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Editorial Reviews. Review. THE ROAD TO MECCA, by celebrated South African dramatist Athol Fugard, depicts the struggle of eccentric, reclusive Miss Helen. MIRRORS AND. CANDLES: THE. MECCASET. INSIDE: The Road to Mecca by Athol Fugard • Directed by Leigh Silverman. January 15–February G re a. t w. A South African pastor and a young teacher from Cape Town battle over the fate of an eccentric elderly widow.

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Mar 3, production of Athol Fugard's play The Road To Mecca, directed by Gordon Road to Mecca will begin Athol Fugard's 80th birthday celebration. and Tony winner Jim Dale in this celebrated work from preeminent South African playwright, Tony winner Athol Fugard. The Road to Meccatells the story of an. Jan 7, about The Road to Mecca with Educational Dramaturg Ted Sod. GORDON EDELSTEIN: In Athol Fugard, we find an artist who uses drama as.

As well as the price that an individual all too often pays for daring to be different. Although the main character of the play was inspired by the real artist Helen Martins, the other two characters are fictional.

She is viewed by the local community as a crazy recluse, and spends her days creating sculptures and artwork that decorates her garden and house. Elsa is a young woman from Cape This is not a novel, it is a play script that involves 3 characters. Elsa is a young woman from Cape Town, and is Miss Helen's friend. She is the only person Miss Helen truly trusts.

The Road to Mecca

The third character is Dominee Marius Byleveld, who is the pastor of a local church and is determined to get Miss Helen moved to a home for the aged. There is a strong theme of religion and conflict in the play. The village is a very conservative Christian community that takes offense with Miss Helen's art. They view the statues of owls, mermaids, and pilgrims on camels all facing east as idolatry, because they can't reconcile it with their strict Christian beliefs.

Unlike the community, Elsa supports Helen's creativity because she views it as Helen's vision for her life and her desire for light and beauty. In the play Miss Helen admits that she started the art to bring light into her darkness.

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Helen refers to it as her Mecca, because it's a symbol of spiritual fulfillment and freedom. How often will yourehearse with the actors? Do you work with recordings? Usually we start with every moment and was astounded by the breadth ofrecordings and selecting a sound sample on which we his knowledge. And then we start to put connected with the great Tim Monich, undoubtedlythe sound changes in, and we drill them. We come up with the top dialect coach in the country, if not the world.

His wisdom, guidance, and generosity inspire me. Even after the it was intention of government to enslave all black South Africans outlaw of slavery, during the 20th century the South African government created legalized mistreatment through a ANC Youth League formed with Nelson Mandela as secretary class system based on race, with the native black people at the very bottom.

Services for the blacks were not only1— Election of Extreme National Party to control government; D. After World War II, an extreme arrested right-wing government introduced the Homeland Policy, dividing the black ethnic groups into several reserves.


Rivonia Trial, eight ANC leaders including Nelson Mandela arrested Each Homeland was designed to be an independent state where black groups could have citizenship, thuss A wave of strikes and revolts eliminating their claims to South African citizenship.

In the s, the outside world became more and more The year in which The Road to Mecca is set aware of the injustice. It is only over the last 17 years that South Africa has become Cape Town peace march; release of all political prisoners a country with a free, racially—integrated democracy.

There are good playwrights, there are great playwrights,and then there are playwrights who change the world. Fugard falls into this lastcategory, and more than 40 years into his writing career, he shows no inclination ofholding back or slowing down.

What separates Fugard from his peers begins with his South African upbringing. In , he marriedShelia Meiring , a drama student who became a novelist and poet. The two had adaughter, Lisa, who has also become a novelist.

His whole life was lived against the backdrop of Apartheid, butperhaps it took this up-close view to spur Fugard to action. Hebegan not only to write plays, but to direct and perform, to produce, and to provoke. His work had an undeniable political bent, often feeling like a call to action.

And other playwrightsof that time were writing plays like that, that had nothing, nothing to do with theurgent and terrifying reality of the millions of black people alive in that country at thesame time. Tacklingracial bias, the AIDS epidemic, and other controversial subjects, Fugard soon foundthat the government was keeping an eye on him. In , after Fugard spoke outin support of a boycott against segregated theater audiences, the government ofSouth Africa revoked his passport.

It wascertainly the more complicated choice, but he saw no other as a possibility — beingkept out of his homeland was simply unacceptable, even to a man who fought againstso much of what was being done there. Home is a very deep transaction. Compared to workslike Master Harold…and the boys produced in revival by Roundabout in , hisrecent Coming Home, and the acclaimed Blood Knot, the world of Apartheid takes abackseat in this piece.

