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Series also known as:* Il diario degli angeli [Italian] Strange Angels (Strange Angels, #1), Betrayals (Strange The first two books in Lili St. Crow's New York T . Strange Angels book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In Strange Angels, Dru Anderson has what her grandmother called “. Reckoning book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Nobody expected Dru Anderson to survive this long. Not Graves. Not Chris.

Strange Angels Book

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The Strange Angels Series. Strange Angels Book Strange Angels logo. Dru Anderson has what her grandmother called "the touch." (Comes in handy when. Razorbill Books | A division of Penguin Young Readers Group | © Penguin Group (USA), All rights reserved | Contact [email protected] Grade 9 Up–Sixteen-year-old Dru Anderson has grown up traveling the country with her demon-hunter father. When he tries to tackle a powerful sucker named.

Will there ever be another Steelflower book? Where did Selene go? Where is SquirrelTerror? Can you send me a print or electronic book for review? Can you send me swag? Is that your real name? It is not a nom de plume or de guerre. Also, cordite! Should I do so? Probably not. But I do. Was I disappointed, I'm not sure. The book had endless adventures.

There were some really interesting things we learned about Dru. Lots of questions still that were not answered. New questions added, such as the hexes she saw, the blue and red. I think the love triangle ended fine, but I still think she is a bit hard on Chris. She was honest with Graves but she wasn't honest with Chris completely, only telling him the things holding her back and never telling him the things that she adored about Was I disappointed, I'm not sure.

She was honest with Graves but she wasn't honest with Chris completely, only telling him the things holding her back and never telling him the things that she adored about him. It was a good move for the love triangle, although it was a dishonest move on Dru's part never letting Graves know that she had feelings for someone else too.

Maybe because of his mental state, who knows, but I think both men are fragile in their own way. We don't get to understand the Anna presence in her head thing, and what happens to a person when they drink blood from another.

I was torn from three stars or four. I really feel that for a series it needs more books. If we don't get more of Dru that's fine but others from other aspects of this world because we don't really get to understand "the world". I noticed that other readers talked about the repeating, and I get that too but the repeating I hate is stuff we know about already, lets get some explanations for things that are new, not old. For example, the Hiro nodding thing, I don't really care if she nods back every time, at first it was interesting, but we don't get any more information on Hiro, other then it appears he respects Dru but seems to dislike Chris quite a bit.

The other part of her that we don't understand is the Faulk family touch and what other skills she has. We don't get find any of that out because we are introduced to it as a specialty at the end of the book.

Oddly Chris must have known there was something special about her, he had to have because of the odd ways she had defended herself, such as the bathroom attack, but he never talked to her about it.

Also, why was she loosing some of her abilities, such as when she was drugged, why couldn't she detect it? It's hard for me to feel as if this book really did act as the final, maybe a final for the death of the vampire king, but not really for this story about Dru and all the oddities that it contained.

I hope there is more, and if not, I hope for the other books series she writes, she doesn't leave so much out of the story. Feb 23, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it really liked it Shelves: Man oh man, what a conclusion.

Lili St.

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Crow writes emotions and mixed feelings so damned well. I could feel the frustration and self-hate and confusion that Dru experiences like they were my own emotion. Dru is on the run with Ash and Graves, not returning to the Order, since they sold her out once and she is unwilling to trust herself to them again, since they're not the most reliable at keeping her afe.

Dru figures she's just as safe or not on her own. The trio runs away, gets into trouble Man oh man, what a conclusion. The trio runs away, gets into trouble inevitably , and there's nonstop action throughout the book. There's not a dull moment in the book. In this book, of all things, a new supernatural sect, the djinn, are introduced, and goody goody gumdrops, they're out to get Dru too. Poor girl, she just bloomed, and now this. It seems like everything she touches explodes. Another thing that's well done in this series is the love triangle.

Ok, it's unresolved, but there's so much believable internal conflict for Dru regarding the two potential love interest. It's not like other series where it's pretty damn obvious who's going to get the girl despite the supposed triangle, she really leaves us guessing I'm rooting for the guy I like though, cause honestly, the other one is a huge jackass and has been for the whole series despite the whole saving Dru thing.

It's pretty obvious to whom I'm referring, heh. And any comparison to Richelle Mead is not to be disregarded. Aug 20, Chloe rated it it was ok. Seriously I need this book right now. I am so exited I really want to see what will happen with Dru and Christophe I'm really hoping that they will get togeather and stay together.

Another thing I'm really exited to read is when Christophe will see Dru when she is a full svetocha. I also cant wait till we get to read about Dru's full powers and all of the new things that she will be able to do. All in all I cant wait till I can read this book!

So many things unresolved and there is absolutely no HEA. Plus, she's not doing another novel to complete it. However other than this, this is a fine, fine series! Apr 24, Melyssa rated it it was ok Shelves: I can't believe she ended it on that note?

