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This guide has everything you will ever need %) Hi the reason I put this guide together, as it is easier to use the steam guides then to close. 6 Results You searched for "tales of symphonia strategy guide pdf" in All Sections: Dawn of the New World BradyGames Strategy Guide[PDF][Wii][Multi]*. Tales of Symphonia at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.

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This is the official English game guide for the game. BradyGames' Tales of Symphonia Official Strategy Guide features a comprehensive walkthrough, covering every aspect of the game. For Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, GameFAQs has 83 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs).

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During the course of the journey, Genis becomes close friends with Mithos. After learning Mithos' true identity and apparently defeating him, Genis holds onto Mithos' Cruxis Crystal. He is later revealed as a high-ranking member of Cruxis and one of Mithos Yggdrasill's companions who was ordered to ensure Colette would finish her journey. After reuniting the two worlds, Kratos leaves for Derris-Kharlan with the remaining members of Cruxis.

Over years prior to the game, Kratos was the lead knight of Tethe'alla's capital. The king ignores Mithos' pleas due to his race and Tethe'alla's capital is destroyed in the attack. Mithos, Martel, and Kratos are exiled from the capital after being deemed responsible for the attack and Kratos joins the two as they journey the world to find a new home.

Kvar corners them and turns Anna into a monster, forcing Kratos to kill her. He appeared on the first Tales character popularity polls and in the second one the character people want as an older brother and a teacher categories. Raine is a calm, pragmatic thinker who is mistrustful of others and is a terrible cook.

In the past, Raine and Genis were Tethe'allans who were sent to Sylvarant by the use of the Otherworldly Gate, a portal that intertwines the world. After the re-unification of the world, Raine and Genis set out to educate the world to eliminate the prejudice against half elves. The party accompanies her on her second attempt to form a pact with Volt, which succeeds after Corrine sacrifices her life. During the party's journey, she forms a pact with all Summon Spirits including Origin who allows Lloyd to wield the Eternal Sword.

Later, her grandfather wakes up from his coma and makes Sheena the chief of Mizuho. Her Japanese voice actress is Akemi Okamura. He is the comic relief of the group, dropping tactless comments at the most inopportune moment and hitting on women and the female party members. His personality is later revealed to be a facade to deal with the difficulties in his life. Zelos came from an upper-class society and is highly popular due to his status and looks. He joins the party when they arrive in Tethe'alla to watch and prevent them from completing Sylvarant's regeneration ritual.

His parents were forced to marry by orders of Cruxis to continue the bloodline of the Chosen. Zelos expresses disdain for life as he was shunned by those around him. Mylene's final words to Zelos was cursing his birth. Zelos is revealed to be leaking information to the Renegades and Cruxis since the beginning and had planned to betray the party.

When Decus, disguised as Lloyd, kidnaps Seles, he joins the Emil and Marta to save her and to prove Lloyd's innocence. His Japanese voice actor is Masaya Onosaka. He ranked on the first Tales character popularity poll and in the second, ranked in the character people want as an older brother category. Sixteen years later, the party meets and builds a Keycrest for her and restores her personality. After learning how Regal killed Alicia, Presea holds a strong resentment towards him but slowly forgives him as the plot progresses.

Using any kind of technique uses TP. Once you don't have enough TP to execute a move, you can't use moves until you recover some.

Use an item or use a basic attack to recover TP. As you level up, you can learn more techniques. You might be required to have used different moves a certain amount of times though and be on the T or S side of the scale. For more information, look at the other sections of this guide. Remember to guard. This is very important in battles. You can't get away with always guarding though. If you hold the guard button long enough or get attacked from behind, you will get a guard break making guarding useless for a little while.

Unison Attacks After some certain events, you will be able to use Unison Attacks. View the gauge near the bottom. When it is red and full, press Z to activate it. Now press a combination of A, B, X, and Y with or without a direction to perform the attacks assigned in the Unison menu. If you did a certain combination, you will do an extra combo attack! Unison attacks are good to use because they inflict excellent damage as well as knocking down the enemy.

This also means it interrupts their current attack. Combos If you hit an enemy more than three times in a row without them guarding, a number will appear at the top right corner. This is your combo counter. To continue a combo after doing an attack, use a special B button technique. They can link themselves in the order of Level 1, then 2, then 3. Attacks of the same family ex: Tiger Blade, then Heavy Tiger Blade can't be linked together. Also, each of the same hit will do less damage after the first attack in the same combo.

These aren't nearly as important as the strategy for your character chosen at the character menu though. Stun and Overlimit Sometimes, an enemy's attack can stun you and your attack can stun them. This causes the victim to be unable to move for a few seconds or until they are attacked. If you are stunned, rapidly button mash and rotate the control stick to make it go by faster.

