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Bagheera and Baloo have no interest in the extremely noisy annual peacocks gathering, but Mowgli can't resists checking it out. On the way, he befriends and. He discovers that she is working in secret for Shere Khan and trying to separate the two of them. 55, "Mowgli's Cub", Peter Hymes. Clip - The Jungle Book Season 2 Preview. New Jungle Book animated TV series. Based on the traditional Rudyard Kipling classic novel, The Jungle Book.

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) - 4-DVD Set (The Jungle Book - Season Two Collection) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - Australia ]: Jimmy Hibbert, David Holt, Nigel Pilkington. Jungle book Season 2 Episode 1 Pavo the Peacock. Bagheera and Baloo have no interest in the extremely noisy annual peacocks gathering, but Mowgli can't resists checking it out. On the way, he befriends and.

Raksha - The adoptive mother of Mowgli. Lali - The daughter of Daruka and Raksha.

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Bala - The son of Daruka and Raksha. Villains[ edit ] Shere Khan voiced by David Holt - A man-eating Bengal tiger who is the main antagonist of the series. He plans to kill and eat Mowgli, but often fails in his attempts. He has a scar on his left eye. Shere Khan lost one of his claws in an earlier fight with Mowgli who keeps the claw as a pendant. Tabaqui voiced by Nigel Pilkington - An Indian jackal.

He is Shere Khan's sycophantic, greedy, devious sidekick where he lacks the courage to disagree with his tiger master. He is usually the one to set up traps for Mowgli so Shere Khan can eat him. Bandar-log - A group of langurs who like to cause trouble for Mowgli and his friends. They live in the Cold Lair temple ruins.

Masha voiced by Joseph J. Terry - A langur who is the queen of the Bandar-logs. Jacala - A giant Mugger crocodile who would eat anyone that trespasses into his territory. Kala - A black panther like Bagheera, but scarred. Highly territorial and hostile towards Bagheera and Mowgli.

He also has a scar on his right eye. He dislikes Mowgli being in the wolf pack, tries every attempt to expel the adopted human from the pack, and will stop at nothing to attempt becoming the next pack leader. Phaona's plots tend to backfire and he tends to get punished by his grandfather. Bella - A female bear that Baloo falls for, but she's actually working with Shere Khan to get rid of Baloo.

Hajeet - A bad-tempered and highly territorial honey badger. The apes king, insulted by a dare, orders his horde to sabotage the flight experiments by fruit bombardment. Shere Kahn hopes his most elusive potential prey will practically fall into his mouth. S2, Ep9.

Mowgli wins races against his wolves pack mates too easily but swinging vines is contested as cheating, so the pups switch to truth or dare. The wolves regret when Mowgli sets out to take the dare uttered in jest: After practicing on poor Bagheera, he tries for real, but Tabaqui overheard, warned the tiger and lures Bagheera's gang away, so they can't help Mowgli who walks into a trap.

S2, Ep Mowgli makes friends with Rana, a strong, intemperate warthog, who is constantly pestered by the monkeys.


Trading tricks, the pair ends up in their own trap pit. The only way out is ramming a passage to the underground palace ruins basement. Tabaqui observed and informed Shere Kahn, who follows them inside. Add Image S2, Ep Mowgli amuses Baloo and Bagheera by imitating the hothead monkey king Masha's temper, but he lacks any sense of humor and swears revenge. The monkeys ultimately capture Mowgli and incarcerate him in a temple ruin cage.

Tricks and a rescue attempt by Bagheera and Baloo yields short escapes, but they all end up caged together. Luckily, the rude king injured giant serpent Kaa, who slithers to revenge.

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Mowgli decides to drive Kala away with help from Darzi, however they fail and helps Masha to get the monkeys into battle. The jungle wildlife believes the sun will only keep shining on its forest if a ritual dance is performed from time to time by the elephants.

It's time again, but their chief, colonel Hathi, can't remember the paces. Mowgli sets out to find and fetch the centennial turtles, the only creatures who witnessed the previous ritual performance and can teach Hathi the dance.