If you can call that a note. Maybe she'll pull out another book, even though she said this was the last one Authors do that all the time, right? The last Strange Angels book. It's got a cover and description!!!

Can't wait for this one and i haven't even read the 4th! The last one is gonna be sad. Sep 27, Christy rated it it was amazing. I would have finished the book in one sitting if not for school and assignments and my Lit in English portfolio.

Anyhow, i finished the book in 3 days, which is as good as i could get under such circumstances. Final book. I really can't do the no spoilers thing. Everything i am gonna write is spoilery. Sorry, guys. Dru has bloomed, as anyone who has read Defiance would know. And i am very, very glad for that. She gets to seriously kick some ass and fight. Oh yay, I love to see my Dru-girl I would have finished the book in one sitting if not for school and assignments and my Lit in English portfolio.

Oh yay, I love to see my Dru-girl fight.

Bascially the whole book centres around escaping and on the run from Sergej--fighting and on the run again--and escaping again. I spoiled it. My Dru-girl. As smart as she is with following her grandmother's owl i. The confusion in Dru, for the first time, annoys me. As much i love it, i can't believe she is so dumb when it comes to love.

Or, is it that girls are always dumb when it comes down to this, and it's just that they can't cope with the idea of them not being able to handle it, and so they say they hate it? Dru did a lot of growing up in this book. She actually saves people, instead of being the one who is constantly saved by others, which i am glad to say i am very happy and proud about this.

Dru is sixteen only. The things she faced--mum hiding her and getting killed, grandmother dying, dad turning into zombie and having to kill him--is not what a normal person can't comprehend with. It leaves a scar in that person's heart, which is exactly what the author's trying to say in the book. No matter how deep down you try to hide that box of feelings or how hard you try to make yourself forget that, they stay. And the only thing we can do is cope with the fact that they stay, until your heart stops beating.

One of the reason why i like Dru so much and that she is my ever-fave protagonist is that she stays strong even when she's scared. She is not afraid of taking others up as her responsibility, even if it means being caught or exposed or endangered.

She just does that. And at certain points i think she is too tough on herself that she seems to take all the blame and burden when they are not hers to bear. She un-Broke Ash, my fave wulfen. And so Ash's loyalty stays. That's how she wins people over--by being true and genuine in helping or in this case, fihgting for others.

Being a full-bloomed svetocha means she has grown into all of her abilities, apart from the skills she has yet to learn from Christophe. She is strong, literally. But is she strong enough to stand against Sergej?

Yes, she is, with a slight hand from Christophe. Another reason why i like Dru so much is her voice. Yes, the voice that narrates the whole story. I like her cynicism and her sacarsm. I especially like the fact that she swears. She sounds real, with that. I like that she still manages to see things with optimism and stay determined at the worst of times, especailly during the Dibs and blood confusion scene now, i am trying to keep it as spoilers-free as possible.

I like the way she does whatever she has to to save others and herself, even if it means lying and possible getting herself killed.

I am completely haert-broken as to how ashen he looks at certain scenes. The way he thinks he can never save or do enough for Dru really makes my heart ache, though i didn't cry in the whole book. He is scray, granted. But is he not good enough for Dru? In my opinion, not at all. Just because he's done something bad in the past, or maybe things that are only bad when we see it now, doesn't take away the fact he is a good person, in nature.

Just because he hides it doesn't take away the fact also. I hate to see him weak at the last scene, afraid of what Dru may say. Maybe i have taken for granted that he has to be strong all the time. I know it's not fair. But that's what i like about him. No matter how bad and terrible and utterly hopeless the situation is, he fights, till the end, for Dru.

The blood confusion scene in the helicopter i assume it takes place in the helicopter nearly kills me, again. As much as Dru kind of breaks his heart, at least he does not lose to Graves or did he actually?

Well, at least he earns an I don't know from Dru instead of a No, which, i guess, is the best he, and i could ask for. I am absolutely sure he's gonna stay in my heart as my most beloved hero and male character for a very, very long period of time.

Not that i don't like him. I just don't like the fact that he treats Dru with whatever comes to his mind. I know he loves her. And i know love makes people do crazy things, but making Dru as confused as that and get all jealous on her? Umm, NO. That's not a way to treat the girl you love. I don't care how fucked-up his post-Dru life has been.

He hurts her, even more than he imagines because he means a lot to Dru. That's right. I am Team Christophe. Granted, what Graves does for Dru at the near end of the book proves he can do as well as Christophe in protecting and saving Dru. I am not denying that. It's simply a matter of preference, and types. Nothing's solid. Sergej's dead but nosferats are just confused.

Graves leaving and Dru rejecting Christophe. And Dru's grandmother being related to those hex people. Crazy as ever politics that Dru has to deal with, together with the Order. The Real World is just as it was before.

Basically nothing has been acheived. Maybe it seems that i am dismissing whatever Dru has done through in the five books, but that's how life is.

