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eBooks - Category: Fantasy - Download free eBooks or read books online for Keywords: incubus, succubus, romance, pure, blood, vampires, supernatural. Download: epub mobi (Kindle) pdf more Online Reader · rtf lrf pdb txt . i like vampire books good story like the danger in vampire romance. results These results show books which have been specifically tagged with this You can also try doing a general search for the term "vampire romance".

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Free Paranormal Romance Ebook - Reunion by Felicity Heaton. Reunion. Book in the Vampires Realm series. The Law Keeper FREE EBOOK - Download PDF Next. Copyright © Felicity Heaton - Paranormal Romance Books Author. Download any of the books for FREE. Check out our Top 10 Vampire Books! Available in ePub, PDF and Kindle formats. in the Blue Fire Saga, a paranormal romance series set at a small college in present day Connecticut. Featured Paranormal Romance Book. See All Paranormal Romance Books · Life Blood – Cora's Choice Book 1 by V. M. Black.

I can feel my resolve slipping, inch by inch, as the monster inside me is fighting to control my every move. The world doesn't seem right anymore, not when all those fairy tales and nightmares from my childhood turned out to be real.

My instincts are telling me that I shoul Book 4 of the Midnight Woods Series Kayley Parker has a rare ability — she can shift into any living creature at any time she chooses — something that no other shifter can do. Taylor and Kaden fight fang and claw to keep their freedom--Not an easy task when you and your best friend are rogue female Werewolves coveted by any pack that catches their unclaimed scent.

Their freedom streak may come to an end soon when they unknowingly walk into the h Books Free eBooks - Fantasy Here you can find free books in the category: Beliebte Kategorien: Melissa Nichols Dragon Girl Can one woman find love in a world of rejection, war and hate? English Words Ages 14 and up Ever since birth, I have been different.

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Add to Favorites. Jemma Grey Leave Me Breathless A Biker and a baby was never so tempting English Words Ages 14 and up Jason Keely — Incubus, strong, powerful and about to be glorified by accepting a mission none would take. Jemma Grey Breathless Completed English Words Ages 14 and up Kristen Clarke is twenty-two years old and currently dying from an inoperable butterfly brain tumor.

Chapters English Words Ages 16 and up I can feel my resolve slipping, inch by inch, as the monster inside me is fighting to control my every move. At a vampire school. He grew insistent. Let me show you. My nerves no longer skittered, but were as taut as violin strings. And now they sang. He dropped to his knees, tugging the underwear that matched the bra down my hips and dipping his head between my thighs before I had a chance to protest.

I shifted, leaning back to allow him better access. He drank deeply, and for so long that I lost all thoughts of control. I lost my mind. I barely remembered my name. And then, I nearly lost consciousness.

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I tingled all over, felt light-headed, euphoric. So very high. I drifted in the air, hovering over the scene. I looked good stretched out along my kitchen counter, my torso elongated to best advantage for my slightly rounded abs. My stomach looked flat, lovely.

My breasts, firmer than I remembered. My legs, longer than I ever imagined, and perfectly shaped as they wrapped around him, pulling him tighter, before they went quiet and limp. He rose wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Wait, how was I watching? Was I — realization dawned. I was dead?

He left me there, an abandoned rag doll, and went off in search of something. A knife.

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He stripped off his shirt and sliced a red welt along his well-honed shoulder blade. He leaned in for a kiss. Drowning, I drank him in, unable to hold back, and I gasped, coming to the surface at last. I dipped my head again and darted my tongue along the tangy red welt. Clarity returned with every taste.

I became all too aware of my fingers sliding over his bare chest, down his arms, and up again, pausing at every sinew and cord. He was real, no figment of my imagination. I slid my bottom down off the cabinets, cold linoleum under the balls of my feet as I rose up on tiptoe to kiss his lush, quivering mouth.

My hands strayed to the button of his jeans, too much clothing. I wanted to feel him against me, inside me.

Top 10 Vampire Books!

I felt so new, so alive, aware of every little thing: Next door? Could I hear that far? I could hear his thoughts, and he mine. He laced his fingers with mine. For eternity. My epipsychidion. Soul of my soul.

Top 10 Vampire Books!

I also knew the reality behind the poem. Shelley had fallen for a phantom, his own idealized version of what love should be. Was I, in fact, a phantom now? Or was I waking from past disillusionment, ready to accept a whole new life? With my newly sharpened senses, I assumed the sound of breaking glass was the shock of my own realization. It took a second to comprehend that it was my actual window breaking.

I assumed they were men, larger than life in dark jumpsuits and helmets, faces covered with masks. Gas masks.

Connor shoved me behind him as if about to defend me. I was touched by the gesture until he fell at my feet. A heartbeat later, my shouts of protest echoing in deep-throated slow motion, I fell atop him and into the black fog of my own mind.

I woke up in the dark. I could feel that I was in bed, in a cotton gown, but not my bed and not my gown.


I sat up. Hospitals had those infernal fluorescent lights, always on. I inhaled, rubbed my arms, and discovered an IV jabbed into the inside of my left elbow. Hospital, I reaffirmed, and tried to feel better about it. I squinted into the darkness. Had I gone blind? There are also essays, timelines and links 7 Ashley Nemer Sci-fi Fantasy Rating: In a world we think we know, live other races entirely hidden from the mortal perspective.

Creatures of legend, of fable and myth, their very history and nature have allowed them to walk side by side with humans since time immemorial.

They are warriors, they are hunters, and they are Algula. And in their own midst, a battle is brewing for supremacy, for dominance, that can and will affect all around them.

Old hatred never dies and vengeance is a fiery sword that cuts a bloody swath. There are currently five books in the series Breathless, Deathless, Helpless, Fearless and Heartless. Weston College freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old.Book 3 of the Heku Series T. Could he suck me any drier than my creditors, who apparently thought I bled cash? Ward Vampires and slayers are at war in Caldwell, New York.

Which one to exit? Sofia decides to forgive four of them, but for one, she will bring to his knees. My instincts are telling me that I shoul She turned and stormed down the hall towards the guardroom. She froze, feeling as though he had just hit her in the stomach and knocked the wind from her.

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