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sought to understand the timeless wisdom and eerie divinations of the I Ching, translated, the Book of. Changes. Using the simple tools of three coins, one can. Beginning in the Shang Dynasty (16thth century B.C.), or even further back, China's Book of Changes, or Yi Jing (often I Ching), began a process of gradual. Traditionally the I Ching is consulted by throwing 50 yarrow stalks, but usually a set of three coins is used. The coins are thrown six times, while a question is.

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PDF | On Jan 1, , Richard Smith and others published The Book of Changes World: The Yijing (I-Ching, or Classic of Changes) and Its Evolution in China. THE YI JING, OR “BOOK OF CHANGES”. A VERY BRIEF OVERVIEW. There is no doubt that the Yi jing (“Classic of Changes,” sometimes known as the Zhou yi. Divisions of the Book of Changes. (Yijing 易經). Zhouyi (周易) Basic Text (Jing 經) . 64 Hexagrams (Liushisi gua 六十四卦). Hexagram Names (Gua ming 卦名).

The ancient developed ones considered stars to be condensed natural energy. Condensation is symbolized by the image of Metal. The ancient developed ones categorized Wind as the airy energy in Wood, because no lire grows without air. It is arranged in the Ba Gua Octahedron between Wood and Fire because it cannot be represented by solid matter, like the other four elements. It is used in the process of burning Wood and is thus a necessary condition of Fire.

It represents yang energy as a whole and cannot be sub-categorized as one side of the Tai Chi diagram which consists of two spheres: yang and w The Deeper Meaning of the Five Elements The trigrams represent more than what their names The energy represented by Water has the symbolize.

It is cool and liquid. It is a gathering or dispersing type of movement. It can be gentle and slow, but it can also be quick. It is not abrupt or sudden. An example of this is the motion of ram water collecting in a beaver dam, which slowly trickles out through the stream. Another example is a crowd slowly filling a concert hall or football stadium, then slowly leaving after the concert or game is over.

Another example is the breath of a calm person, slow and gradual. The energy represented by Fire is explosive and hot. It is a type of burning om, it speeds up the process of aging or becoming worn out. It consumes and destroys. It js also beautifying. It is an airy type of reaction. An example of Fire energy. Another example is an internal combustion engine. Another example is untamed anger: quick, consuming and explosive. The energy of Wood expresses upward movement. It is expansive and creative.

It consumes and creates something new. It is exemplified by small growing plants in the spring, which consume the seed, water and air to create a plant. It is like the root and sprout of a tree or any plant pushing up to break through the soil which covers it. Thus, it is also expressed by the movement of thunder breaking through the thick clouds. Another example is the expansive growth of a young, successful company.

Another example is cooking, putting together the elements of a recipe or any creative action which combines different elements to form something new. The energy described by the word Metal is contracting and heavy. Its motion is inward. It is cold. It is 34 chapter5 stagnant. An example of Metal energy is an overcast day in winter. Another example is the solidifying of water into ice. An example in the human realm is depression, which is imploding, stagnant energy.

The energy represented by the word Earth is stability. It is firm without being rigid. It is reliable and dependable. It is unmoving, but it is not stagnant: rather, it is a centered state of being. An example of Earth energy is the foundation of a house, which upholds and supports the structure of the building and provides a safe environment for life activities. Another example is the most responsible, stable person in a household.

Another example is the physical body, which provides a base for ones thoughts, speech and actions in the world. The above illustrations.

The I Ching (Book of Changes)

Strong major or old yin. When the class is small, I not as good as seeing it once. I have discussed a few ways to do this in R. Smith , 8— Geertz , See R. Smith , — and , 6— Doniger , I put the matter this way in one of my recent assign- At least three pages of each weekly journal entry must 7. You may use the document in any 8. See note 7 above. Cited in R. Smith , You tive remarks of Huang Zongxi and others cited in ibid.


Ten Wings or another commentary—as the point of depar- For instance, the bibliography by Hacker et al. The Yijing has been translated into more literature, music, or ritual Chinese or Western , 3 a letter than forty languages worldwide.

Chinese , 4 an analysis of some aspect of the physical I have tried to suggest a few such comparisons in R. Smith , , world i. You may also use In all these activitities you must approach the Yijing as An especially useful introduction to these and other issues can be found in Henderson , A, as well as the entries under tianity, and other belief systems.

