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This PDF requires only a sided die (numbered Torg is a “concurrent multi- genre” roleplaying game with an .. Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars. Roleplaying the Possibility WarsTM. TM This PDF requires the Torg basic set ( WEG #) to play. You or your .. the Torg novel, The Nightmare Dream). Add this classic RPG to your collection - Torg is a genre-spanning rpg where fantasy, cyberpunk, pulp, etc. all mix together. Now complete available as PDF!.

Torg Rpg Pdf

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Torg Eternity - Core Rules - The invasion of Earth told in previous tales of DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. Cosm: Aysle. Background: New lands have ap- peared, lands which have somehow caused a change in Aysle itself. You do not know how the changes came. From publisher blurb: They came from other cosms, raiders joined together to steal the Earth's possibilities. They he brought with them their different realities.

More gear designed for the harsh environment and primitive conditions of the Living Land, including trained dinosaurs for riding! An extensive status update for the default timeline. See the course of the first year of the Possibility Wars and the toll it's taken on North America. Includes a list of ongoing Delphi Council operations and who's who in the Living Land theater of the war.

Facts and rumors about the edeinos. New options for edeinos player characters, and more information on the strongest clans and their goals.

Get the statistics for the Saar himself, as Baruk Kaah enters the fray to take care of business personally! New threats.

Axioms and World Laws

Thrakmoss and his undead hordes are detailed. Discover cryptids, dinosaurs, gospog, and other strange denizens of the Living Land. Over forty new foes in all, suitable for Storm Knights of various experience levels! Adventure generation tables help produce missions, adventures, lost worlds, and more! The God Box is a massive adventure suitable for several months of gaming.

Start off in besieged Washington D. Don't miss the climactic Wedding of Baruk Kaah! On the inside, all the most needed charts from Torg Eternity in addition to the new charts specific to adventures in the Living Land. The outside features a single, gorgeous seamless image and the axioms and World Laws players need to remember.

We've grouped some of our previously unlocked goals by category so that you can keep track of them more easily, and so we can focus on what's coming up. Any series of goals that is not yet finished has been left in the list below the summaries.

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As we finish each series, we'll remove those items from the list and summarize them as well. You can see all the sample cards we had originally posted here in this album on our Facebook page.

You can see all four sample maps in this update. The Living Land changes forever.

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Baruk Kaah has been scheming to boost one of his axioms. This is roughly the equivalent of one of the packs, and features dinosaurs and edeinos warriors that are the most useful to have duplicates of.


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For example, a card may result in any Taunts or Intimidations that succeed this round will award the PC with a new draw. Possibilities: The rules for Possibilities are almost endless.

You earn them during play for progressing in the plot and for any active subplots you may have. First, possibilities can be used to add a second d20 to your roll. Next, they allow you to cancel large amounts of damage as it is being taken.

Torg Eternity: The Living Land

Finally, they serve as experience, and you need to spend them to raise skills or abilities. Realms: The realities in Torg are all designed to be unique, and they succeed mightily. The Axiom Levels in each reality define what technology, magic, miracles, and social ideas are normal to that realm.

No Ord can go beyond these, and even Stormknights risk backlash if they test them too often.

Beyond these axioms, each realm has a handful of World Laws that give a unique flavor to that setting. Adventure: The Adventure Book included in the boxed set is a quick romp around and through the world to get a taste for the six invading realities, and is decent for what it needs to do.

Several good maps and vital charts are included in the center for easy removal. It also includes some adventure ideas and tips on GMing specific to Torg.

Infiniverse: Perhaps the most audacious aspect of Torg was the Infiniverse concept. The Inifiniverse Update was a monthly? Each issue and many modules would have a page in the back that could be filled out and returned to report on your deeds and vote on what rumors were true. In theory, product development would be based off of this response. Pronouncement Torg is a unique game that took nothing for granted, and generally succeeded at what it aimed for.

The Drama Deck was an outstanding idea to encourage stunts and roleplaying in combat well before it was common and the Infiniverse tried to create an active dialogue between publisher and customers during the snail mail era. Every setting they provided was memorable, but they aren't satisfactorily fleshed out in this set and the system itself lends itself more to the pulpy feel of the Nile than the other settings.

Torg may not be a perfect game, but the incredible settings and mechanisms that are still innovative after twenty years make it worth picking up for a read.I am a veteran of Torg since it originally launched and I can handily endorse this new product. Results generally require a lookup on another chart, then interpretation. A Seat on the Delphi Council!

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