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ini ada beberapa tutorial buat orang orang yg suka design graphic A Comprehensive Introduction to Photoshop Selection Techniques A Slick. In this tutorial we'll create a trendy double exposure effect in Adobe Photoshop with the help of Blending Modes and Clipping Masks in a few. belajar photoshop pdf - myavr.infoess - edit foto efek tulisan air keren. cara indesign, tutorial photoshop, video belajar, edit foto, manipulasi gambar.

Tutorial Manipulasi Photoshop Pdf

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myavr.infoess - tutorial photoshop, video belajar, edit foto, manipulasi editing foto yang. panduan photoshop cs6 pdf ebook panduan photoshop pdf ini . photoshop cs5 pdf efek oriya ramayan pdf photoshop tutorial, isi buku efek face swap atau. tutorial adobe photoshop cs6 bahasa indonesia manipulasi. Download Download Tutorial manipulasi photoshop professional Read Online Read photoshop tutorials photo effects pdf free download.

This might require patience and a steady hand, but time will pay off. And your piece should now be coming together.

How to Paint This Donut Illustration with My FREE Grain Shader Photoshop Brushes

Its still a little off, but there is a lot more to do, so lets move on! Atau kita juga bisa langsung menggambarnya menggunakan brush tool. Langkah 8 Pada langkah manipulasi photoshop kita akan menambahkan efek seperti batu-batu yang berterbangan di area sekitar angel ini. Hashtags for manipulasi Open foto asteroid, pilih foto batu yang kecil-kecil lalu tarik ke lembar kerja utama kita. Atur ukuran dan posisi mengikuti manipulasi photoshop bagian bawah, kemudian bagian badan.

Tambahkan blur efek pada foto ini, klik menu filter-Blur-Gaussian blur, set blur menjadi 2,2 manipulasi photoshop. Untuk sementara setelah kita beri batu-batu asteroid tadi, inilah yang kita hasilkan.

Langkah 9 Tambahkan layer baru di bagian atas, kemudian atur warna background hitam foreground putih. Program ini digunakan secara luas untuk periklanan, dan dalam publikasi seperti majalah oleh para editor gambar profesional, maupun oleh para perancang, pembuat film, manipulasi photoshop, dan profesional lainnya.

Namun, antarmuka Adobe Photoshop yang sederhana dan intuitif juga menjadikannya mudah diakses bagi para pemula dan amatir yang manipulasi photoshop dalam mengubah dan manipulasi photoshop gambar-gambar. Selama ini, Adobe Photoshop telah memiliki banyak sekali macam versinya dan sering kali diperbarui dan ditingkatkan.

Look for a road photo on the Internet. The one I used can be downloaded here. After downloading, place the photo in your document.

tutorial manipulasi photoshop cs3 pdf tutorials

Step 2 Now we need a photo of a person. The one I used can be found here. Once you have your photo, it's time to extract the guy from the background. Using the Pen Tool P create a path like in the image below. After that go to the Paths Palette and create a selection from that path. Lastly, I named this layer "dude.

We do that to match the light direction. The idea here is to darken the guy a little bit so he will fit better with the background. Use the image below as a reference. That will create a marquee selection of the guy. After that create a new layer. Rename it to "shadow" and fill it with black.

Step 6 Grab the Ellipse Tool U. Select Paths instead of Shape Layer. Create a Circle, like the image below.

After that grab the Direct Selection Tool A and adjust the bottom of the circle. Step 7 Create a new layer. Rename it to "clouds.

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While holding Alt, click on Clouds. After that go to the Path's Palette and create a selection from the path and mask the layer. Keep working with it until the light and dark areas are in a good position. Then select the Show Backdrop Option. That will allow you to see the clouds and the background.

It will be necessary to use the Bloat Tool in the right place. Click a few times and deselect the Show Backdrop. Then you will see the effect and will be able to repeat it more times in the correct place. Then create another layer and rename it to "Clouds 2" and repeat Steps 7 and 8.

We will need another cloud to make it more turbulent. This time, however, use Multiply for the Blend Mode. After that, create yet another layer. Rename it to "Clouds 3" and repeat Steps 7 and 8. For this layer use Color Dodge for the Blend Mode. The last thing here is with the Eraser Tool E delete some parts. This layer is used to give highlights to the clouds.

T7-Membuat Teks Efek Kilau - Membuat Teks Efek Kilau Uda...

After that, select the Brush Tool B , give it a black color, and mask some parts of the clouds that are close to the ground. Then repeat this Sharpen filter on Clouds 2 and 3 layers.

Step 12 Create a new layer. Rename it to "Glow. Create a selection from the clouds path as we did in Step 9. Then mask the layer. Use the default settings.

This command will create another layer from the Outer Glow. You can delete the white layer and leave just the Outer Glow layer.


Step 13 Create a folder called "Lights. Next select the "Glow" layer. Then select the Brush Tool, black for the color, and start masking the glow.

We need just the outline; however, some bright spots in the middle will give a nice result. Step 14 Create a new layer beneath the clouds group. Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool create a selection like the image below. After that select the Gradient Tool G and use a black and white gradient.

Then mask the layer, like in the image below.Jika sudah bagus seperti gambar dibawah, tekan enter. Post Reply.

You are on page 1of 6 Search inside document Have you ever wanted to use your mind to move an object? First, lets darken our Magneto dude a bit more. Distributed by type of material: For the colors use ddc and 2f1e Adobe Photoshop CS6 update

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