For a basic overview, consult R. In my experience, the most difficult task—and also the most For details, note the many elaborate interpretive systems discussed by name rewarding one—in teaching about Asia is to get students to take under separate alphabetical headings in Nielsen This translation is based on Kunst , — See Smith , 96— For different renderings and understandings of this sonal lives: their assumptions, expectations, hopes, fears, doubts, text, consult Rutt , and —, Fu , 95—97, Wu , —, Shaugnessy , 53—54, —, Lynn , —, Ritse- and certainties.

When they do this—and we all have to believe ma and Karcher , —, Whincup , —, Legge , that it is, in fact, possible—the rewards are great for everyone. At Wilhelm , —, Cleary , —, Cleary , —, first glance the Changes may not seem well suited to such a task Huang , —, Ni , —, etc.

Dealing with Cycles. Eachcurveinthelineofanindividual life. This kind of thinking creates obstacles to an accurate. Using this key.

The minds of ancient sages may not have been any better than those of modem intellectuals. Everything is always. Thinking becomes an escape for intellectually developed people whose lives would be smoother if they worked harder at developing and using their intuition. In dealing with movement or change. The Integral Way is a way of thoroughly understanding the universe. Attachment to what one likes is a psychological defect and is unreal.

Cyclic movement is expressed in individual emotional life. It is the best way of predicting human fortune. The present. They work hard at searching for an explanation or hidden meaning rather than having immediate contact with reality. You have only to open your eyes to see the bountiful evidence and examples of how to effectively deal with movement and change. When a mind is detached from the past and also remains unattached to any details of the present.

Intellectuals and scholars may be very astute thinkers. Its force connotes calmness. Zero is the center of the universe. It symbolizes the wholeness and purity of nature as one life. Stage II This figure and yang- demonstrates the division into two: Chapter 5 AN A. It can also be considered the original impetus of the universe. In the Tao Teh Chfng.

Strong Yang or Pure Yang This is the dominating yang force. This means the full yin sphere.

Annotations to the Book of Changes: 13 Juan

Strong Yin or Pure Yin When strong yang energy over extends itself. This occurs when yang energy seeks self-adjustment in response to opposition or resistance. It is a way of self-accomplishing. This means the full yang sphere. T h e different phases of this energy are expressed in the self-generating process of Ufe. It is constructive. It is the main energy of nature.

Lesser yin the small black circle grows in the sphere oJ strong yang.

Thus yin is the weak stage of yang energy which makes an alternating shift in order to continue generating itself. Wood or vegetation. The Strong Force. Roe Dewfoptng Steps Expressed Numerics 27 Young Yin or Lesser Yin This energy phase is the transition created by the movement of yang energy before it grows from weak to strong. The Adoption of the New Symbolic Meaning Yin energy is produced by the movement of yang energy in an opposing and resisting manner in order to assist the effort of the yang.

Its function is to harmonize and hold the four phases together. The two line system of yang. Doubling the trigrams forms the eight symbols of the Ba Gua octahedron.

Soil or earth. The Development of the Line System: When the trigrams are paired with different trigrams. The six stages. Other than being used to symbolize the eight natural energies of E sky. In this progression. For example. From this position of lesser yang. These trigrams express the increase of a negative influence. In natural developed medicine.

It also means that the positive yang energy. Regression and progression are illustrated in Figures 43 and II and:. In other words. A proceeding progression moves from deep trouble to a slight problem. They are not used as descriptive stages in such a situation because Eis used to govern E to 31 to 3e which expresses fire. This six stage process is used in natural medicine to describe various physical situations.

This is yang energy in a process of decreasing. Studying this material can help tram the mind. It expresses the great vftabty of nature and the vital force contained in each individual life.

E is a natural impetus that has moved too Ngh. Following that. IThe Meaning of the Eight Symbols by Trigrams e is the full natural impetus of nature as an entirety. It is a foundation like the Earth. It is lfke I. Thunder or life itself. The Five Element System is derived from the eight manifestations of natural energy that are described below.

Ez is natural energy pushing forward. An illustration of the five phases can be seen in Figures 3 1 and 5 1. E is the natural impetus to push upward. It moves from a. The ancient developed ones categorized Wind as the airy energy in Wood. It is used in the process of burning Wood and is thus a necessary condition of Fire. The words Heaven. The ancient developed ones considered stars to be condensed natural energy. The Symbolic Trigrams for the Five Elements Thus the tri-line symbols of the five element energies become: Ie symbolizing Waler e symbolizing Fire me symbolizing Wood.