But it is, of course, always present, affecting the world fromwhich these characters and their different points of view emerge. Yet this play takeson a different theme, one that happens to come out of South Africa here but is aboutas universal as it gets. Also, for me,Elsa Barlow. To live in the question for a bit as opposed to looking for the answer. It wasa truly extraordinary experience. From that moment on, I knew TS: How is this character relevant to you?

I also had another wonderfully creative experience about Elsa with us? Suddenly Last Summer with Blythe Danner.

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All of this is tosay that Todd Haimes and the Roundabout have been a warmand exciting artistic home for me. He has the power to transportyou to a time and place very quickly and in a seeminglyeffortless manner. And to be able to delve into an electric,character-driven piece alongside Rosemary Harris and JimDale makes for the kind of collaboration I am always lookingfor: artists that you know you can jump off the cliff with inan attempt to reveal the complexities of the human condition.

TS: What kind of preparation or research do you have to do inorder to play Elsa? CG: I have been familiarizing myself with what the climate, inall senses of the word — emotional, political, literal — was in in South Africa.

And working with the dialect as well. But certain his vision, that Ithings feel clear to me. She begin thisis completely lost within herself as a woman in this particular process. Did you have anyTS: What do you think the play is about? CG: This play seems to me to be an exploration of personaland spiritual freedom, the challenges that come with that, CG: I began acting professionally when I was 13 years old.

And how studied with many different teachers along the way, all of whomterrifying a person who truly commits to that path can be to I have learned many skills from, but I would I have to say I havethose who have been taught there is one way to know God.

I am constantly learning new things as I see the world through the lens of each character ITS: Can you talk about the relationship between Elsa and Miss playandcollaboratewithmyfellowactors,writers,anddirectors. Helen is perhaps the mother that Elsawishes she had, or the person she hopes to become.

The free CG: First and foremost, as the business can be pretty brutal,woman who turns her back on the expectations of others and you must be truly compelled to do it. No matter how successfullives her life, whatever that may mean. This is why, when Helen is willing to throw herself under patient but remain supremely focused on what lights yourthe bus and go to the old age home, Elsa is infuriated.

In your livingI think Elsa has also owned the role of protector to Helen, as room, classroom, local theater—wherever you can. There has been noTS: How do you collaborate with a director? CG: Working with different directors makes for vastly differentexperiences each time, which I love.

The Road to Mecca Essay

Peter Kaczorowski about his design for The Road to Mecca. Additionally, the house in which the play designer, who have both been to the place. And they describedtakes place has no electricity. That in-person description of theno other ambient light sources outside because she lives in remoteness of the location was helpful.

Inside, there are only a few kerosenestyle lanterns and then of course all the famous candles. TS: How true will you be to the stage directions? After all, we are not doing a high conceptrendering of this play.

Michael Yeargan has designed areal house as requested by Fugard.

And I intend to makethe play happen in the time frame he suggests, i. PK: Well, I did not know much about the actual woman therole is based on or her art work. So I looked at her house areal place in Karoo , and I researched her art a bit mostly tounderstand how her brain worked. So I want to knowbroad-stroke information from a director: are we doing real or musicals that have few.

There are not many hard truths aboutabstract? Are we setting the play as suggested in the text or designing a play versus a musical. But very generally speaking,are we re-imagining where the action takes place? In a play,and by then, my advance information has already been drawn you are more likely to have a narrower range of needs. TS: How do you collaborate with the rest of the design team?

The best study notes

It really depends on a lot of factors. So we met last week at the shop in Connecticutand did a little experimenting with some light sources and TS: Any advice for a young person who wants to become asome mocked-up painted walls.

Susan and I talked a bit about lighting designer? There are someplays that have a lot of lighting requirements. She usedglass and paint to escape her gray existence by creating a colorful environment around her. Cut or tear the papers into shapes. Write: Write a paragraph discussing the color choices you made and the feelings you associate with your collage. Reflect: Why did you choose these colors? What associations do we make with different colors? Why does a color create different feelings for different people?

How is color an important tool for an artist? Central to The Road to Mecca is the concern of how Miss Helen will live on her own as she grows older. This is a problemfaced by many families, everywhere. Allow BOTH characters to explain their wishes and state why their views are important.

Activate: Work with a scene partner and perform your written dialogue. Make a few acting choices to distinguish the elder character from the younger character. Reflect: How did each character express their objective and reasons? What are some ways you might help an elder relative? Reflect: Does one location stand out as the most important to you?Favourite Quotes: Audie Award for Theatrical Performance My Africa!.

It starts off kind of slow, put picks up enough steam a couple of pages in that it becomes very good. It's implied that this is a suicide. Raghav Bhalla. This does not immediately make him a likeable character, but then Fugard weaves in additional details that develop Marius as a person and allow us to gain a degree of sympathy with him.

Having said that, Fugard had me thoroughly invested in his story.

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