be a lot of fun with all of the colorful elements of a Roman force.

Inspiration: Having recently rewatched HBO's "Rome" with Lady Blacksteel it's a good source of inspiration as the two main characters are Roman soldiers in the late republic. Gladiator - pretty obvious but this movie deals more with internal Roman politics while the game is more focused on weirdness in the provinces and the frontiers of the realm.

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At the very least though the music makes for a good background while playing. There are some interesting characters, you get a feel for the land, the opposition, and the overall situation, and there is plenty of room for weirdness.

What might the "Woads" do when the Saxons invade besides call on Arthur? What if the Saxons have some more sinister influence than just conquest? What the heck is really going on at that villa in the middle of barbarian country? I can run an adventure based on this without almost no prep at all - it writes itself!

Next-to-final-thought: This is one of the few RPG's that would fit in well at a historical miniatures convention and I bet it would be a blast as you get a bunch of players who really know about these characters and this era get to dive in at a micro level and geek out, and then you get to throw zombies at them. I think it would be a blast. Conclusion: This book solidly covers its promised subject and strikes a perfect-for-gaming balance between brevity and detail.Start Over.

Without Fear , by Shane Hensley, creator of Deadlands and Savage Worlds , tells the story of a gladiator bought by a strange cabal and taken to a cursed village on a distant isle—and the strangest arena of his life. Reviews 2.

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Composition: This is a single volume about pages long, with PDF, softcover, and hardcover versions all coming out of the project.

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