After taking a certain amount of damage, you can enter overlimit. Overlimit allows you to do 1. You also can't be stunned or interrupted during any of your attacks. Overlimit only lasts a short while. While normal monsters can't enter Overlimit, bosses can and they have the same effects for Overlimit. While in Overlimit, you can also perform some special attacks Recovering Some attacks will knock you over. While you are in the air, tap X to recover. If you fall on your back, you will have a short "semi-invincibility" time in which you take half the damage.

You will glow red during this period. Monsters also take the same effects when they fall. Technical Smash If you do certain things, you will do extra damage and get a "Technical Smash.

After Battle After finishing a battle, the results will be shown. The character that made the last hit will say something. You will also see some stats. The amount of experience that you earned. Bonus points that are added to the experience.

General FAQs

To get bonus points, do technical smashes. Your max combo for the battle. The amount of Gald earned during the battle. The amount of time it took to defeat the enemy party. The amount of grade that you earn. Grade is very important. Grade is determined by the time it took to defeat the enemy, your max combo, damage you took, and technical smashes done.

There are many, many options that you can do. The battle menu will bring you to the same screens as the main menu, so I'm going to describe only the main menu. Main Menu Right when you open the menu, you can see all your party members. Pressing Start will shift the view so your can see their stats. Your current Gald is displayed at the top right, and underneath that is your total play time. Underneath that is the time you spent playing since your last load and then there's the number of encounters that you've had.

Finally, there's your max combo. On your characters, there's also a very important scale. One is marked T, the other S. This determines what your character will learn.

Some moves can only be learned on the T side and some on the S. You can't learn both without using a glitch or a cheating device. For more information on determining which path your character will take, read the Exspheres menu section a little below this one. Tech This will be the screen where you set all of your techniques. Remember, characters can only have four techniques and two shortcuts at one time. The screen will show the current character's HP, TP, and status.

All the moves the character knows are on the right side. Switch as you will. If you're looking at a computer controlled character, then it will only show all the moves the computer knows. You can also turn off moves you don't want the computer to use. Some of the techs may be written in blue. These are techs that you will eventually learn once you level up some more, IF you don't have any moves of the same family on the opposite side of the scale.

Any red moves means you don't have the TP to use it. Gray moves are moves that a computer controlled character cannot use. In this screen, you can also choose whether you want your character to be computer controlled or manual. Switch between modes at the top right. Auto means computer controlled. Semi-auto means that you control the character, but the computer can block automatically for you. Manual means that you are the computer is doing absolutely nothing to interfere with the movements of your character.

When changing your characters to Manual, they will correspond to the appropriate controllers. Your third party member on manual will be controlled by the controller in the third socket of your Nintendo GameCube. While in this menu, you can use SOME healing magic. This will not count towards your total amount of times that you used that move. Unison Attack This option will not be available until after you pass the Ossa Trail. This menu will let you set the moves available for Unison Attacks.

Note that the characters that are manually controlled can only have the same attacks as the tech menu. To execute a Unison Attack, you must have a full gauge and the initial attack must hit. Tap A, B, X, and Y and the control stick to perform moves like you would with a normal technique. If you perform a special combo, you will do an additional attack.

Strat This menu stands for strategy. Here, you will be allowed to set the commands for your active party members. Pressing up, down, and left or right will allow you to change the commands for a character when you send an order pressing the previous buttons during battle.

Each character can have different commands depending on their abilities. Status This screen shows the status of your characters.

You'll see the characters' full names, their stats and equipment, and their title. Here's a quick laydown of what each of those numbers tell: At the very top, you'll see the character's name. Below that is the title. Titles effect the stats of your characters and their costumes. Well, some of them. Press A to change your title. Although the game shows what stats the title raises, it does not show by how much. This will be mentioned in a later section.

Level and move scale. Pretty self-explanatory.

Also self-explanatory. The top number is the total amount of experience the character has ever gotten. The bottom the amount of experience you'll need to earn to get to the next level.

Now here come the stats. I will now have to spend some time to create a small, boring list of numbers and letters. This stands for strength. It is the character's base stat for attack. This determines what the character's maximum attack can be. This is slash. It's the attack power for Lloyd's slash attacks.

In case you haven't noticed, only Lloyd has this stat. It's the attack power for Lloyd's thrust attacks. Again, only Lloyd has this.

This is the number that determines how much damage your character can do to an enemy. This determines how much damage magic attacks can do as well as how good you can fend off magic attacks.

This stands for Defense. This number determines how much damage you take from an enemy attack. This adds damage if you are attacking an enemy with low evasion and you have high accuracy.

