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STORMTALON. GUNSHIP. MAXIMUM POWER. ACCELERATION/BRAKING. 2+/ 1+. TOUGHNESS. STRUCTURE. DAMAGE CONTROL. 4. 5. 3+. Few craft can. Please be courteous and follow the rules. you can contact Games Workshop at [email protected] and they will email you a PDF. Post with views. Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor and Stormtalon Gunship Instructions [Imgur].

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Space marine stormtalon gunship pdf The Stormtalon gunship is an aerial interceptor and ground-attack aircraft. Has reversed the tide of many. The Stormraven is king of the skies currently, with T7, W14 and a 3+Sv, on paper it is more durable than a Leman Russ. Throw in it's hard to hit. Gunship Wing: Do not make Reserves rolls for the Stormtalons. Instead, both Stormtalons count as escorting the Stormraven Gunship (see the Escort Craft.

Every unit in your army that can't do this is substantially weaker. You can only do it once, so errrrr maybe 1 unit of GK is the best amount?

In a salamanders army, yes tac squads with lascannons are ludicrously effective, you get a reroll to hit and wound with your single high variance shot. As i said i would take it purely because i am pretty confident mediocre players will be too distracted by the shiny flying thing and not really understand that its not that effective.

In tournaments its pretty essential to find such advantages to make up for bad luck with dice, likewise id field it as an air wing if i was playing gk, because its cool, and if i am playing GK i clearly am not playing to win so all i want is cool.

What do people think about the Talon as just a stripped down anti-infantry platform? The Typhoon, even with its middling numbers, is still a high-damage high-strength weapon, which GK don't have a ton of access to, so it ends up being what's needed, but taking it would preclude other stuff like Conscripts so it rarely makes the cut. Really wish i could draw, just imagining looking at your table above, a judges panel just been strafed by an airwing, Terminator sitting there unimpressed holding up a 2.

Considering the upcoming craftworld eldar codex, the need to hit flyers will go up and we will probably need a greater number of interceptors to fill that role, as the anti-aircraft vehicles of the marines all seem a little too slow moving and easy to knock out in my opinion.

Plus, the repulsor has fly as well, so if you are facing primaris marines, the interceptor gets that lovely bonus to hit against it. I just felt a proper flyer would be a better option than say the cheap, easy to kill land speeders I already had. Is it thought that Talon is just a stripped anti-infantry platform?

Breaking down 8th Edition Weapons. Notify of. Vote Up 0 Vote Down. August 21, August 21, 8: August 21, 1: August 21, 3: August 21, 7: August 21, 9: August 23, August 23, 1: August 23, 3: August 22, And who knows what flyer nonsense the tyranids will get in their book that drops soon.

October 3, 1: January 23, 4: This is where matchups and counter-play is discussed.

Feel free to add what tactics and strategies have worked against specific armies in your own personal experience. For simplicity's sake, let's assume that these are mono-lists and are not relying on allies AKA Soup.

Jump to: This page is in need of cleanup. It's a fucking mess. Relics of the Chapter 1 or 3 CP: One use only. Use before the start of the battle. You can't take two of the same relic, and all the Relics have to go to different Characters. Linebreaker Bombardment 1 CP: Use in the shooting phase if you have a Vindicator within 6" of two other Vindicators from the same Chapter. Averaging wounds per unit three Vindicators average 4.

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Be sure to keep your own units at a safe distance, though- they can be hit too if they're too close! Be careful, any opponent who's been burned by this stratagem will focus-fire one of the Vindicators before they can get close.

Its wise to keep your vindicators safe turn one, then advance into a shooting position as soon as its all clear while ignoring any penalties for moving. Killshot 1 CP: Use in the shooting phase if you have a Predator within 6" of two other Predators from the same Chapter. Add 1 to the wound and damage for all of its attacks against Monsters and Vehicles.

Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer

So Split fire those 12 Lascannons away, and remember to buy those Hunter Killer missiles. Just like Linebreaker Bombardment, be ready for your opponent to fire everything they have at the lead Predator to keep you from taking advantage of this.

Keep your tanks safe, or keep your opponent's attention on something even scarier. Chapter Masters 3 CP: Use before the start of the game to turn your Captain into a Chapter Master, boosting his aura to reroll all failed hits instead of only 1s. You can't use this twice, or if you already have a named Chapter Master from the same Chapter. Nothing says you can't use it on a named Captain Ask yourself if 3 CP are worth only 17pts each plus the loss of the special characteristics.

Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor and Stormtalon Gunship Instructions [Imgur]

For Imperial Fists , White Scars , Salamanders , Iron Hands , and custom chapters, it's worth more consideration since they have no such special characters for them to take. Orbital Bombardment 3 CP: If your warlord is a Space Marine this could be your secondary detachment and didn't move, you can use this stratagem in the shooting phase instead of having him shoot any weapons. Pick any spot on the battlefield that the warlord can see, and roll a D6 for every unit within D6" of it subtract 1 if it's rolling for a Character.

Still expensive, and might still not hit enough units to replace Linebreaker, but can supplement it. Cluster Mines 1 CP: Use when a Scout Bike squad falls back. Best in an Ultramarines list, where you can fall back, pop this, then shoot the same unit for good measure. Masterful Marksmanship 1 CP: When a Sternguard Squad shoots, it adds 1 to wound rolls with its special issue boltguns.

