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Get The Book of Cosplay Armor Making - Worbla & Wonderflex and learn all about creating patterns, shaping your armor, adding details and attaching it all. With our tutorial books you’ll be able to create amazing costumes in no time. The Book of Cosplay Armor Making – Worbla & Wonderflex. In this volume you’ll find everything you need to know about building cool props out of EVA foam and Worbla. The Book of Cosplay Armor Making book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In Svetlana Quindt's Cosplay crafting.

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The Book of Cosplay Armor Making, one of the Kamui tutorial books. EBOOK/PDF: The Book of Armor Making from KamuiCosplay. Saved by. Storenvy . for Ryan & Alex: Now You Can Learn To Craft Gorgeous Fantasy Cosplay. Description. By ordering this book you'll get easy step by step guides for the following points: – Material definition – Required tools – Preparation – Creating.

You can make just about anything with the foam. EVA foam is one of the top choices when it comes to crafting cosplay armor. What is EVA foam? Often used for craft projects, Floor mats and even making shoes, It has a variety of uses. It can be used on its own for armor or covered by a thermoplastic of your choice like Worbla or Thibra.

You can purchase it in many brick and mortar stores near you. The thicker foam most often used for armor bases and originally created as floor mats for workshops can be found in construction stores such as Harbor Freight, Home Depot, and Lowes.

However, the best thing about this material is how easy it is to learn and create with. You can get away with using a basic utility knife, heat gun, and some contact cement to start constructing. Thanks to its popularity in the cosplay scene there are tons of tutorials out there to help out with armor building. EVA foam comes in different thicknesses and densities. They are a supplier based in Texas that distributes different thickness EVA foam that is smooth on both sides, unlike the 0. This is actually very handy for cosplayers when crafting.

Example photo by Kamui Cosplay. Go buy her books. I will include the price ranges for each of these and where you can find them!

Consider this a little shopping list guide! Construction: All materials listed are recommended to have for your armor kit. I will go over the uses of each too.

A Utility knife is one of them and will be your best friend when making foam armor. This handheld knife is meant to cut through material with precision and ease. It is a must-have in every armor toolkit. You will also want to pick up a pack of extra blades.

Your blade will want to remain sharp at all times to prevent tear and fraying. So having replacement blades is a great idea and a life saver.

Cutting Mat For cutting out your EVA foam or anything , if you do not have a surface you feel comfortable cutting on and leaving marks in then I recommend picking up a cutting mat.

These handy little mats are built tough and made for cutting on. They will protect any surface you choose to cut on. Many mats also come with guidelines. This is very handy for when you are cutting out some things that need a straight line. Heat Gun Heat guns are an armor makers tool of choice. Many different styles of armor require heat for shaping or sealing. You may have seen them used by nearly every armor maker. There is a reason for that. A heat gun can reach higher temperatures that can warp and shape not only the Foam but also plastics.

These glues are what will adhere your pieces together when crafting armor to make that awesome chest plate you've been wanting to make. Contact Cement is a strong and durable glue with a quick drying time.

Cosplay Makeup – Tips and Tricks – DOWNLOAD|PDF

You can apply it with a brush or put it in a condiments container for precise and controlled placement of the glue. Barge Cement is primarily sold online, however, I have personally used the Weldwood contact cement with very nice results. Please keep in mind contact cement can have a very powerful odor to it. It's highly recommended you either have a window open or that you are in a well-ventilated area.

Hot Glue The cosplayers choice, Hot glue can be very useful when it comes to crafting. While it's not as strong as contact cement, hot glue does do a great job with holding together as long as its the industrial strength Hi-Temp hot glue. Low-Temp hot glue will not work as well and you may find your pieces coming apart more than you like.

So please be mindful of the glue you are using when picking up hot glue. Dremel tool A Dremel tool is a handy little tool for all sorts of things.

It is great for fine precision sanding and grinding on props. If your armor calls for a beveled edge or indentations, this tool can help you get the job done. This tool is a fantastic tool to use when it comes to detailing. Not only is is much easier to use one of these on the 2mm foam, but it is also great for making slits and indentations on foam armor. This little blade has a lot of uses when it comes to armor.

The Book Of Cosplay Armor Making

Soldering Kit Foam and extreme heat do not usually mix well and can actually cause the foam to melt This tool is not only great for Soldering together materials for LED's and electrical work, it can also act as a carving tool. It comes with a variety of heads that can be very useful for making carvings and indentations. I also like to use the tool as a way to punch holes into the armor if I need them for lacing up the armor.

The Wood Soldering tool is also great to have because it does not reach the extreme temperatures that a Soldering tool used for soldering metal can reach. The wood Soldering tool from Micheal's also has an adjustable knob to set the temperature to different heat settings.

Various Household items for Patterning: Paper, pens, Sharpie, scissors, Saran plastic Wrap, Rulers of Varying sizes and shapes, packing paper , and tape All of these tools are essential when it comes to drafting out a pattern for armor, which you will be doing a lot of. These tools will help you with making a pattern that is adjusted and fitted to your body.

Patterns are key when it comes to your pieces for armor. Without a pattern, You may end up wasting a lot of material or have a piece that doesn't fit at all. Paint brush Sponge If you don't plan to transfer the glue to another container such as a condiments container for application, it is wise to pick yourself up some brushes.

My personal preference is a small sponge brush. These are cheap and disposable. They will not leave anything behind in the glue such as a loose bristle.

Next up, get a disposable spray bottle old Windex bottles work great here and fill it with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and salt. I mix these together in a ratio by volume. Shake up the mixture in your spray bottle and set the nozzle to the widest mist setting, then spray lightly over the metal powder pic 7.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect when you're spraying, initially the rust powder will make a sort of nasty yellow foam. This can be immediate, like right before your eyes, but sometimes it can take a few minutes as well. You can see this happening at about in this video below it goes by quick! This will fizzle down and settle into a nice rust texture pretty quickly about an hour or so but don't try to blast away this bubbling with your spray bottle!

That's the chemical reaction taking place, and more accelerant will only remove the metal powder. This kind of technique is a bit messy, and it can get away from you in a hurry if you add too much powder or accidentally blast all of the rust to an area on your piece where you don't want it. My advice is to start small, you can always add more after you've finished a coat, and a little powder will go a long way.

Cosplay Painting - Kamui

You have spray carefully and make sure you get a spray bottle that doesn't jet out or you'll just blast away all the metal powder.Stephen Lee rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Sewing your first costume.

I will guide you step by step. You can apply it with a brush or put it in a condiments container for precise and controlled placement of the glue. Aside from armor, the materials listed here are good for some accessories, as well; there's a lot of options. I know it sounds silly but these little eyes are wonderful for that specific purpose and do the job well.

Hot Glue The cosplayers choice, Hot glue can be very useful when it comes to crafting. Make your very first costume. Contact Cement is a strong and durable glue with a quick drying time.

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