Tabaqui tips off Shere Kahn, who decides to hunt Mowgli, despite his vital mission. During a fight with giant crocodile Chakala, over who gets to devour Mowgli, Shere Kahn falls on his head. The result is amnesia, turning the majestic hunter back into a frightened, helpless kitten.

Although his enemies, Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo decide to watch over him until his lethal memory returns. Swinging trough the trees, Mowgli causes a birds nest to crash, but saves the eggs.

He promises to mind them while the parents build a new test, but giant serpent Kaa soon smells his favorite, fresh eggs, and starts chasing Mowgli. An egg-shaped pebbles ploy should lure the snake to an abandoned eagle's nest. Mowgli's climbing antics land him in the river, thus floating to an island, where he finds a scared, lost yearling deer, whose father meets Bagheera and Baloo, who followed the river after Mowgli.

Mowgli promises to get the yearling home, but they are chased by evil panther Kala and the deer is suffering the blinding effects of a poisonous herb it ate. Seemingly helping the wolves against Shere Kahn, his jackal cahoot Tabaqui wins Ajela's confidence. Only Mowgli smells a rat, especially when the traitor inquires about the pack's secret meat stash. Mowgli befriends one of colonel Hathi's juvenile trainee elephants, who fears to be denied admission to the marching troop if he fails the ritual trumpeting test, that full moon evening.

Besides training loudness, they must contend with the river's giant crocodile Chakala, which is after Mowgli too. Mowgli's peril carries an unhoped-for boon.

Collecting berries with Mowgli, Bagheera ventures into evil kin Kala's territory, has to fight him off and incurs a nasty paw wound. Baloo knows a single remedy: Mowgli sets out to collect them with Darzi, who can find them. Worried, Bagheera limps after them.

Playing with Baloo's spectacles, Mowgli drops them, and Tabaqui gets hold of them, eager to tell Shere Kahn the knave's strongest protector is blinded. Bagheera helps Baloo, whom the rascal dared not tell, looking in vain. Mowgli is soon lured to Shere Kahn's lair, where a struggle ensues for his life and the bear's glasses.

Python Kaa has a bad case of hiccups and blames Mowgli, whose careless play caused him to fall too badly. Baloo knows a cure, a rare blue flower, which the rascal promises the serpent to help collect from the palace ruins. The langur monkeys however put up a fight, and a royal cobra also lurks around. Cocky, playful Mowgli can't resist a dare from Tabaqui to test who's most agile in running and jumping.

However, it's all a trap to make him lap into a deep pit, to await Shere Kahn as a late lunch.

The knave however escapes, chased by Tabaqui, who falls, drifts into crocodile Jakala's river tract and needs rescuing. Hearing Hathi's elephant family, which happily prepared a feast to welcome visiting family, worry if their kin got lost on the way, Mowgli volunteers to go look. He finds the visitors wandered off i to the marsh, where the parents can't enter to retrieve their kid, who risks being eaten by giant crocodile Jakala. Hearing Baloo, whose birthday is coming up, loves a rare kind of bananas over all, Mowgli sets out to go fetch some.

Jungle Book, Season 2 - Volume 3

Alas, they only grow in Shere Kahn's jealously guarded home territory, and Tabaqui heard of the plan, so the tiger is warned and they set a trap. Baloo warned against the enterprise and comes after Mowgli.

Old Akela assembles the wolves to start the annual buffalo hunt for the pack's winter supply. He will lead a team, Mowgli the other, to prove himself a true wolf. Jealous, the eldest other wolf, on Mowgli's team, who feels entitled to lead, sabotages it and seizes power, but is even less successful hunting down the elusive white buffalo.

While Mowgli accompanies Baloo collecting blueberries, he bumps upon colorful glutton bird Rangoo, who collected a pile of them, to offer as annual present to the passing cranes. Monkey queen Masha arrives and thinks up a lie to lure Ranoo away, so the langurs can feats on her berries. Mowgli feels somehow guilty and promises to make up to the cranes, who arrive before he can, but appreciate the glide he and Baloo 'discovered' accidentally, and proves most useful to get rid of Shere Kahn and Tabaqui.