This stands for Evasion. If you have high evasion, you will take less damage from enemies with low accuracy. This is your luck. It determines many game features. I'm not really sure what, but it's what the manual says. P This number changes each time you stay at an inn. You can change between slash and thrust attacks for Lloyd by pressing Y in his status screen. I don't actually see a difference in his attacks so I don't know is there's actually any changes.

Finally, underneath that is a list of your equipment. Synopsis Don't you hate it when you play a game, stop for a long time and replay again, then forget what you were doing? Well, in the synopsis menu you can view all the storyline events that have recently occurred. There are also hints as to where you go next and where the event took place on the map to the right. At the top right, underneath the synopsis name you can see the level you were at when you started and the date accessed.

Items A very important menu. You can see a list of all your items here. If you wish to use one, press A on it. If you wish to discard an item, press X on it. You can't discard Key Items.

There are several tabs at the right. Scroll through them pressing R and L and you will see that your list of items is organized. The first tab tells you the new items that you have obtained. The second is your "normal" items, the third is you weapons, the fourth your armor, the fifth is head accessories, the sixth is arm accessories, after that is normal accessories, then food items, and finally key items.

EX Skills This is not available at the very beginning of the game, but you don't have to be that far in to get it. This menu allows you to customize your EX Skills.

Each character will start with one Level 1 EX Gem. You can have a total of four EX Gems on a character. If you want to add another one, you will have to delete an already set EX Gem.

Once you set an EX Gem, you can't remove it. EX Gems range from Level Each gem will have different abilities for different characters. Choose the ones that you like. These will be in effect for as long as you have the required combination. Equip In this menu, you can choose the weapons and accessories you choose to place on your character.

Try to fill up all the slots. The first slot if for weapons, the second is body armor, then head armor, then arm armor, then two slots for accessories. Each character will be compatible with different items and weapons. To view the weapons from best to least, tap Y once so the top right corner of the right menu will say "parameter.

The food you cook will have an effect depending on the recipe, additional ingredients, and what each character likes. You can't cook two recipes in a row. Your characters will complain about being full. You can cook once every battle, either in or out.

You don't start out with all the recipes though. If you look at the menu, there will be a whole bunch of????? This means you did not learn that recipe yet. To learn one, you must search for Master Chefs.

They are usually hanging around in towns. They are also out of place items, like a hamburger in a building. Examine it and the Master Chef will give you the recipe. You also have to buy your own ingredients. Sibak has the best selection of ingredients. Flanoir and Asgard also has some nice things. Now, about the menu. The top will show the character that will cook if you press X. The stars show how well the character can cook the dish.

The higher, the better. The menu to the right tells you the required ingredients. Underneath that will be additional ingredients that will be used if you cook that dish. The dish will have higher effects with those additional ingrediants.

The menu to the left is the recipes that you have. To change recipes, press A on the recipe name and press A again on the recipe that you want. To change characters, press A on the character's name. The more times you cook a recipe, the more stars you'll get and the less times you'll fail. System Here, you will be able to save, load, and customize your game. Save and Load are self-explanatory, so I'll explain customizing. Customizing just allows you to change the window colors in your game and a few other options.

Here's a list: First line is message speed. Battle rank is how hard the monsters are. The higher the rank, the more HP the monster has. Allows you to change window types. You can't change it back to a customized one without customizing all over again.

Window Background: Changes background textures and colors. Window Color: Changes your window colors.

There are many options here. You must choose colors based on the Red Green Blue pallet. The last one is how clear the window will be. Volume Settings: Battle Controls: Changes battle configurations. Why would you do that though? Default's good. Battle Voiceover: Tired of hearing Lloyd's wanking in battle? That's OK, turn this off. Event Voiceover: Hate Collete's voice?

Turn this off and you won't hear it during events. Skit Title Display: Turning this off will let you not see skit titles. Movie Subtitles: Battle Auto-Zoom: If you turn this off, you may not always see your target or party members.

Rumble Feature: There's not too many rumbles in the game, but you can turn this on or off. Adjust Screen: Lets you position the screen. BTW, at the top of this menu there are two settings. The left one is Cancel, the right one is Default.

Remember, always try to beat the game on your own before looking up a walkthrough. This walkthrough will contain drastic spoilers although I will try to keep it to a minimum. Always explore towns and dungrons unless I say not to because I usually miss some stuff. I doubt anyone is reading this so let's skip the ads and go right on to the featured presentation. Quiet please, and no smoking.