They are metaphorical rather than literal. It is arranged in the Ba Gua Octahedron between Wood and Fire because it cannot be represented by solid matter. Condensation is symbolized by the image of Metal.. It is like Wind. It consumes and destroys.

Another example is cooking. It is not abrupt or sudden. Another example is the breath of a calm person. It is. It is cold. Another example is an internal combustion engine. It is exemplified by small growing plants in the spring. It is a type of burning om. It is a gathering or dispersing type of movement. It is like the root and sprout of a tree or any plant pushing up to break through the soil which covers it. It is cool and liquid. An example of this is the motion of ram water collecting in a beaver dam.

It can be gentle and slow. It is expansive and creative. An example of Fire energy. Its motion is inward. Another example is untamed anger: It is an airy type of reaction.

Another example is the expansive growth of a young. It consumes and creates something new. It js also beautifying. Another example is a crowd slowly filling a concert hall or football stadium. For further information regarding the line system.

Strong major or old yin. An example of Metal energy is an overcast day in winter. Another example is the most responsible. It is unmoving. Another example is the physical body. An example in the human realm is depression. Another example is the solidifying of water into ice. Lesser minor or young yang. The above illustrations.

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It is firm without being rigid. Lesser minor or young yin. It is reliable and dependable. An example of Earth energy is the foundation of a house. Any way the numbers are summed up. Now children use it as a game. This nine house system has been developed for use in divination and spiritual practice. Hu To. In this figure. The numerical combinations can also be expressed as shown in Figure Five implies establishment. The numbers six through nine are the repetition of the numbers one through five in a declining phase.

Ten is a number with the implication of stopping or decreasing the full growth of the yin and yang phases. All numbers contain zero and one. The establishing factor is the number one. One to five can be symbolized by the five natural phenomena: Water 2. Fire F 3. Metal 5. In the square in the above figure. The horizontal lines express the relation of generating. Five is the neutralizing force which coheres the other Great Four, thus it is zero.

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This is the central teaching in the I Ching. Left to right clockwise movement is the generating order. Right to left counterclockwise movement is the revolutionary order. The Tai Chi Symbol. These two complementary spheres that edst together represent the relativity of all existence, both in the physical and the conceptual universe.

Located within each sphere is a small circle. Each Tai Chi stands complete and independent while at the same time being one small part of the larger whole. This is illustrated in Figure 54 below. This precept can also be applied to the model of an individual human life. The universe is a unified existence like an individual human being, and an individual human life is a unified existence, just like the universe.

Yang is presents the integration of yin and yang. Yin, its opposite, is receptive. In general, yang tends to rise, progress and increase, representing the Yin tends to creative, active movement of nature.

In a daily cycle, yang represents the light of daytime and yin represents the darkness of night. The dark yin is exhausted and gives way to the growing yang. The upper half represents the afternoon as yang energy decreases and gives way to the growing yin toward midnight. Around the fifteenth day of a Chinese calendar, the hypothetical vertical middle line is Then the reached and the moon is at its fullest.

The right side presents the darkness of the night. In presenting the yearly solar cycle, the left light side represents the seasons of Spring and Summer and the right dark represents the seasons of Fall and Winter. In presenting a human life cycle, the lower left expresses the first half while the upper left expresses the second half.

The right side represents a person before birth and after death. This orientation has the same meaning and purposes as the others, the only difllerence being t; show the highest point of the cycle in the middle of the top curve. This is noon in a daily cycle, the full moon in a lunar cycle, the high point between Spring and Summer in a yearly cycle and middle age in a human life. Q This symbol more dramatically expresses the natural energy flow in its process of acceleration.

The vivid movement, the active flow, and the principle that growth and decline are proportIonally related are all pictured in this diagram. There is another important principle expressed in the Tai Chi Tu which says: When yang reaches its fullest, yin grows, and when yin is at its fullest, yang 4.

Chapter 6 starts on its way. All cycles follow this principle without exception. The yang light sphere represents life -. The yin dark sphere represents uncertain death - -.

The basic structure of the universe, according to the Taoist view, consists of three spheres: Heaven, or the spiritual realm, symbolized as.

Earth, or the material realm, symbolized as 0. Mankind, containing all lives, symbolized as 0. In the spiritual science of the natural spiritual path, Q represents a general human life before achievement. To be natural is to lengthen the yang or subtle cycle. To be supernatural is to eliminate the yin or gross sphere and become purely subtle. It is obvious that life belongs to yang and subtleness, while death belongs to yin and grossness.