Akela collapses, ill, but tells his wolves pack the only cure is in the temple of the wolf, so they set out there. Mowgli wants to come, but is almost scared off by Phaona, who keeps attempting to lead either Mowgli or the other expedition wolves on fatal roads, so he can return as Ajela's successor. Mowgli sees trough and counters each ploy in turn.

Akela is too weak to enter the temple, Phaona insists to stay with him but quickly outsmarts Darzi, whom Mowgli left to watch him, and follows the rest of the pack inside.

Phaona locks Mowgli and the other expedition wolves in and returns home to claim Akela and the others perished, so he becomes Akela's successor. Mowgli however manages to escape, bring Akela the healing water and lead the pack home. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. When Icky's berries have been stolen, Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera decides to guard them.

But Baloo has took them, sleepwalking, Baloo faces a lot of danger, even he heads for the Cold Lair. Panics strikes the jungle wildlife when it's noticed hunters fail to respect harvest restrictions, so senior elephant Hathi presides over a general refuge into the secret valley.

After it's closed up with a bolder, his own kids are found missing, having ventured outside. Mowgli leaves to go after the mischievous pair. Tabaqui informs Shere Kahn, who believes his time has come to hunt down the man child without his protectors.

When Mowgli and Baloo are searching flowers, Mowgli takes one which makes him blind and Tabaqui knows about this. Luckily, Darzi is his eyes while Mowgli's blind.

Disregarding Baloo's warning when they find a piece of amber, which according to jungle legend renders invincible, Mowgli keeps it. Tabaqui finds out, steals the amber and brigs it to Shere Kahn, who proclaims himself absolute king and demands his subjects prove their loyalty by offering him the man-child.

Bagheera and Baloo must prevent their fellow jungle dwellers doing so while Mowgli tries to steal the amber back and throw it in the cascade. A kite drifts from the human village into the jungle. Mowgli finds it and has great fun finding out how to fly it. His mongoose friend Rikki-Tikki-Tavi however gets caught in its ropes and dies a million deaths flying high, out of control. Mowgli runs after the kite, which gets loose after an encounter with the crocodile Chakala and becomes an easy target for the eagle.

Mowgli promises to save his friend if he jumps off while drifting over a high cliff, which is the home of killer bees.

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Disregarding Baloo's warnings, Mowgli plays in a dangerous flower bed, and is temporarily blinded by its poisonous blooms. While Baloo seeks medicinal herbs, Bagheera perches the rascal safely in a high tree, but the cheeky imp sneaks off, only to run into trouble with Shere Khan, who was cued by Tabaqui.

Bagheera rushed to the rescue but is lured into a pit while the tiger finds his prey, in time for a painful finale. Shere Khan's mighty voice crushes to mouse-like while he faces monkey queen Masha, who now believes to have magical power and claims the throne of the jungle cued by turncoat Tabaqui.Ellipsanime and Mediatoon are looking forward to this production journey of fruitful collaboration!

Shere Khan takes the opportunity to get Mowgli, but Bala and Lali save him. Collecting berries with Mowgli, Bagheera ventures into evil kin Kala's territory, has to fight him off and incurs a nasty paw wound. After practicing on poor Bagheera, he tries for real, but Tabaqui overheard, warned the tiger and lures Bagheera's gang away, so they can't help Mowgli who walks into a trap.

Roaming in the jungle, Mowgli collides with a crane, whom he saves from being eaten by crocodile Chakala, but who looses the feathers on one wing, so he's no longer able to fly to his mates' gathering at the lake. The inquisitive Mowgli often gets himself into trouble and can't resist helping animals in danger or solving other problems Main characters[ edit ] Mowgli voiced by Emma Tate - A young Man-cub raised by wolves in the jungle, as the adoptive son of Daruka and Raksha, and the brother of Lali and Bala.

S2, Ep9. Nadia is the guest of honor at her own birthday party, thrown by her best friend.

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