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Vikas Swarup (born ) is an Indian writer and diplomat who formerly served as the official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs of India and currently the High Commissioner of India to Canada. He is best known as the author of the novel Q & A, adapted in film as Slumdog Millionaire, the winner. Q & A is a novel by Vikas Swarup, an Indian diplomat. Published in , it was the author's . In the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the themes are: true love, determination, corruption vs subservience, poverty, and ultimately greed. Jamal loves. When they made a film of Vikas Swarup's bestseller, they gave it an extreme makeover. But can I get the author to say anything critical about Danny Boyle's hit adaptation of his debut novel, about a penniless orphan who wins India's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? They changed the.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Slumdog Millionaire: A Novel at Vikas Swarup choose to tell the story in a very plain language, the few . Slumdog Millionaire, by Indian author and diplomat Vikas Swarup, follows the Since , Q&A is often sold as Slumdog Millionaire, though the novel has. Q&A - renamed Slumdog Millionaire after the Oscar-winning fi Vikas Swarup's spectacular debut novel opens in a jail cell in Mumbai, India, where Ram.

Father Timothy takes him in after Ram was adopted and shortly after abandoned by his divorced foster parents.

He gave him a Christian, Muslim, and Hindu name to protect him from the civil wars raging in India. There he learned to speak English.

Ram also learned everything about the Catholic church, which is how he knew the answer to the second question. The father beats and sexually harasses his daughter Gudiya. During the chapter, the daughter gets sent to the hospital and Ram promised her that he would look after her cat Pluto who is killed by the father.

At the end of the chapter, Ram thinks that he kills her father when he pushes the older man off of the highest floor of their building. He flees to avoid persecution.

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This is how he knows the third question which is about the smallest planet in the solar system: Pluto. In this chapter, Ram is a juvenile in an orphanage where he was taken after the death of father Timothy. He meets a lot of boys like him with many different backgrounds. Later in this chapter, he and his newfound friend Salim are chosen by Sethji, a man known to change young peoples lives.

In Mumbai, Ram discovers what Sethji's real plan is and also learns about how he maims helpless children in order to make money. It is also in this chapter where Ram is given a lucky coin.

Slumdog Millionaire

Ram and Salim run away from the orphanage and move to Mumbai. It seems that everyone who has worked for the Taylors is caught in their wrongdoing and Mr. Colonel Taylor catches them in the act.

One day, Ram picks up the phone to hear Mr. Colonel speak in code to a man panting on the other line. Ram notices that the Taylors take their rich lifestyle for granted. One day, Ram follows Mr.

Taylor to find him talking to a strange Indian man. The next day, a new cook arrives to replace the last one who thought he was in love with the Colonel's daughter. This new cook attempts a heist in the house when the Taylors were on vacation, but abandons his efforts when he realizes the Taylors do not store any valuables in their house, particularly in Mr.

Colonel's heavily-fortified den. Colonel shows he trusts Ram out of all his servants in his house by giving him access to his den to deactivate the security alarm. Colonel is arrested for treason and being a double agent. Ram learns how to up his tips by taking advantage of peoples drunkenness by getting them to buy more. However, through this learning experience, Ram meets some unusual characters; one in particular named Prakash Rao, who tells him all about his Haitian wife and his brother who died of a heart attack.

The poor man is in despair as he pours out his story to Ram that he stole money from his brother, and his wife, who is a voodoo priestess, makes a voodoo doll of his brother for him. Prakash Rao admits to Ram that he had the guilty pleasure of taking all his troubles out on the voodoo doll of his brother, giving him painful headaches and small heartattacks. Prakash Rao soon found out that his brother died a week ago of a major heart attack that he had caused through the voodoo doll.

This is how Ram knows the answer to the fourth question.

He travels with his 50, rupees he had earned from working. He meets a family, tells their son about the money, then a robber comes in and the son, being jealous of Ram's money, rats him out. Then Ram ends up killing one of the robbers by shooting him in order to protect the beautiful daughter of the family, but the other robber vanished with his money.

This is how he knows the answer to the fifth question. An old servant tells heroic war stories about himself that inspire everyone. When the army comes to speak to the people in the bunker, it turns out that the story-teller is a liar. It leads Ram to the answer at the sixth question: which distinction you get if you did great deeds in war.

The Param Vir Chakra.

First he didn't really want to see him. But then, when they both sat down on a bench watching little kids playing football, they realized how much they missed each other and started talking about the time when they didn't see each other.

Salim talked about his past in which very much happened. He followed his dream to become an artist. He asked Mukesh Rawal if he could get a part in a film and he replied that he had to take some professional pictures and show them to him.

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Then he would become a junior artist. Junior artists play in the film a role for a few seconds and are only on the screen for about three seconds. It was optioned for a film by the BBC and Starfield productions and John Hodge , who has been commissioned to write the screenplay.

Stories of Childhood , an anthology of stories about childhood to support Save the Children and raise awareness for its fight to end violence against children. Vikas Swarup is also one of the finest public speakers, and has given many motivational talks at institutions across the world.

'I'm the luckiest novelist in the world'

Swarup is married to Aparna, an artist, and the couple has two sons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Rural Delivery. Stars In Their Eyes. Tagata Pasifika. Te Karere. The Chase. About The F Word.Nita: A young prostitute with whom Ram falls in love.

Junior artists play in the film a role for a few seconds and are only on the screen for about three seconds. His redemption arc is the close second side-story in the movie, alongside the great love story between Jamal and Latika, as well as Jamal's rise to fame in the show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Jan 18, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: This is missing in the movie.

When he was very young, he caught his mother and uncle in bed together and, as a result, his mother kicked him out. A film is the ultimate medium.

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