One has access to the way of cultivation through all of my books. Four Divisions. Instead, the endurance of energy decides the length of time. It does not actually represent the living situation of the person. Therefore, in order to maintain life, subtle energy must be cultivated. There is no other way. This is the fundamental viewpoint of ancient naturally developed ones.

Total understanding and trust are required for development and achievement. Otherwise, my books would be no different than ordinary books. From the understanding of the above, an individual should take responsibility for his life and apply the following virtuous practices:. Chapter 6 self-adjustment self-communion self-disciplme self-government self-knowledge self-surrender self-cultivation self-control self-examination self-improvement self-regulation.

As understood by the ancient spiritually developed ones, to consistently practice these virtuous qualities with sincerity is to grasp the meaning of the universe and of human life. In the natural spiritual way of cultivation.

Yang energy gives vitalizing support to human acttvity. All important spiritual energy cultivation occurs during the yang part of the cycle. According to the energy differences, yang energy becomes too strong in the head area at the time close to noon.

Although this is not a good time for cultivating, it is still okay for handling other daily affairs. The best time for self-cultivation is in the early morning when yang energy is not yet too strong. In the first part of the yin sphere, yin energy is stAl shallow and usable for some work. The latter part of the yin sphere, when the energy becomes deeper, is time for rest and not for engaging in work.

During the upper chord phases, one feels tonifled, and during the lower chord sedated. The correct time for self-cultivation is during all phases of the moon, but especially during the full lower chord moon. For reasons of protecting a gentle young energy sprout, emotional excitement or outbursts must be avoided during the new moon. Further Applications of Figure 60 1. During the full moon the fifteenth or sixteenth day of the lunar cycle the tide rises.

The liquid energy of the human body also rises at this time. During these days, one should avoid affairs which require a considerable amount of care, delicacy and gentleness.

This is a good time for cultivating since it enables one to achieve clarity. On the day when the energy is at its lowest, calmness should be maintained. One should avoid singing, crying or other emotional outbursts. The phases of lunar energy influence the development of the brain of a newly conceived fetus. If conception occurs during a night with good moonlight, along with other normal conditions, the development of the brain of the future child will be benefited.

The moon influences the right hemisphere of the brain, whereas solar energy influences the left. The balance of the two hemispheres of the brain, the intuitive right side and the intellectual left side, is important for high development. The supporting, balancing energy from nature includes the Big Dipper, the first five planets, and the twenty-eight constellations, among others. Parents do not give birth to the soul, they only provide the physical form. The great work of giving a body to a soul for mundane development is the primary work of the lunar and solar energy phases of the daily cycle.

A good soul comes from the pure sphere of the universe on its voyage of continual evolution. When the parents have intercourse, an opportunity is created for the seed and egg to meet. Although pregnancy takes ten full moons to complete, the integration of a visiting soul comes to ride in this one particular moment of integration of paternal and maternal energies.

The aura of a couple during intercourse is what attracts the soul, and a good soul will always make the correct choice without hesitation. The variation among souls is enormous. Parents only give life to form, they cannot give birth to a soul. Soul birth is the work of nature. Lunar energy not only draws water from the ocean, but can also affect the ovulation and menstruation of a woman. The menstruation of ancient women always occurred during the full moon, thus the moon is the symbol of the female in spiritual symbology and the sun is the symbol of the male.

This natural female cycle has become disordered, however, through social and intellectual activities which create internal disturbance and psychological problems. Only when menstruation does not take place at all does one begin to see detite unnatural consequences. The cycles of the twelve hexagrams express the variations of solar energy at the beginning of each new moon.

Notice that the Chinese New Year is characterized by the first new moon in the early Spring. According to a group of symptoms, any disease can be classified by the above six divisions of yin and yang, and the appropriate natural healing methods can be applied. Eight Phases of Natural Energy 1. Earth creates Metal as the bone of Earth. The constructive order of natural energy is expressed below: They are absract representations of the cyclic reality of natural energy and the interwoven relationships of all phenomena.