This stratagem gets much better VS higher toughness units, and if it's part of a long series of force multipliers. We cannot stress how pitiful the "boost" is. Use this formula to know what 1CP is getting you: Are you really going to spend CP to kill two guardsmen, now that you need CP more than ever before for Specialist Detachments? Do you know what is decent anti-vehicle?

A Lascannon team. Around a Chapter Master it takes them from dealing 5.

Empyric Channelling 1 CP: If you have a Librarian within 6" of 2 other Librarians, it can manifest an extra power and you can add 2 to the roll. It does work with Sevrin Loth and other named Adeptus astartes Psykers. Datalink Telemetry 1 CP: When shooting with a Whirlwind, if you have a Land Speeder within 12" of the target, the Whirlwind's shots automatically hit. Hellfire Shells 1 CP: Instead of shooting normally with a heavy bolter, the Space Marine model rolls only once to hit.

If it hits, it does D3 mortal wounds. Even if it's a tank. Particularly useful for Salamanders with the free reroll to hit for the unit. Makes a good argument for the inclusion of at least a single Heavy Bolter in a Devastator squad; a cost-effective source of MW in addition to the other ones you have Auspex Scan 2 CP: When an enemy unit comes in from reserves within 12" of one of your Infantry units, your unit can shoot at it but with a -1BS penalty.

Tactical Flexibility 1 CP: At the start of your movement phase, pick a 10 model unit with the Combat Squads rule and split it into two 5 model units as if they had been deployed as two Combat Squads.

On the one hand, you probably should have split your squads before the battle, but on the other hand it could be used to unexpectedly divide a squad in mid-battle to let it take two objectives at once.

Still, calling it situational would be an understatement. Flakk Missile 1 CP: If you hit, do D3 mortal wounds instead of rolling to wound. Like Hellfire Shells, Salamanders can get some extra mileage from this with the free reroll.

RAW, the strategem doesn't say that it replaces the normal shot, it just causes Mortal Wounds on a hit - You still theoretically get the regular Krak Missile hit as well.

However, the tournaments have ruled against this interpretation, so don't get used to exploiting it. Armour of Contempt 1 CP: Doesn't work on regular wounds.

When one of your Character s dies, it can shoot or fight again. Doesn't combo with the Banner abilities on Ancients. Makes your characters too dangerous to deal with in melee, as not even killing them prevents them from hitting back, and most of them have melee boosts on top of being already good fighters.

Overcharge their plasma pistol if they were killed at range. Honour the Chapter 3 CP: At the end of the fight phase, pick an Infantry or Biker unit to fight a second time. The usual "fight twice" stratagem, best on characters and units with good weapons to delete someone. Do not besmirch your chapters proud history by affording Abaddon any chance of survival.

Finish the job properly! Seriously this could be the pivotal factor in capturing slay the warlord or destroying a tank in one fell combat.

Wisdom of the Ancients 1 CP: At the start of any phase, pick a Dreadnought to turn into a 1-phase Captain. Any same Chapter units within 6" can reroll hits of 1 that phase, including itself. Death to the Traitors! Steal their gimmick to use back on them. Tremor Shells 1 CP: When a Thunderfire cannon shoots, subtract 1 from the wound rolls, but as long as it hits, the target unit gets half move, advance, and charge distances their next turn. Doesn't affect Fly or Titanic units.

This is all it takes to clog up a large horde army. OR, more importantly, drastically reduce the chances that they get off a charge, in cases when they choose to use Da Jump or other such gimmicks. Ultramarines - Scions of Guilliman 1 CP: Makes an Ultramarines Infantry or Bike unit re-roll ones to hit in either the shooting or fight phase. Tactical and Intercessor squads re-roll all failed hits instead.

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Useful for units that are both far away from Captains and too irrelevant to merit one tagging along with them, especially the above-mentioned Tacticals and Intercessors. Complements Lieutenants, who are more common.

Drop in some plasma Inceptors and overcharge at will.

It's not so much the bonus is too small, it's more that boltguns are shitty weapons themselves. Three Centurion Devastators with Hurricane and Heavy Bolters in rapid fire range is as much bolter an Infantry unit can have, and yet the stratagem only makes them kill 3 more guardsmen. I have more knights and terrain to paint, and I'm planning to start a Vulpa Legi Next time I can do a completion post at last And after that I got t It has been ages since my last game of Kings of War so I am really happy to post this battle report!

Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor and Stormtalon Gunship Instructions [Imgur]

Even more so that this time I played again Tetnis didn't know what the This may seem a bit 'out of the blue' for anyone who follows this blog regularly, but I assure you that this has been br I posted the dreadnought recently, and following that, I just needed to paint one squad Ever since I read "Know No Fea Swatching army painter quick shades Plane based and decaled A little distraction from the postm Unfortunately, there seems to be an As with the Rhi This mission was Cloak and Shad I now realise some errors from the Kickstarter and have cancelled the funding Hugely annoying terrain to build.

I think game day payoff will make it worth while. The bridge is built, and is an impressive kit by I posted my photo of the Urbie from my last post iThe same goes with the Warhammer Fantasy new releases being shown on page 85…after the front page of the magazine told me to look at page 80 for Warhammer information. What we see here is that the Interceptor keeps relative pace with the Talon against ground targets.

Flakk Missile 1 CP: So go on. Salamanders - Flamecraft 1 CP: Download the Forge World flyers As one of the oldest and most revered of all Space Marine Chapters, the Blood Angels have stood at the forefront of humanity's defense for over ten thousand years.

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