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Buy paperbacks and download digital copies of Tom Torero's daygame books which chronicle his street seductions from across the globe. Daygame: A Street Seducer's Story - Kindle edition by Tom Torero. Download it Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best. Daygame [Tom Torero] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Buy Daygame by Tom Torero (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu The book contains over successful seduction reports, as well as. Tom Torero takes daygame around the world, meeting and attracting girls in 25 countries over 16 months. There's 30 seduction reports, plus tips, tricks and. Daygame book. Read reviews from Start by marking “Daygame” as Want to Read: Want to Read Published by Tom Torero Publishing. More Details.

Be fizzy and exciting. That has almost always been a mistake. Learn to let go and be light, rather than heavy. Girls are mercurial and pretty random, and you never know when one is going to turn back around into you. It is unwise to rely exclusively on rebounds but you will get some when you get good.


The psychology behind seduction and seducers is also of interest, at least to me. I had a relatively normal adolescent and college experience, as I started having sex on the early side of normal and never stopped.

My younger self mostly had what I would now call eco system game: school and sports. Because I was obsessed with my sport I built up a solid body and solid group of people I knew.

That continued into a job involving it, and into college.

Looks are also more important for online dating than off, in my experience, and quitting sugar while lifting assists here too. I felt like I was indestructible.

I was already getting good results. I knew the London Daygame Model well.

I could get numbers, dates, lays. Stealth Seduction helped me to drop the ABC nice-guy daygame and make my game more sexual.

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All of that is available in Street Hustle book. But Stealth Seduction helped me understand the concept of vibe. How to become more of a bad boy and create sexual vibe. I remember two exact things I learned: Stop the chit-chat.

Chill the fuck out.

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The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Daygame By Tom Torero.

Paperback, Pages. Bond meets Banksy in a real life account of one man's remarkable journey from Oxford educated geek to top daytime street seducer. The book contains over successful seduction reports, as well as comprehensive detailed advice and techniques from one of the world's best daygamers.

From stopping a girl on the street to getting her into your bed and life, this is the definitive guide to daytime seduction. Add to Cart.

Lulu Sales Rank: Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. By Jonathan Finch.

Tom Torero is one of the 3 best teachers of game alive. Here is why: He's a natural teacher, having devoted most of his adult life to teaching and game.

Tom Torero’s Stealth Seduction – is it worth the money?

If you haven't done your due diligence and vetted game guru instructors, I have. There are sites that list most of the gurus.

From one of those sites, I culled a list of 50 gurus. Almost all of them were 6' or taller. Also noteworthy is that all of the are more good-looking than Tom Torero. He's doing something right. Anything they tell you about Attraction is suspect Paul Janka's attraction game sucks The most effective PUAs are not necessarily the best Youtube stars with the ost entertaining infields on Youtube the kind of sizzling flash game videos that Trey Peters loves.

The most effective PUA runs tight game and the phone number he gets is solid.This isolation, coupled with the pressures of studying at Oxford resulted in Tom suffering regular panic attacks, and he was later diagnosed with clinical depression by his doctor. Welcome to Lulu!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The girl lets him smell her hair Guy: This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Daygame Books - Tom Torero: From Oxford Nerd To Women's Seducer

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