Just because you put in your hardest doesn't mean you are immune to hardships and trying times and you are invinsible. Life goes on as it was before. The state of the ending exactly reflects and portrays how life, in reality, is, and i really appreciate it.

Strange Angels

It's true that me being Team Christophe does not get the ending i want. But Dru is only sixteen. Who knows how she'll think when she matures even more? And that's life.

People stay and people go, and the world still continues to revolve. The ending is very, very meaningful and i don't think many YA fictions can do that. Once again, this book proves that lilith St. Crow, as an author, does wonder. With such an ending, i am immensely satisfied. Maybe even a bit more satisfied than the ending that i imagined in my post-reading-Reckoning period where Dru ends up with Chris, because we all know that both Graves and Chris mean a lot to Dru.

And that's how life is. Thanks for ending, guys. I know it's super, uber long. Not exactly what i would have written for any book noramlly. But hey, this is the final book, and Ms St. Crow deserves this.

Until next time. Jun 16, Cheryl rated it really liked it. Okay, the jacket doesn't look like something I'd picture on Dru, but I love this cover! The model is perfect and yea for having the same girl on all the covers , exactly what I'd picture Dru would look like, and I love the aspect running through her.

I can't wait to read this book, but it sucks that it's the last one in the series. Dru has decided to go to the last, safest place she has, eve Okay, the jacket doesn't look like something I'd picture on Dru, but I love this cover! Once there things actually end up going from bad to worse and the three eventually find themselves on the run again.

A lot of the characters from the previous books eventually pop up and I liked their roles in the book, though I do wish that some of them had had a little more face time, even though I know that the nature of the book, being on the run, etc. Crow also introduces a new type of character into the series, which ends up causing some of the bigger moments in the book.

As with the rest of the books in the series, St. Crow is really descriptive. All the time. Great gulping heaves, tearing through me like a crowd of hobnailed boots against a street, beating out cadence. Overall, I like it, but, for some reason it got on my nerves every once in a while in this one.

Having said that, I really like St. A lot of times characters will be on the run for days and you never hear about them being hungry, dirty, smelly, scared crapless or tired. Despite their supernatural abilities, St.

Crow gives most of her characters all of these normal feelings and needs. Even though I really liked most of this book, I hated one part, a big part, of it: Though I can cuss like a sailor in person, I tend to not do it in my reviews, so, just a warning, in the spoiler the gloves are off. Okay, I can understand how Dru might not be able to choose between Christophe or Graves right after everything that happened. I also get why Graves would need to leave for a while.

Sergej broke him and he betrayed Dru, even though he fought it and it was unintentional. And the way she treated Christophe?! I thought his attitude towards the wulfen needed a major adjustment and he did seem to be less jerky to them in this book , but he always helped, protected and went after Dru whenever she needed him. Even after she told him she hated him and believed that he had turned Graves over to his father.

He tried to rescue her, got caught and tortured and then volunteered to, and almost did, die to save her. What does she do? Go in and tell him he was creepy and too old for her. Yes, I also thought it was a little icky that he seemed to dig her mom, though he did explain to Dru how differently he felt about her in a previous book.

I call bullshit. That was totally out of character for him. When I turned the page after that crapfest with Graves and Christophe who, after lots of waffling, I wanted her to get together with I saw an epilogue and thought, okay, St.

Strange Angels

It got even worse. Chit chat about maybe shopping with Nat. Crow thinks it means. What a cop out. I was so disappointed. Seriously one of the most disappointing finishes to, not just a book, but a series, in my opinion.

The Strange Angels series is one of my favorites, it was so original and addictive, and the abrupt, not-an-ending ending just really took away from all of that for me.

I still love this series and would recommend it to anyone. Dru is one of my favorite heroines ever and Graves, Christophe, the wulfen and Nat are some of the best secondary characters around. However, the last few pages were a huge letdown and left me really disappointed.

Apr 29, Keziah rated it really liked it. Pretty Awesome cover!!!!! Sooooooooo Many books are coming out this November.

Ending sucked hard!! I've come to expect this from most of Lilith's book though. We have to beg her for a small short story to really close things up. The time involved, not to mention postage, makes it impossible for me to do so with the number of requests I receive.

Where applicable, if you would like a review copy of one of my books, please contact the publisher. Can you send me swag? Getting shirty about it will unfortunately not get you anywhere either. Powered by flying, profanity-spouting monkeys.

All rights reserved. No whatsits, whosits, or whichamacallits guaranteed. May be the site of much bitching about pianos.Crow gives most of her characters all of these normal feelings and needs. The book really picked up towards the end, when a bit more is explained.

After all my melodrama I found myself quite enjoying it, even the "horrible" ending wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. Mar 28, brittany marked it as dnf. I don't care how fucked-up his post-Dru life has been. Strange Angels may refer to: Crazy as ever politics that Dru has to deal with, together with the Order.

Ending sucked hard!! Dru's motives were boring old inherited. Crow even writes him as a, half-breed because of his mixed race.

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