Fire brings forth Earth ash. Wood gives life to Fire. Water gives life to Wood vegetatton. Metal can be transformed back into a liquid. Metal and Water are classifications or phases of natural energy. Ji yin earth: J Ding yin fire: Understanding the Symbols of the celestial Stems 7 Jia yang wood: R Geng yang metal: Underground and invisibly cultivated. Relationships Found Within the Celestial Stems 1. Chapter 6 9 Hsin yin metal: M indicates an incorporated team..

The yin phase of any stem can conquer the same energy as the yang phase. Quei yin water: Es Sze ripeness. Shu fyang Earth: P Em yang Wood: Understanding the Symbols of the Twelve Earthly Branches 7. I Yu lyin Metal: Yin Wood and fi Shu.

The triangles also form an element. Yin Earth come together to become fiery and light. Yang Water and At Chui. Yang Fire and j i Wei. Yang Earth and b yu. Horizontal pairs combine to form one of the fke phases.

The dotted lines show the phases that destroy each other. Each pair is in harmonious relationship and through mutual cooperation attains a new nature. Yang Wood and f Hai.

Sze and Shen are Mends in relationship. When Tze and Mao come together. Ein Chui. Chui and Shu are in relationship. Hai Imbalanced triangle: Mutually persecuting: Self persecuting: This situation is created by the different aspects of forming new relationships.

Shu Tze. When the three come together. Mao Chen. The above is created by the aspects as shown in Figure Group persecuting: EIN R. MAO wood wood JI.

SZE T e. The upper or Celestial phases begin with the generating phase.

I Ching Book of Changes

To figure out the energy of the year in which you were born. Since the generating force comes f? Then repeat the process. The enforced trio of three Stems occurs at every four intervals. When counting in either direction. Many important laws are expressed in this cycle. Moving clockwise. An incorporated team of two Stems occurs at every six intervals. Moving counterclockwise. The entire universe is comprised of such individual units of energy combinations in small circles of ten. It is complete unto itself.

These cycles of universal energy are far fkom being a matter of distant concern in our daily lives. This is the value of the knowledge passed down to us from the ancient developed ones. It is also a part of something else. At no time does the yang of one category pair with the yin of the other category. Note that a yang stem is always paired with a yang branch. OwxJRE a. In this illustration. Ei6 chapter6 5. The Winter Solstice occurs during the eleventh moon of the year: Tai Chiu.

This was done to coordinate human activities with seasonal variations. The great astronomer of that time. Still later. At the top of the chart is the cycle order in energy language. The following chart shows the ancient calendars of Tai Chiu and the Great Yu. The Beginning of the Energy Calendar The beginning of the generating phase of the upper universal energy system is q Jia. The names of these twenty-four periods and their relation to the Yellow Route of the sun and the Western Calendar are shown in the following chart Figure This system is the accumulation of many years of life experience from countless generations who followed the natural cycle..

By observing the twenty-four climatic periods of solar energy variation. Thus came the instinctive. Along with Chinese integral medicine. If you do a general spiritual practice. There are many good spiritual practices which can be learned.

These fundamental procedures are necessary and should be practiced with sincerity. The eight dark circles in Figure 84 indicate the seasonal periods that are important for spiritual cultivation. Applications of the Seasonal Variations The knowledge of climatic periods is very useful in agriculture. Each period has a special name which describes that climatic phase of the year. In the body there are twelve big ties connecting the soul to the body.

This bondage is an obstacle to the upliftment of the soul. The eight seasonal periods are very important to a person who is serious about cultivation.

During such a spiritual fast. Twelve periods are seasonal changes. At these times. Each iifteen degree interval is a single seasonal period.

To know the energy cycles and live in harmony with them is very important to someone who wishes to make real spiritual progress. By careful study of the complete energy cycle. The failures of many spiritual followers can be observed Their and used to benefit your own cultivation. This is not in accord with nature. The unity of these individual cycles is sixty periods. They may have noble intentions. Wise people avoid this error by being sufhciently and methodically equipped with correct methods.

The Various Energy Cycles of Nature 71 have a good effect on dissolving the knots and ties. So far we have seen the energy time system as it was originally adopted:Sundays and weekdays have fixed dates. It is used in the process of burning Wood and is thus a necessary condition of Fire. President; the head of the PLO, etc. When the three come together. I thing. West and North.

Yang Fire and j i Wei. The Subtle Essence, as conveyed by the teaching of the Integral Way, is the goal of all serious science, but it leaves behind all partial and temporal descriptions of the Integral Truth. With the intercourse or interaction of these two kinds of energy. This is more commonly known as the Spring Equinox.

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