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Written by Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome from the truth, by exhaling smoothly and constantly into the water the lungs are cleared of CO2 and the. Of course, the 10km marathon swimming event will take part in the Serpentine in . a leaf from Thorpe's book and avoid any unplanned changes especially on. Swim Smooth (eBook, PDF) - Adam Young; Paul Newsome . Use This Book 3 Chapter 2 Introduction to Freestyle Swimming 9 Chapter 3 Swimming Equipment .

Swim Smooth Book Pdf

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Transform your technique in the water and become a better swimmer with this Swim Smooth and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Online PDF Swim Smooth: The Complete Coaching System for Swimmers and Coaching System for Swimmers and Triathletes, Book PDF Swim Smooth: The. Instantly download these free swimming books with bonus swimming fully compatible with all smart phones and tablet devices capable of reading a pdf file.

You can unsubscribe at any time. See our Privacy Policy. We will highlight things that are happening in your stroke that you may not be aware of. A clear step by step process to follow to develop your individual stroke. This gets you tightly focused on the individual things you need to work on in your swimming, which might be very different from other swimmers.

This greatly simplifies things for you and accelerates your development as a swimmer. Details of all the drills and visualisations you need to develop your stroke, all specific to your Swim type.

These are supplied with clear explanations and plenty of pictures, so that you can easily introduce them to your swimming sessions.

Swim Smooth

Common pitfalls to avoid specific to your stroke type. Some of these are caused by each types unique physical characteristics, whilst others stem from personality traits common to each type.

Four complete stroke development sessions to take to the pool and follow. Each contains the right drills and fitness workgiven your level of experience, stroke style, speed and physical characteristics. He also seems to have taken a page out of Terry's marketing book.

One difference I've noticed is that Swim Smooth is trying to get the Olympians and other elite athletes out front, photos right on the home page of the web site.

I wonder if everyone on their homepage would be down with Swim Smooth's use of their image.

Matt Hi Matt and Geochuck, Thanks for the posting and querying our "stand-point" with respect to swim technique and conditioning. I cannot personally comment on whether we are similar to TI as I have no real knowledge of their teaching practices. I would certainly suggest that those swimmers who have come to me for a one2one swim sessions or attended one of our Clinics AFTER having done a TI course have certainly made good progress with their general efficiency etc and have usually established a strong foundation in how to apply this efficiency to maximise their swimming ability.

So, for me as a coach taking one of these swimmers for a subsequent stroke development session, I have found that I have a good base to work with. For that I highly commend TI in their approach and teaching.

I think for many aspects and many people, that what little I know of what they do is very beneficial for many swimmers. However, it is also no secret that I have also had some disagreements with their Head Coach in the UK on more than a few areas of the freestyle stroke as highlighted publicly on the British www. This appears to be more of a personality clash than anything else and I fully respect their opinions just as I would any other fellow teaching or coaching professional.

I am not going to go into all this here, however having read the thread that Geochuck recently referred us to about TI, I would say that I agree with a number of points that some of you brought up on this. In my opinion the two are not seperate entities and should not be thought of as such.

My own personal background is that of both a national level age-group swimmer from the UK who went onto representing GB in international triathlon competitions whilst sitting a Batchelor of Science degree in Sports Science. Since I have been located in Perth, Western Australia where I had the fortune to work with Bill Kirby Ian Thorpe's team-mate from the men's 4xm freestyle relay team which won gold at the Sydney Olympics.

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I am now residing in Burlington, Ontario of all places! With my background being as it is I would say that physiology and "hard training" as most of you put it on this Forum is of just as much concern to me as a coach as making you simply "swim prettier" as one person commented.

Matt, I thought your term "guru" was a little lavish considering I am only 27 years old after all and I'm sure you guys could teach me a thing or two about freestyle bit thanks anyway! Thats the beauty about my job and what I do and who I do it with.

Swim Smooth: The Complete Coaching Programme for Swimmers and Triathletes

I work with swimmers like yourselves and am constantly seeking better ways to do what I do. We have just flown back from the UK where we conducted 11 Swim Smooth Clinics over there which went really well There is no one way to swim efficiently and just as most of you point out on a daily basis on this Forum, it is a case of the old saying of "horses for courses".

Yes we need a 'plan' for how to improve someone's stroke, but we also need to have a degree of flexibility with what we teach when looking at each individual swimmer on an individual basis. Anyway, thankyou for this opportunity to let me explain a little bit about what we do and how we do it.

Sorry if I have bored you to tears in the process! I would gratefully welcome your feedback and would be honoured if you would allow me to contribute to your Forum as it seems to be a real hive of intuitive thinking where I can learn as much from you all as I hope that I can offer back. Kind regards Paul P.

S Matt, I am flattered that you would consider us to have a marketing image similar to TI, however, I would like to point out that yes the image of Bill Kirby who features in our DVD has been approved I would recommend for sure.

Kind regards tomtopo September 19th, , PM The download was awesome.It covers a wide range of topics: open water skills, drills, stretching, weight training, equipment, program planning, swimmers type, etc.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you are on to improving your freestyle swimming or into triathlon, this is a must read book. Not a premium member?

Down to earth and comprehensive for anyone to succeed. Swim successfully.

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