Listen to the introduction. Listen, this is a party member's voice a little later in the game. After the introduction passes, it will take you to a scene where your main character is sleeping during class, just like most of you probably do. The teacher explains that today is the day of the oracle where the chosen receives judgement from the Goddess Martel. OK, we don't really care about that. A flash appears and Raine the teacher , departs.

You can now control your character. Walk around a bit and talk to everyone before trying to leave. Try to leave and you will be stopped by that white- haired kid, Genis.

Also your best friend. He will say some stuff and you will have to choices. The top choice It's research will make Genis angry, but you will be able to exit.

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The second choice Okay, fine will make Genis happy. If you chose the second choice, a priest will come down saying that the Desians had attacked the temple even though they have a non-aggression treaty.

You will have a choice told two paragraphs before the boss down below. You will have to leave the schoolhouse either way. If you chose the first choice, you can now leave and cut class. Either way, Genis and Colette join the party. Before you go cut, examine the hole in the corner of the classroom to get Colette's title Klutz. Use that, then exit the school.

As soon as you leave, Colette' father, Frank, will catch up to you. Chat, then you are free to explore the small village. Only one house is open right now, the shop. It's in the center of town. Go there and buy some Boots for your Genis and Colette. Equip them, then go back to the school. You know, the little circle of glowing light. Save, then try to exit towards the North. You will be attacked by a monster. This is more of a tutorial. If you read the basics of this FAQ, you won't really need this.

Defeat the Zombie with hack and slashes. Don't get too victorious yet after the battle. You will be attacked again. This time, the party is bigger including a zombie and ghost. Don't listen to what Genis says as he's too stupid to attack the Ghost on his own.

Attack both monsters and get on your way. Now before leaving up, you will now know what each of the three characters can do. Use the character that you like the most.

Also, set their strategies in the main menu. Now, leave. This is the world map. Walk right to the Martel Temple. If you had chosen the first option with Genis earlier, you will see a scene where a priest drops dead in front of you.

Colette will want to go into the temple by herself. You now have two choices. The first I'm going too will make Genis and Collete happy. The second I'll wait here will make Genis pissed. They both lead to the same scene, so choose what you want.

Walk up the steps. You'll start a scene where Phaidra gets attacked by Botta. A battle will commence. This shouldn't be too hard. Hack and slash like before and you'll do fine. Directly afterwards however, you'll have to fight a boss.

Human HP: Life Bottle Loc: He's just a boss that tests your abilities to block. He has basic attacks.

He can do an upward swing which knocks you into the air. Tap X to quickly land and continue attacking. He also has a downward smash with his hammer. This hits multiple people and can deal tons of damage without guarding. He can also swing his ball-and-chain knocking several party members away. Vidarr has only one special attack which is called Shatter Shot. This gives you a guard break and deals normal damage. The strategy for Vidarr is to simply hack and slash.

I recommend using Lloyd or Genis for this one. If you use Genis, simply stand back and use magic. This will prevent you from taking damage while the computers hack and slash. Use Orange Gels when necessary. Vidarr is slow, so this should stun him long enough. If you see him rearing up for an attack, guard immediately.

Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough

Don't worry about your other party members. If you haven't set their strategy yet, make sure you do that now in the Y menu. Whether you're winning or not, after about HP damage or so, a mysterious stranger will jump in to help you battle. He has the ability to heal, make sure you set him to heal automatically or switch to him. The stranger attacks slower than Lloyd, but is more powerful and can cast magic! Continue bashing and he should be done in no time. You will learn that the man's name is Kratos.

Lloyd will notice that he has an Ex Sphere. Since priests were killed in the battle, Colette will need new guardians to help her through the temple. Mysterious Stranger, now introduced as Kratos, will act as a mercenary. Kratos seems to have some interest in Lloyd, but does not want him to tag along. The top choice "What did you say? The bottom choice " Gotcha" will impress Kratos.

Either way, you'll tag along and drag Genis into it. Kratos will also diss you and give you a Training Manual for beginners.

You should know the stuff in it already, but it's in your Key Items section if you ever want to read it. Now, before heading into your first dungeon, head back to Iselia to restock on items. Now let's continue. Items Dropped: Items to Steal: Panacea Bottle None AA: None AA: None Weak: Ice Weak: Fire Str: None Str: Light Weak: Fire, Light Str: Yellow Quartz AA:The block with the top left corner blue will be block 3. Take out both Whip Masters.

You searched for "tales of symphonia strategy guide pdf" in All Sections:

Cross it and put the radar on to find another item, Life Bottle. Press A to change your title. He hides the fact that he is a half-elf so nobody will tease him. I suggest having Lloyd, Colette no choice , Kratos and Genis in your party. Then, head for the Tower of Mana, north of Luin.

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