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way in which the subject's whole body was represented would determine the make-up of all \(Part 2b The Fastest Way To. “Darren Hardy proves with The Compound Effect that common sense—when “ Daren Hardy's The Compound Effect is a culmination of success principles. Darren Hardy Keynote - Productivity Secrets of Superachievers. Copyright Darren Hardy. For more success resources go to myavr.infoS. com.

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The short but revealing book, The Compound E ect, examines the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. Author Darren Hardy . If you are looking for the 'real deal,' a real program, with real tools that can change your life and make your dreams a reality, The Compound Effect is it!”. Author's big thought: The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions The Compound Effect reveals the “secret” behind the author's success.

But by the end of every month, I was horrified to look at my bank statements. All I know is I probably spent more than I wanted. This is because each purchase I made was so small and inconsequential to me on their own. Just like in my spending example. Big Idea 5: Will Power vs.

Most people have goals and dreams that they want to achieve.

Would you do it? It simply is not worth it and no will power would convince you.

Scenario 3: Similar to scenario 2, but this time I give you no money. However, this time your child or parent or partner or pretty much someone you really love and care for is on the other end of the building and the building is burning. This time would you do it? The answer I hope is yes!

You just have to. For me, my why changes now and then depending on what gets me pumped up. When I see my parents working hard, my why is to retire them. When I watch my doggies play by themselves, my why changes to creating a lifestyle where I can hang with them whenever I want. When I used to see old work mates from my corporate days, my why for becoming successful was to have something to show for quitting and choosing the entrepreneur path.

This is where the power of momentum comes in.

Compound Effect PDF

The Power of Big Mo. They all have momentum. So no matter what, you should prioritize consistency over big one-off gains.

For example, do one push up every day if you have to instead of doing push ups after days all in one go. Do half a push up if you have to!

The worst thing for me is when I wake up late and feel like my day is already over. This kills my daily momentum. I find that when I start off my day with a kick of momentum, doing productive work for the rest of the day is so much easier. Everyone in some way is affected by external forces and these forces will either help us achieve our goals or drag us down. Influence 1: Information we feed our brains.

Garbage In, Garbage Out. Darren Hardy advises us to stop watching the news. Most of the time news or media reports on problems and negative situations.

Consuming too much of negative information will only make us become more cautious and scared. I definitely am not a news person. If we can eliminate the negative stuff from entering our mind and feeding it with success strategies, inspiration and success stories, we will inevitably become a more empowering person. Influence 2: Associations. Everyone is influenced by their peers, work mates, family and so on. In fact, Jim Rohn taught that we become the combined average of the five people we spend the most time with.

This includes the average of their incomes and the average of their life styles.

Jim Rohn would say that he could tell the quality of our health, attitude, and income by looking at the people around us. In other words, watch who you hang out with.

The Compound Effect: Book Summary & Review in PDF

On top of that, to add to my circle of influence, I learn from different mentors, some in real life and others from their online material or through many books. Influence 3: Environment. This includes everything that surrounds you.

Creating a positive environment includes clearing out all the clutter in your life. Not just the physical clutter, but also the psychic clutter. Or you have beef with someone at work. You should do whatever it takes to lessen or eliminate this type of clutter as it makes focussing on your goal a lot harder.

For me, I keep this in mind and usually whenever a problem presents itself, I either resolve it quickly or decide to not give it too much attention. So, what are some small choices you could be making on a daily basis , that could compound into positive changes for you in the future?

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Write them down, and get committed. To find radical change in every area of your life, you only need to take a series of tiny steps, but you need to do so consistently over a long period of time to improve your life.

You will take major steps backwards in doing so that will be difficult to regain. Let go of the need for instant results.

The Compound Effect Summary

Success is not fast. Change is hard, be patient with yourself. Commit to overcoming them through hard work and personal development.

What are some small steps you can start taking everyday to shift your life in a better direction? What are some small things you can stop doing that might be hindering your success? Each choice starts a behavior that over time becomes a habit. Just as The Compound Effect can work for you as you increase small, smart choices it can work against you and probably has been in the very same small, seemingly insignificant choices you make on a daily basis.


One important choice that MUST be incorporated in a steady diet is the choice to be grateful.Most of the time news or media reports on problems and negative situations. Start slowly. Friend C is now chubby, unhappy, stressed out from work and argues constantly with his wife.

Eliminate all the incomplete, poisonous clutter both mental and physical that you can from your life. Sustainability leads to consistency, consistency creates momentum and momentum makes it easy to stick to your rhythm.

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